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010: Who was thinking of just now?

Song Xianyu wanted to refuse, but under Ji Linyuan’s calm and unobjectionable gaze, he nodded.

She was taken by Ji Linyuan to a Chinese-style breakfast shop with a very grand facade.

The waiter handed the menu to Ji Linyuan, and Ji Linyuan said to Song Xianyu: “Order what you want.” The

waiter delivered the menu to Song Xianyu with insight.

Song Xianyu flipped through the menu and ordered an early breakfast and a bowl of porridge.

Ji Linyuan added a few breakfasts. He didn’t look at the menu. He looked like he was proficient. He should come here often.

When eating, Ji Linyuan ate a lot, and it seemed that he didn’t bring Song Xianyu to eat.

The two were almost finished eating. Cheng Ruyu came over and sat down beside Ji Linyuan. He looked at Song Xianyu with a smile, “Does the beauty remember me?”

Song Xianyu looked at him for a moment, “I went to Time Allure with Xiao Ai that day. , See Mr. Cheng in the box.”

“Don’t call me so unfamiliar, just call me Brother Cheng.” Cheng Ruyu looks familiar with Song Xianyu.

Song Xianyu smiled, but did not accept his enthusiasm.

Ji Linyuan put down his chopsticks, “What are you doing here?”

“Of course, you can bring beautiful women over for breakfast. I can’t come alone for breakfast?” Cheng Ruyu teased.

Ji Linyuan glanced at him

indifferently , “While talking nonsense, can you have dinner?” Cheng Ruyu’s expression became stiff, and he smiled sullily, turned around and called the waiter, ordered something good, and said: “I’m really here. For breakfast, there will be an operation soon, so I can’t let me perform the operation on the patient on an empty stomach.”

Song Xianyu: “Mr. Cheng is a doctor?”

When Cheng Ruyu faced Song Xianyu with a big smile, he took out his business card from his pocket and handed it over, “Jinghe Hospital Surgery, call me whenever necessary.” The

business card was intercepted by a slender hand in the middle. Ji Linyuan casually held the business card in his palm, got up, “Go first.”

Song Xianyu followed and got up.

“Hey, why are you leaving as soon as I come?” Cheng Ruyu smiled, “Sit down for a while.”

Ji Linyuan ignored him.

Cheng Ruyu held the table with elbows, and looked at the back of the two with his cheeks.

When going out, Ji Linyuan took the initiative to help Song Xianyu open the door. Someone outside was squeezing in. He was about to squeeze into Song Xianyu when he watched. Ji Linyuan embraced Song Xianyu’s shoulders and moved into his arms, firmly guarding the people. live.

There was a hint of interest in Cheng Ruyu’s long and narrow eyes.

He wasn’t sure if Ji Linyuan liked this girl named Song Xianyu. One thing he could be sure of was that Song Xianyu had a place in Ji Linyuan’s heart.

He understands Ji Linyuan, his heart is very cold, and he never gives a half goodwill to people who don’t care.

… The

black Tim-yue drove steadily on a somewhat congested road.

Song Xianyu sat in the co-pilot, his eyes fell on Ji Linyuan’s hand holding the steering wheel, and he couldn’t help but think of the feeling of that hand slapped on her abdomen, thick and warm.

Suddenly the heart beats very fast.

“Here.” Ji Linyuan’s voice sounded.

Song Xianyu hurriedly retracted her gaze, “Thank you, Mr. Ji.”

She got off the station and waited for him to drive away by the side of the road, always attracted by his wide hand.

She suddenly felt that if she was held by his hands, she would be very secure.

“Xiaoyu, what are you in a daze?” Pei Yuanyuan pushed Song Xianyu.

The box is not busy today, and the foreman asked everyone to clean up.

Song Xianyu returned to his senses and continued to work in his hands.

