Chapter 1 Godfather

Amerigo Bonassella sits in the Third Criminal Court of New York awaiting trial, waiting for legal sanctions to be imposed on criminals who have severely injured his daughter and attempted to insult his daughter.

The judge had a ghastly face, rolled up the sleeves of his black robes, as if to severely punish the two young men standing in front of the judge’s bench. His expression showed coldness in his majesty and pride, but, under all these superficial phenomena, Amerigo Bonassella felt that the court was playing mystery, but he still didn’t understand how this happened. thing.

“Your behavior is similar to those of the most corrupt and corrupt elements,” the judge said sharply.

“That’s right! That’s right!” Amerigo Bonassella thought. “It’s a beast! It’s a beast!” The two greasy young men expressed their pious remorse, bowed their heads, and pleaded guilty.

The judge went on to pronounce: “You acted like wild beasts in the forest, but fortunately your animal desires did not harm the poor girl. Otherwise, I will sentence you to twenty years in prison.” The judge said here and put him in jail. Those particularly eye-catching eyes blinked sneakily at the gray-faced Amerigo Bonassella, and then looked down at the pile of appraisal reports in front of him. He frowned and shrugged, as if he had a belief that went against his original wish. He went on to say:

“However, given that you are still young, given your innocence in history, given your decent family, and given the seriousness of the law, you are not seeking revenge. Therefore, I sentenced you to three years of confinement in the correctional home. This sentence will Suspended execution.”

Because Amerigo Bonassera had been edified by his funeral career for 40 years, he did not show off this kind of thunderbolt and this unbearable hatred. His young and beautiful daughter is still lying in the hospital, her broken jawbone is clamped with steel wire, and now these two stinky beasts are at large! This trial was a farce through and through. He looked at the criminal’s parents gathered around their darling. Oh, at this moment, they are all happy and happy.

An air of grief and anger, sour and bitter, rushed from Bonassella’s heart to his throat, spilling out through the gap between his clenched teeth. He took out a white handkerchief from his pocket and put it tightly on his mouth. He just stood there watching the two young people walking square steps from the aisle in the middle of the spectator seats, and came over leisurely. Protruding, his eyes are cold, the corners of his mouth are squinted, and he is simply dismissive of him. He watched them go, holding back not saying a word, and pressing his new handkerchief tightly to his mouth.

The parents of those two little beasts were about the same age as him, but they had more American style in their clothes, and now they have also walked over. They glanced at him one by one, their faces looked a little embarrassed, but there was an inexplicable, triumphant, domineering look in their eyes.

Bonassera really couldn’t bear it. He leaned toward the aisle and screamed roughly:

“I have already shed tears, and you will cry like me in the future-your son made me cry. , I want to make you cry like they did!”

He wiped his tears with a handkerchief. The two young men turned back and walked back down the aisle. Like to protect their parents. The defendant’s defense lawyers gathered in a group and walked at the end, urging their client to move forward and stopping the two young men. A tall and big bailiff hurried over and blocked the exit of the row of seats at Bonassella Station. However, this is unnecessary.

Amerigo Bonassella came to the United States for several years and has been law-abiding. He also had some sweetness as a result. At this time, his mind was raging with smoke, and his skull rattled with the illusion that he wanted to buy a gun to kill the two young men. In spite of this, he remained calm and said to his wife who was still in the dark: “We were fooled.” After he said that, he made up his mind at all costs. “If you want to breathe out, we will I have to kneel down and beg Corleone old man.”

In a magnificently furnished room in a Los Angeles hostel, Johnny Fontan, like a normal husband, was drunk and unable to take care of himself. He leaned weakly on the red couch, holding a Scotch whiskey bottle in his hand, and drank it directly on his mouth. It was four o’clock in the middle of the night, and he was drunk and thinking about it, and when his wife came back, he would kill her. If she comes back now, her life will be unsafe. Now he wants to see his ex-wife and ask how his own flesh and blood is, but he feels that it is not the time; he wants to see his friends, but he feels embarrassed because his career is taking a turn for the worse. I think that if he went to visit people at four o’clock in the middle of the night, they would be happy and flattered, but now they would feel annoying when he went. In the past, when his career was booming, his sudden visit by Johnny Fangtan once made some of the most popular female stars in the United States ecstatic. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but smile to himself.

When he was drinking at the wine bottle, he heard his wife open the door with the key, but he kept drinking until she walked into the room and stood in front of him before putting down the wine bottle. In his opinion, she is still like that, very beautiful: an angel-like face, affectionate purple blue eyes, soft and delicate, but beautifully beautiful figure, on the screen, her beauty is strengthened It’s deified. Hundreds of millions of men all over the world fell in love with Margot Yaxitong’s face. Moreover, the money is spent to see this face on the screen.

“Where did you go just now?” Johnny Fangtan asked.

“Wandering outside,” she replied.

She thought he was drunk and unconscious, but she was wrong. He leaped over from the low table and caught her throat. But as soon as he got close to the magical face and the lovely pair of purple blue eyes, his anger disappeared, and his heart softened again. She saw his fist retracted, and she smiled at him with an unfamiliar, hippie face. She said in a weird voice:

“Johnny, don’t hit the face, I’m participating in making a film.”

She laughed. He clenched his fist, aimed at her chest, and thumped it: she fell to the floor, and he threw on her. She was gasping, and he smelled the fragrance she exhaled. He put his fists on her arms and the tender flesh of her two thighs, banging everywhere. His vigor is like when he was a teenager in New York’s sniper, he beat the little snotty boys. It hurts, but it doesn’t knock off the teeth or break the bridge of the nose. In short, no such disparate scars are left.

However, he is still merciful, he can’t get his hands off. She smirked at him constantly, she stretched her hands and feet on the floor, and pulled the satin cheongsam up to reveal her thighs. She

smirked and teased him: “Come on, Johnny, this is what you really want. “

Johnny Fangtan stood up. He hated the woman lying on the floor, but her beauty was a magical shield. Margot rolled over there, using a kind of dancer’s With her unique elasticity, she leaped up and stood facing him. She

bounced and hummed like a urchin , and hummingly sang: “Johnny didn’t hurt me at all, Johnny didn’t hurt me at all. He didn’t hurt me. “Then she made up her beautiful face and said with a slightly sad expression:

“You poor and stupid little bastard, you beat me up like a gangster. Humph, Johnny, you will always be a dreamy guinea fowl in the future, who can’t speak, just cluck. Even if you talk about love, you are still like a little doll, and you still think that you can fool women with the songs you sang in the past. “

She shook her head disapprovingly, said:

” Poor Johnny. Goodbye, Johnny. “

She walked into the bedroom, and then he heard the sound of her opening the lock with the key.

Johnny sat on the floor, covering his face with his hands. A morbid, self-respectful and helpless sense of despair crushed him. In his early years, wandering on the streets developed a kind of stubbornness that never looked back. With this strength, he was able to get ahead in Hollywood’s life-and-death struggle. At this moment, he still relied on this energy and cheered up to grab the telephone receiver and asked a car to take him to the airport. Only one person can save him. He is going back to New York. He wanted to look back to the only person with the strength and wisdom he needed and the friendship he could still trust—his godfather Corleone.

The baker Nazolin is like his Italian-style loaf, but it is full of crusty, and is still covered with flour. He looks sadly at his wife, the daughter who is ready to get married. Sirin, and his assistant Enzo who toasts. Enzo had already put on his prisoner-of-war suit with green armbands on the sleeves, and he was now worried that this scene would delay him to the Governor’s Island to report. As one of thousands of Italian captives, he was granted parole every day under oath and worked in the US economic sector. He was always in fear, fearing that his parole would be revoked. Therefore, the little comedy being staged at the moment is of great importance to him.

Nazolin asked fiercely: “You have desecrated my family? Now that the war is over, you know that the United States is going to kick your stupid donkey back to your Sicilian village with piss and urine. I asked. Have you already given my daughter a small bag so that she can miss you by that?”

Enzo is very short, but very strong, with one hand on his chest, as if to cry, but then But he said it in a clear-cut manner:

“Old man, I swear to the Virgin Mary: I have never failed your kindness. I adore your daughter with full respect, and I propose to her with full respect. I understand that I have no such right. , But if someone sends me back to Italy, then I will never be able to return to the United States, and I will never be able to marry Caslyn.”

Nazolin’s wife, Philo Mina, is straightforward. “Don’t be so stupid,” she said to her chubby husband. “You know what you should do. Keep Enzo here and let him hide in our relatives on Long Island.”

Caslyn was crying sobbing. She was gaining weight, not very beautiful, and a vaguely moustache grew on her upper lip. She will never find a handsome husband like Enzo, and will never meet another man in a hidden place to touch her body with respectful love.

“I’m going to Italy to settle down,” she yelled at her father. “If you don’t leave Enzo here, I’ll run.”

Nazolin glanced at her sharply, but his daughter is a “passionate and unrestrained person.” He had seen her squeeze past her from behind and put the hot bread out of the stove and put it in the basket on the counter. He took the opportunity to knock her big butt in front of Enzo. Ah. Nazolin again thought of the obscene side; if proper measures were not taken, the little hooligan’s hot bread would get into her stove. You must find a way to keep Enzo in the United States and make him a U.S. citizen. There is only one person who can arrange such things-the godfather, the old man Corleone.

These people mentioned above, as well as many others, have all received invitations printed in engraved editions, asking them to attend the Miss Constantia Corleone scheduled to be held on the last Saturday of August 1945. Wedding. The bride’s father, Vito Corleone, has lived in a mansion on Long Island, but he still hasn’t forgotten his old friends and neighbors. The reception banquet will be held in that building, and the celebration will last all day. There is no doubt that this is a grand event. The war against Japan is over, so there is no longer the worry that my son will go to fight in the army. People also need an opportunity to celebrate the wedding to show their joy.

Therefore, that morning, the friends of the old man Corleone swarmed from New York City to congratulate him. They all carried cream-colored paper bags filled with gift money for the bride, and they contained cash, not checks. Each paper bag contained a card indicating the identity of the gift-giver and his heart for the godfather. Every distracted godfather deserves it.

Vito. The old man Corleone is responsive to everyone. He did not make empty promises, nor did he give excuses for showing weakness, saying that there is a force stronger than him in the world that binds his hands and feet. Whether he is your friend or not is not a requirement; it doesn’t even matter if you can’t repay him. But one thing is essential. That is you, yourself, declaring friendship with him. As long as this is achieved, no matter how poor or weak the person seeking help is, the old man Corleone will take that person’s suffering in his heart. In order to relieve this person’s sorrow, he will not have any scruples. What was his reward? Friendship, the respectable title of “old man”, and the more emotional title of “godfather”, or simply to show respect, not a small profit, but some ordinary gifts-home brew Of a gallon of wine. Or, a basket of Italian-style peppered scones specially baked to add elegance to his Christmas table. Both parties are tacitly tasting, this is only a polite expression, that you owe him a debt, and he has the right to ask you to do something small to pay off the debt at any time.

Now, on this big day, the day his daughter gets married, the old man Vito Corleone is standing at the door of Long Beach’s home to greet guests. They are all people they know, all people who can be trusted. Many of them have gone red because they are stigmatized by the old man. On this intimate occasion, he can call him “Godfather” face to face without restraint. Even the people in charge of entertaining at the celebration are his friends. The person who showed the guests the wine is an old colleague, and his gift is the wine used throughout the wedding and his own skillful technique. The waiters were all friends of the old man Corleone’s sons. The delicacies on the picnic table in the garden were made by the old man’s wife and her friends. The one-acre garden was decorated with lights and festoons everywhere, and the whole arrangement was done by the bride’s young friends.

The old man Corleone received everyone—the rich and the poor, the powerful and the unknown—all treated the same, all showed the same enthusiasm, and he did not neglect anyone. This is his temper. The guests babbled about how graceful he looked in his evening gown. An inexperienced person would probably regard the old man himself as a lucky bridegroom.

Two of his three sons stood with him at the door. The eldest, he was named Sandino when he was baptized, but everyone except his father called him Sang’er. Older Italian expats always squinted disapprovingly when they saw him; younger people always expressed admiration when they saw him. Sonny Corleone, as the first generation of Italian Americans, is quite tall, almost six feet tall, and with his thick curly hair, he looks even taller. His face is a rough Cupid-shaped face: his appearance is correct, but his upper and lower lips are arched and thick, and the slightly concave chin between the left and right looks weird, and looks a little wicked. His physique is as strong as a bull: everyone knows that he is blessed and in excellent health. His wife who is destined to be tortured is scared when he mentions entering the bridal chamber, just like the pagans were afraid of pulling up on the torture frame. People were whispering that he used to go to the brothel at a young age. Even the most numb and fearless old prostitutes would be daunted and demanded to pay double the price.

At this wedding banquet, there were a few young ladies with wide hips and wide mouths, and they all looked at Sonle Corleone calmly and confidently. But on this special day, they are just in vain. Sang Er Corleone was already thinking about his sister’s bridesmaid Lucy Mangini despite the presence of his wife and three children. The young girl also fully understood, sitting at the dining table in the garden, wearing a long pink dress and a crown of flowers on her shiny black hair. As early as last week’s rehearsal, she flirted with Sang’er and squeezed his hand on the altar. A girl can only do this step.

He didn’t care at all that he would never be a great man like his father. Sang Er Corleone has strength and courage. However, he did not have the modest and cautious style of his father; his quick temper and recklessness led him to make wrong judgments one after another. He was a right-hand man in his father’s career, but there are still many people who do not believe that he will become an heir.

The second son, Frederick, is usually called Fred, or Fredou. He is a good boy. Every Italian asks God to worship Buddha, hoping that he can have a good boy like this. Duty, loyal, and His father came and went as soon as he called, and he was thirty years old and still lived with his parents. He was short, strong, and not beautiful, but he also had the same type of Cupid’s head, covered with curly hair, a round face, and thick, bow-shaped lips. He has a stubborn personality and is still his father’s right and left hand. He has never done anything shameful with women, he does not let outsiders gossiping, and he does not embarrass his father. Despite these advantages, he lacks the charm and moving vitality necessary for a leader, so he has no hope of inheriting his father’s business.

The third son, Michael Corleone, did not stand with his father and two brothers, but sat at a table in the most secluded corner of the garden. Even if he sits there, he still can’t escape if he wants to hide, and relatives and friends in the family still have to offer his compliments and compliments.

Is Michael Corleone an old man? He is the only child who refuses to accept the teachings of the great man. His face is different, not the cupid face with thick eyebrows and big eyes like his brothers and sisters. His black and shiny hair is straight rather than curly. His skin was light brown like olives, and if a girl had such skin, it could be said to be very beautiful. He is delicate and delicate. The old man really worried for a while whether his mer was masculine. When Michael Corleone was seventeen years old, this worry disappeared.

