Chapter 884 The existence of children

Chapter 884 The Child’s Existence

Bo Qingcheng sat in the waiting area and waited for ten minutes. After getting a little impatient, he raised his head and looked in the direction of the front desk with a displeased expression, and asked, “How long will I have to wait?” “The

unpleasant look on his face was even more obvious than before, and the front desk couldn’t help shaking his whole body, and said a little scared, “I, I don’t know! Maybe Dr. Xiao went to the toilet.”

Bo Qingang was worried in his heart. Did Xiao Su’er hide from him, but he didn’t look at the front desk as if he was lying to him, so he could only continue to wait. Anyway, Xiao Su’er was the only one who could make him wait willingly in this life.

Liu Yan came out of the office and prepared to go to the front desk to get the original voucher reimbursement form of the clinic’s outgoing purchaser, but only when he walked to the landing on the second floor, he saw Bo Qingang sitting in the waiting room. This was so handsome that it was suffocating. The person who caught her attention at a glance, she stood at the top of the stairs and almost fell off the stairs, sliding three steps in succession to stand firmly.

“Take their reimbursement form. I’m going to do the billing. By the way, who is that handsome guy? Looks like a little boy! Seeing such a handsome guy in real life is simply blinding me.”

Liu Yan walked to the front desk and asked for the reimbursement form, but she still looked at Bo Qing and was reluctant to move away.

The front desk lowered his voice and replied, “Isn’t he just Bo Shao, he’s so handsome. Just now, a lot of nurses were watching, but now I think I think Bo Shao’s aura is too strong, and they are scared to walk away.”

“Is it Bo Shao? What did he come to see in our clinic? Why is he uncomfortable?”

Liu Yan suddenly became energetic. Her husband is a high-level Ang’s. Although he can’t reach the position of a rich man, he still has some money, but Compared with wealthy people like Bo Qing’ang, it is nothing short of a shame. What’s more, Bo Qing’ang is still a perfect person, and she can’t help but want to get in touch with her.

“It’s not that it’s uncomfortable. He said that he came to see Dr. Xiao, and that it was a private matter. I don’t know what private matter is, and I dare not ask.” The front desk almost reached Liu Yan’s ears. This sentence said, worried that Bo Qingang would find her trouble after hearing it.

Liu Yan suddenly became dissatisfied when he heard the three words of Dr. Xiao. This woman has her affairs wherever she goes. Even Shao Bo has to hook up. She looks like a fox, and she does everything she does. Things that unscrupulous women do, they get pregnant before they are married and then hook up with these rich people.

I don’t know whether these rich and powerful people know that she did such a disgusting thing. If she knew that she had a child that old, she wouldn’t be willing to give her any more money, right?

Thinking of this, Liu Yan tentatively walked to Bo Qingang’s face, thinking about revealing Xiao Su’er’s mask. She felt that this kind of rich man came to Xiao Su’er and definitely took her up. Maybe she could go to this clinic. Come on, Bo Shao greeted the Bo family no matter what.

If Xiao Su’er was exposed, Bo Shao would be happy, maybe he would look at her more.

“Hehe!” Liu Yan thought so, sneered twice and walked to Bo Qing’ang, and said in the softest tone he thought, “Mr. Bo, did you come to see Dr. Xiao?”

Bo Qing’ang listened. This soft and greasy voice immediately became a little dissatisfied. He was tired of hearing this voice. That’s what the woman who tried to climb the dragon and the phoenix said. He was unwilling to lift his head and looked down at the phone. No sound was heard from the file, and he didn’t bother to talk to the person in front of him.

But even if he was so cold, he still couldn’t affect Liu Yan’s enthusiasm at all, and she still started to’report’ on her own.

“Bo Shao! I think you should be more vigilant for a woman who already has a child and is pregnant before marriage. I am not talking about black people here. Then Xiao Suer really has one at a young age. Four or five-year-old children are already in kindergarten, you…”

Before she could finish her words, Bo Qingcheng had already gotten up from the sofa and looked at her with an extremely strange and indescribable expression, “You say what?”

These words of his were almost squeezed out of his teeth. What Liu Yan said is really difficult to keep him from getting excited. Xiao Su’er has a child, and this child seems to be four or five years old. I know who this child belongs to.

Liu Yan saw how excited he was, thinking that this person was cheated by Xiao Suer’s money and deceived him, and now he reacted. He became so angry that he said clearly again, “Boy, Xiao Suer has a child. Now, the child is four or five years old. I saw it with my own eyes. Come! I’ll show you the photos.”

She took out her phone again and called up the secret photos taken in front of the kindergarten that day. She deliberately left these photos. Coming down, just to prepare for the use of Black Xiao Su’er again in the future.

Bo Qingang saw Xiao Su’er holding Xiao Wang in the photo with his own eyes. The two people had smiles on their faces. It was indeed a casual glance that they were mother and child, and the arcs of the smiles were exactly the same.

The two people in this photo surprised him. To Xiao Su’er, he was surprised that she actually had a child. Did she give birth to the children of the two people? Looking at the child is absolutely true, after all, she can’t give birth to such a big child in the past five years.

To Xiao Wang, he was surprised that this child was the one who lied to his mother that day and ran away at the company gate that day?

But when his mother came to pick him up, it was not Xiao Su’er, but a woman with a red face, but the breath on her body…

Bo Qingang only thought of a little bit of clues, but she saw Xiao Su’er coming out of the toilet, and she covered it. He walked over with his stomach and saw that her expression was a little bit painful. He felt distressed instantly. He didn’t want to think about other things and ran to Xiao Su’er, reaching out to help her, with concern in his tone, “Su’er, you’re all right. Huh? What’s the matter?”

Xiao Su’er originally felt that her stomach hurts a little too much, but Bo Qingang ran over and she seemed to have no pain in an instant. She stood up straight and said, “I’m fine, what are you doing here? This is the clinic!”

Bo Qingang looked at her still alienated, and felt a bit tingling in her heart, but still answered honestly, “I’m here to find you.”

“If you are not a patient, please do not come here to disturb my work and affect other patients! Bo Shao, do you have no place to stay? The Bo family is a big family. You go wherever you want. It should be someone else’s. Be a guest, don’t use it here!” Xiao Su’er has never spoken to him with any kind of politeness.