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009: Can you still be absent-minded when crossing the road?

With tears in Song Xiameng’s eyes, and her heart full of humiliation and hatred, she reluctantly said to Song Xianyu: “I’m sorry.”

Song Xianyu didn’t go to the bottom of the hole , smiled faintly, and said nothing.

Qi Ningyu glanced at Song Xianyu and said in a sarcasm: “It’s just a mother who doesn’t want a wild species whose father is unknown, and deserves your protection. Xiaozhen, you are really virtuous. You raised Yuli’s daughter as your own child. For so many years, have you forgotten how your eldest brother pursued Yu Li?”

Yang Zhen paled.

Song Ziming’s face was also not good-looking, “Shut up!”

Qi Ningyu was on the contrary . After suffering such a big loss, she couldn’t swallow this breath if she didn’t find a place to get back.

“Am I wrong? Didn’t Song Xianyu give birth to Yuli unmarried? Big brother, haven’t you chased Yuli?” At this point, Qi Ningyu seemed to have realized something and covered her mouth exaggeratedly. Pretending to look at Song Ziming incredulously, “Big Brother, Song Xianyu shouldn’t have been born illegitimately by you and Yu Li… I’ll just say, it’s not a relative, why are you helping others raise children…

” Shut up!” Song Ziming’s face was gloomy, “Looking at Zijun’s face, I will let you three points, and then nonsense, don’t blame me for being polite!”

Song Ziming usually looks at his temper and starts to be ruthless, which is also quite bluffing.

Qi Ningyu shrank her neck, and Yu Guang noticed Yang Zhen’s trembling hands. She flashed a touch of happiness under her eyes, lifted her chin and smiled triumphantly: “Xia Meng, let’s go!”

Yang Zhen gritted her teeth to keep her surface calm, her nails Has already been digging into the palm of his hand.

Song Xianyu was surprised. She never knew that Song Ziming knew her biological mother, and it was the first time she knew that her biological mother was Yuli.

The atmosphere fell into extreme stagnation because of Qi Ningyu’s words.

Finally, Song Ziming spoke first: “Xiaozhen, you should go back to the room first, and talk back if you have something to say.”

Yang Zhen’s tears rolled down, and she looked at Song Ziming with bitterness and bitterness, then turned back to the room. That look made Song Ziming feel distressed and guilty. .

Only Song Xianyu and Song Ziming are left in the living room.

Song Xianyu looked at him.

Didn’t she never think about why Song Ziming picked her home in the first place? Why treat her like a biological daughter?

It turned out that he knew her biological mother.

Song Ziming sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette. After smoking, he patted the place beside him and motioned Song Xianyu to sit down.

“Your mother and I were high school classmates. At that time, we were young and frivolous and pursued her, but our relationship was innocent. I took you back to Song’s house. At first, it was indeed because you were her daughter. Later, I really regarded you as her. His own child.”

Song Ziming meant that Song Xianyu was not his own.

Song Xianyu couldn’t tell whether she was lucky or lost. She seemed to understand why Yang Zhen hated her so much.

The daughter of the husband’s old lover, no woman can face it calmly, right? Especially under his own eyelids.

After a long silence, Song Xianyu only nodded slightly.

Song Ziming was a little surprised at her calmness, and couldn’t help asking: “Don’t you ask where your mother is now?”


Xianyu smiled softly, “Is this important?” Song Ziming was dumb.

I didn’t tell Song Xianyu that he knew her mother these years, just because she was worried that she would ask him for her mother.

“Dad, go back to the room and coax mom, I’m sorry, I’ve

caused you trouble.” “Little fish.” Song Xianyu stepped onto the first step, and Song Ziming’s gentle voice came from behind, “Don’t think about it, no matter what. What happens, Dad will never leave you behind.”

Song Xianyu’s nose was sour and her throat choked. She said in a steady voice, “Thank you.”

When she returned to the room, she brought the door back with her hand, and her mobile phone rang.

After answering, Song Xiameng’s roar came from the phone: “Song Xianyu! You wait for me, I won’t let you go!”

Song Xianyu didn’t wait for her to finish, and threw the phone on the bed. , While throwing himself into the futon room.

The lingering in her mind were memories from before the age of seven. She closed her eyes and her curly eyelashes trembled slightly.

Before the age of seven, she was not called Song Xianyu.

Since memory, her mother has called her little bastard.

When her mother is happy, she will call her a little bastard with a smile, and when she is upset, she will beat her and call her a little bastard.

At that time, she didn’t know what little bastard meant. Every day, she just thought about how to make her mother smile more. She was so afraid that her mother was angry.

This kind of life lasted until the winter of the seven-year-old. One day, the mother came back crying, grabbed her thin shoulders and shook it hard, crying heartbreakingly, “Why is she dead? You are still alive!” Damn you!”

She couldn’t understand her mother’s words, but she felt her mother’s madness, shivering with fright, and even breathing carefully. Even so, her mother took her to a strange place in the middle of the night and threw her away.

A seven-year-old girl, desperately chasing her mother’s car, kept crying, “Mom, don’t leave me, I’ll be obedient, please don’t leave me…” But

no matter how she yelled, finally , On the streets in the middle of the night, she was the only one left after all, and the cold wind came on all sides, blowing her nowhere to hide.

That was the first time she really realized that her mother didn’t love her.

… The

next day, Song Xianyu woke up with two wet marks on her pillow.

She hugged her knees and stared at the bright French window, sat on the bed for a while, got out of bed to pack herself, changed clothes and went out.

She ran along the sidewalk all the way to the allure of time. She didn’t know how long she ran. She was sweating profusely and her lungs hurt.

She wondered, her mother, why did she hate her so much?


Suddenly, there was a rapid brake sound from the right, Song Xianyu hadn’t reacted yet, the next moment, a strong hand pulled her into a firm embrace.

A car was parked where she stood, and the owner stretched out his head to scold it.

Song Xianyu’s heart beat fast, her ears pressed against the man’s chest, and she felt that the man’s muscles were hard and flexible, full of strength, and a flat dark blue shirt cloth where he could see.

The breath on the man’s body is very familiar, and she knows who it is without looking at his face.

“Can you still be absent from crossing the road?” Ji Linyuan’s stern voice fell from the top of his head.

Song Xianyu raised her head and looked at last Ji Linyuan’s sharp eyes. The majesty inside made her nervous, and realized that Ji Linyuan was still holding her, the palms on her waist were dry and warm, and her cheeks flushed.

After struggling for a while, she whispered: “Mr. Ji, I can stand by myself.”

Ji Linyuan let go of her, watching her sweaty, his sword eyebrows twisted, “What are you running? A sweat.”

Song Xian Yu had the same feeling of being treated as a junior by him. He lowered his head and looked at his toes, “I’m rushing to work.”

Ji Linyuan raised his hand and glanced at his watch. “You can’t run into a rampage in a hurry. It’s dangerous.”

He said in a tone. There was the meaning of reprimand in it, Song Xianyu inexplicably didn’t dare to refute his words, and lowered his head.

There was a sudden sound of hunger in her stomach, and her head dropped lower.

Ji Linyuan said that the temperature became milder, “Come with me.”

Song Xianyu looked up, “Where to go?”

“Take you to breakfast.”

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