Now, this Moer sits in the corner of the garden, showing that he is willing to be alienated from his father and siblings. Next to him is an American girl. This girl has been heard by everyone, but this is the first time I saw it today. Of course, he introduced her to everyone attending the wedding, including those in his family, with a proper and polite manner. Her impression of everyone is not very good. She looked big and thin and white; her face, for a woman, seemed too cunning and shrewd; her behavior, for a virgin, seemed too casual; her name, to them, seemed too foreign. Liyang; her name is Kay Adams. If she told them that her ancestors had settled in the United States two hundred years ago, and her name was a common name, they would shrug their shoulders.

Every guest could see that the old man didn’t care much about the youngest. Michael was his darling for a while before the war, and he was obviously the heir appointed by himself. When the time was right, he would let him take charge of the housework. He possessed the power and wisdom that his great father showed in silence, and he was born with an ability to do things to make people have to subdue. However, after the outbreak of World War II, he volunteered to join the Marine Corps. He defied his father’s order to join the army.

The old man Corleone was very disgusted with the regime that was over him, so he didn’t want or plan to let his first son go to serve and die for this regime. The doctor had already paid bribes, and made various arrangements privately through the back door. In order to take appropriate measures to prevent subsequent leakage, a lot of money has been spent, but Michael is already 21 years old, and there is nothing he can do to reverse his willfulness. He joined the army and fought in the Pacific. He also became a captain and won some medals. In 1944, his photo was published in “Life” magazine, and a note describing his military exploits was attached. A friend once showed the magazine to the old man Corleone (people in his family dare not do it), the old man snorted contemptuously, and said:

“He is doing miracles to work for others.”

Early 1945 When Michael Corleone retired from the front line to recuperate due to a serious injury, he didn’t even know that his father had made arrangements to retire him. He stayed at home for only a few weeks, and then he entered Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire without any consultation, so he left his father’s house. This time he went home, first to attend his sister’s wedding, and second to let the family see his future wife, an insignificant American girl with a haggard face.

Michael Corleone is telling Kay Adams some anecdotes about some of the guests attending the wedding in particularly delicate costumes, and he uses this method to make her happy. As for her, he was amused by the amazement that everyone here felt so angry. Also, her keen interest in any seemingly bizarre phenomenon also fascinated him. Immediately afterwards, her attention was drawn to a small group of people gathered around the large barrels of wine. It turns out that these people are Amerigo Bonassella, Baker Nazolin, Andoni Copra, Luke Blasi. With her keen eyesight, she pointed out sharply: These four people seem to be worried. Michael smiled knowingly.

“Yes, they have concerns,” he said. “They are all waiting to see my dad in private. They have something to ask him.”

Really, it is easy to see that these four people always follow the old man with their eyes.

When the old man Corleone was standing there to greet the guests, a small black deer car came and parked beside the boulevard. The two people sitting in the front row took out the notebook from the jacket pockets and unabashedly copied the license plate numbers of the cars parked near the boulevard. Sang’er turned his head and said to his father:


boys must be policemen.” The old man Corleone shrugged, “This street is not private to me. What they want to do, it’s up to them.”

Sang’er said. The cupid-shaped face with thick eyebrows and big eyes flushed with anger: “Those bastards don’t understand at least the politeness.”

He walked down the steps from the door, crossed the boulevard, and walked toward the place where the black car stopped. He put his angry face close to the driver’s face; as for the driver, without flinching, Ka opened his wallet and showed him the green ID card. Sang’er didn’t say a word, and returned. He spit on the back door of the car, and then he drove away. He wanted the driver to jump out of the car to chase him, but the driver did not move. As soon as he

reached the steps, he said to his father: “Those boys belong to the FBI. They wrote down all the license plate numbers. Those stinky puppies!”

Old Corleone knew who they were. His closest and confidant friend has long been notified: Don’t take your own car when you come to the wedding. Although he did not approve of his son’s stupid expression of his anger, there are benefits to anger. It will convince those uninvited guests that their sudden arrival was unexpected and unprepared. Therefore, the old man Corleone himself was not angry, he had already learned how to behave. He understands that there are often sudden insults in society that must be endured. In this world, there is often such a situation: the most insignificant person, if he always pays attention, will always have the opportunity to avenge the most insignificant people. After understanding this truth, I felt calm. It is precisely because of this truth that the old man never loses the modest and cautious style that all his friends admire.

Regardless of the three seven twenty one, now in the garden behind the house, the four-piece band began to play. All the guests are here. The old man Corleone no longer cared about those uninvited guests, and led his two sons to the wedding banquet.

There are thousands of guests in the huge garden, some are dancing on the wooden table full of flowers, some are sitting at the long dining table, the table is stacked high with fragrant meals and gallons of red wine made at home pot. The bride, Connie Corleone, dressed dazzlingly, sitting at a particularly elevated table with the groom, bridesmaids, bridesmaids, and waiters. This rustic arrangement is a legacy of ancient Italy. Although the bride Connie did not like this set, she had already annoyed her father in choosing a husband, so she had to agree to a “guinea fowl” wedding.

The bridegroom Carlo Rize is a mixed-race. His father is a Sicilian and his mother is a northern Italian. Due to genetic reasons, he was born with pale yellow hair and blue eyes. Both his parents live in Nevada, and he left Nevada because of a problem with the law. In New York, he met Sang Er Corleone, and thus his sister. Of course, the old man Corleone sent a few reliable friends to Nevada to find out about the situation. They came back and reported that the dispute between Carlo and the police was caused by the young man accidentally playing with guns. It is not serious and can be easily A write-off from the archives can allow young people to keep history innocent. They also brought back details about the legal speculation that is popular in Nevada. The old man is very interested in these situations and has been seriously considering them. Part of the reason for the greatness of the old man is that he has profited from everything.

Connie Corleone is not a very beautiful girl. She is thin and has a nervous temper. She may become a shrew in the future, but today she is wearing a white bridal gown with her passionate goddess. , Looks changed, looks radiant, it can be said to be very beautiful. Under the wooden table, her hands rested on the groom’s muscular thighs. Her Cupid-shaped mouth pouted, as if to blow him a kiss.

She imagined him as an incredibly beautiful person. Carlo Rize worked in the desolate wilderness when he was young—heavy manual labor. Therefore, his forearms are big and thick, and his shoulders bulge the evening gown. He was immersed in the admiration of his bride. He filled her with a glass of wine and treated her with great care, as if they were both actors on stage. His eyes are always flashing and staring at the huge velvet bag slung on the bride’s right shoulder. The wallet is now full. How much money is in it? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand? Carlo Rize smiled, this is just the beginning, he finally climbed to the noble family by getting married.

Among the guests was a well-dressed young man whose head was like that of a ferret, and he was looking at the velvet purse. Bory Gato was purely out of habit, wondering how he could grab that bulging wallet in one fell swoop. This thought also made him amused. However, he knew in his heart that this was nothing but wishful thinking, like a child dreaming of shooting a tank with an air gun. He looked at his boss Peter Clemenza. This fat middle-aged man is dancing a vulgar and lively tarantula with the young girls on the plank dance floor. Clemenza, very tall and big, jumping so skillfully and indulgently, his hard belly touched the breasts of the young and short woman wantonly and made all the guests drink to him. Cailai. The older woman held his arm firmly and wanted to be his dance partner in the next round. The younger men reverently let the dance hall open, clapping their hands in the frantic tempo of the mandolin. Finally, when Clemenza collapsed on the chair with exhaustion, Borie Gatto handed him a glass of frozen red wine and took out his own handkerchief to wipe his boss’s Jupiter-like sweat. Forehead. Clemenza puffed like a whale from time to time while sipping the wine. He didn’t even say thank you to Pauly, but said straightforwardly:

“Being a dance referee, what are you afraid of, take responsibility, go to the nearby string to see if there is any problem.”

So, Baoli slipped a smoke. I went into the crowd.

The band stopped to rest. A young man named Nino Valenti grabbed an old mandolin, put his left foot on the chair, and sang a vulgar Sicilian love song. Nino Valenti’s face is very beautiful, but he looks a little swollen from drinking too often; and now he’s a little drunk, his tongue is stroking with the lewd lyrics, and his eyes keep turning. . The ladies were screaming happily; the man was yelling the last word of each verse with the singer.

The old man Corleone was well-known in such things, rigid and rigid, and although his strong and strong wife screamed joyfully with everyone, he quietly hid in the house. Sang Er Corleone walked to the bride’s table when he saw this, and sat next to the young bridesmaid Lucy Mangini. The two of them can now sit together confidently and boldly. His wife is still finishing the wedding cake in the kitchen. Sang’er put her mouth close to the young girl’s ear and quietly said something, and she stood up and walked away. Sang’er followed her carelessly after a while, and when he squeezed forward from the crowd, he always stopped and talked with guests.

All eyes are looking at their leaving figures. After three years of college life, the bridesmaid has been thoroughly Americanized, and she is a mature girl who has gained a “famous”. Throughout the wedding rehearsal, she has been flirting with Sang Er Corleone in a funny and joking manner. She felt that this was allowed, because he was the best person, and she was the object of her rehearsal. Lucy Mangini now raised her pink clothes on the ground, walked into the room, smiled with a pretended innocence, ran up the stairs with a brisk pace, and entered the bathroom. She waited there for a while, and when she came out, Sang’er waved to her at the top of the stairs, asking her to go up.

In the old man Corleone’s “office” (a corner room with a slightly raised floor), Thomas Hagen watched the wedding banquet in the garden through the window. There are piles of law books in the corners on the left and right sides of his body. Heigen is the old man’s lawyer and acting staff, that is, legal counsel, and in this capacity, he is in a key position second only to the old man in the family. He and the old man solved one thorny problem after another in the question house. Therefore, when he saw that the godfather had left the lively scene and walked into this house, he knew that no matter what the wedding or not, there must be some small things that must be done today. The old man was here to find him. Then Hagen saw Sonny Corleone approach Lucy Mangini’s ear and whisper to her. I also saw him following this little comedy when she walked into the house. Heigen winked his eyebrows and made a weird look, muttering in his heart whether he should tell the old man to stop this kind of spooky things. He walked to the table and picked up a handwritten list of people who had been allowed to meet Corleone in private. After the old man walked into the room, Hagen handed him the list. The old man Corleone nodded after looking at it, and said,

“Line up Bonassella to the end.”

Hagen walked out of the French door, walked straight to the garden outside, and came to the begging gathered around the barrels. In front of the person. He pointed to Nazolin, the chubby baker.

The old man Corleone expressed his welcome to the baker with a hug. When they were little children, they played together, and later they became good friends and grew up together. Every Easter, freshly baked lumps of fresh cheese and fine flour pies are delivered to the old man Corleone’s house on time. At Christmas, no matter who the family’s birthday is, the Nazolin’s family pays tribute to the fresh and tender butter pastries. In recent years, no matter how much he earns, Nazolin always happily pays dues to the old man’s bakery association on schedule. Except during the war, he had never asked for any payment except for the opportunity to buy sugar tickets issued by the Price Administration Bureau on the black market. Now the baker should make his request as a friend of all odds; and the old man Corleone is also happily looking forward to the opportunity to meet his request.

He handed the baker a “Noble” cigar and a cup of “Invigorating” sherbet, and put his hand on his shoulder to encourage him to continue. This is an expression of the old man’s human touch. He realized from his bitter experience: everyone is also human, and it takes a lot of courage to have one beg the other to do something.

The baker talked about his daughter and Enzo again: a good Italian boy born in Sicily was brought to the US as a prisoner of war and sent to the United States as a prisoner of war. After he was released on parole, he helped him work. The honest Enzo and his card Sirin had a pure and noble love, but now that the war is over, this poor young man will be sent back to Italy. In this case, Nazolin’s daughter must be so sad that she can’t live. Only Godfather Corleone was able to help this distressed young couple. He is their last hope.

The old man accompanies Nazolin to walk around the house, putting his hands on the baker’s shoulders, and nodding his head to show understanding and to encourage the baker. When the baker finished speaking, the old man Corleone smiled at him and said,

“Good man, dispel all your worries.”

He thought very seriously about what to do next: he must petition the parliamentarian representing the district. . Members can propose a special bill that allows Enzo to become a US citizen. This bill insurance will be passed by Congress. The old man Corleone also explained that it costs money, and the current popular price is two thousand dollars. He, the old man Corleone, guarantees that things go smoothly and promises to pay the money. Will his friends agree?

The baker nodded vigorously. He didn’t expect that it would be effortless to ask for such a big thing. It goes without saying that a special bill of Congress will not come cheap. Nazolin was so grateful that tears filled his eyes. The old man Corleone walked with him to the door and repeatedly asked him to rest assured that a capable person would come to the bakery to arrange all the details and complete all the necessary documents. The baker gave him a hug, then disappeared into the garden.

Heigen smiled at the old man:

“This is really a lucrative investment for Nazolin. A son-in-law, a cheap lifelong assistant in the bakery, all this costs only two thousand dollars.” He paused for a while and asked, “I should Who do you

entrust this task to?” The old man Corleone frowned and wondered:

“If you don’t want to find our own people, you might as well entrust the Judah in the neighbourhood to change your mailing address. I think the war is over now. There may be many such problems. We should arrange some additional people in Washington to deal with these problems and try not to let the price rise.” Heigen wrote a note in his scratch pad: “Don’t look for Congressman Lou Tiku. You can try. Try Fischer.”

The next person that Hagen led in had a very simple question. His name is Andoni Kopra. He is the son of an old colleague who worked with Corleone in the railroad yard when he was young. Copra needs five hundred dollars to open an Italian pie shop, and a deposit is required to install equipment and special stoves. I don’t know why, I didn’t go into it, but I couldn’t get a loan. The old man reached into his pocket and took out a roll of cheques, the money was still a little bit close. He wink grimaced and said to Tom Hagen:

. “Lend me a hundred dollars, I get back to the bank Monday also after you,”

begged repeatedly stated that those who say four hundred yuan more than sufficient, but test The old man Leon patted him on the shoulder, sorry he said,

“This, this expensive wedding has made

me very short on money .” He took the money that Hagen had handed over, and then he took it with him. The check was handed to Andoni Copra together.

Hagen didn’t say a word, but just watched appreciatively. The old man often enlightened: If a person is generous, then he must show his generosity full of affection. A big man like the old man actually borrowed other people’s money to lend it to a small person like him, which made Andoni Copra feel that his worth was too high. This is not because Copra doesn’t know that the old man is a millionaire. The crux of the question is: How many millionaires are willing to let themselves endure even a small inconvenience for a poor friend?

The old man raised his head as if asking something. Hagen said: “There is a man named Luke Blasi, he is not on the list, but he wants to see you. He thinks it is not allowed to talk publicly, anyway, he asks to congratulate you in person.” The

old man is number one. This time showed a happy look. His answer was oblique. He asked, “Is this necessary?”

