Chapter 890 Accelerated aging

Chapter 890 Accelerated aging

, the side effect of the blood gu is really too great. She aging rapidly within two months. At first, lines appeared on the wounds cut by Bo Qingang. She didn’t think it was aging, but thought it was aging. This happens only because of scabs.

However, something went wrong afterwards, but she still didn’t pay attention to it. When the first wrinkle appeared on her face, she thought it was just that too much happened during that time that made her feel tired, even though she was young. It is unscientific to grow wrinkles, but people’s aging is indeed related to all aspects of mood.

After that, the skin that spread from the wound to the whole body was rapidly aging. When she realized that she needed to pay attention, she was already like a woman in her early thirties.

Even if she buys clothes, the ones recommended to her are middle-aged people who are suitable for 30 or 40 years old. She once lost her temper in the mall and pointed to herself that I was only 20 years old. You recommend this kind of clothes to me. How do you sell things?

However, the sales staff at the mall were surprised and incredulous when they heard that she was only 20 years old, but because she was a customer, she didn’t dare to speak directly, and could only say that she was a little mature.

Xiao Mengqiu also felt that he was really getting old too quickly. In just half a month, she was as old as thirty years old, so she might have died of aging in less than half a year.

She began to panic, began to worry, began to ask for help, and found all the teachers who had been overseas before, hoping that they would help herself.

She studied medicine and did research on this kind of aging, but she found that it seemed to be different from what she had imagined. Generally, people with aging might seem to accelerate aging, but the body’s functions are not. Affected, it just looks a lot older.

But she is different. As she is aging, she feels that her whole body’s functions are affected. It really seems to be a middle-aged person in her 30s and 40s, even if her memory has declined a little.

The professors overseas were at a loss and did not know what to do. Many people said that if she was asked to go overseas, they could intuitively feel her condition and help her treat her, so he went overseas and went overseas for two years without any treatment. In the past two years, she hasn’t stopped the pace of aging, and she has grown old step by step to what she is now.

What followed was that all the professors announced their abandonment. There was no reason for her disease, and she didn’t know how to treat it.

In this case, she took another approach. Now that the plastic surgery technology is so advanced, how many elderly people go to fill hyaluronic acid and lift the skin to make themselves look younger and more energetic.

But she underestimated the power of this forbidden technique. She had no way to control it. Even the second after filling with hyaluronic acid, she could look much younger, but after waking up, she returned to this state.

She went to the hospital and made a lot of noise, saying that they had no skills and must have used bad hyaluronic acid for her to produce such an effect. However, the hospital was also at a loss and said that the best materials were used for her. It was the first time that I discovered such a situation, and I was willing to give him a full refund.

But from that day on, all hospitals were reluctant to receive her. She could only use her last savings to rent this small room on the top floor like a person abandoned by the world.

Fortunately, although she is so old now, she hasn’t forgotten what she has learned. She can still use her medical knowledge to earn money and publish papers to earn living expenses, but she is very tired every day. It takes two steps to pant. , She even had great difficulties in taking care of her own life.

Instead, you can use the money earned from publishing papers to hire a babysitter to take care of her life. She once looked for a young babysitter, and the babysitter called her grandmother when she opened her mouth. Later she learned that the babysitter was two times older than her. When she was old, she couldn’t accept it, so she drove away.

Later, I found an elderly person in her 50s and 60s, but when she found out that there was a gap between herself and that elderly person, she seemed more energetic than her, and she collapsed even more, and finally she decided to live her own life. .

I went down to purchase supplies twice a week and bought the simplest meals. I even bought a lot of stewed vegetables iced in the refrigerator and heated them in the microwave to eat.

In the past five years, she knew that Bo Qingang had been looking for her. After she escaped from the villa, she anxiously fired all the bodyguards she hired, trying to cut off the possibility of Bo Qingang finding her.

But then Bo Qingang found her. In this room, she thought she could not live anymore, but what she didn’t expect was that Bo Qingang saw her alive like this now, just smiled contemptuously, turned and left, and then Did not come to meet her either.

He is ruthless! Knowing that being alive like this is the biggest punishment for him, Xiao Mengqiu put down the photo, turned around and went to the kitchen, took out the stewed vegetables from the refrigerator and heated it in the microwave.



and her mobile phone sounded along with the beep of the microwave oven. She took a look at the mobile phone, and it turned out to be a doctor who hadn’t contacted for a long time. She used to buy these before. The doctor asked them to

abort Xiao Su’er . She never contacted them for so many years, and she did not delete their contact information. She suddenly contacted today, is it… Xiao Mengqiu also pays attention to the Internet every day, wondering what happened, and more importantly, She wanted to see what Bo Qingang looked like when he was interviewed. She could only get to know him in this way. Fortunately, Bo Qingang has been willing to appear in the public eye over the years.

So of course she knew the news that Xiao Su’er had returned to China Mainland. When she saw the clinic where she works now, and when she was hacked by the whole network, Xiao Mengqiu couldn’t wait for these people to smash Xiao Su’er with rocks instead of rotten eggs. It’s better to die her.

Five years ago, I thought she had killed her and her child, but she was alive and well!

However, after a turn of events, Xiao Su’er was nodded and praised by people again. The clinic’s business was booming, and her fans went to her. Xiao Mengqiu was angry again.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Xiao Mengqiu answered the phone and asked inside the phone.

“Hello, is it Miss Xiao? Fortunately, your phone number has not been changed. What I want to tell you is that Bo Shao is now investigating things that happened five years ago. We may not be able to take it anymore. Or you can find a way to explain. Tell Shao Bo, you told us to give Ms. Lin Su’er abortion. Don’t blame us!”

“You have to tell Shao Bo, don’t anger us. We just take people and money for others. It’s nothing more than disaster elimination.”