Chapter 881 Long Time No See

Chapter 881 Long time no see

“Remember! You must not eat raw or cold food when you go back, especially seafood. You can take this medicine first. This is a one-month amount. Wait a month before you come back for a follow-up visit. Don’t do it again in the middle. I went to the western doctor to get the medicine, so as to avoid the drug conflict, you know?”

Xiao Su’er asked the patients. Today’s patients are much simpler than yesterday’s. They are all minor problems. Just take a few medications after the pulse is taken. It only takes three hours. I have read all the patients.

“Doctor Xiao, can you take this medicine for a month? It won’t be useless if it’s so cheap? If I go to a big hospital now, maybe it’s better soon. If it keeps on procrastinating, I’m afraid it will be serious. It’s.” The patient still didn’t believe it with the medicine in his hand.

“Don’t worry, you just have eczema. The weather has been hot and a little allergic in the past two days. After you take this medicine, I promise you will not be allergic to those flowers in the future.” Xiao Su’er has always treated patients. Twelve minutes of patience.

“Okay, thank you Dr. Xiao.” The patient nodded towards her, turned and left the clinic.

Xiao Suer lowered her head and wrote about the situation of each patient. As long as the patients she had seen, regardless of serious illness or minor illness, she used to use a notebook to record it. After a period of time, she would summarize it. Even the simplest cold would like to use it the fastest. Time to heal.

When Xiao Su’er lowered her head to record, she did not see a girl in a long skirt ran into the clinic, whispered a few words towards the front desk, and then came to her and sat down on her own.

Xiao Su’er

lowered her head, but she could feel someone sitting down in front of her. Without raising her head, she asked, “Hello, is there any discomfort?” As she asked, her writing speed accelerated, and there were five more. The word is finished.

The girl in front of me smiled at Lin Suer’s most beautiful face, and said softly, “My heart is very uncomfortable. I miss a friend of mine very much. I miss it so hard, doctor, can you treat it?”

“Wow… “Xiao Suer’s pen scratched the pages of the notebook, because she felt that the voice was very familiar, so she knew who it was as soon as she heard it.

Xiao Su’er suddenly felt a warmth in her eyes, and some strange emotions were able to withstand it. She didn’t even dare to raise her head or face the person in front of her.

“Now my friend is sitting in front of me. I feel that after seeing her, I don’t feel any pain anymore. Even the cold can heal faster. Doctor, do you think she can cure everything? She is so good, I said that God is reluctant to accept her.”

Xia Xiaonan said in a crying voice, Xiao Suer raised his head and looked in front of him. Now Xia Xiaonan, who has completely transformed into a beauty, has mixed feelings. With great emotion.

“Xiao Nan…” Xiao Suer called out her name, and Xia Xiaona immediately reached out and held her hand.

“Su’er, you finally came back, I thought you, you…”

The sentence’I thought you were dead’ was still unspeakable, after all, now a living person is sitting in front of her.

“Sorry, I was a bit rushed at the time. I forgot to tell you. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’ve been living overseas with my grandfather and dad all these years.

Getting fat.” Xiao Su’er bit her lip and looked at Xia Xiaonan’s thin face, tall features and protruding collarbone. No one would have thought that such a beautiful girl was once a fat girl who was ridiculed by others.

“How dare I get fat again? There is no one by my side who can help me lose weight. You have come forward for me. I have been living alone in school, eating food carefully, and dare not be as unscrupulous as before. Snacks.”

Xia Xiaonan held both hands on Xiao Su’er’s, and looked at her now mature look, tight-fitting professional suit, long hair and waist, although her face hasn’t been used, it can be seen that she should be She was relieved if her life was not bad.

“How are you and Ouyang Luo now?” Xiao Su’er is still very concerned. She is worried that Xia Xiaonan will be unfair to others like herself. Although Ouyang Luo has so many “experiences”, she still believes that Ouyang Luo will be a good man. Will love her well.

“We are fine now. He took me to see his parents. Both of our parents have also met. If nothing goes wrong, maybe we will get married next year or the next year, but I still want to have my own career. , And then consider the issue of marriage.”

Xia Xiaonan said, turning her head and shouting towards the door, “Come in, what are you doing at the door?”

Xiao Su’er heard her and looked up at the door, and saw a handsome and sunny man. The man walked in from the door. After five years of seeing Ouyang Luo, he was still like a little sun. Everywhere he walked he was full of smiles, but he didn’t have the stray air on his face. He wore a casual clothes and walked away with sneakers. Come in.

Ouyang Luo directly sat next to Xia Xiaonan, hands naturally placed on Xia Xiaonan’s shoulders, and said to Xiao Su’er: “Long time no see.”

“Long time no see, it seems Xiaonan has successfully accepted you.” The two people looked in love, Xiao Su’er couldn’t hide the smile, and Ouyang Luo, who seemed the most carefree before, was so affectionate, but she thought that the dedicated Bo Qingang had done that kind of thing.

“She had successfully accepted me five years ago, but she was accepted by you. In these years, every time she came to the Internet and broke the date of your death, she would go to the mountains. Go up and cry.”

Ouyang Luo calmly told about Xia Xiaonan’s tears over the past five years, but Xia Xiaonan embarrassedly patted his hand and said to Xiao Suer: “Su’er, don’t listen to him nonsense.”

“You two are fine now . Anyway, after I come back, if there is no accident, I shouldn’t leave again.” Xiao Su’er raised her hand and looked at the time, “I also worked for a few hours today. I saw so many patients, so I’m going to ask for a leave. Then let’s go out and get together.”

“Okay!” Xia Xiaonan promised simply and neatly, as she originally thought.

the other side.

Bo Qingang, who was in a meeting, received a photo sent by Ouyang Luo. In the photo, Xia Xiaonan and Xiao Su’er both had the biggest smiles on their faces. The two of them had balloons in their hands. It seemed that the three of them went for a swim together. paradise.

“Aren’t you looking for her all the time? She’s back now, have you met?” Ouyang Luo’s text message followed closely. As Bo Qingang’s hairpin and best friend, he knows how Bo Qingang has been all these years. Looking for her crazy.