Hagen shrugged, “You know him better than I do. However, he was very grateful for you for inviting him to the wedding. He didn’t expect it. I thought, He’s here to express his gratitude to you.” The

old man Corleone nodded and made a gesture to bring Luke Blasi to him.

In the garden, Kay Adams was surprised by Luke Blassy’s fierce face. She asked about his past. Michael brought Kai to the wedding, the purpose is to let her slowly, or without too much shock, understand the true situation of his father. However, so far, she seems to only regard the old man as an ordinary businessman with a little less duty. Michael decided to tell her part of the truth indirectly. He explained that Luke Blasi is one of the most terrifying figures in the underground world in the eastern United States. It is said that his main talent lies in being able to complete the murder mission alone, without the help of accomplices, and doing it cleanly. Michael made a face and said, “I can’t tell whether these statements are true or false. All I know is that he is really good friends with my dad.” At

this time, Kai began to wake up. She asked suspiciously: “Are you saying that a person like that also works for your father?”

He thought, this is a hell of a life. He said straightforwardly: “Almost fifteen years ago, a few people wanted to take my father’s olive oil import business. They were desperately trying to kill him, and almost killed him. Luke Blassy He followed them and took the initiative to find them. As a result, he killed six in two weeks. This time ended the famous olive oil battle.”

He smiled, as if what he had just told was a joke.

She couldn’t help being horrified: “You mean your father shot a bad guy with a gun?”

“That was fifteen years ago,” Michael said. “Since then, everything has been fine.” He was worried that what he had just said had gone too far.

“You are trying to scare me,” Kai said, “you just don’t want to marry me.” She smiled at him, and stabbed him in the ribs with a bent arm. “You are very smart.”

Michael smiled at her. “I want you to consider this issue,” he said.

“He really killed six?” Kai asked.

“That’s what the newspaper says,” Mike said. “No one has ever checked it out. He has one more thing that no one has ever mentioned. It’s probably so terrible that even my dad didn’t talk about it. Tom Hagen knew, but he didn’t tell me. Once, I joked with him, I said:’How old do I have to grow up to be qualified to listen to Luke?’ Tom said:’You have to wait When you were a hundred years old.'” Michael picked up the glass and took a few sips of wine. “That must be an extraordinary story. It must also show that Luke is an amazing man.” To be

honest, Luke, even the devil in hell, would be shocked when he saw it. He was short and fat, with a big head, and his looks set the alarm for danger wherever he went. His face looked like a fierce mask. His eyes are brown, but they don’t have the vigorous vitality that this color usually has, and are more like brown dead skin. His mouth, although cruel and ruthless, was more like a dead man: thin, made of rubber, and colored like veal.

Blasi’s reputation for ferocity and brutality is daunting; his loyalty to the old man Corleone is well known. He, himself, is one of the huge pillars supporting the old man’s power structure. People like him are rare.

Luke Blassy is not afraid of the police, the whole society, God, hell, or others. But he was willing to show fear and love to the old man Corleone. The awesome Blasi came to the old man, but looked respectful and uneasy. He stammered some gorgeous words of congratulations, and solemnly expressed the hope that the first grandson would be a boy. Then, he handed the old man a paper bag filled with cash, which was a gift money for the bride and groom.

He came this time, that’s all. Hagen saw the change in the attitude of the old man Corleone. The old man’s reception of Blasi is like the king’s reception of a distinguished subject; the attitude is by no means affectionate, but with the dignity of the king. Every gesture and every word of the old man Corleone showed that Luke Blassy was highly regarded by him. He personally gave him the gift to congratulate the newlyweds, and he didn’t express any surprise at this point. He knew in his heart.

There must be more money in the paper bag than anyone else gave it. Blasi thought for several hours before deciding on this number, and he repeatedly compared it with the number that other guests might give. He just wanted to show his greatest respect in the least wealthy and righteous way; that’s why he personally gave the wallet to the old man, and the old man didn’t mention this clumsy behavior. He only said a pleasant expression of gratitude. Seeing that the original fierce face on Luke Blasi’s face had disappeared, Hagen looked triumphant with complacency. Hagen stood at the door and opened the door, and Blassy kissed the old man’s hand and went out. Hagen carefully smiled at Blassy friendly, and Blassy pouted his veal-colored lips politely to express his gratitude.

When the door closed, the old man Corleone sighed in relief. Blasi is the only person in the world who can make him nervous. This person is like a blind force, who will not really succumb to control. He must be treated with care like explosives. The old man shrugged. Even explosives can be exploded when necessary without causing damage. He looked at

Heigen , as if asking something: “Is Bonassera the last one?” Heigen

nodded. Old Corleone frowned thoughtfully, and said, “Bring him in slowly, and get Sandino for me first so that he can learn something.”

Hagen ran around in the garden outside, impatiently. Look for Sang Er Corleone. He told Bonassella to wait patiently, and then walked over to Michael Corleone and his girlfriend.

“Have you seen Sang’er just now?” he asked.

Michael shook his head. Hell, Hagen thought, if Sang Er got involved with the bridesmaid at this time, it would really cause a mess. His wife, the young girl’s parents, if they found out, it would be a disaster. He came to the door of the building anxiously. He saw Sang’er enter the gate almost half an hour ago, but now he is gone.

Kai Adams saw Hagen enter the door, and asked Michael Corleone: “Who is he? When you introduced him, it looked like he was your brother, but he didn’t have the same last name as you, and he looked Obviously he is not Italian.”

“Tom has been living in my house since he was twelve,” Michael said. “His parents died early. His eyes were seriously infected and he was wandering around in the streets and alleys. One night Sang Er led him. When he arrived at my house, he lived there. He didn’t have a place to go. He stayed in my house until he got married. He didn’t set up another house until he got married.”

“This is really a legendary story,” she said. “Your father must be a passionate person. He already has so many children and adopts people like that.”

Michael did not point out that Italian expatriates think that four children are not too many. He just said: “Tom was not adopted, but just lives in our house.”

“Oh!” Kai sighed, and then asked curiously: “So why not adopt him?”

Michael laughed loudly : ” Because my dad said that asking Tom to change his surname would lose his dignity, as well as the dignity of his biological parents.”

They saw Heigen drive Sang’er into the old man’s office like a chicken, and then told Amerigo. Bonassella bent her finger.

“Why do they bother your father on a day like today?” Kai asked.

Michael laughed again: “They all know that according to tradition, a Sicilian will not refuse any request made by others on the day of his daughter’s wedding, and on the other hand, no Sicilian will let such a thing go in vain. opportunity.”

Lucy Mangini raised her pink dress to the ground and ran up the stairs. Son Corleone’s cupid face with big eyebrows and big eyes showed kinky crimson in the crimson because of the lust caused by the wine. The fierce look shocked her. But she has been teasing him this week, and it was for this in the end that she didn’t really feel the two loves when she was studying in the college, because the two loves were blown out in less than a week. When her second lover had an argument with her, she grumbled and complained: “The place below is too big.” Lucy understood. From then on until the end of the semester she had been out on dates with men.

In the summer, while preparing for a happy event for her best friend Connie Corleone, Lucy heard people whispering about Sang’er. One Sunday afternoon in Corleone’s kitchen, Sond’s wife, Sandra, spoke bluntly in small chats. Sandra is a rude and kind woman who was born in Italy but was brought to the United States at a very young age. She is very strong, with big breasts, and has given birth to three children in the five years of marriage. Sandra teased Connie with the ladies about how terrible the bridal night was.

“My God,” Sandra said with a smile. “When I first saw Sang’er’s thing, I couldn’t help shouting for help. When I heard him doing this with other girls , I went to the church to light a candle.”

Now, as she ran up the stairs, a strong stream of sexual desire spread all over her body. At the entrance of the stairs, Sang Er grabbed her hand and pulled her across the hall into an empty bedroom. After closing the door, her legs became weak. She felt Sang’er’s mouth close to her mouth, there was a smell of tobacco, it was very bitter, she opened her mouth, she immediately felt his hand stretched out from under her dress, and heard that her dress was being held by his hand. It was rustling, and he felt his big warm hand stretched between her legs and pulled her tight panties made of satin…

they cuddled with each other, breathless.

They could have stayed a little longer, but they heard a soft knock on the door. Sang’er hurriedly buttoned his pants and blocked the door with his body to prevent others from coming in. Lucy flattened her pink clothes in a panic, her eyes flickering, as if she was looking for something…. Then, they heard Tom Hagen’s voice, softly:

“Sang Er, are you inside?”

Sang’er breathed a sigh of relief. He winked at Lucy: “Yes, Tom, what’s the matter?”

Hagen’s voice was still low, and he said, “The old man wants you to his office, right away.”

They heard his footsteps. , He walked away. Sang Er waited for a few minutes, kissed Lucy’s lips hard, and then slid out the door to chase Hagen.

Lucy combed her hair, looked at her clothes up and down, stretched her garter belt, she felt as if she had been bruised, and her lips felt limp and tender. Instead of going to the bathroom to wash, she ran straight down the stairs and across the garden. She sat down at the bridal table, next to Connie. Connie yelled a little sullenly:

“Lucy, where have you been? You look drunk, just sit next to me, don’t

walk away.” The

blond and blue-eyed bridegroom poured Lucy a glass Wine, and then smiled with an expression of insight. Pretending to be calm, Lucy took the crimson grape juice to her thirsty lips and drank it. Her body was trembling. She was drinking with a glass while her eyes rolled around. Go, looking around, looking for Sang Er Corleone eagerly, there is no one else here that she wants to see. She leaned close to Connie’s ear and said mischievously:

“In a few hours, you will understand what all that is going on.”

Connie giggled silly, and Lucy put the fingers of both hands together and put them together. On the table, she looked triumphant, as if she had already stolen one of the bride’s treasures. .

Amerigo Bonassella followed Hagen into the interrogation room and saw the old man Corleone sitting behind the big table. Sonny Corleone stood at the window, looking out to the garden. The old man is very cold, he doesn’t hug or shake hands with the guests. The gray-faced funeral home owner was able to get the invitation because his wife and the old man’s wife were the closest friends. The old man Corleone has always been disgusted with Amerigo Bonassella himself.

Bonassera began to talk about her request in a subtle and clever manner: “You have to forgive my daughter, your wife’s goddaughter, she didn’t come to congratulate you today. She is still in the hospital.”

He glanced at Sonny Corleone and Tom Hagen, implying that he didn’t want to go any further in front of them. But the old man ignored it at all.

“We know that your daughter’s misfortune,” Don Corleone said, “If anything I can help busy, you just say it wants. Anyway, my wife is her godmother. I have never forgotten that honor.”

This is simply It was a blow. It’s only the blame for the funeral home owner who never followed the convention and didn’t call the old man Corleone the “godfather”.

Bonassella’s face turned gray, and she couldn’t help asking, “Can I talk to you alone?” The

old Corleone shook his head and said, “I trust these two people, and I dare to entrust my life to them. The two of them are my left and right hands. I can’t bear to send them away and insult them.” The

funeral home owner closed his eyes for a while before continuing. His voice is quiet, and he usually uses this quiet voice to comfort the family of the deceased.

“I raised my daughter to be an American person. I believe in the United States. The United States has given me a chance to get a little family business. I let my daughter move freely, but I also taught her not to insult her family. She found A’boyfriend’, but not Italian. She watched a movie with him and went home very late at night. But he never came to see her parents. I endured all this and did not object to it. Blame me. Two months ago, he took her for a drive in the car, and he was with a friend of his, a stout boy. They first lured her to drink whiskey, and then tried to tease her. She resisted and kept her own Honor. They beat her and beat them improperly. I went to the hospital and saw that her eyes were blue, the bridge of her nose was also broken, and her jaw had a comminuted fracture. They had to use a wire to give her. Hooped up. She cried in pain: “Dad, Dad, why do they do this? Why do they treat me like this?” I cried too.”

Bonassella couldn’t say any more. He cried, but his voice was still very quiet, and he hadn’t overexpressed his feelings.

The old man Corleone made a gesture of sympathy as if against his will; Bonassella went on to say that his voice was full of pain, and therefore full of human affection.

“Why am I crying so sad? She is the light of my life, a loving daughter, a very beautiful girl. She used to believe in people, but she will never believe it anymore. She will never be beautiful again.”

He was trembling all over, and his grayish-yellow face turned into a terrible crimson;

“I went to the police as a duty American, and the two boys were arrested. They were taken to the court for trial, with evidence of crimes. To be sure, they also pleaded guilty. The judge sentenced them to three years’ imprisonment, suspended for execution, and they were free on the day of the sentence. I stood in the courtroom like a fooled person; those bastards were still smiling at me. Then I just Said to my wife:’We must seek justice from the old man Corleone.'” The

old man lowered his head and valued the pain of this man, but when he spoke, he spit out every word as if dignity was affected. He appeared cold and ruthless for offending.

“Why did you go to the police? Why didn’t you find me in the first place?”

Bonassella murmured, “What do you want from me? Tell me what you want. But please do what I ask you for What

he did.” His words were thorny, a little arrogant.

The old man Corleone scowled and said, “What does that mean?”

Bonassera glanced at Hagen and Sonle Corleone, then shook his head. The old man was still sitting at his desk, and he leaned toward the funeral home owner. Bonassera hesitated, then bent down and pressed her mouth against the old man’s shaggy ears. The old man Corleone listened like a priest in the confessional, gazing into the distance, impersonal and indifferent. They stood like this for a long time, and at the end Bonassera straightened up after whispering. The old man raised his head and looked at Bonassella seriously. Bonassera flushed, but stared at him unflinchingly.

The old man finally said: “Then, I can’t do it. You are

thinking about it.” Bonassella raised her voice and said clearly: “I will give you what you want.”

Heigen flinched a bit when he heard these words, and his brain was tense. Sang Er Corleone folded his arms across his chest. He looked back from the window to the scene of the room for the first time and sneered.

Old Corleone stood up from behind the table. He was still unmoving, but his voice sounded like a cold death.

“We have known each other for several years,” he said to the owner of the funeral home, “but you didn’t come to me for advice and help until today. Although my wife is the godmother of your only daughter, I don’t remember that you have invited in the past. I come to your house for coffee. Let’s be straightforward. You kick my friendship away, lest you be favored by me.”

Bonassera grumbled, “That’s because I didn’t. Willing to cause trouble.” The

old man

raised his hand: “Forget it, don’t say it. You used to think that America is heaven. Your business is good and your life is good. You think the world is carefree and you can enjoy it as you please. Enjoy. You never want a loyal friend as your backing. With the police to protect you, and the court, you and your wife and children will not suffer. You don’t need Corleone’s old man. Okay, I’m hurt. My feelings are gone, but I don’t impose my friendship on those who don’t value friendship—those who think I’m insignificant.” The

old man stopped and smiled politely but mockingly at the funeral home owner:

“If you come to me next time and say something,’Old man Corleone will uphold justice for me.’ And, when you make this request, your attitude is still ungodly. You’d better not show friendship to me. You are here My daughter came to my house on the day of her marriage and asked me to assassinate others. You still…” At

this point, the old man deliberately imitated Bonassella’s voice:

“‘I am willing to repay you anything.’ I listened. I’m not angry, but I want to ask you, what have I done, you are so rude to me?”

