Chapter 887 Heart reading

Chapter 887 Mind Reading

Liu Yan belongs to a dead pig and is not afraid of boiling water. She completely forgets that Xiao Su’er was able to clean up her last time even in front of everyone in the clinic.

I always thought that everyone was participating in the discussion today. She is now stunned by Xiao Su’er. They should be able to help, so she became bold and fearless to say such a thing.

Xiao Su’er frowned slightly and rubbed her hands on her temples. Liu Yan said repeatedly that she had touched her bottom line, and she still arranged her children in this way.

The last time she said she was pregnant when she was unmarried, it was a fact that she did give birth to his child without marrying Bo Qingang, but now he says that his child is unclear, and he doesn’t even know who his father is, Xiao Su’er. It’s unbearable.

“Liu Yan, don’t you want to die until the Yellow River, or feel that I don’t have the guts to clean up you all at once. Do you want to challenge how far I can tolerate you?”

Xiao Su’er walked up to her. She herself was a bit taller than Liu Yan. Now she is wearing high heels and looking at Liu Yan condescendingly. This face is actually pretty good. She has undergone plastic surgery, but she is also considered to be among the top. The ranks of beauties, because they are properly maintained, even at the age of 30, they can’t be seen as good-looking as they are, but why are they so vicious in their hearts?

It seems that the term “Xiangyouxinsheng” is not accurate at all. After she crossed to the Chinese mainland, she used to make insidious tricks around her, and all the black hands were beautiful girls.

Liu Yan felt a strong pressure for the first time. Looking up at Xiao Su’er, she felt an inexplicable aura oppressing her, and she subconsciously retreated two steps in a row.

“I didn’t fool around. Didn’t I tell the truth? Do you have no children? Besides, you should thank me, otherwise this kid doesn’t know who his father is. You shouldn’t tell him. I felt so shocked when I heard the news.” When

Liu Yan spoke, she turned her head and looked at the nurses who had been discussing the most intensely just now, winking at them, meaning they could help, but the nurses were actually He lowered his head as if he hadn’t seen it.

She was a little embarrassed in an instant, but she still stubbornly refused to apologize. She just stepped back a little bit, pulled the stool on the side to block her in front of them, thinking that if Xiao Suer used a golden needle to pierce her, she would immediately Throw the stool out, and it can block for a while.

Xiao Su’er stood not far from her and read what she was thinking clearly.

“What the hell is going on with this woman? He always came to me. I knew that I should have said a few more cruel words just now. It was too simple to say that in front of Shao Bo. Maybe that child really did it. I don’t know who’s the seed! If you let Shao Bo find it out, maybe I’ll be rewarded.” When

Xiao Su’er heard her ridiculous thoughts, Xiao Su’er smiled backwards and pointed to her and said, “Hahaha, What you think is so funny. Give you a reward? Bo Qing is eager to slap you twice! I warn you, you’d better be safe, and don’t talk about me anymore! Otherwise, I promise you will pass. He’s a bit more pitiful than it is now, and even my husband doesn’t want you.”

She had already seen through Liu Yan’s discomfort these days. Since she was no longer able to embezzle money from the clinic, she hasn’t even brought out new clothes as quickly as before. This week, she has worn the old styles, the previous three days. Both ends can watch her walking in the clinic wearing a big name.

These little nurses who want to come to the clinic have never thought about exposing her. It’s just a financial one. Even with experience, it is impossible to buy so many big names in a week.

Now she is relying on her husband to make some money at the top of the Ang’s family, and continue to support her to buy luxury goods. If her husband abandons her, she can only rely on her own dead salary, and can’t support her at all. Extravagant life.

Liu Yan didn’t expect Xiao Su’er to know what she thought in her heart. She also knew that what she was most afraid of now was conflicts with her husband. She wanted to hook up with Bo Qingang and also wanted to find a new benefactor.

She was stunned for an instant, staring at Xiao Su’er with both eyes like a monster.

“Are you surprised? I don’t think I can figure out why I know what you think in your heart, right? I tell you, you’d better keep yourself safe and don’t mess with me anymore. You are already too much. I can’t say anything, do you want to try what it feels like to be dumb?”

Xiao Su’er stopped with a triumphant smile and looked at her with threats in her eyes. A thick-skinned person like Liu Yan, even if she was pierced with a golden needle. For hundreds of times, it is estimated that she will not have a long memory. She has to make her feel more horrible, so that she feels like she is standing in front of her like a transparent person, and she can know everything she thinks in her heart. She is afraid of knowing Chu.

Indeed, Liu Yan didn’t understand this matter, and didn’t dare to provoke Xiao Su’er anymore, so she bit her lip and stared at her with an indescribable look.

“The next time, I promise you will not be able to say a word, but I will make all the things you think in your heart public, and the whole world will be able to know your mental activity. It feels uncomfortable.” Xiao Su’er put down these words and turned to the office on the second floor.

Liu Yan stood on the first floor and looked at Xiao Su’er who was on the stairs. There was a wave of confusion in her heart. This woman was so terrifying, she looked like a vixen, is she really a vixen? She even knew what she was thinking in her heart.

Su Ling was originally sitting on the first floor and was eating a box lunch. She also witnessed all this. After thinking about it, she walked to Liu Yan and reminded her, “Liu Finance, you still don’t mess with Dr. Xiao in the future. She is very kind. , You two have no grievances and no grudges, don’t you have a better relationship?”

“Whatever you do, you follow her behind her all day long like his follower. Of course you think she’s all right.” Liu Yan didn’t. She dared to provoke Xiao Su’er, but Su Ling still dared to provoke her, and her words were not good at Su Ling.

Su Ling lowered her head and didn’t know what to answer, so she could only return to her original position.

Imperial Capital University.

The university’s annual basketball game is held in these few days. There are not only the student group but also the teacher group. As a young and strong professor, Xiao Yuhan should participate in it.

Rong Ling’er watched Xiao Yuhan sweating on the basketball court, sitting in the waiting area beside the basketball court with mineral water, positioning herself as Xiao Yuhan’s girlfriend, and other people knew she was waiting for him. After all, she arrived on time for every basketball game these days. After Xiao Yuhan got off the court, he walked in front of her as soon as possible.