Chapter 888 Basketball game

Chapter 888 Basketball Game

Today’s game happened to be Bai Qingyue’s professional class professor and the professor of the medical school. Bai Qingyue and Rong Ling’er studied the same major, but they are not medicine. It is reasonable. Said that the students of his college must cheer for the professors of his college, but Rong Ling’er stood in the waiting seat of Xiao Yuhan’s team from beginning to end.

Xiao Yuhan is simply the focus of all the girls’ eyes. Everyone is watching him. Every time he makes a goal, he can cause a burst of cheers from the girls.

“Ah! Small handsome professor, and score a goal, and my God, you look abdominal Professor Hsiao, handsome burst.”

“This is a typical dress was thin, strip meat, do not fight, and certainly Win, our medical school has won them.”

“Professor Xiao is sure to win, he can stand there enough to kill all the other professors. Isn’t his age good?” People with generation gap! “

We Professor Xiao is Xiao Xianrou. The professors in other departments are already old bacon. It’s okay to engage in academics. Let Xiao Xianrou do things like playing basketball.”

Rong Ling’er heard the surroundings. People are praising him, as if they are praising herself, even raising their chins proudly.

Bai Qingyue sat in the waiting area of ​​her academy and watched Xiao Yuhan throw countless balls in succession. She finally couldn’t stand it. She led a group of girls around and jumped up cheerleader, and her eyes fell on them in an instant. .

They jumped and shouted, “Come on, come on, professor, come on, knock down the medical school!”

The little sisters around Bai Qingyue are all wealthy daughters, well-maintained, and dressed in fashion. One stop there is a beautiful scenery of the whole college. , Not to mention that they are dancing now, they have brought back the decline just now, even if the basketball game is lost, it doesn’t matter.

The smile on Rong Linger’s face just now disappeared when she saw Bai Qingyue, and she muttered, “It’s really a grandstanding. This is a basketball game and not a dancing game. What is she doing?”

But even if she said that, she couldn’t resist the eyes of the medical school boy. Bai Qingyue was attracted by Bai Qingyue and began a lively discussion.

“With a beautiful sister dancing, where can I still want to watch a basketball game? Play basketball every day! Let’s watch Bai Qingyue dance, so that the rich daughter dances can’t be seen casually.”

“Agree! Look at Bai Qingyue’s figure .” Her legs are so long and her waist is so thin. It’s perfect. I don’t know if she has a boyfriend.”

“Bai Qingyue is the faculty of their college . She looks so good-looking, and I know she jumped out for my own college. Cheer fuck, yes! I like this girl.”

Listening to their discussion, Rong Ling’er became a little angry, turned her head and said to them, “What are you doing? Why watch them dance? Now the focus is on how well the basketball game is. Okay? Professor Xiao worked so hard to compete for your medical school there. You are actually watching Bai Qingyue dance. It’s too much!”

“Rong Ling’er, whoever dances has anything to do with you? You are not our medical school.” Yes, come to cheer for the professors of the medical school! You can like our professors, but can’t we like your classmates there?”

The boys next to her were dissatisfied with her in an instant. They were originally insensible, but a girl like this who stood on the moral high ground to condemn them was obviously a white lotus, and they didn’t bother to take care of it.

“What are you talking about? Wouldn’t it be okay for me to cheer for your medical professors? The focus now is on the basketball game. Several professors are playing so hard. It’s not right for you to watch other people dance.”

When Rong Ling’er heard what they said, her face flushed instantly, and she looked at them pitifully, because counting the time, the basketball game should be over, and she was about to come and fetch her water.

“What? You’re here to scold us. When we reply, you will cry. You are too boring. You can only scold others. You are really ridiculous.”

Several male classmates looked at her and wanted to drop. The look of tears is not distressing at all. Many people in this school have watched Rong Ling’er’s movies and TV series. Although she is not very popular, she has been in the entertainment industry for many years. It is normal to be familiar with each other. In fact, many people are her fans.

In contrast, there are fans and black fans, and the boys she has provoked now just don’t like her.

“You guys, you are too much…” Rong Ling’er stood up and looked at the boys in a grievous manner. The corner of her eyes came to the end of the game. Xiao Yuhan won without surprise and was heading in her direction. Come over.

“What are you doing? I was crying after a few words, and we didn’t hit you, really…”

Some boys wanted to say what she looked like, but Rong Ling’er had already shed tears, her eyes were red and her nose was red. , It’s almost like being wronged by the sky.

Xiao Yuhan walked in front of her, saw Rong Ling’er’s appearance, and asked a little strangely: “What’s wrong with you?”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t say you guys, but I really feel sorry for Professor Xiao’s hard work but nothing people watching, so it roared toward you twice, you do not blame me, not to hate me, what worries me most people hate me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! “

Yung Han Xiao Yu Linger not answer, then, it is towards The boys who scolded her began to bow and apologize, and they were stunned. The reversal was a bit exaggerated, and didn’t they stand on the moral high ground just now and condemn them?

Xiao Yuhan heard what she said and knew that she was crying because of herself. He turned to look at several of her students and asked: “What’s the matter, have you quarreled?”

“Professor Xiao, Bai Qingyue was there just now. We danced and cheered for the professors in our college. We took a few glances, but Rong Linger said that we shouldn’t watch. Maybe our tone became a little harder and she started crying. We can’t help but we I absolutely didn’t do it.”

A few boys had a strange feeling, as if they had been slandered, but they didn’t say much. They had to explain a few words casually, stood up and left, and stopped paying attention to him.

“They just scolded you, didn’t they? I asked them to say sorry to you.” Xiao Yuhan looked at the tears on Rong Ling’er’s face a little distressed, after all, this girl was for herself.

“Don’t use Professor Xiao. Actually, what they said was quite right. I also came from our college to support you. I did it like this. Why don’t you let them watch? Fuck, Bai Qingyue danced over there. So hard, obviously I want boys to watch it. I don’t let them watch it. Of course they will scold me.”

Rong Linger lowered her head and wiped her tears aggrievedly. The corner of her eye saw Xiao Yuhan feeling a little distressed. The look in his eyes makes the whole person more and more proud.