Bonassella was painful and terrified, and said loudly,

“The United States has always been very good to me. I want to be A good citizen. I want my children to be American.”

The old man “slapped” his hands together, expressing his firm approval.

“Good point. Then you have nothing to complain about. The judge has control. The state has control. When you go to the hospital to see your daughter, please bring her flowers and a box of candy. This can comfort her. So, rest assured. Besides, this is not a great event after all. The two boys are still young and full of blood, and one of them is the son of a powerful politician. Forget it, dear Amerigo, you have been honest, even though you trample on our friendship, I still have to admit: I believe in Bonassella’s promise more than I believe in anyone else’s promise. Therefore, I Please agree to a word, you have to dispel the crazy idea, this idea is not in line with the American style. Be forgiving, forget it, life is full of misfortune!” The

old man suppressed his angry words. The cruel sarcasm and cynicism contained in the funeral home made the owner of the funeral home tremble with no master. But he   plucked up the courage and said again:

“I ask you to

uphold justice.” Corleone said bluntly: “The court has

upheld justice for you long ago.” Bonassella shook his head and said stubbornly. No. They only presided over’justice’ for the two young boys, but didn’t presided over justice for me.” The

old man nodded and agreed. At the same time, he expressed appreciation for this clear attitude, and then asked:

“What justice do you ask for?”

“An eye for an eye,” Bonassella said.

“But your specific requirements are too high,” the old man said. “Your daughter is still alive.”

Bonassera reluctantly said: “What suffering my daughter suffers, tell them to suffer also.” The

old man waited for him to continue. Bonassella summoned his last courage and said,

“How much do you want me to pay?”

This was a desperate sorrow.

The old man Corleone turned around and turned his back to him. Bonassella stood there, motionless.

Finally, the old man Corleone sighed and turned around to face the funeral home owner. The funeral home owner’s face is as gray as he usually handles corpses: a good-hearted person like an old man will not be angry with a misguided and lost friend for a long time. He is bold and unrestrained, but also tolerant.

“Why don’t you dare to show loyalty to me in the first place?” he said. “You sue to the court and waited for several months. You spend the money on the lawyer, and the lawyer fully understands that you will be fooled in the end. You accept the judge’s verdict, and the judge is like the most vulgar prostitute on the street. Sell ​​yourself out. In the past few years, when you needed money, you went to the bank to borrow it and paid a devastating high profit; when people went to your pig’s den to determine whether you were able to repay, you respectfully Respectfully, like a beggar, standing aside and waiting.” The

old man paused for a while, then continued, his voice more severe:

“But, if you come to me to borrow money, then my money must be yours. If it was. You came to me early to ask for justice. The social scum that destroyed your daughter will shed bitter tears today and cry non-stop. If an honest person like you offends anyone, then your enemy will also It’s my enemy.” The old man said here, stretched out his arm; pointed at Bonassera with his finger, “Then, please believe me, they will definitely be afraid of you.”

Bonassera lowered his head, suppressing The voice said: “Make a friend, I accept your opinion.” The

old man Corleone put his hand on Bonassella’s shoulder. “Okay!” He said, “I am responsible for you to get justice. At that time, maybe that day will never come, I may ask you to do a little thing. Before that day, please take this to uphold justice. As a gift from my wife, she is your daughter’s godmother.”

When the grateful funeral home owner walked out and closed the door, the old man Corleone turned back and said to Hagen:

“Give this task to Clemenza, tell him that he must be sure, use reliable people, and use people who won’t become supernatural because of the smell of blood. Anyway, we are not murderers. Regardless of what the foolish mind of the servant serving the corpse was thinking about.”

He only noticed now that his eldest son had been gazing at the banquet in the garden outside the window. This is really disappointing, old man Corleone thought. If Sandino refuses to accept advice, he will definitely not be able to take care of the housework, and he will never be an old man. He had to find another candidate, and he had to hurry up. Because he himself cannot live forever.

To the surprise of all three, there was an earth-shattering cheer from the garden. Sang Er Corleone leaned close to the window and looked out. Seeing that scene, he hurried to the door with a smile on his face.

“It’s Johnny, he’s here for the wedding. What did I report to you?” Hagen walked to the window. “Really your godson,” he said to the old man Corleone. “Do you want me to bring him to you right away?”

“No,” the old man said. “Let everyone see him. Have fun. Let him see me when he is ready.” He smiled at Hagen. After a moment: “Do you understand? He is a good godson.”

Hegen felt a sting of jealousy and said dryly: “It’s been two years. It’s very likely that he has some trouble again and asks you for help.”

“He doesn’t find his godfather, who should he find?” Corleone asked back.

Connie Corleone was the first to see Johnny Fontan walk into the garden. She actually forgot her dignity as a bride and screamed: “Johnny–“

She dragged the last note very long. Then she ran over, dropped her head into his arms, and asked him to hug. He held her tightly and kissed her on the mouth. When others gathered around to greet him, his arm never let go of her. They are all his old friends, old partners who grew up together in the west. Connie dragged him to see her bridegroom officer. John was amused. He saw that the blond young man felt that he was no longer the star of today, but he was jealous. Johnny used all his charms, shook hands with the groom generously, and raised a glass of wine to congratulate him.

A familiar voice called from the music stage: “Sing us a song, how about Johnny?”

He looked up and found that it was Nino Valenti smiling at him from a height. John Fontan jumped onto the music stage, waved his arms, and hugged Nino. They were inseparable, singing and playing together. Johnny became famous and was often invited to sing on the radio station before they parted ways. After Johnny went to Hollywood to shoot a movie, he called Nino twice, just to talk. He had promised to arrange a day for him to sing in the club, but he has never made such an arrangement specifically. Now that Nino is still so jovial, teasing, drunk and grinning, their old friendship suddenly came to mind.

Nino casually played the mandolin. Johnny Fangtan put a hand on Nino’s shoulder.

“This song is dedicated to the bride,” he said.

Then he kicked and stomped his feet and hummed an obscene Sicilian love song repeatedly. He was singing, and Nino used his body to make gestures according to the meaning of the lyrics. The bride blushed embarrassingly, but she showed a triumphant air; the guests cheered in unison and agreed. During the singing, all of them kicked and stomped their feet, shouting a line of puns at the end of each lyrics. After singing, they continued to cheer until Johnny cleared his throat and sang another song.

They are all proud of him. They see him as their own; he has become a famous singer, a movie star, and slept with the most popular woman in the world. Nevertheless, he showed proper respect for his godfather, and he did not hesitate to travel three thousand miles to come to attend the wedding. He still loves old friends like Nino Valenti. Many people in the crowd have seen Johnny and Nino singing together when they were little babies. At that time, no one thought that Johnny Fangtan would hold the hearts of fifty million women when he grew up. Hands.

Johnny Fangtan stretched his hand down to hold the bride Connie, dragged her to the music stage, let her stand between him and Nino. Both men squatted down, facing each other, Nino waved his mandolin, and was about to have a few ear-piercing trio. This is their daily meal, a mock battle of marriage proposal. Their voice is the sword, and the chorus is everyone taking turns roaring for a while. Johnny showed the most subtle politeness. He let Nino’s voice overwhelm his own voice, asked Nino to snatch the bride from his own arms, and let Nino transition to the last lyrics expressing victory. His own voice gradually lowered. Disappeared. There were bursts of cheers at the banquet, and the three of them hugged each other before the end. The guests requested another song.

Only the old man Corleone, who was standing at the door of the house, felt something wrong. He happily used frank and friendly humor, and tried his best not to annoy his guests, shouting:

“My godson came to congratulate him from three thousand miles away. Doesn’t anyone think of moistening his throat? “As

soon as the voice fell, a dozen glasses filled with wine were handed over to Johnny Fontan. He took a sip from each cup, then rushed to hug his godfather. When he hugged the godfather, he whispered a few whispers to the elder’s ear, and the old man led him into the house.

When Johnny walked into the house, Tom Hagen shook hands with him. Johnny shook Tom’s extended hand and said,

“Hello, Tom!”

There was no such sincere and enthusiastic charm in his tone. This kind of indifference made Heigen feel that his self-esteem was hurt, but he just shrugged.

Johnny Fangtan said to the old man: “When I received the invitation, I said to myself:’My godfather will never be angry with me anymore.’ I called you five times after my divorce, and Tom always tells me that you are out or busy, so I think you are still mad at me.” The

old man Corleone filled a few glasses from the yellow wine basket. liquor.

“I have forgotten all about the past. The question is now, can I do anything for you? Isn’t it because you are so famous and so rich that even I can’t help you out,


Johnny drank the yellow-orange-orange and slightly red wine, and stretched the glass over to let someone pour him another glass. He began to speak, desperately making his tone sound casual.

“I’m not rich, godfather! I’m going downhill now. What you said was right. I really shouldn’t have left my wife and children to marry that stinky bitch. You are angry with me, but I don’t blame you.” The

old man shrugged: “I used to worry about you because you are my godson, that’s all, how can it be!”

Johnny took square steps in the room, pacing around.

“Back then, I was fascinated by this stinky bitch, the biggest star in Hollywood. She looks like an angel. Do you know what she does after filming a movie? If a male makeup artist puts on her face very well , She let people play with her casually. If a male photographer takes her particularly good-looking, she will lead them to her single dressing room and let them rape her. Any male will do, she treats her body Just like I look at the change in my pocket for tipping, it’s really a hell of a prostitute.” The

old man Corleone bluntly inserted: “How about your original wife and children?”

Johnny sighed, “I worry about it.” With them. After the divorce, I gave Gini and the children more money than the court required. I went to see them once a week and missed them. Sometimes, I think I’m going crazy.”

He had another drink: “Now, my wife in the second room always laughs at me. I ask my wife to listen to her husband. She doesn’t understand at all, saying that I am an old brain. I sing and she makes fun of me. I treat her before I leave. I beat her hard, but didn’t slap her face, because she was participating in a movie. I beat her with pain all over, punched her arms and legs with my fists, like a child, but she treated me

He kept laughing.” He lit a cigarette and smoked: “Godfather, there is no point in living.” The

old man Corleone said bluntly, “I can’t help you with these difficulties!”

He stopped. After a while, he asked again: “How is your voice?”

The charm and self-deprecating expression on Johnny Fangtan’s face disappeared suddenly, and he was a little frustrated and said,

“Godfather, I can’t sing anymore. I have a problem with my throat, and the doctor doesn’t know what it is.”

Hei Gen and the old man looked at him in surprise. Fang Tan had always been very strong back then.

“Fang Tan continued: “The two films I participated in made a lot of money, and I became a famous star. But now that people throw me out, the director of the studio hates me so badly that he is planning to pay me some money even if it costs me. “The

old man Corleone stood in front of his godson and asked sternly: “Why doesn’t this person like you?” “

I used to sing some songs to liberal organizations.” These songs, you know, are all things you absolutely don’t like me singing. Hi, Jack Ultz doesn’t like me singing those songs either. He called me the Communist Party, but he did not allow this title to be fixed on my head. Later, I caught a girl he had kept. It was just a one-night feeling, but she chased me afterwards. Me, fuck, what can I do then? Later, my wife in the second room made me miserable. Gini and the children don’t want me to go back. And I can’t sing anymore. Godfather, what should I do? “The

old man Corleone’s face became cold, without even a trace of sympathy. He said contemptuously:

“You should be like a man and be a new man.” “

Suddenly, anger distorted his face. He roared loudly: “Like a-big-zhang-husband!”

He threw himself across the table, reached out and grabbed Johnny Fangtan’s hair, his movements were full of love and compassion in fierceness: “You are in me After staying with him for so long, it turned out to be like this. Does it make sense? A Hollywood celebrity was crying, begging for mercy, is it fair? And crying like a woman—’what should I do? Oh, I should What to do?'” The

old man’s mimicry was so extraordinary, so unexpected that Hagen and John were both surprised, and then burst into laughter. Old Corleone also felt complacent. At this moment, he was thinking about how much he loves his godson! How will his own three sons react to such a complaint? Sandino would keep his face straight for weeks; Fredou was always shocked; how about Michael? She would sneer at him, step out, and not show up for a few months. However, Johnny, what a well-behaved boy he is, he is still smiling now, is cheering up, he has understood the true intentions of the godfather.

The old man Corleone went on to say: “You took your boss’s woman away. He is a more powerful person than you! Then you blame him for not helping you. It is ridiculous: You have abandoned your wife and children. , Go to marry the same whore, so that the children do not have a father; people do not reach out to welcome you, you cried and cried again. That whore, you think she is participating in a movie without slap her in the face, and then, when she smiles at you At that time, you were fascinated again. You live like a fool, and you end up like a fool.” The

old man Corleone stopped and asked in a very patient tone: “You are willing to accept me this time. Any advice?”

Johnny Fangtan shrugged. “I can’t remarry Qidianni anymore. I can’t remarry in the way she requested. I can’t quit gambling, drinking, or hanging out with male dolls. Beautiful nasty women keep chasing me, and I really can’t refuse. They. In this way, when I return to Gini, I always feel like a thief. God! I have miscalculated both ends. I can’t bear this kind of torture again.”

Kao The old man Leon showed an angry look for the first time:

“I didn’t say I want you to remarry. You can do whatever you want. You want to continue to be your daughter as a father. That’s good. A man who doesn’t show the manner of being a father in front of his children is absolutely impossible. A real man. But on the other hand, you have to try to get their mother to forgive you. Who says you can’t visit them every day? Who says you can’t live in a house? Who says you shouldn’t strictly follow your own rules

Willing to live your own life?” Johnny Fangtan laughed loudly: “Godfather, not all women are like old-fashioned Italian wives. Gini won’t tolerate this.” The

old man was talking sarcastically again. “It’s only to blame you for pretending to be a god of wealth. You gave her more money than the court stipulated. When it comes to treating another woman, just because she is participating in a movie, you don’t slap her in the face. , You let women control your behavior. And they don’t have such qualifications in this world, although it is certain that they will go to heaven as saints, and men will go to hell and be burned. In addition, I have been watching for the past few years You.” The

old man’s tone became serious:

“You have always been a good godson. You have shown the greatest respect for me. But how do you treat other old friends? This year you hang out with this person, and next year you will have another A gangster together. That Italian guy is so funny on the screen, but he is a bit unlucky. You never go to see him because you are more famous. How did you treat that guy who went to school with you and sang together? What about my partner? I’m talking about Nino. He often drank too much because of disappointment, but he never complained. He worked hard, drove trucks and pebbles, and sang every weekend in order to make a few dollars. He never I said a bad thing about you. You can’t help him? Why not? He sings very well!”

