Chapter 885 Father

Chapter 885 Father

Bo Qingang’s hand still kept the posture where he wanted to pull Xiao Su’er just now, and when she heard this, he slowly withdrew his hand.

He can’t be as unsentimental as Xiao Su’er treats him. Even if she said so excessively, he still said flatly: “Originally, I had something to do with you, but I just heard another news. I hope you can tell the truth. What the hell is going on with

me .” “I don’t need to answer any of your questions, because I have no responsibility or obligation to help you answer your doubts.”

No matter what he said, Xiao Su’er didn’t take it seriously and was ready to leave. Back to the clinic table, Bo Qingang reluctantly stood in front of her.

“You have to tell me about this. Just now they said you have children and you are four or five years old. What is going on? Why do you have children? Whose children are they? Tell me!”

He wanted it very much. Hearing Xiao Su’er personally admit that it was the children of the two of them, and that it was the crystallization of their love, he couldn’t wait to ask this series of questions.

Xiao Su’er was not surprised that he knew about this. After all, he had already ran into the clinic now. Besides, everyone inside knew about this, and of course they would tell him, and everyone here is now hostile to her. People, how can you watch her live well?

Especially Bo Qingang deliberately came here to look for her. This is a jealous thing, and they will definitely take this opportunity to retaliate.

If you know it, it doesn’t matter. He needs to know sooner or later. Although Xiao Su’er thinks so, she doesn’t intend to tell Bo Qingang that Xiao Wang is his child!

He didn’t want to keep this child at all, but now he quietly gave birth to him, and he can’t imagine how Bo Qingang would treat Xiao Wang after he knew it.

“Bo Shao, this is my personal business. What if I have a child? It has nothing to do with you? Do I have to report to you when I have a child? Please figure out who you are.” Xiao Suer finished. Raising his hand and glanced at his wrist, lunch was almost here.

She didn’t want to talk nonsense with Bo Qingang here, picked up the mobile phone on the consultation table and walked to the door, and quickly left the clinic.

Liu Yan has been watching the conversation between the two people all the time. She didn’t expect that Shao Bo was vying to please Xiao Su’er. What kind of charm is she?

Although it looks good. But it wasn’t to the point of being so charming. They were all turned into this way, and Shao Bo even wanted to chase them out.

She felt angrily in her heart, and it was also because of the women who treated Xiao Su’er so well, and there were diamond kings like Bo Shao around her.

She was unbalanced in her heart, even if she was facing Bo Qingang, she snorted and snorted, “Hehe, the CEO also wants to like to be a father. Yes, I don’t have any distinguishing ability.

I don’t know if I can put sheep on my head.” Hearing his words, Bo Qingang stopped trying to chase him out, and turned around with a terrifying look in his eyes. Staring at her, her eyes seemed as plain as water, but there were deadly sharks under the water. The shark’s teeth were so sharp that people looked scared, as if they would jump out at any time.

Liu Yan looked at him and took a step back subconsciously. She was a little scared but didn’t dare to say anything. Bo Qingang looked at her and squeezed out a few words from her teeth, “That child is mine! I am The child’s biological father!”

After saying this, he ran to the door quickly, wanting to catch up with Xiao Su’er, wanting to catch up with the five years of time.

Liu Yan and all the nurses who were watching the play on the second floor exclaimed at the moment Bo Qingang ran out of the door.

“What? What did Shao Bo just say? That child belongs to him?”

“Ah, I am so envious. Dr. Xiao actually gave birth to a child of Shao Bo. Both of them are so good-looking, and the child’s appearance is not against the sky. “

I really think that in the future, I can also find someone as handsome as Shao Bo to improve the genes of the next generation.”

“Come on, how can someone like us be worthy of us? Only a beautiful woman like Xiao Suer can do it. Let Shao Bo be treated differently.”

“What are you talking nonsense? I just said that you can find someone as handsome as Shao Bo, and the other conditions are not the same.” The

young nurses are all envious, jealous, and hateful, Akari. Secretly, I wanted to find a handsome person like Bo Qing’ang, with such a strong face, everything else was not important.

Hearing these voices, Liu Yan was yin and yang again, and hummed a few words.

“Cut! What’s so envious? I’m not married, just a rich man playing with young women, it’s unmarried and first pregnant, no matter who the child’s father is! Unmarried first pregnancy is shameful, if the young boy really likes it so much She, why didn’t she take her to get the certificate? Let her give birth to the child without a name, and she would just look down on her!”

On the other side.

No matter how fast Xiao Su’er walks, she wearing high heels is no better than the well-trained Bo Qing. He caught up with her in three or two steps with his long legs and blocked her in front of her, “Su’er, stop! We! Shouldn’t the two be made clear? I see, your child was the one who was downstairs in my company and said that he was lost with his mother, right?”

He had already confirmed that there was absolutely nothing wrong with all of this, only to see Xiao Su’er and nod personally to authenticate.

But Xiao Su’er looked at him with a cold expression, no matter what Bo Qingang said, she didn’t answer as if she hadn’t heard it, and she was stingy even nodding her head.

“It was you who came to pick up the child, didn’t you? You took Yi Rong pills, right? At that time, I already felt like your breath, but the face didn’t look like you at all! Now it seems that you did it on purpose, that’s Did you want me not to recognize you? Why do you want to? Why don’t you see me when you come back? Why are you so indifferent?”

“There is a child, why don’t you bring him to see me? It’s very pitiful for a child without a father. You have said it yourself, you really want family affection, and the child also needs family affection!”

There are thousands of doubts in Bo Qingang’s heart. He is not sure about everything else, but what is certain is that he needs family affection, Xiao Su’er They also need family affection. Both of them grew up in an environment lacking family affection. They used to lie on the same bed with Xiao Su’er and talked about future plans. Both of them said that when they have a child, they must give him the warmest. Home, the most love.

But now that you have a child, you want him to be a child of a single-parent family. Why? He can’t figure it out!

Or is it actually that the child is not a single-parent family, he and Xiao Suer have a hacker, are they now a family?