Chapter 886 Re-investigation

Chapter 886 Re-investigating

Xiao Su’er Hearing his questioning, I felt very strange. Why can I ask these questions in a high-sounding manner? It seems that she cares about Xiao Wang very much. She can’t help but feel a little dazed. Could it be those things from five years ago? Has it never happened? Was it because he was so heartbroken that he wouldn’t let the child recognize his father?

In order to avoid falling into this kind of self-doubt, Xiao Suer stepped back and looked at Bo Qingang in front of him with a pause gesture, “Enough, you don’t need to say any more, what is the point of asking so many questions? You? What

do you want to express?” “I want to know why you didn’t let my child see me, and even concealed his existence from me. If it is not your colleague who told me today, then when will I know his existence? Do I have no idea in this life?”

Bo Qingang was very angry, but he faintly felt that something was wrong. He really couldn’t figure out all the relationships. Why did it happen like this? He didn’t think Xiao Su’er was a person who changed his mind, even if it was between her and Xiao Mengqiu back then. The relationship made Xiao Su’er misunderstood, and it was impossible for her to turn around and throw herself into the arms of others, and let her children recognize others as fathers.

“Bo Qingang, don’t you think you’re funny? You were the one who didn’t want him at the beginning. Now you are the one who is constantly questioning me. You are allowed to say anything. Whatever you ask me to say, no matter what I do wrong is not it? I put him to stay up is my fault, I should have put him in front of your face destroyed, so you know he does not live in the world you are right? ” “

you are now in the end station From what kind of stand you can ask me these questions, don’t you think you’re hypocritical?”

Xiao Su’er also followed his way and threw out a series of questions, but every sentence was asking Bo Qing’ang exactly what he did. What is the meaning of.

She really didn’t understand that it was Bo Qingang who let her kill the child, not only the person Xiao Mengqiu arranged to come over, but Bo Qingang said this in front of her, so what is he talking about now? Is he amnesia?

But Bo Qingang didn’t expect Xiao Su’er to ask him such things, saying so sharply, as if he wished his child would die.

“Su children, I do not know what you’re talking about, there must be a misunderstanding between us, can you talk about the good, then I explain my things with you.”

He was anxious to want to make it clear that the hidden secrets of the year, can not let Xiao Su’er continued to misunderstand him. He did not betray him. Even during the few days with Xiao Mengqiu, he never did anything to apologize to Xiao Su’er.

But Xiao Su’er stretched out her hand to block in front of the two of them, looking very resisting, “I don’t want to listen. I told you before. I don’t want to listen to these meaningless explanations. There is no meaning. Don’t come again. You are very annoying! “

Putting down these words, Xiao Su’er turned around and walked to the other side. Next, she was destined to take a different path from Bo Qing’ang. Later, when she saw Bo Qing’ang, she promised that she would never set foot again.

Bo Qingang was still thinking about what she had just said, especially the last sentence you were annoying, as if three big rocks were hitting his head directly.

After a long time, he just came over and took out his cell phone and dialed Zhang Song’s number, “Go and investigate what happened five years ago, especially during the days when I was not with Su’er. What happened to her? ? ” “

Yes always thin, I went to investigate immediately. “Zhang Song keen on the idea down, he knew that his boss these days to find Xiao Su children are hit a wall, it seems he also began looking for a reason.

Bo Qingcheng didn’t chase Xiao Su’er again, but left the clinic. Since there were so many things that puzzled him, he would solve them one by one before coming to Xiao Su’er.

In fact, Xiao Su’er had been hiding in the corner looking at Bo Qing’ang. He walked out only after he left, looking at Bo Qing’ang’s back as it was five years ago.

Did he really forget everything? Five years is enough time for him to turn things upside down and ask himself this “victim”?

She stood there and watched Bo Qing’ang’s back further and further away, until she couldn’t see it, and then turned back to the clinic.

The nurses in the clinic were still gathered in twos and threes, eating their own or takeaway boxes, and discussing what happened just now, but when Xiao Su’er’s footsteps stopped at the entrance of the clinic, they saw her and closed it instantly. mouth.

“Da da da…” Xiao Suer walked to the center of the clinic on high heels, and looked at all the colleagues in the clinic and asked coldly, “Who told Bo Qingang just now that I have a child?”

Although she didn’t mind letting her Bo Qingang knew it, but she didn’t like someone telling the truth behind her back, especially propagating her affairs everywhere as if she was wearing a loudspeaker.

If all the people come here to ask questions, someone will immediately say everything in detail, then who is she? She doesn’t need someone to “do their best” to promote her.

The nurses in the clinic lowered their heads with a guilty conscience when they heard what she said. Although they did not say what they said, they were a little excited about the discussion just now. They even wondered what she and Bo Qingang’s child would look like. I had a group chat and asked Liu Yan to post her secret photos taken at the entrance of the kindergarten to the group, zooming in and out to see Xiao Wang’s appearance.

In this way, discussing people’s privacy behind others’ backs, and being caught by the righteous master does feel a bit like being a thief.

Xiao Su’er stood there and waited for a few seconds and no one answered her. She asked again, “If you don’t tell me, if I ask me who said it, the consequences will be serious.”

“Why? We didn’t say bad things about you. Don’t you plan to let others know about your child? Shao Bo also said just now that it’s his child. You gave birth to someone else and you don’t let others know about it?”

Liu Yan heard this. The words that were almost threatening made me feel unhappy, and stood up and questioned loudly as if to embolden myself.

Xiao Su’er knows Liu Yan with practical toes. She just wants to see if Liu Yan is capable of admitting. Since she admits the punishment she should accept, she still has to ask for it, just tell others about others behind their backs. , Thinking about it, knowing how far she went when she said this, it would definitely not be a good thing.

As if to confirm Xiao Su’er’s conjecture, Liu Yan was not able to stop her in front of her.

“I think you haven’t figured out whether that child is the youngest boy! Do you know who the child is? Have you done a paternity test?”