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008: Who makes your lips as neat as others

Song Xianyu

took the helmet off, and then resumed as usual. She smiled: “No.” After that, she handed the helmet to Wang Jinyi, and then stood aside, “Thank you for sending me back. Go back slowly.”

The dim light of the door lamp hung over her body, coating her milky white skin with a faint gold, and the night breeze brushed her cheeks, and the arc of her hair was so charming and charming.

Wang Jinyi looked at her, opened her mouth, and wanted to say something. In the end, under her smile, she didn’t say anything, leaving a sentence of “Go to bed early, call me if something happens”, and then leave on her motorcycle.

In the midsummer night, insects sang.

The villa was brightly lit, and Song Xianyu walked towards the bungalow, recalling what Wang Jinyi said.

What purpose did Ji Linyuan approach her with? She couldn’t figure it out, but his eyes were not the way a man looks at a woman.

Song Xianyu just walked to the door of the bungalow, and the servant opened the door and came out, “Second Miss, the old lady, and the second lady, Miss Xia Meng are here, saying that there is something to do with you, waiting for you for a long time, Miss Xia Meng kept crying, old lady Very angry.”

Song Xiameng came to the door, Song Xianyu was not surprised, Song Xiameng suffered a loss at the party, she had expected Song Xiameng would not let go.

But, I didn’t expect Song Xiameng to move out of the old lady.

In the living room.

Mrs. Song sat on the sofa with a calm face, and Song Xiameng fell in her mother Qi Ningyu’s arms and sobbed, as if she had been wronged by heaven.

As soon as Song Xianyu came in, he heard Yang Zhen’s empathetic voice, “Don’t be angry, brother and sister, Xiaoyu is not a picky kid, there must be some misunderstanding…”

Yang Zhen’s words sounded like comfort, but Qi Ningyu’s hair exploded, “What do you mean? Xiaoyu can’t pick things, Xia Meng will pick things? What can be the misunderstanding? Isn’t she jealous of the relationship between Xia Meng and Miss Luo? Okay, deliberately

mischievous !” Song Xianyu didn’t hear what Qi Ningyu said, and went straight to Mrs. Song to say hello to the elders one by one, very polite.

Mrs. Song raised her eyes and glanced at Song Xianyu, without even giving a chance to argue,

she said directly: “Apologize!” “Mom, we haven’t figured it out yet. We should listen to what Xiaoyu said first.” Song Ziming understood. A daughter who has been raising for more than ten years will never take the initiative to cause trouble. Mrs.

Song coldly snorted, “You mean, I don’t know whether I am right or wrong?”

Song Ziming frowned: “I didn’t mean that.”

Song Xianyu calmly faced Mrs. Song’s indifference, lowering her eyebrows and staring at it. Well-behaved, but not so docile.

“If I did something wrong, I would naturally listen to my grandma’s teachings and apologize to my cousin. However, I don’t know where I did wrong, so I will ask grandma to explain.”

Song Xiameng said before Mrs. Song . “You deliberately splashed my wine at the shy birthday party, making me foolish, making me

kicked out of the party by the shy, and losing face!” Song Xiameng had hatred under her eyes, “I finally became friends with shy. , She has promised to let his father cooperate more with Huatai, so it was destroyed by

Song Xianyu …” Old lady Song always attached importance to the development of the Song family enterprise. As soon as Song Xiameng’s voice fell, Mrs. Song looked at Song Xian. Fish’s eyes became sharp.

“Ziming, this is the good daughter you raised? My Song family must not have such an ungrateful person. Today I will give you two choices, either let her leave the Song family, or you will stay at home in the future. Think about it. If you want to educate her well, Zi Jun will handle the company’s affairs!”

“Mom…” Song Ziming smiled bitterly.

Mrs. Song has always been partial to Song Zijun. He had long expected that the old man was so active at night, because the drunkard was not interested in drinking.

Yang Zhen’s face changed slightly.

Song Xianyu, the vixen, is a scourge!

Qi Ningyu and Song Xiameng’s faces were overwhelmed with joy.

