Chapter 882 Not single

Chapter 882 is not single

“I have seen it, she said that she has a boyfriend now, and she doesn’t need to disturb her life anymore.” Bo Qingang quickly typed out this text and sent it to Ouyang Luo.

Ouyang Luo was a little shocked when he saw this text in the amusement park, Xiao Su’er has a boyfriend? But when Xia Xiaonan asked her about her love life over the years, she clearly answered that she has been alone all these years.

Two completely different answers caused Ouyang Luo to fall into contemplation. Who is right?

In fact, if you think about it carefully, you can know that Xiao Suer will definitely not lie to Xia Xiaonan, so she must have lied to Bo Qingang. Then why doesn’t she want to be in contact with Bo Qingang anymore?

“Did you still not explain clearly what happened back then? Maybe she is still mad at you, explain it! What she told Xiaonan is that she has been alone all these years, she is single, no Boyfriend’s.” Ouyang Luo can only think of such a reason. He knew the inside story back then.

Bo Qingang frowned when he saw the text message he replied. What? Xiao Su’er said to him that he has a boyfriend, but to other people he said she is single?

There is definitely a problem with this matter. He has to go to her and ask her clearly. No matter what, he has to explain clearly what happened in the past. Even if the two really want to be separated, Xiao Su’er has to let Xiao Su’er know that he is not the kind of person who plays with feelings. He has always been very serious about their relationship.

“Su’er, you should work in this clinic for the time being. Will there be other arrangements? Remember to tell me, don’t leave suddenly.”

After playing around in the amusement park, Xia Xiaonan sat Drinking soda on the side, watching Xiao Su’er remind her seriously.

“I won’t leave suddenly again. I will stay here forever. I work in this clinic now to gain experience and open my own Chinese medicine clinic in the future.”

Xiao Su’er also twisted the soda and drank two sips, leaning against you. Looking at the endless blue sky from the benches of the paradise.

“Then I will help you when the time comes!” Xia Xiaonan still remembers what she said when she was in college, if Xiao Su’er opened her own Chinese medicine clinic one day, she must come to hold her thighs.

“Okay, when I really open a Chinese medicine clinic, I must be the first to hire you as a doctor.” Xiao Suer also remembered what happened in college, and agreed.

“I still can’t be a doctor. I know how many catties I am. I just want to learn Chinese medicine from you.” Xia Xiaonan’s eyes flashed when she said this, and she looked at her and said tentatively: “Su Son, in fact, you were the same as Bo Shao back then…”

“Don’t talk about things back then, now he has her life, and I have my own life to live, she is just a passerby on my life path, I don’t want to Knowing about him.”

Xiao Su’er didn’t give her a chance to speak. Xia Xiaonan frowned, her two index fingers mixed in a little embarrassment. She has resisted Bo Qingang for the past five years, even if Ouyang Luo said that the original thing was She didn’t want to listen to the secret.

It wasn’t until yesterday that she saw Xiao Su’er on the hot search that she was finally willing to listen to the so-called hidden secrets back then, but she didn’t expect to hear something so incomprehensible to her.

She didn’t know what blood gu was, and she felt that Gu art was a fantasy, something that could not exist, but she also remembered that Xiao Su’er often had wounds on her body during that period of five years ago. This explanation is true.

Since it was true, she also wanted to resolve the misunderstanding between the two, but Xiao Su’er was so resistant that she didn’t dare to say anything more.

Xiao Su’er had a colder personality before, and she didn’t particularly trust anyone. Now her personality looks even colder. If you say these things, she will feel unhappy.

“Well, let’s not mention him!” Xia Xiaonan also had to say with a smile.

“Su’er, do you remember that a few years ago, you bought my company’s stock, and the stock has appreciated a lot over the years. I want to put the dividends into your card every year, but I don’t know how to put it in Where, but I still stayed, I will transfer the money to you.”

Ouyang Luo walked up to her and asked Xiao Su’er for the bank card number with his mobile phone.

“Stocks?” Xiao Su’er couldn’t remember when she bought it, but watching Ouyang Luo seriously didn’t seem to be joking.

“Don’t you remember? We went to the auction at that time, when you were selling medicine…”

“Oh! By the way, I remember, don’t need the money, and give it to Xiaonan when you and Xiaonan get married. As a dowry.” In the

middle of Ouyang Luo’s words, Xiao Su’er instantly remembered what was going on, but she waved her hand generously and didn’t want it.

“You don’t want to know how much it is, just so generous as a dowry for Xiaonan?” Ouyang Luo opened the phone and placed it in front of the two of them.

Xia Xiaonan almost screamed when she saw the huge number, and immediately shook her head and said: “No, no, this amount is too big, I can’t ask for it! And I don’t know when Ouyang Luo and I got married.”

“You are not today. I told me in the morning that it might be next year, or could it be the next year? Two years have passed very quickly.”

Xiao Suer just answered her casually, but I didn’t expect that Ouyang Luo, who was next to him, would have his eyes immediately after hearing this. It lights up and grabs Xia Xiaonan, “Is what Su’er said is true? You will consider getting married next year or the next year?”

He can’t count the number of marriage proposals to Xia Xiaonan after all these years. Since Xia Xiaonan is full At the age of twenty, when he reached the legal marriage age, he wanted to propose once a month, so he wanted to marry Xia Xiaonan into the house sooner.

Xia Xiaonan’s face blushed instantly when he heard his urgent words, and gently patted his hand, “What are you doing?”

“I’m excited, happy! How many times have I begged for marriage in these years, and you haven’t agreed once. So it turns out that the time in your mind hasn’t been reached yet? Is it next year or next year? Or next year. The next year is too long. I have to wait more than 600 days. Isn’t it good for next year? “

What do you think about next May, when spring blossoms, it is your favorite season, and you don’t have to think about whether you will be frozen in a wedding dress at that time, what do you think?”

Ouyang Luo Xingfu’s expression filled his face, and he began to plan their wedding, ignoring that there was an “outsider” Xiao Su’er present.

Xiao Su’er looked at him like this and couldn’t help but lowered her head and laughed. It turns out that being a couple together really makes people feel that the surrounding air is sweet!