“What’s wrong with you today? You are always distracted.” Pei Yuanyuan was talking about stubbornly, and she couldn’t stop her mouth for a while. “Are you suffering from lovesickness?”

Song Xianyu’s heart jumped inexplicably, and she denied: “Don’t talk nonsense, I No.”

Pei Yuanyuan looked at her suspiciously, “If there is no, there will be no, what are you nervous about? Generally speaking, the more actively you deny, the more tricky you are. Tell me, who were you just thinking of? Did you send it this morning? The owner of the Tim Yue you came?”

Song Xianyu bit her lip with her long eyelashes hanging down.

She had been thinking about… Ji Linyuan’s hands…

“Yuanyuan…” Song Xianyu licked her dry lips and cleared her throat. “You said… if one person always thinks of another person Hands, what does this mean?”

“It means that the person is in love with the owner of those hands!” Pei Yuanyuan said it for granted.

“Impossible.” Song Xianyu denied again.

“Why is it impossible? I don’t like that person, what do you want his hands to do? Abnormal?”

“…” Song Xianyu: “Perhaps because…the hands feel so warm and solid…”

“Where is the hand? It feels warm and solid, even if it is warm and solid, the owner of the hand is warm and solid.” Pei Yuanyuan said bluntly as she wiped the bogus frame, “I ask you, can the hands of a rogue rascal make you feel warm and solid?”

Before Song Xianyu could answer, Pei Yuanyuan replied: “Of course not. The ruffian is unreliable. No matter how big or warm his hand is, it won’t make people feel warm and solid. This hand feels like it is actually It feels like a person to others.”

Song Xianyu couldn’t help thinking of Ji Linyuan’s steady appearance in a suit.

Pei Yuanyuan smiled gossiping, “Who did you think of? Is it the owner of Tim Yuet?”


Xianyu’s face was a little hot, “No.” Pei Yuanyuan stared at her face, “It’s not your blushing? I think it is.”

Song Xianyu changed the subject lightly, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

She stood in the bathroom when she came out of the bathroom. Washing his hands in front of the washstand, and seeing his left face in the mirror that has been decorated with cosmetics so white and flawless, I remembered the anti-swelling cream given by Ji Linyuan.

The clean and crystal fingertips lightly touched her cheek, and a smile slowly spread from her mouth, with a little shyness.

Because it was not busy, Song Xianyu got off work before three o’clock.

Just after

she changed her work clothes, Xiao Ai’s phone came in, “Xiaoyu, are you free now?” Song Xianyu stuffed the work clothes into her bag to take home for washing, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xiao Ai’s voice wilted. “Teach me how to play the King of Glory.”

Song Xianyu was taken aback, “Don’t you like playing games the least? Why do you want to play again?”

“Brother Siyuan said, his girlfriend must be able to play games in the future ? Li assisted him, and said that he would never find a game idiot to be his girlfriend, Xiaoyu, how long does it take me to get to the level of Brother Siyuan?” I

heard from Xiao Ai, Ji Siyuan loves to play games, and is very good at it. , Also founded an e-sports club, won many professional championships, nowadays the more popular King Glory Professional League, Ji Siyuan’s UK e-sports club has also set foot.

Combining the actual situation that Xiao Ai is a game idiot, Song Xianyu told the truth: “Maybe, it will take a lifetime.” Xiao Ai

cried, this time really crying, “Little fish, you must help me…”

Song Xian Yu sighed silently, what Ji Siyuan said was clearly rejecting Xiao Ai, “Is it worth it to do something that I don’t like for a man?”

“When you meet someone you really want to be together, you will understand that it is worth doing everything for him.” Xiao Ai sniffed, crying in her voice: “Are you at home? I will pick you up now. Come to my house and live with me tonight, I must practice to be as good as Brother Siyuan!”

Song Xianyu heard Xiao Ai’s words and suddenly remembered Ji Linyuan.

“I’m in the allure of time.” When she returned to her senses, she answered truthfully.

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