Chapter 883 Go straight to the door

Chapter 883 Going to the door directly

Since that day passed, Xiao Su’er’s life for the next few days has fallen into an abnormal peace. When working, except for Dr. Song and Su Ling, basically no one will come to talk to her. Occasionally get together with Xia Xiaonan after work, and lead a life like this every day, day after day, without any accidents, but I still feel plain and happy.

“Su’er, my mother has finished the medicine prescribed by you last time, can you grab some more for me?” Su Ling walked to Xiao Su’er who was sitting next to the doctor’s desk.

Xiao Su’er looked up at her and smiled, “How’s it going? Is your mother’s rheumatism better after taking the medicine? I’ll go get her medicine and take two more pairs and it should be cured.”

Su Ling followed her to the medicine cabinet and was a little excited. “She has gotten better. I think you are really good. In fact, rheumatism is also a disease that Western medicine said can never be cured. Slowly adjust, it will not hurt even if it rains on a cloudy day.”

“I always wanted to cure my mother, but Hu Daxiong didn’t give money, but many people told me that it can’t be cured. You are really amazing! “

Many diseases that cannot be cured by Western medicine can be treated by Chinese medicine, but some conditions do require equipment to be detected. A combination of Chinese and Western medicine is the best.” Xiao Suer doesn’t need to look at the prescription, and directly use it in the medicine box accurately. Hands weighed the grams of each medicine in a pair of medicines, and handed them to Su Ling after wrapping.

“Thank you Dr. Xiao, then I will pay the money.” Su Ling ran to the front desk holding the medicine, ready to take the bill to check out, but saw the front desk look like an idiot, with a smile that could not be hidden from the corners of her mouth. His eyes stared straight at the door.

“What’s the matter with you?” Su Ling turned back a little strangely and followed the gaze of the front desk. She saw a tall and stalwart man standing at the door, nearly 1.9 meters tall, with a thin face on her face. A layer of ice keeps people away from thousands of miles away, but the carved facial features are close to the golden ratio, and every place reveals the exquisiteness of the creator.

Wearing a gray coat, she looked extremely graceful, and she was like a typical one who couldn’t look away anymore. Su Ling was also taken aback.

The front desk couldn’t control it and almost drained water. Looking at the door, he said unconsciously, “So handsome!”

Bo Qingang walked into the clinic with high-end leather shoes. Every step he took seemed to be on the tip of the clinic people’s heart. All the nurses looked at him and wanted to scream, but they still covered their mouths and dared to whisper to each other.

“Gosh, so handsome, who is he? Is there really such a handsome person in the world? I thought it would only exist in comics.”

“Yes, so handsome, I think he is a perfect person. , Look at the height and body, hey, I’m fainted and hold on to me.”

“Are you crazy? This is Bo Qing Ang Bo Shao! You have to watch TV even if you don’t read a magazine, he How many interviews I have received over the years

, I’m no longer the same as before, just living in the legend. Our bedside is covered with his pictures. It’s so handsome.” “This is the thin boy ? Mom, I’m an internet addict. The girl only knows to read novels all day long. How could I know that it was him. He is really handsome!”

Almost all the nurses in the clinic ran out to watch Bo Qingang. Such a rare handsome guy would not look at him too much. Eye.

Su Ling is always a little old, unlike these little girls, she is not so uncontrollable, she takes her gaze away after two glances, anyway, this kind of perfect man has nothing to do with her, she turned her head to the front desk and said: “Hey, you do not look, this should be the guests of it, you look at him in a daze what’s the use, fast in the past and ask where he is not uncomfortable, give him a registered physician to find ah!”

reaction over the slow response of the front desk , Looked at Su Ling and said: “Ah? Oh! Right, right!”

She was a little embarrassed to hold the registration book, and walked to Bo Qingang, “You… hello, may I ask what is uncomfortable? Go to the front desk to register, I’ll find a doctor for you.”

Bo Qingang said with the corner of her eye. Yu Guang glanced at her, then withdrew his gaze again, not wanting to look at it for a second, and said nonchalantly: “I am not uncomfortable. I don’t need to register. I’m here to look for…Xiao Su’er, let her come out and see you. I just said Bo Qingang was looking for her.”

He wanted to say that he was here to find a girlfriend, but when he thought of Xiao Suer’s unfeeling look the last time he saw him, he couldn’t say these words, so he could only call his name straightforwardly.

The front desk has not yet realized what he meant by saying this. He just nodded and said, “Oh, well, I’ll register for you. There have been many people who have come to Dr. Xiao in the past two days, and many people have come to her for health care. “

Traditional Chinese medicine is different from Western medicine. You don’t have to be sick or uncomfortable to see it. Many people want to use Chinese medicine to maintain their health and improve their physical fitness. Some people come to see Chinese medicine specially, even if there is no disease or disaster.

The front desk took it for granted that this was the case for Bo Qingang. He lowered his head and recorded it in the register, but Bo Qingang frowned slightly. He raised his head and said, “I said I was not sick, and I didn’t come to her to take care of my body. It’s a private matter for me to find her. Where is she?”

His words were obviously unhappy, and of course the front desk heard them. He looked up at the person in front of him, and felt that he was angry, and immediately became a little scared. When this person was angry, his whole body seemed to be frozen, making people feel chills when standing beside him.

“I’m sorry, I’ll call Dr. Xiao for you right away.” The front desk lowered his head and turned around, all the idiotism that had just disappeared.

Su Ling heard the voices of two people and turned to look at the medicine box, but Xiao Su’er, who was still there just now, was no longer there. He turned to look at the direction of the doctor’s desk and was also empty.

The front desk also looked around, and even ran to Xiao Su’er’s office, but no one was seen. When she returned to the first floor, she said with some fear: “Hello, you can sit there first! Dr. Xiao is not here now. , I called her immediately.”

Although Bo Qingang heard her words, although he was not happy, he didn’t irritate others casually. He just walked to the first floor and waited to sit down.

The front desk immediately took out his mobile phone and called Xiao Su’er, but the ringtone came from the direction of the examination desk, but Xiao Su’er was not sitting in front of the examination desk. The front desk was a bit weird. What’s going on? Where did Dr. Xiao go?

And Xiao Su’er, who was squatting in the toilet at the moment, didn’t know that Bo Qingang had already arrived. She just covered her belly in the toilet and looked helpless. What did she eat yesterday? I ran to the toilet countless times in the morning.