Johnny Fangtan said patiently, “Godfather, he just doesn’t have enough talent. He is very good, but not outstanding.” The

old man Corleone drooped his eyelids, his eyes almost narrowed, and said:

“And you, godson, it’s you, it’s just that you don’t have enough talent. Do you want me to give it to you? Looking for a job on a truck that carries stones, and do it like Nino?”

Johnny did not answer. The old man continued: “Friendship is everything. It is more important than talent. Friends are more important than the government. Friends are like family members. Don’t forget this. If you build a line of defense with your friends’ friendship, you will also You won’t ask me to help. Now please tell me why you can’t sing a song. You sang pretty well in the garden just now. You sing as well as Nino.”

Hearing this clever sarcasm, Heigen Both Johnny and Johnny laughed. Now it’s John’s turn to show that he is good at grieving himself and raising others’ self-cultivation:

“My voice is very fragile. After singing a song or two, I can’t sing for a few hours or days. Even rehearsal or re-shooting. , I can’t stick to it from beginning to end. My throat is broken, as if something

is wrong. ” “You have a dispute caused by a woman, and a problem with your voice. Now tell me what disputes you are having with the Hollywood tycoon. , He won’t let you work.” The old man is about to get to the point now.

“He is bigger than the tycoon you said,” Johnny said. “He is the owner of the studio. He served as an adviser to the president in the promotion of war film propaganda. Just a month ago, he bought this year. The right to produce the best novel. It’s a bestseller, and the protagonist in it happens to be someone like me. I don’t even need to act, just show my usual style, and I don’t even need to work hard to sing. , You can get the “Academic Award.” Everyone knows that it is ideal for me, and I will become popular again as an actor. But the bastard Jack Ultz is about to kick me away. He I just didn’t assign the protagonist to me. I offered to do it for nothing, or give it a little, but he still refused to agree. He let out something, if I go to the film studio’s lunch cafeteria and kiss his ass, Then he might consider this question.” The

old man Corleone waved his hand to stop talking nonsense about personal feelings. Among people who understand the truth, business problems can be solved. He patted his godson on the shoulder: “You are discouraged! Do you think no one cares about you? You are thinner and drunk too much, eh? You can’t sleep and often take sleeping pills?” He said, shaking his head. Expressed disapproval.

“Now, I want you to obey my orders,” the old man said, “I want you to stay at my house for a month, eat well, rest, and sleep. I want you to stay with me. I like to be with you. , Maybe you can learn a little from your godfather about being a human being, and it will also help you in the huge Hollywood. But don’t sing, don’t drink, don’t play with women. At the end of the month, you will go back to Hollywood, that tycoon , That big cannonball with a thickness of ninety centimeters will give you the task you want. In a word, how about it?”

Johnny Fangtan couldn’t fully believe that the old man would have such great power. But his godfather never said anything that could not be done in the end. “This guy has a personal relationship with Jo Edgar Hoover,” Johnny said. “You can’t even speak loudly to him.”

“He’s a very practical person,” the old man gently said. Say, “I want to propose a deal to him, and he won’t decline it.”

“It’s too late,” Johnny said, “All the contracts are signed, and the shooting will start in a week. It is absolutely impossible to change. “

Yes .” The old man Corleone said: “Go, go back to the banquet, your friends are waiting for you. Everything is on my body.” After all, he pushed Johnny Fantan out of the house.

Hagen sat at the desk and wrote the minutes. The old man sighed and asked:

“Is there anything else?”

“Solozzo is looking for you, so I can’t do anything now. You’ll have to see him this week.”

Hagen said, holding a pen. Pointing to the calendar.

The old man shrugged: “The wedding is over, you can arrange any time.”

This answer explained two things to Hagen. The first point is that the answer to Virgil Solozzo will be a “no”; The second point is that the old man Corleone was reluctant to give any reply before his daughter’s wedding because he expected that his own “no” would cause trouble.

Hagen said cautiously: “Should I tell Clemenza to let him find his people to live in this house?”

The old man said impatiently: “Why? The reason why I was reluctant to reply before the wedding is because I do not allow clouds to appear on such an important day, even those in the distance. On the other hand, I want to know what he wants to say. .Now you understand, he is going to propose a shameful act.”

Heigen asked: “Then you are going to refuse?” The

old man nodded. Hagen said again:

“I think, before you give him an answer, we will all discuss and discuss-the whole family.” The

old man smiled.

“Do you think so? Okay, let’s discuss it. We’ll talk about it when you return from California after completing a mission. I want you to fly there tomorrow, do something for John, go see that The tycoon of the film industry. Tell Solorzo, I will see him when you come back from California. Is there anything else?”

Hagen said solemnly, “I called from the hospital and said Abandandu The consultant is almost out of breath, not tonight. He has been notified to his family to be on the dying.”

Heigen has been acting for the consultant for the past year since the cancer jailer Abandandu was imprisoned in the hospital bed. Position. Now he waited for the old man Corleone to say “this position will always be yours.” But the situation is unfavorable. Traditionally, such a high position has always been given to men whose parents are both Italians. Performing tasks around his temporary agent has caused some trouble. Besides, he is only thirty-five years old. It is believed that his age is not enough, and he does not yet have the necessary experience and skills to be a competent consultant.

But the old man said nothing, which encouraged him in this regard. He asked,

“When will my daughter leave here with her groom?”

Hagen looked at his watch: “The wedding cake will be cut in a few minutes, and it will be half an hour.” This reminded him of something else. Event:

“Would you like to give your new son-in-law an important position, in terms of family affairs?” The

old man’s decisive answer surprised him.

“Absolutely not.”

The old man slapped his palm on the desk.

“Absolutely not to give him, only to give him a job to maintain a living and a prosperous life. However, he must never be allowed to understand the inside story of family affairs. Tell everyone about it, give Sang Er, Fredou, Clay Menza.” The

old man paused for a while.

“Tell my son that the three of them are going to accompany me to the hospital to visit the poor Jinke. I want them to pay his last respect. Tell Fred to get in the cart and ask Johnny if he wants to. Willing to look at my points and go with us.”

He found that Heigen was looking at him as if to ask something.

“I want you to go to California tonight. You don’t have the time to visit Jinke. But you have to wait until I get back from the hospital before you leave. I want to talk to you, do you understand?”

“Understood,” Hagen Said, “When do you want Fredou to get the car ready?”

“After the guests have left,” the old man Corleone said, “Jinke will wait for me to see him for the last time.”

“The Senator is calling. “Hagan said, “I’m sorry to say that he didn’t come in person. You know the reason. He may be referring to the two FBI officers who recorded the license number. But he sent the gift through a special correspondent. Coming.” The

old man nodded. He felt that there was no need to specify that he himself had warned the senator beforehand and told him not to come.

“Is the gift he sent a good one?”

There was an approving look on Hagen’s face. This Italian look was peculiar to his Germanic-Irish face.

“Ancient silverware is very precious. If you want to sell it, you can sell it for at least a thousand dollars. It took a long time for the senator to get this good thing. For that kind of person, the more important thing is not the value of the thing. How much money depends on the sentiment expressed by things.”

The old man Corleone did not conceal his feelings of joy: a big man like the senator also expressed such extraordinary respect to him. This upright senator, like the murderous Luke Blassey, is also one of the huge pillars of the old man’s power structure; he also reaffirmed his loyalty with this gift.

When Johnny Fontan appeared in the garden, Kay Adams recognized him immediately. She was really surprised.

“You never told me that you know Johnny Fontan in your family,” she said, “I am definitely going to marry you now.”

“Are you going to see him?” Michael asked.

“Not now,” Kay said, and she sighed. “I have loved him for three years. Whenever he sings at the Metropolitan Theatre in New York, I have to make a special trip south to enjoy it, and I have to scream and applaud like crazy. He sings really well. .” “Let’s see him in a while,” Michael said.

When Johnny finished singing and the old man Jing and Corleone walked into the house, Kay said to Michael mischievously:

“Dare to be afraid that a famous movie star like Johnny Fontan also asks your father.”

“He is me .” “Daddy’s godson,” said Michael, “if it wasn’t for my dad, he wouldn’t be a famous movie star today.”

Kai Adams laughed happily.

“This is another wonderful story.”

Michael shook his head.

“I can’t tell this story,” he said.

“Trust me? I won’t talk nonsense to others,” she said.

He told her, his tone was plain and he didn’t show pride in his attitude. He discussed the matter and did not add any additional explanations. He said that eight years ago his father was much more impatient than he is now. He also said that because the matter involved his godson, the old man thought that his personal honor was involved.

The story is quickly over. Eight years ago, Johnny Fontan was particularly successful in singing and dancing in a mass singing and dancing troupe. He became the most attractive singer on the radio. Unfortunately, the foreman of the song and dance troupe, a person named Les Holler, is a well-known figure in the performing arts world. He signed a five-year service contract with Johnny. This is an ordinary commercial performance. Les Holler can lend Johnny out with a contract, and put most of the money in his pocket.

Corleone, the old man, went out in person and negotiated. In order to free Johnny from that contract, he offered to give Les Holler 20,000 dollars. Holler offered that he could only take 50% of Johnny’s money. The old man Corleone found this formulation very interesting, so he lowered his offer from twenty thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. The foreman of the song and dance troupe is obviously a guy who knows nothing about humanity except performing arts. He doesn’t understand the true meaning of this kind of price reduction, so he flatly refused.

The next day, the old man Corleone went to see the foreman of the song and dance troupe in person. He took his two closest assistants, one was his adviser Jinko Abandandu, and the other was Luke Blasi, without any other witnesses present. The old man Corleone persuaded Les Holler to sign a document, agreeing to accept a bank-guaranteed check for ten thousand dollars, and waive all rights to request the personal services of Johnny Fangtan. The old man Corleone persuaded him, and pointed his pistol at the forehead of the song and dance group forehead, convinced him with a very serious attitude: either sign or his brain is filled with the document within a minute. Les Holler signed, the old man Corleone put his pistol in his pocket and handed over the bank-guaranteed check.

The rest are official history. Johnny Fontan continued to rise to become the most outstanding singer in the country. His participation in the shooting of Hollywood musical comedies made his studio a fortune, and the money he made from music recordings was calculated in millions of dollars. In this way, he abandoned his wife who had been in love with each other since childhood, abandoned his two children, and went to marry the most enchanting celebrity often seen in movies. Soon afterwards, he found out that she was a “prostitute”. In this way, he is addicted to drinking, bet he will come, and he will chase other women indiscriminately. There is something wrong with his natural singing voice. His records can’t be sold anymore. As soon as the contract he signed with the studio expired, the studio stopped signing new contracts with him. So he came to beg his godfather.

Kai said musingly: “Do you really think you are enviable for having such a father? Everything you tell me about him shows that he is always doing good for others. He must have a good heart. “

She smiled, her facial muscles twisting.

“Of course, his methods are not so formal in details.”

Michael sighed.

“I think it sounds like this, but I want to remind you to think about this question. Do you know that Arctic explorers always bury food in the cellar along the way to the North Pole? Just to prevent one day. You may need food to get there, don’t you? That’s how my dad does good things for others. He may have something to do someday and he has to visit one of these people. If they come here first, it would be better. “It was

almost dusk when the wedding cake came out. Everyone said, but they were full of praise. Especially the piece that Nazolin baked by himself. It was decorated with shells made of butter in an ingenious way. It tasted terribly fragrant and made people feel airy. The bride greedily grabbed a few pieces of cake, and went to spend her honeymoon with her bridegroom. The old man Corleone noticed that the black FBI car was gone, so he politely urged his guests to take the opportunity to leave.

At the end, there was only one car left on the parking lane, that was a long black Cadillac sedan, with Fredou sitting in the cab. The old man got into the car and sat in the front seat. As far as his age and posture are concerned, his movements are sensitive and coordinated. Sang’er, Michael, and Johnny Fontan sat in the back seats. The old man Corleone asked Michael:

“Is your girlfriend going back alone, is it safe all the way?”

Michael nodded, “Tom said he would be responsible.” The

old man Corleone nodded, expressing satisfaction with Tom Hagen’s work efficiency. .

Because the rationed supply of gasoline has not been cancelled, there are very few cars all the way from Ring Avenue to Manhattan. In less than an hour, the “Cadillac” brand sedan had been driven into the French Hospital Avenue. In the car, the old man Corleone asked his youngest son if he did well in school. Michael nodded and said “yes”.

Sang’er, who was sitting in the back seat, asked his father: “Johnny said you plan to end the Hollywood affairs for him. Would you like me to go and help

him ?” Corleone’s answer was simple.

“Tom will go tonight, no help is

needed , things are very simple.” Sonny Corleone laughed loudly:

“Johnny thinks you can’t take this matter off, so I think you might want me to go there. One trip.” The

old Corleone man turned his head. “Why do you doubt my ability?” He asked John Fontan. “Didn’t your godfather always accomplish anything he said he wants to accomplish? Is there any time I was fooled and didn’t get things done?”

Johnny apologized nervously:

“Godfather, this time What I encountered was a real ninety centimeters thick cannonball. You can’t push him, even with money. He has great magical powers, and there are back doors everywhere. He hates me. I really don’t know what you can do to make him change his mind. “The

old man said in an affectionate and funny tone: “I tell you, I’m sure you get what you want.”

He gave Michael a light elbow.

“We won’t let my godson down, eh, Michael?,

Michael has never doubted his father’s ability for even a minute. He shook his head and said he would not disappoint Johnny.

When they approached the hospital door As he walked, the old man Corleone grabbed Michael’s arm so that others could rush forward. “When you finish college, come and talk to me,” the old man said. “I made some arrangements for you. ,you will like it. “

. Michael did not say anything Don Corleone furious, hum a few times:

” I know how you personally. I won’t force you to do anything you don’t approve of. You have finally grown up, so you can make a living on your own. However, please come to me as a son after you finish your studies! “The

whole family of Jinke Abandandu, his wife and three daughters, all dressed in mourning clothes, crowded like a flock of crows on the white tiled floor of the hospital corridor. When they saw the old man Corleone coming out of the elevator They seemed to have been instinctively urged, spread their wings and flew off the white floor, and rushed to him for protection. The mother, wearing black mourning clothes, looked solemn and calm, and the daughters looked fat and simple. The statue of Mrs. Abandantu The woodpecker kissed and kissed the old man Corleone’s cheek, sometimes sobbing, sometimes crying.

“Oh, you are such a great saint, you came here on the happy day of your daughter’s marriage. “The

old man Corleone waved his hand as if to throw away these words of gratitude.

“To such a friend, a friend who has been like my right hand for twenty years, shouldn’t I pay tribute?” “

He understood right away: This woman who is about to become a widow still doesn’t understand that her husband is going to die tonight. Jinke Abandandu suffered from cancer and has been in this hospital for almost a year. On the verge of death. The wife thought that his fatal terminal illness was also a common phenomenon in life, and tonight was just another danger. She kept talking babblingly.

