Chapter 889 Rare Compliment

Chapter 889 Rare Compliment

Xiao Yuhan turned her head and looked in the direction of Bai Qingyue, now she no longer dances cheerleading, but because of her dancing, the professors of their college are no longer discouraged by the failure, but move towards She praised her dancing with a thumbs up. She also picked up the drink she had prepared long ago and handed it to several elderly professors.

University professors have to read books for many years, and from the lecturer slowly upwards, they can reach the level of professor. There are really very few young people like Xiao Yuhan, so he will fight against men over forty years old. Professor, it’s normal to win them.

This is something everyone knows, but these professors refuse to admit defeat. They are only people who are very good in their professional fields to reach the level of professors. As a result, they lost terribly on the basketball court. Of course, they couldn’t accept it in their hearts.

But Bai Qingyue danced and handed them a bottle of drink to make them happy. This little girl is not as arrogant and domineering as she usually seems!

“Bai Qingyue’s dance is also very good. It can give these professors some psychological comfort. She is indeed very beautiful. It is normal to attract these male students to see. But I also thank you for speaking to me, what they said. It’s ugly, don’t take it to your heart. They are all vigorous young men. It’s normal to want to see beautiful women.”

“You don’t need to worry about them in the future. Anyway, there will be another game tomorrow.”

Xiao Yuhan took Rong Ling’er. The water handed over complimented Bai Qingyue with two words. Rong Ling’er’s proud face disappeared in an instant, and she asked with some worry, “Professor Xiao, do you think Bai Qingyue is beautiful too? You also like her. Isn’t it a child?”

In fact, Rong Ling’er knows in her heart that if she and Bai Qingyue are absolutely inferior to her, not to mention the background of the two people, just say that the appearance and body of the two people are better than her. but.

Although she is indeed very thin, she only has the advantage of being thin. There is no place for meat, but Bai Qingyue has a very good figure and well-proportioned. The place where there should be meat is very plump, and there should be no meat. The place has slim waist and thin legs.

“Bai Qingyue’s appearance is indeed very good-looking, but there are many girls who are better-looking than her. I don’t like her wayward girls at all.”

Xiao Yuhan drank water while walking towards the school gate, heard Rong Ling’er was so happy to keep up with his steps. It seems that Bai Qingyue’s willful character is really good! At least Xiao Yuhan wouldn’t be as superficial as other boys, because her looks liked her.

the other side.

On the top floor of a mid-range neighborhood in this city, in a bachelor apartment, a woman in lace pajamas rolls over from the bed and walks to the dressing table. Her back looks slim, with a slender waist and long pajamas. She stayed on her legs, but the exposed hands could see the loose skin on her hands, and she didn’t look like a young girl like her back.

When she walks, she can feel that she is not as brisk as a young man. Instead, she staggers and walks to the dressing table step by step. When she sits down, she even takes two breaths. It is only a short distance. It’s like walking hundreds of meters.

The mirror of the dressing table was covered with a layer of white cloth. She stretched out her hand and opened the white cloth. The mirror reflected her face. Her face was covered with wrinkles. The corners of her eyes looked like a seven-year-old lady, especially the skin on her neck. It drooped down, almost almost reaching the chest, the whole person seemed to be too short of water, like dry soil, the skin almost cracked.

Seeing herself in the mirror, she couldn’t bear it at all, and the violent ups and downs of her chest began to pant. She took the white cloth and covered it on the mirror of the dressing table, just not seeing it!

She was deceiving herself, closing her eyes and imagining how beautiful she was “when she was young”, but she was only five years ago when she was young, and she was aging rapidly in the past five years, and she did not look like a twenty-five-year-old girl at all. As it should be, she was so old that she doubted her life, and it felt as long as fifty years had passed.

After closing her eyes for a long time, she slowly opened her eyes and took out a photo from the drawer of the dressing table. In the photo, she was standing on the leading stage confidently sailing. This was when she won the medical competition award. Photographed, at that time she was the sweet girl of the sky, and all the boys thought she was a goddess, and they looked at her with obsessive eyes.

But the girl looked at her with envious eyes, wanting to be like her, not only looks good, but also has a high IQ.

Now she hides in this gloomy room like a mouse. Even if she lives in a room with good lighting on the top floor, she tightens the curtains. The curtains are customized so that no light can leak at all. When they are closed, the whole The room was plunged into darkness, no different from that in the middle of the night.

Since five years ago, she seemed to be out of sight. She didn’t want to go out or go to the street. She even hid all the mirrors in the house. She didn’t even take the mobile phone very often because the shadows on the mobile phone screen made her hide. She felt scared.

I have never thought that my life will become what it is today. It is really ironic to think about it!

“Xiao Mengqiu, do you know that one day you will live like a mouse in the gutter? All this is thanks to Xiao Su’er!”

Xiao Mengqiu looked at her award-winning photo, and tears flowed from her eyes, but did not directly drip to the ground, but fainted on her dry skin.

She is now aging like an eighty-year-old old lady, because after she used the blood gu, Bo Qing’ang almost drained the blood of her whole body.

At that time, she thought she was going to die, and Bo Qingang ignored her. He slashed her neck with a knife and watched the blood flow. After the female Gu crawled out of the wound, he took his bodyguard and left and took her away. A person was placed in that house.

If she hadn’t learnt that Xiao Su’er carried golden needles on her body at any time, and before she died, she used all her strength to take out the golden needles from the bag and pierce the acupuncture points to stop the bleeding. She pressed the wound on her neck and escaped. It’s already dead.

She thought that it was over. After escaping, she quickly found the hospital and sutured the wound. Normally, she would be able to recover after a month. She was able to use her good technique to remove the scar from the wound, as if she had never It has happened, just stay away from Bo Qingang, and no longer set foot in his life in the future.

But in the next two months, she finally knew why Blood Gu was classified as a forbidden technique, and finally knew why Xiao Shuo was reluctant to teach her!