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011: People are very good, but life is not good

When Xiao Ai arrived in Time Allure, Song Xianyu just finished a round of King of Glory and helped the player Wang Jinyi introduced to her to get a star.

Hearing the sound of victory, Xiao Ai came over and saw the golden word “Victory”, and little stars of worship appeared in his eyes.

“Xiaoyu, you are amazing. Not only do you look beautiful and learn well, but you can even play games so well. If I were you, I would be fine.”

Song Xianyu put away the phone and smiled: “If you really are me, then You will definitely want to become you.”

Xiao Ai didn’t understand, and scratched his head and asked: “What do you mean?”

Song Xianyu did not continue the topic, “Don’t let me teach you to play games?”

Xiao Ai nodded. Such as Dao Suan, “Well, I must be the top player of the king, so that Brother Siyuan will like me.” The

thought was naive, Song Xianyu touched her hair and said nothing.

This is Song Xianyu’s first visit to Xiao Ai’s house.

She used to think that the Song family’s villa was luxurious and comfortable enough. Only after entering the Xiao family did she really see what a rich family’s house is. The floor space alone was beyond the reach of the Song family.

After entering the gate of the villa, the car went forward for several minutes before stopping in front of the steps at the entrance of the main building.

Song Xianyu smelled the fragrance of flowers and followed Xiao Ai into the hallway. After changing her shoes, Xiao Ai took her arm and walked into the living room.

Three people just came down the stairs. Xiao Ai straightened her waist and smiled cleverly: “Grandma, aunt, mother, are you going to go out?”

“I haven’t looked at you for a while. Where did you go?” The noble lady in the purple dress had a harsh tone, looking at her strict mother like Xiao Ai’s mouth.

Sure enough, Xiao Ai smiled and introduced Song Xianyu as a shield, “I’m learning English, and there are a lot of things I don’t understand. I found my classmate, oh, by the way, her name is Song Xianyu, who is in my dormitory. It’s great. I have published an English paper before. I want her to live here tonight and teach me well.” The

elders have a good impression of the children who study well. Xiao Ai said that, the eyes of the three elders are all down. Song Xianyu’s body.

The girl stood quietly next to Xiao Ai, with a small smile on her lips, her face was beautiful and refined, her brows and eyes had a unique style, and the pear vortex at the corner of her mouth made her a little bit more innocent and cute than a child.

Xiao Ai’s mother and Yu Youyun looked kinder, “Little Ai is a poor student, so I trouble classmate Song to teach her well.” Then he turned to the servant and said, “Squeeze two milkshakes for Miss and Classmate Song. Deliver it to the room.”

Song Xian fish slightly down eye, mouth smile just right, reasonable manner and said:. “Taught not to mention, a little love smart, careful study is certainly no problem, I just rote than she would likely only a few words,”

she These words are neither stern nor cut. It is very pleasant to teach people. Yu Youyun’s eyes are a little bit more likes, and her voice is softer, “Xiao Ai is only half as sensible as you, so go upstairs, don’t stand. It’s done.”

Xiao Hobby seemed to have received an amnesty order, quietly relieved, and took Song Xianyu upstairs.

“Wait a minute.” Xiao Ai’s aunt Xiao let the eyebrows speak suddenly, “You call, Song Xianyu?”

Song Xianyu turned her head, facing a pair of peaceful eyes, a strange feeling came out in her heart.

“How old are you this year?” Xiao Rangmei asked again.

Song Xianyu returned to his senses and answered truthfully: “Twenty.”

Xiao let his eyebrows smile kindly, “As big as Xiao Ai.” When

she laughed, there were two small pears at the corners of her mouth, and she looked at it. Song Xianyu looked lost.

Xiao Ai tentatively asked: “Aunt, nothing…we went upstairs?”

Xiao let me smile: “Go.”

Seeing the two juniors came upstairs, Yu Youyun stretched out his hand and dangled in front of Xiao Rong’s eyebrows. “What do you want?”

Xiao let his eyebrows look away, “Nothing.” After a pause, “I just think that Xiao Ai’s classmate is very kind.”

Yu Youyun smiled and helped Mrs. Xiao walk to the sofa area and sit down. “Can you not be kind? I saw that Song and you are a type of beauty, especially Li Wu, carved in a mold, more like you than Nuan Nuan.” The word’Nuan Nuan

‘, Let Xiao let his face change.

Mrs. Xiao glared at Yu Youyun, “Which pot shouldn’t be opened and which one to lift.”

Yu Youyun was embarrassed and guilty, “I can’t speak, sister, don’t be angry.”

Xiao Rang eyebrow shook his head, his eyes were slightly wet.

Mrs. Xiao also seemed to think of something bad, and she sighed slightly, and the atmosphere was a little sad for a while.


Song Xianyu sat with Xiao Ai on the sun lounger on the balcony and asked

casually, “Your aunt looks very nice.” Xiao Ai was downloading the King Glory APP, and casually replied: “People are very good, but life is not good. Okay.”

Song Xianyu: “How do you say?”

“Twenty years ago, when my aunt was pregnant, my uncle and the secretary fell in love with him. The secretary came to the house to provoke her pregnancy. She was so angry that her aunt almost had a miscarriage. He managed to save the baby. Dismissed the secretary…” Xiao Aizheng said, the servant brought in the milkshake, Xiao Ai brought a glass to Song Xianyu.

Song Xianyu held the ice-cold glass and smiled: “The ending was pretty good.”

Xiao Ai took a sip of the milkshake with his straw, and shook his head with his mouth, “What a good thing, later my aunt gave birth to a baby with a dragon and a phoenix. The phoenix was born with a congenital deficiency and has been suffering from illness. He finally lived to be seven years old. In the end he died of illness. The aunt believed that it was because of the uncle’s secretary that caused the child’s congenital weakness. He has hated his uncle for so many years. I have been separated for more than ten years.”

Song Xianyu felt an inexplicable sadness in his heart.

Unfortunately, Aunt Xiao Ai’s daughter died young, but for so many years someone has been worried about her.

She is in good health, but her mother can’t wait for her to die.

“The download is complete.” Xiao Ai’s voice pulled back Song Xianyu’s thoughts, “What should I do now?”

“Choose WeChat or QQ to log in, and then choose a name.” Song Xianyu was a little absent-minded.

Xiao Ai didn’t notice her strangeness, so she worried herself: “What’s the name?” After thinking for a long time, “Let’s call Brother

Chaoaisiyuan !” Interested in choosing a name, Xiao Ai asked again, “What about?”

Song Xianyu finally recovered, “What class do you want to play? Mage, shooter, tank, assassin, or support?”

Xiao Ai: “Brother Siyuan said that his girlfriend must be able to support him in the game. “

Then you play with support.”

“Which hero is easier to play? I don’t want to be too difficult.”

“You try Zhuang Zhou first, he is bloody and not easy to die.”

Song Xianyu told Xiao Ai about the next Zhuang Zhou. She gave her a demonstration of her skills, and then let her practice by herself.

Xiao Ai started the game for three minutes and died twice. She was so angry that she was throwing her phone away. Song Xianyu looked at her furious appearance, smiled, and turned to look at the garden downstairs.

Seeing a pale blue figure, Song Xianyu was taken aback.

She recognized the person sitting in the shade of the tree in the garden as Xiao Ai’s aunt.

Xiao Rangmei seemed to have a reaction, turned his head and looked around, and was slightly taken aback at Shang Song Xianyu’s gaze.

Afterwards, the two looked at each other and smiled.

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