“Let’s take a look at my poor husband,” she said, “he always wants to see you. He is so pitiful, he offered to go to the wedding to show his respect, but the doctor didn’t allow it. Then he said again, he was overjoyed. Someday, you will come to see him. But I thought it was impossible at the time. Ah, men know friendship better than us ladies. Go in, he will be happy when he meets you.”

A nurse and a doctor Came out of Jinke Abandandu’s single ward. The doctor was a young man with a serious face, with an expression as if he was born to give orders to others, that is to say, with an expression as if he had been very rich all his life. A daughter asked sheepishly, “Doctor Kennedy, can we go in and see him now?”

Doctor Kennedy scanned the crowd angrily. Don’t these people understand that the patient inside is slowly dying in painful torture? It would be better if everyone could let him die quietly.

“It’s all about family members,” he said in his particularly polite tone.

What surprised him was that the patient’s wife and daughter turned their faces to the short and fat man one by one, as if to listen to his decision. The man looked awkward in an improper evening dress. The fat man spoke. There was a very faint Italian accent in his voice.

“Dear doctor,” said Old Corleone, “is he really going to die?”

“Really,” said Doctor Kennedy.

“Then, there will be no more work for you,” the old man Corleone said. “We take all responsibilities. We comfort him and close his eyes. We are responsible for burying him. We cry during the funeral, and we have to take care of his wife and daughter afterwards.”

It was so blunt, Aban Once Madam Du understood it, she began to sob and cry again.

Doctor Kennedy shrugged. It is impossible to explain the problem clearly to these hillbillies. At the same time, he also admitted that there is also a certain primitive justice in this man’s words. His mission is over, but he still maintains a very polite expression, saying:

“Please wait a minute. The nurse will tell you to go in. She has to deal with some very necessary things for the patient first.” He left them and walked across the corridor. His white coat was swaying.

The nurse returned to the ward, and they were waiting. She finally came out again and opened the door to let them in. She whispered:

“He was in a coma due to pain and high fever. Try not to disturb him. Except for his wife, everyone else can only stay here for a few minutes.”

When Johnny Fangtan walked past her, She recognized him, and her eyes opened wide and round. He smiled reluctantly at her, and she stared at him again with a welcoming attitude. He treated her as a piece of material, temporarily archived it for future reference, turned around and followed others into the ward.

Jinko Abandandu fought for a long time with death, and now he is conquered. He was lying on a slightly elevated hospital bed, exhausted. He was already exhausted and not much better than a skeleton. The black hair that was full of vitality at the time has now become a handful of filthy things like threads. The old man Corleone said happily:

“Jinke, dear friend, I brought all my sons and pay tribute to you. Look again, Johnny also came from Hollywood.”

The dying patient opened his eyes that were red from the high fever and looked at the old man gratefully. He asked the young man to hold his skinny and skinny hands in their powerful hands. The patient’s wife and daughter stood side by side along the bed, kissing his face, and taking turns holding his other hand.

Now, the old man held his old friend’s hand tightly and said in a comforting tone:

“Hurry, hurry up, let’s travel to Italy together, to our original village, just like our fathers, playing in front of the hotel. Wooden ball.”

The dying patient shook his head and motioned to the young man and his family to leave his bedside; he held the old man tightly with another scrawny hand, desperately trying to say something. The old man bent his head down, and then simply sat on the chair beside the bed. Jinke Abandandu was talking about when they were children. His eyes were a little sneaky, whispering something quietly. The old man bent his body and got closer. The rest of the people in the ward were shocked to see the old man Corleone crying and shaking his head. The trembling voice is getting higher and higher, and everyone can hear it. Abandantu made extraordinary efforts in his pain, barely struggled to raise his head, eyes stunned, and stretched out his index finger to point to the old man.

“Godfather, godfather,” he couldn’t see anyone, and he just shouted, “help me, lest I die, I beg you. My whole body is burned out, and I feel caterpillars eating my brain. Godfather, Treat me, you have this right, don’t make my poor wife cry all the time. When we were children, we always played together in Corleone Village, but now you have the heart to let me because Guilty, die when you are afraid of going to hell?” The

old man was silent. Abandantu said:

“Today is your daughter’s wedding day, you can’t refuse me!” The

old man spoke again, with a calm and solemn tone, so that his words could pierce his blasphemous coma.

“Old buddy,” he said, “I don’t have this kind of power. If I have it, I must be a little bit more merciful than God. Believe me. But I am not afraid of death or going to hell. I want to work for your soul every day. Mass will be celebrated in the morning and evening. Your wife and your children will also pray for you. With so many people interceding for you, how can God bear to punish you?”

A disgusting cunning burst into the skinny face. Expressions. Abandantu said mysteriously:

“Then, it was arranged long ago?” When the

old man answered him, his tone was cold, and there was no comforting tenderness at all.

“You blaspheme. You should leave it to fate!”

Abandantu dropped his head and put it on the pillow. His eyes lost the arrogant light of hope. The nurse came back to the ward again, with a very serious and business attitude, calling them out like a bird. The old man stood up, but Abandan Duh stretched out his hand again.

“Godfather,” he said, “stay in front of me and accompany me to meet with death. Maybe he will scare away when he sees you in front of me. If he doesn’t dare to pester me, I can be quiet. That’s right. Or, you can say the last sentence, behind-the-scenes manipulation, huh?” The

dying man blinked and seemed to be battling the old man’s army, but his attitude was not serious:

“You and the god of death are brothers anyway. “

Then, as if afraid of the old man’s anger, he grabbed the old man’s hand and said:

“Stay in front of me, let me hold your hand like this, just like we beat others in a wit, we too Will beat the god of wits as a bastard in a fight of wits. Godfather, don’t give me to the god of death.” The

old man made a gesture and asked others to leave the ward. They went out. He used his broad hands to hold Jinko Abandantu’s withered hands like chicken paws. The old man comforted his friend again and again, with a calm tone, repeatedly dispelling his worries. The two of them just waited for the death of death to come together, it seemed that the old man could really take the life of Jinke Abandandu from the hands of the most ferocious criminal in mankind.

For Connie Corleone, the wedding ended smoothly that day. The bridegroom Carlo Rize also performed very skillfully and very lively; the twenty thousand dollars in the bride’s purse gave him a great encouragement. However, although the bride is willing to give up the purity of her virgin, she is not willing to give up her purse. For the wallet, he had to punch one of her eyes blue.

Lucy Mangini was waiting at home for Soner Corleone to call, thinking that he would ask her to go out for a day. After that, she called his home by herself. When she heard the voice of a woman answering the phone, she hung up the phone. She did not expect that several people had noticed that she and Sang Er had left the meeting place for the deadly half an hour; now there is gossip spreading that Sandino Corleone has found another person to play with. , And also said that he and his sister’s bridesmaid had already “worked on”.

Amerigo Bonassella had a terrible dream. In his dream, he saw the old man Corleone wearing a brimmed hat, a wide blouse, and thick gloves, throwing a bullet-pierced body from the car in front of his funeral home. At the same time, he shouted loudly:

“Attention, Amerigo, don’t tell anyone, hurry up and bury this person.”

He hummed, humming so loudly, and his wife woke up for so long. She shook him awake.

“Oh, you, really,” she grumbled, “I had nightmares as soon as I attended the wedding.”

Kay Adams was escorted by Borie Gatto and Clemenza to her in downtown New York. The hotel where you stayed. The car was big and luxurious, driven by Gatu, with Clemenza sitting in the back; the front seat next to the driver was given to Kay. She found that the two of them were a little bit ridiculous. Their conversation is also the Brooklyn accent that is often heard in movies; they appear to be overly polite to her. In the car, she talked casually with these two men. What surprised her was that when they talked about Michael, they always showed a clear feeling of love and admiration. Michael always makes her believe that he is a strange outsider in his father’s world. And now, what Clemenza said convinced her that the “old man” believed that Michael was the best of his three sons, and that he would definitely inherit the family business.

“What is the specific content of the family business?” Kai asked in the most natural tone.

Bowie. Ga Tuo glanced at her quickly as he turned the steering wheel. Clemenza behind her said in a surprised tone:

“Michael didn’t tell you? Mr. Corleone is the largest importer of Italian olive oil in the United States. Now that the war is over, this family business can be developed again. Fortune. He is in need of a shrewd and capable guy like Michael.”

At the hotel, Clemenza insisted to accompany her to the service desk. When she objected, he simply said:

“The boss has ordered you to be delivered safely. This is my task.”

When she got the room key, he walked her to the elevator door and waited until she got into the elevator. She smiled and waved to him; he also smiled, smiling so sincerely and proudly, that surprised her. She got on the elevator, so she didn’t see him go back to the hotel registration desk and asked:

“What name did she register?” The

hotel registrar looked at Clemenza coldly. Clemenza put his hands rubbing together in a ball of paper on the counter, roll over to the registrar; registrar grabbed the ball of paper, immediately said:

“Michael Corleone couple.”

Paulie · Ga Tu returned to the car and said,

“Good girl.”

Clemenza snorted.

“Michael and her are already doing it.”

He thought that he would wait until after marriage to do such a thing. “Bring the car to pick me up early tomorrow morning,” he said to Pauly Gatto. “Hagen did some errands for us, which must be done right away.”

On Sunday night, Tom Hagen kissed his wife goodbye and drove straight to the airport. Holding the special number No. 1 priority certificate (this is a gratifying gift from an officer of the Pentagon General Staff), he boarded a plane to Los Angeles smoothly.

For Tom Hagen, it was a busy day, but it was very busy. Jinke Abandandu was dead at three o’clock in the morning; when the old man Corleone returned from the hospital, he had notified Hagen that he was now the official staff member. This means that Hegen will become a very rich person, and of course he has rights.

This appointment broke the tradition that staff officers were always pure-blood Sicilians. The fact that Hagen is a member of Corleone’s family has not been able to change people’s traditional views on this issue. Because this is a question of descent. Only when he was born with ears and eyes and accustomed to the silent style, that is, the tight-lipped guidelines, can he be qualified to take on the key position of “staff”.

Between the old Corleone man who decides the policy and the staff who actually executes the order, there are three levels of personnel, or three buffer levels. With such a system, no problem can be traced back to the top level. Unless the staff rebels. That morning, the old man Corleone gave clear instructions on how to deal with the two young men who had injured Amerigo Bonassella’s daughter. But he gave the order to Tom Hagen in private. On the same day, Hagen was also in private, without anyone else present, and passed the order to Clemenza. Then Clemenza told Pauli Gatu to perform the task. Baoli Gatu immediately gathered people to perform the task. Baoli Gatu and his men would not know why they had to perform such a special task, nor would they know who gave this order. To involve the old man, it is necessary to make every link in the chain betray the old man one by one; this kind of thing has never happened, but it is always possible. The way to prevent this possibility is well known. It is to get rid of one link in the chain.

As the name suggests, the task of “staff” is the old man’s adviser, his right hand, his auxiliary brain, and his closest partner and closest friend. There is an important task to travel, he drove the old man; during the meeting, he came out to get some snacks, coffee, sandwiches, and fresh cigars for the old man. He will know or almost know everything the old man knows, that is, insight into all the cells in the power structure. He is the only person in the world who can put an old man to death. But I have never heard of a staff officer betraying an old man. Nothing like this has ever happened in any powerful Sicilian family that has established a foothold in the United States. Because betrayal has no future. Everyone who is an adviser knows that if he is loyal, he will have money, power, and respect. In the event of misfortune, his wife and son will be protected and cared for, just as he did when he was alive. If he remains loyal.

On certain issues, the staff officer can act on his old man’s behalf in a more open manner, but he cannot implicate his master. It is precisely such a problem that Hagen has to solve by flying to California. He understands that his career as an adviser will be severely affected by the success or failure of this task. Judging from the standards of the family business, it is a trivial matter whether Johnny Fangtan gets the role he dreams of in the war film. More important is the meeting with Virgil Solozzo next Friday. But Heigen knew that for the old man personally, two things were equally important, and both were the keys to determining whether a staff officer was competent.

The piston plane trembles violently, shaking Tom Hagen’s already tense nervous system. He ordered a martini from the waitress, trying to calm down. The old man and Johnny have outlined to him the character of Jack Ultz, the boss of the film studio. However, he confirmed that the old man must keep his promise to Johnny. His task is to negotiate and contact.

Hagen leaned back in his chair, recalling all the information provided to him. Jack Ultz is one of the owners of three major Hollywood movie studios, and his own studio holds dozens of stars through contracts. He is a member of the Film Division of the War Intelligence Advisory Committee of the President of the United States, which shows that he assisted in the production of propaganda films. He attended a banquet at the White House. He hosted Jo Edgar Hoover in his home. But none of these are worthy of attention, they are just official contacts. Ulz does not have any personal political power. This is mainly because he is an extreme reactionary, and also because he is a power obsessive arrogant who likes to abuse his power, regardless of the consequences of such brutality, which will inevitably make groups of enemies follow. Drilled out of the ground.

Hagen sighed, there was really no way to “hold” Jack Ulz. He opened his briefcase and tried to do some copying, but he was too tired. He ordered another glass of martini, and then recalled his life experience. He had nothing to regret, really, he felt extremely lucky. Regardless of the reason, the path he chose ten years ago has proven to be correct for him. He is accomplished, and he feels life is meaningful.

Tom Hagen is thirty-five years old this year, tall, slender, with straight hair and plain appearance. He is a lawyer: Although he has worked in law for three years after passing the bar exam, he did not do actual legal work for the Corleone family.

When he was a child, he was Sonny Corleone’s playmate. Hagen’s mother was blind and died when he was eleven. Hagen’s father was a very drunk and hopeless drunkard. He was originally a diligent carpenter. He never did a bad thing in his life, but drinking ruined his family and finally killed him. Tom Hagen became an orphan, wandering on the street, and slept at night. On the porch. His sister was adopted into an orphanage, but in the 1920s, the social welfare agency did not consider the issue of boys who had reached the age of twelve. Because boys over the age of twelve are always so ungrateful, they often escape and refuse to accept relief. Hagen’s eyes were sick at the time. The East Neighbor Xishe whispered quietly, saying that his eye disease was contagious or inherited from his mother. In this way, others may also be infected by him, and everyone avoids him. Sonny Corleone took his friend to the house and demanded that he be kept. Tom Hagen got a hot plate of spaghetti, topped with tomato sauce with oil. He has not forgotten the taste of this meal. After eating, they brought him a folding steel frame bed and let him sleep on it.

The old man Corleone, in the most natural way, did not say a word, nor discussed it in any way, tacitly allowing the boy to stay in his own home. The old man Corleone also took the boy to an ophthalmologist and healed his eye disease. He sent him to college and law school. Throughout the process, the old man did not appear as a father, but as a guardian. The old man treated Heigen without showing affection on the surface; it was strange to say that he was more polite to Heigen than to his own son, and never imposed his will as a father on him. After graduating from university, he went to law school to further his studies. This is also the decision of the child himself. The child heard the old man once said:

“A lawyer with a briefcase can swindle more property than a hundred robbers with a gun.”