“Grandma, I want to ask you a question.” Song Xianyu said slowly: “Your 70th birthday will be yours in a few days. If someone throws your cousin out of the birthday banquet, will you drive the cousin out of the birthday banquet? ? ” ” Are

you confused yet when I am old? Song bully to my family’s head, I would want her to look good! “Ms. Song Lao extremely big concerns, people bully coming to an end will not break up.

However, she had just finished saying this, her old face changed abruptly.

Even the expressions of Qi Ningyu and Song Xiameng changed.

Song Xianyu’s smile deepened, “Grandma, you said, if someone dares to bully your family, who do you want to look good, then Miss Luo? My cousin is Miss Luo’s good friend, and I, just a box attendant, I’m in Luo. Miss’s birthday party poured wine on her good friend. Instead of asking me to settle the account, she drove her good friend away. What is the logic?”

“If this is true, then there can only be two There are possibilities. First, Miss Luo has a problem with her mind; second, Miss Luo actually hates that friend, so she just found an excuse to drive away.”

Song Xianyu looked straight at Song Xiameng, “Cousin, do you think Which one is it?”

Mrs. Song’s old face was as wonderful as the palette, and the look in Song Xianyu’s eyes became more displeased.

She knew Song Xiameng’s character, and knew that things might not be what Song Xiameng was crying about. She just wanted to take the opportunity to force Song Ziming to surrender the company. She didn’t expect Song Xianyu to be so clever and let her go in.

“You nonsense!” Song Xiameng’s face was ugly, and she took the old lady Song’s sign incoherently, “Grandma, I didn’t lie, it was Song Xianyu who splashed me with wine, shyly felt that I lost her face and drove me Come out, grandma, trust me…”

“Cousin, what’s the matter, so many people saw it at the time. It was obviously that you splashed me with wine. Miss Luo felt that you were

unqualified and educated, so she kicked you out…” “You nonsense!” Song Xiameng was anxious. Interrupting Song Xianyu’s words, “Obviously you splashed me! Grandma, you have to believe me…”

“Who the hell is that bullshit, grandma has always been eloquent, and there must be a fair judgment.” Song Xianyu said. Said that Mrs. Song couldn’t help Song Xiameng anymore.

The old lady has lived for 70 years, and she valued her face the most. Even forcing Song Ziming to surrender the company, she always wanted to find a reasonable excuse to avoid being criticized.

Moreover, the words of Song Xianyu and Song Xiameng are right and wrong, and the discerning person knows at a glance.

“Grandma…” Song Xiameng wanted to say something else.

“Shut up!” Mrs. Song stared at Song Xiameng, and then Yun Danfeng said softly: “Since it’s a misunderstanding, that’s it. Xiaoyu will be out of the house in the future. Pay attention to your words and deeds. Don’t forget what you represent. It’s the face of the

Song family .” Song Xianyu lowered her eyebrows and narrowed her eyes: “Yes, grandma.” The

old lady Song gave her a deep look and got up and left.

Seeing that Mrs. Song was gone, Qi Ningyu was unwilling to make trouble anymore, snorted, and pulled Song Xiameng to leave.

“Brother sister.” Song Ziming called to Qi Ningyu, “You came to find Xiaoyu to be fair, and now the truth is clear, should you give Xiaoyu a fair?” He

didn’t give Qi Ningyu a chance to refute, his words contained threats. “Otherwise, I think Zijun should discipline her daughter before going to the company.” Mrs.

Song paused in her footsteps. Without looking back, her footsteps aggravated a lot and her anger was obvious.

Seeing that Mrs. Song didn’t mean to help her, Qi Ningyu gritted her teeth secretly, “Xia Meng, apologize.”

Song Xiameng looked at her mother

incredulously , “Mom…” Qi Ningyu increased her voice, “Who I’m sorry for making your lips as wise as others are!”

With tears in Song Xiameng’s eyes, and her heart full of humiliation and hatred, she reluctantly said to Song Xianyu: “I’m sorry.”

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