However, when my father felt very troubled, after graduating from high school, Sang Er and Fred insisted on devoting themselves to the family business. Only Michael went to college and then signed up for the Marine Corps the day after Pearl Harbor.

After passing the bar exam, Hagen got married and set up another door. The bride is a young Italian girl who lives in New Jersey. She is a college graduate. A college graduate is still rare in those years. The wedding, of course, took place in the old man Corleone’s house. After that, the old man took the initiative to support Heigen in the business he was willing to engage in, and enlisted some lawsuits to find him, and was responsible for arranging his law firm, helping him obtain real estate and establish a family business.

Tom Hagen lowered his head and said to the old man:

“I am happy to serve you.” The

old man was pleasantly surprised.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked.

Hagen nodded. He hadn’t really understood the power of the old man-he really didn’t have it back then. And in the following ten years, he didn’t really understand it. It wasn’t until Jinko Abandandu fell ill that he became an acting staff officer. But he nodded, his eyes fixed on the old man’s eyes.

“I want to serve you like your son,” Hagen said.

The implication is to be completely loyal and accept the old man as the authority of his father. The old man understands this way too. Since this young man entered his home, he has expressed his fatherly love to him for the first time with this understanding. He put Hegen in his arms and gave him a quick hug. After that, he regarded him as his biological son, but sometimes he still had to say:

“Tom, don’t forget your biological parents.” It seems that he is also reminding himself.

Heigen will never forget. His mother is simply a “child with dementia” and a sloppy woman who is insensitive to anemia and has no maternal love for her own children. Hagen hated his father. His mother’s blindness made him feel terrible: later he contracted an eye disease that was a fatal blow to him, and he thought he would become blind. The year his father died, he was only eleven years old, and a strange idea suddenly emerged in Tom Hagen’s mind. He was wandering on the street, waiting to die like an animal, until the day when his fate was decided, Sang Er found him sleeping in front of the porch of the house and brought him home. The subsequent changes are indeed miracles. However, for several years, he has been having nightmares, dreaming that he has become a blind old man, begging all over the street, walking and tapping the ground with a white stick to find the way. Several of his blind children followed behind and tapped with white sticks as they walked. A few days in the morning, when he woke up, at the moment he was just awake, the old man Corleone’s face was deeply imprinted on his brain, and he felt safe again.

But the old man insisted that in addition to fulfilling his duties to the family, he should spend another three years in general legal practice. This practice turned out to be extremely valuable, and at the same time eliminated all doubts in Heigen’s mind about serving the old man Corleone. He worked for two years in various offices of a criminal lawyer company that had a relationship with the old man. Everyone recognizes that he has special qualities in legal affairs. He did a great job; in the six years since he started working for the family, the old man Corleone never accused him of what was wrong. When he was appointed as acting staff officer, other powerful Sicilian families referred to the Corleone family contemptuously as the “Irish Gang”. This made Heigen dumbfounded and at the same time reminded him indirectly that he would never inherit the old man and become the head of the family business. However, he himself is very content. That, has never been his goal, because this ambition will be a kind of “disrespect” for his benefactor and the pure-blood family of his benefactor.

When the plane landed in Los Angeles, the sky was still pitch black. Hagen went to the hotel to check in, took a shower, shaved his face, and watched the view of the city gradually breaking into dawn. He asked someone to bring early and the newspaper to his room, and then lay down to rest, and waited until ten o’clock, which was the time to date Jack Ulz. It’s so easy to set up a date with such a person, which is a bit unexpected.

The day before, Hagen had called one of the most powerful figures in various film guilds, and his name was Biller Gove. Following the instructions of the old man Corleone, Hegen told Goff that he should arrange a visit to Jack Ults the next day, which is tantamount to hinting to Ults: If the results of the talks did not satisfy Hegen, it might be possible. A strike broke out in the film studio. An hour later, Heigen received a call from Guofu, saying that the appointment was scheduled for ten o’clock in the morning. Ultz has realized that it might strike if not, but it seems that he doesn’t pay much attention to it. Guofu told Heigen truthfully, and added:

“If things really get to that point, I have to talk to the old man directly.”

“If it gets to that point, he will take the initiative to look for you,” Heigen said. .

By saying this, he avoided speaking out on specific issues. Guofu was obedient to the old man, Heigen was not surprised. In terms of organizational structure, the family empire is not beyond the scope of the New York area, but the old man Corleone has long since expanded his personal influence by helping various union leaders. Many union leaders still owe him his love.

However, the appointment is set at ten o’clock in the morning, which is a false sign. This means that he will be the first person on the date list; the first one will not be invited to lunch. It also meant that Ultz underestimated him. Obviously, Guofu didn’t show enough deterrent force when negotiating, maybe Ultz had put him on the bribery list. The old man always doesn’t like to show his face, this is sometimes detrimental to the family business, because his name sounds insignificant to outsiders.

Facts proved that his analysis was correct, and Ultz was long overdue. After the agreed time, Heigen waited for another half an hour, but Heigen didn’t care much. The reception room is very luxurious and comfortable. On the couch opposite him, sat a very beautiful little girl. Hagen had never seen such a pretty girl. She is only eleven or twelve years old, dressed like an adult, and the clothes are expensive, but she looks simple. Her hair is golden yellow, so beautiful, it makes you hard to believe that there is such a beautiful blonde in the world; her eyes are sea blue, big, and mysterious; her mouth is raspberry-colored, tender, and crimson. There was a woman guarding her nearby, obviously her mother. The woman stared at Heigen, trying to crush Heigen with her arrogant aura. This made Heigen angry, and he couldn’t wait to punch her a few times. He treated the woman equally coldly, thinking to himself: The little girl is an angel, and his mother is the devil.

Finally, a well-dressed middle-aged woman with a very strong body finally came and led him through a series of offices and into the office of the film studio owner. What impressed Heigen is that these offices are beautifully furnished, and the staff inside are also beautiful. He laughed involuntarily. They are all shrewd and savvy people, desperately trying to squeeze into the door of movie actors and temporarily aggrieved: most of them may have either worked in these offices for a lifetime, or admitted failure halfway through, rolled up their luggage and returned to their hometown.

Jack Ulz was tall and burly in stature. Although he had a big belly, he couldn’t see it because of the skillful tailoring of his clothes. Hagen knew his experience. When Ultz was ten years old, he had carried empty beer kegs and pushed a trolley in the west. At the age of 20, he helped his father force the garment workers to work. At the age of 30, he left New York and moved to the west. He invested money in theaters where tickets were only sold for five cents. Later, he founded a movie studio. By the age of forty, he became the most powerful giant in the film industry, but he was still rude and lustful, like a greedy jackal, and lewd to the sheep-like young star. At the age of fifty, he changed. He asked people to give him social language lessons, learned how to dress from an English male servant, and learned how to show a gentle demeanor from an English housekeeper. After the death of his first wife, he married a world-famous beauty. She is an actress who doesn’t like acting. Now he is sixty years old, he collects old famous paintings and is a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee. The funds accumulated under his name to promote the development of film art have reached hundreds of millions of dollars. His daughter married an English lord; his son married an Italian princess.

His most recent hobby, as reported by every movie columnist, is to build his own stables for racehorses, for which he has spent 10 million dollars last year. He bought a famous British racehorse named “Katumu” for six hundred thousand dollars, and announced that this victorious racehorse would retire as a stallion, not loaned out, and exclusively for the Ulz Stables Breeding excellent stallions, he immediately made headlines in newspapers.

He received Heigen politely, and his tanned and carefully shaved face shrank, making a strange look, and grudgingly smiled. Although he spent a lot of money trying to make himself younger, his age can still be seen despite the meticulous trimming of the most skilled beautician. However, he showed great vitality in his every move; he also had the characteristic look of the old man Corleone, that is to say, it made people feel that he was absolute authority in his own world.

Hagen touched the subject at the beginning of the negotiation. He said he was an emissary sent by a friend of Johnny Fangtan. He also said that this friend is very capable; if Mr. Ulz is willing to promise a small thing, this friend will swear to Mr. Ulz, assuring gratitude and eternal friendship. This trivial matter is to include Johnny Fantan on the cast of the new war movie to be filmed next week.

That face was expressionless.

“What can your friend do for me?” Ulz asked. There was a domineering arrogance in his voice.

Hei Gen deliberately pretended to be naive to his domineering arrogance. He just explained:

“You are facing the troubles and threats that workers are presenting. My friend can absolutely guarantee to eliminate that trouble. You have a top-notch male celebrity who has made a lot of money for your studio. I used to smoke marijuana, but recently switched to heroin. My friend can guarantee that the male star will never get heroin again. If anything else happens in the next few years, just call me to solve your problem.”

Jack Ulz listened to these words as if he were listening to a child bragging. Then he said gruffly and deliberately in the earthy accent of the East Bank:

“Do you want to bluff me?”

Hagen said calmly and calmly: “Absolutely not. I’m working for a friend. I’ve explained it clearly to you. You won’t suffer in this way.”

Ultz seemed to be about to lose his temper a long time ago, suddenly his face was full of anger, his thick black eyebrows were tightly closed, his eyes glared, and a thick line appeared above him. Wrinkles. He threw his body on the table and faced Hagen and said,

“Well, you slick dog son, let me give you and your master-no matter who he is-tell the truth: Johnny Fang Shenjue It’s impossible to participate in that film. I don’t care how many sneaky little maggots suddenly pop out from doors, windows, floors, tables, chairs and benches.”

After that, he leaned back: “Man, I have a piece of advice for you: Jo Edgar Hoover, I think you’ve heard of it a long time ago?” Having said that, Ulz grinned sarcastically-“He has a good personal relationship with me. If I let him know that I am under pressure from others, then you guys have suffered and don’t know what’s going on!”

Hagen Listen patiently. He had expected that people in a position like Ulz would be acquainted. Is it possible for a person who is so stupid to climb to the top of a company with hundreds of millions of funds? The old man is looking for new investment targets, which is worth considering: If the top people in this sector are all clumsy guys of this kind, then the film industry is the most ideal investment sector. Heigen didn’t care about the abuse just now. He has learned the art of negotiation directly from the old man. “Don’t get angry.” This is the old man’s teaching. “Don’t be threatening, and reason with others.” The word “reasoning” sounds much more reasonable in Italian, a bit like the sound of the word “kneading”. The art of reasoning is to put aside all insults and all threats. He hit you on the left cheek, then, turn your right cheek around and let him hit again. Hagen had seen the old man sitting firmly at the negotiating table for eight hours in a row, repeatedly enduring insults, trying to persuade a notorious, arrogant, domineering madman to reform. After eight hours of hard work still ineffective, the old man Corleone raised his hands helplessly and said to the rest of the negotiating table: “No one can talk to this person.” After saying that, he walked out of the conference room with his head swaggered. The always domineering madman turned pale with fright, and sent an emissary to invite the old man back to the conference room. The agreement was reached, but two or three months later, the madman was shot dead in the barbershop where he used to go for haircuts.

Now, Heigen spoke again, in the most general tone.

“Look at my business card,” he said, “I’m a lawyer. How can I ask for trouble regardless of my status as a lawyer? Have I said a threat? All I want to say is: to make Johnny Fang Tan can participate in the filming of that film, and I am ready to accept any conditions you may propose. I think that for such a small matter, I have offered a very valuable reward. I also understand that this is something for you personally. It’s also a trivial thing. Johnny told me that you personally admit that he is very suitable for that role. Besides, if this is not the case, this request will never be raised. Also, if you are worried that your investment will not make much Li, then my client is also willing to fund this film. However, please let me make my meaning clear so as not to cause misunderstandings. We know that you say no, no one can force you, and no one wants to force you. We also know your friendship with Mr. Hoover. I might as well add one more sentence: My boss respects you because of this, and he respects the friendship very much.”

Ulz has been writing absently with a big red quill pen. graffito. As soon as he mentioned money, his interest came, and he stopped writing and painting. He said in a tone of despising and pretending to be caring:

“The budget for this film is five million.”

Heigen hissed softly, indicating that he has been deeply impressed. Then, he said very casually:

“My boss has many friends, and his friends will back him up when he decides what he wants to do.”

Only then, Ultz began to take the whole problem seriously. He looked at Heigen’s business card carefully.

“I never heard of you,” he said. “I know most of the barristers in New York, but what kind of lawyer are you?”

“I am involved in the business of those noble United Bar Associations,” Hagen said dryly. “I only deal with the commissions of my association. Case.” After

that, he stood up.

“I don’t want to delay your time anymore.”

He stretched out his hand, and Ulz grabbed his hand and shook it. Hagen walked a few steps towards the door, then turned back to face Ulz. “I know you have to deal with many people who pretend to be great. My situation is the opposite. I deliberately pretend to be insignificant. Why don’t you use our mutual friends to give me a correct valuation? If you think about it, please call the hotel where I am staying.”

He paused for a moment, and then said:

“Add a remark that may sound rebellious to you: My client can do you something that even Mr. Hoover can’t do. .”

He found that the movie studio owner had narrowed his eyes. Ulz had already sensed that there was something in this statement, and Hagen used all his abilities to pretend to be very pleased and said:

“I hope your business will continue to thrive. Our country needs the business you are engaged in.” It

was late that afternoon. At that time, Hagen received a call from the secretary of the movie studio owner, saying that within an hour a car would pick him up to Mr. Ulz’s villa for dinner. She said that it takes three hours for the car to arrive. She also said that there was wine and snacks in the car. Hagen knew that Ulz was going on his private plane, so he was puzzled, why not ask him to fly too? The female secretary also added politely:

“Mr. Ultz also suggests that you bring a short-distance travel bag. He intends to take you to the airport early in the morning.”

“Okay, it’s a deal,” Hegen said. .

Another puzzled question. How did Ults know that he was going to take the morning flight back to New York? Perhaps Ulz sent a private detective to follow him and collect as much useful information as possible. From this point of view, Ultz must know that he represents the old man, which means that he knows a little about the old man, and also that he is now willing to reconsider the problem seriously. Hagen thought: Maybe it will be a little bit effective in the end. Perhaps, Ulz knows more about the current affairs than this morning. Ulz’s villa looks like an inexplicable movie setting: a plantation-like mansion, a vast garden, surrounded by a very elegant cinder road that only horses are allowed to walk through, and a large group of horses have been repaired in stables. , Opened up the pasture. Fences, flower beds, lawns, like the nails of a movie star, are meticulously trimmed.

Ulz welcomed Heigen on the glass-inlaid veranda with air-conditioning equipment. The boss wore casual clothes, a sky blue silk shirt with an open neckline, wide mustard slacks underneath, and soft leather sandals. Against the backdrop of this bright and luxurious costume, his rude face can really startle people at first glance. He handed Hagen an extra-large glass martini glass and picked one from the tray. His attitude was much more friendly than in the last half of the day. He put his hand on Hagen’s shoulder and said,

“We will have a while away from the meal. Let’s take a look at my horse.”

When the two of them walked to the stable, he said:

” I finally figured out your old ways. Tom, you should have told me that your boss is Corleone. In the morning I only treated you as a third-rate ground snake that Johnny invited to scare me. And I It’s not accustomed to scaring. It’s not because I want to make enemies, but because I don’t approve of scaring at all. But for now, let’s relax! Serious things, talk about it after dinner. “

Unexpectedly, Ulz turned out to be a real meeting. A host who cares for the guests. He hopes that his stable will become the most successful stable in America. To this end, he adopted some new methods and measures, and explained them all. These stables are fire-resistant and kept to the highest level of cleanliness, and there is also a full-time security team responsible for guarding them. Finally, Ulz led him to see the isolation stables. There was a large copper plaque on the wall with the name “Katumu” written on it.

The horse in the stable was a beautiful and good horse even to the eyes of Heigen’s inexperienced horses. Katumu was black and shiny, with a diamond-shaped white hair on his large forehead. The big brown eyes flickered, like a pair of golden apples; the round body was all black hair, like black silk. Ultz said with a childlike pride:

“This is the best racehorse in the world. I bought it from the UK for 600,000 US dollars last year. I bet that even the Russian czar would buy a horse. The price has never been so high. But I don’t plan to let it race again, and stay for breeding. I plan to build the largest horse racing stable in the country.”

He squeezed his horse’s mane and yelled tenderly:

“Katumu , Katumu!”

The beast nodded and waved his tail. Ulz said to Hagen:

“I’m still a born good rider, you know? I didn’t start riding until I was fifty.” “Speaking, he laughed aloud, “Maybe my grandmother or grandmother raped Cossacks in Russia when I was young, so I also have Cossack blood. “

He scratched Katumu’s belly to make it itchy, and then said in a convincing tone:

“Look at the guy under it, how proud!” “

They went back to the building to have dinner. The tablecloths were made of gold and silver threads, and the tableware was all inlaid with gold and silver, but the food was not very good. Obviously, Ulz lived here as single; it was also obvious He is a person who doesn’t pay much attention to food. Hagen

never talked about the subject. When they both lit the Havana cigar and smoked, he asked Ulz: “Can Johnny participate in that film? The shooting? “

I can’t,” Ulz said. “I can’t install Johnny in that film, even if I want to install it, it won’t help.” All the actors’ contracts have been signed: filming will start next week, and I really have no room for maneuver. “

Hegen couldn’t help it, and said: “Mr. Ultz, there is a great advantage in dealing with the highest-ranking figures, that is, it can make such excuses untenable. In fact, you can do whatever you want. “

He smack smack cigar said:

” will afford you do not believe my client can trustworthy? “

Ulz said calmly: “I believe I will encounter trouble in the trade union. Guofu called me to talk about this issue. A son of a bitch, Guofu, judging from the tone he spoke to me, you never thought I would pay him one hundred thousand dollars. At the same time, I also believe that you can prevent my masculine celebrity who messes with same-sex relationships from getting heroin. But I don’t care about this: I can provide enough funds for the film I want to make. The main reason is that I hate that little bastard Fangtan. Tell your boss: This is something I cannot agree to. You might as well ask other questions to test me, any other questions will do. “

Hagen thought to himself: “You mean old bastard, why did you invite me to the country? This movie studio owner has a ghost in his heart. Hagen said coldly:

“I think you don’t Understand the situation, Mr. Corleone is the godfather of Johnny Fontan, this is a very close and very sacred religious relationship. When

he mentioned religion, Ulz bowed his head to express his piety. Hegen said:

“There is a little joke in Italy, saying that the world is too sinister. People have to have two fathers to take care of them, so they all have godfathers. Because Johnny’s father is dead, Mr. Corleone feels more of his responsibility. Speaking of testing you, Mr. Corleone will not be so stubborn. Anywhere, once the first request is rejected, he will never make the second request. “

Ulz shrugged his shoulders and said,

“I’m sorry, but the answer is still no, but since you have come here.” I would like to ask, how much do I have to spend in order to clear the troubles brewing by the union? Cash, pay immediately. “

This said, a mystery in Hagen’s heart was solved. Since Ultz had already decided not to assign that role to Johnny, why would it take so much time? That decision seems to be unchangeable. Ur Ci has no fear: he is not afraid of the power of the old man Corleone. Of course, Ultz relies on his political power in the upper ranks of the country, relies on his friendship with the head of the FBI, and relies on his huge wealth. With his absolute authority in the film industry, he is not afraid of the threat of the old man Corleone. From the eyes of any savvy person, even to Hagen, Ulz’s assessment of himself seems to be correct. If he is willing to bear the possible losses caused by the workers’ struggle, the old man is helpless. But the old man Corleone has promised his godson that he can get the opportunity to play that role. And the old man Corleone, as far as Hagen knows, is here He has never lost faith on such issues.

Hegen said calmly: “You deliberately misrepresented my meaning. You try to be an accomplice of what I say finished extortion. Mr. Corleone promised to speak nicely for you on the issue of trade union disputes. As a sign of friendship, he also hopes to exchange courtesy. This is just a friendly exchange, nothing else. However, I can see that you are not taking it seriously. In my personal opinion, you are making a mistake. “

Ultz seemed to have been waiting for such comments, and immediately became angry.

“I fully understood it a long time ago,” he said. “This is how the underground forces work, right? When you are making real threats, all you put out are olive oil, slippery, and sweet. Honey. So let me pick the question. Johnny Fangtan will never get the opportunity to play that role, even though he is quite suitable for that role. Playing that role will make him a great star. However, he would never have such a chance. The reason is that I hate him, this little pink Afei, and I want to kick him out of the film industry. I can also tell you the inside story. He gave me the most valuable woman under my sect. Actor, one of my proud students was ruined. In the past five years, I have managed to get this girl to listen to classes, train, learn to sing, learn to dance, learn to perform; I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. I plan to train her into a star . I might as well tell you more frankly to show that I am not a hard-hearted person, the key is not in money. That girl is very pretty, has a big ass, a big ass I have never seen before, and I am all over the world I’ve touched big butts. She can suck you up like a pump. But Johnny got in, and with his olive oil-like slippery tone and shallow charming charm, she abducted her. She was. I flicked my hands and left, which made me laugh. People in my position, Mr. Hagen, can’t

bear to make people laugh. I must let him go!” Ultz’s words made Hagen Surprised. He found it unbelievable that an elderly person with an industry would allow such trivial matters to influence his judgment on a serious matter, and it was still such a serious matter. In Hagen’s world, in the Corleone family’s world, the physical beauty and the sexual charm of women have no weight in the process of dealing with secular affairs. The problem between men and women is a trivial matter of little importance, unless of course it involves marriage and family honor and disgrace. Hagen decided to try again.

“You are absolutely right, Mr. Ulz,” said Hagen, “but are you so sad about these little things? I don’t think you understand how important this little request is to my client. . When Johnny was being baptized as a baby, Mr. Corleone held him in his arms. After Johnny’s father died, Mr. Corleone assumed the duty of being a father. To be honest, yes. Many, many people expressed their respect and gratitude for the help he provided, and they all referred to him religiously as the “Godfather.” Mr. Corleone would never die to his friends.”

Ulz stood up suddenly.

“This is annoying to me. The villain is not qualified to give me orders; I am qualified to give them orders. If I grab this phone, you will have to spend the night in jail tonight. If it were the leader of the underground gang If you dare to be hard on me, then he will find that I am not a small foreman who leads only a few people. Hmph, I have heard of that kind of saying. Listen, then your Cowley Mr. Ang was hit, he still doesn’t know where he came from. Even if the trouble is to the point where I have to use my power in the White House, I don’t hesitate.”

What a stupid bastard. Hagen really didn’t understand how an idiot like this would go straight up and become a tycoon, an adviser to the president, and the head of the world’s largest film studio. The old man should enter the film industry, that’s for sure. The guy in front of him only understood the literal value of what he said to the old man. He had not yet grasped the real message.

“You invited me to this delicious meal, and another nice evening, thank you!” Hagen said. “Can you take me to the airport? I don’t think I need to spend the night here.” He sneered at Ulz. “Mr. Corleone’s usual style is that if you encounter bad news, you must hear the report immediately. “

Hagen waited at the door, the colonnade was illuminated by floodlights, and a long limousine had been parked on the parking road outside. He saw two women about to get in the car. These two women were the two he saw in Ulz’s office this morning: the beautiful little girl and her mother. But now, the little girl’s delicately carved soft lips have become a thick pink mass due to scribbling. Her sea-blue eyes also seemed to be covered with a thin film; when she stepped down the steps and walked to the car, her long legs staggered like a pony with a broken leg. When the mother was holding the child, she got into the car with her arms, and at the same time gave her whispered orders. She occasionally turned her head and glanced at Heigen quickly; he noticed an eagle-like proud look in her eyes. Then, she also got in the car.

This may be the reason why he didn’t get the plane ride, Hagen speculated. The little girl and her mother flew by the same plane as the boss of the movie studio. In this way, Ulz has plenty of time to rest before meals; at the same time, he also plays with the little girl by the way. But Johnny just wants to live in such a world, somehow settled there? I wish him luck, I wish Ulz luck.

Pauli Gatu is disgusted with the task of quick fight and quick resolution, especially when the task involves the use of violence. He likes to plan well in advance. For example, tonight’s task, although it sounds ordinary, if one of them makes a mistake, the overall situation may be wrong. At this time, he was drinking beer, and from time to time he looked at the young boy Fuzi who was pulling and pulling with the little prostitute at the counter.

Pauli Gatto knew what happened to these two lads a long time ago. Their names are Jerry Wei Nai and Kefen Mengnan. They are all about twenty years old, with clean brows, brown hair, tall stature, and burly physique. They will go back to university in two weeks. Their fathers are very politically powerful people. Firstly, because of their father’s political power, and secondly, because they are all college students, the conscription has not been enlisted on them. They were sentenced to suspended imprisonment for beating Amerigo Bonassella’s daughter. Baoli Gatu thought to himself that these two despicable little bastards, evading military service and violating probation regulations, went to the bar to drink and chase the slut in the middle of the night. These two boys are really choking. Pori Gatu himself was once suspended because the doctor provided a diagnosis certificate to the conscription committee, proving that he was a patient, male, white, 26 years old, unmarried, and received electric shock due to mental disorder. Disturb physiotherapy. Of course, the so-called diagnostic certificates are all false, but Pauli Gatu thinks that his exemption is reasonable and legal. This was all made by Clemenza after proving that Gatu was “loyal” to the Corleone family.

Today, it was Clemenza who told him that this task must be completed decisively and must be completed before the two male dolls return to university. Ga Tu doesn’t quite understand why this task must be completed in New York City. Clemenza’s style has always been that in addition to explaining the task, he always has to give some additional instructions. Now if these two little prostitutes go out with the two little hooligans, then he will have to let them go for another night in vain.

He heard one of the girls while laughing, while saying:

“!.. Jerry, you crazy I do not want to sit with you what I’m afraid of cars like that poor girl, like, in the end admitted to the hospital,”

she kind of The triumphant look is really disgusting. But this is enough information for Ga Tu to decide what to do next. He drank the beer and walked out, hiding in the dark part of the street. It was after midnight, and only the light in one bar was still on, and all the other shops were closed. Clemenza had already taken care of the patrol car in the police area. The patrolling police will not come to this place. They will not arrive until they receive a radio signal.

He stood next to a “hunting” sedan with four doors. There were two people in the car. Although they were two large men, they were barely visible from the outside. Bowery said to the inside:

“When the two little hooligans come out, catch them.”

He still felt that everything was arranged too hastily. Clemenza had already taken the faces of the two little hooligans given by the police. The photos and the places where the two little hooligans often drink and pester the bar girls are given to him. Baoli selected two thugs and gave them specific instructions. They should not hit the top of the head, the back of the head, and cause accidental death. Otherwise, they can do whatever they like. He also gave them a warning:

“If the two little hooligans are cured and discharged after being in the hospital within a month, then you two boys will drive me a truck.”

The two men got out of the car. They were all excellent boxers before, just to show off in a small club, and then they fell in love with Sang Er Corleone. Sang’er gave them a little gesture of righteousness and money, and helped them lead a decent life. They are naturally happy to express their gratitude.

Jerry Weinai and Kevin Mengnan became turtles in the urn after they stepped out of the bar door. Bory Gato was leaning on the fender on the wheel of the car, and when he saw them walking by, he laughed teasingly and shouted at them:

“Hey, daredevil, even those nasty women will take you Push away.”

The two young men turned to him with a smile on their faces. Baoli Gatu pretended that he could only parry and could not fight back. Ga Tuo, this young man, who is short and thin, has a good way of doing this kind of thing. They pounced at him. It was too late. At that time, they were held tightly by the two people who came from behind. Pauli Gatu took the opportunity to put on a set of special brass knuckles on his right hand, which was still full of sixteenths. One inch long nails. His movements were accurate and swift, and he slapped the little gangster named Wei Nai on the nose. Wei Nai was caught, raised high, and left the ground; Baoli raised his arm and aimed his fist in the groin. Hit straight up. Wei Nai was beaten softly; the big man carrying him “slapped” him to the ground. All this took less than six seconds.

Now they turned their attention to Kevin Monan. He was struggling to shout, but the man who was holding him from behind lifted him up easily with a thick and powerful arm, with his other hand. Stopped his throat, so he couldn’t even hum.

Pauly Gatu jumped into the car and was about to drive. The two big men beat Mengnan into meat slurry. They played so unhurriedly and calmly, it was amazing, as if all the time in the world was at their disposal. Their fists are not like a violent storm, but rhythmic slow motion. It seemed as if every punch was carried all the weight of their huge body; every punch was blown, and the fist fell into the flesh. Ga Tu glanced at Meng Nan’s face from the car, it didn’t look like a human face anymore. The two men threw Meng Nan down and laid him on the sidewalk, and then turned their attention to Wei Nai. Wei Nai desperately tried to stand up and screamed for help. Several people came out of the bar. As a result, the two had to speed up. They beat him to the ground, and one of them grabbed him by one arm and twisted it sharply, and then hit him with a kick to the spine. With only a “click”, Wei Nai yelled in pain, and all the windows along the street opened. The two did a clean job. One of them stuck Wei Nai’s head like a vise with both hands and lifted him up, and the other hit a fixed target with a huge fist and “dangdang”. More and more people came out of the bar, but no one interrupted.   Boli Gatu shouted again in the car:

Get in the car, let’s go .” The two big men jumped into the car, Boli increased the accelerator pedal, and the car flew away. Maybe someone will describe the car model and remember the license number, but it won’t do much: First, the license was stolen from California, and second, there are at least 100,000 Black Hunting cars in New York City.