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Chapter 1 Why don’t you go home so late (modified)

At 10:40 in the evening, as soon as Song Xianyu walked out of the gate of’Time Allure,’ he was blocked by Xue Kang.

“It’s off work? I’ll take you home.”

Xue Kang leaned over when he spoke, his eyes stuck to the girl’s delicate collarbone, which was directly and explicit.

Song Xianyu frowned, took a step back, avoiding Xue Kang’s mouthful of alcohol, and said indifferently, “I can go home by myself.”

Even though the girl’s face is cold, the innate girlishness between her eyebrows and eyes , Still hooked the hearts and minds of people.

Xue Kang’s throat was dry, his eyes were hot, and he reached out to hold Song Xianyu’s waist, “I’m your fiance, who won’t you give it to you?”

Song Xianyu avoided Xue Kang’s hand without a trace, and his face became more and more indifferent. I am not your fiancée.”

Her rejection made Xue Kang very upset, “Your mother took the initiative to marry you to me. As the price of marrying you, my dad has promised to bring your sister upright next year. Why? Do you want to regret it now?”

Song Xianyu’s face turned pale, her fingers tightened suddenly, pinching her palms aching.

Xue Kang is a well-known second-generation ancestor in the capital. He is unlearned, addicted to alcohol and lust. According to unreliable sources, he seems to be contaminated with drugs. However, no girl who is a good person wants to be involved with such a person.

But her mother tried every possible means to marry her to him.

Song Xianyu’s heart was chilly. For a moment, she raised her eyes and looked at Xue Kang stubbornly, “You also said, all this is what my mother meant, and I never promised it.” She

chased Song Xianyu halfway. For months, he has never been favored by beauties, and Xue Kang, who had made love so handy, was dissatisfied. Now that Song Xianyu has so determined to clear the relationship, Xue Kang’s patience has finally exhausted.

He grabbed Song Xianyu’s shoulder-length hair and said violently: “I have no woman that Xue Kang wants. I can’t get it. You don’t want to toast. You have to eat fine wine. I’ve already opened it. I’m out of the room, I want you tonight!”

Song Xianyu’s face was pale, and the muscles in her neck bulged. She gritted her teeth and endured the pain and said: “You are breaking the law!”

“It’s breaking the law?” Xue Kang pinched hard. Her chin and her thin chin were deformed. He was very satisfied with the horror in her eyes, and sarcastically said: “In this capital, I am Wang Fa!” The

voice just

fell– “Master Xue is so big.” The tone of voice.” A low, magnetic male voice answered Xue Kang’s words.

Song Xianyu looked around and saw a tall man walking towards the light.

He was wearing a simple white shirt and black suit, with two buttons at the bottom of his neck, one hand in his pocket, and the other with a cigarette hanging from his leg. It seemed casual, but in fact, as he approached, there was a strong pressure. Come.

Song Xianyu stared at him closely, a glimmer of hope rose in her beautiful eyes. She knew this man, Ji Linyuan, the current head of the VINCI Group. He once came to her birthday party.

When Xue Kang saw Ji Linyuan, he immediately let go of Song Xianyu, changed his talented arrogance, nodded and bowed to meet Ji Linyuan, “Ji Linyuan, what a coincidence, I met you here.”

Ji Linyuan shook Xue Kang indifferently. After a few simple greetings with her hands, she looked at Song Xianyu who was quietly standing beside her, touching the red fingerprint on her chin, her eyes deepened suddenly.

Song Xianyu has thin skin and tender flesh, and his finger prints are very clear.

Ji Linyuan threw the cigarette butt off beside his leather shoes, stretched out his hand to hold Song Xianyu’s arm and pulled him in front of him, with a calm and familiar tone: “Why don’t you go home so late?”

Song Xianyu was surprised at what Ji Linyuan said. Intimacy, and soon came to understand, he was afraid that he was acting for Xue Kang to watch, and quickly caught his surprise, Song Xianyu took Ji Linyuan’s arm with kindness, raised his head and smiled and met the man’s eyes, and his tone was also affectionate: “I

Just about to go home.” “I’ll take you back.” After Ji Linyuan finished speaking, he turned to Xue Kang and said, “Go one step ahead.”

Xue Kang was a little surprised when he saw that the two were so familiar. Go, even though he was afraid of Ji Linyuan’s power, he still spoke: “Little fish…”

Ji Linyuan turned his head and asked faintly: “Is there something else?”

His speech speed was not hurried, his eyes were turbulent, but it was this one. The impetuousness and power contained in the calmness made Xue Kang’s scalp tighten, and the question that was about to be spoken also became, “You guys go slowly.”

Ji Linyuan nodded, and took Song Xianyu onto a low-key black Tim Yue. .

The driver was an assistant.

Song Xianyu sat in the back seat with Ji Linyuan. The man beside her had a strong sense of presence. She had a sense of restraint like a mansive back, and Yu Guang couldn’t help but glance at the man’s deep and stern face.

Before tonight, she had only met him twice, once at her tenth birthday party and once at her eighteenth birthday.

The first time she could not remember the specific situation, but the second time she remembered that the phrase “Congratulations on your growing up” he said to her was full of inexplicable relief.

Song Xianyu never understood where his gratification came from. It was obvious that she and him were not relatives and strangers.

Pursing her lips, she turned to look at Ji Linyuan and smiled and said, “What happened just now, thank you Mr. Ji.”

Her tone was alienated and respectful, completely devoid of the closeness that had been when holding Ji Linyuan’s arm.

Ji Linyuan looked over, with a deep accumulation of prestige.

The girl is wearing an elegant sleeveless one-piece dress, with slightly curly long hair hanging down her shoulders, her brows and eyes are shining, her face is surprisingly clean, and her body is slim.

Perceiving the gaze coming from him, Song Xianyu’s hand on his leg unconsciously grasped the skirt, her eyes dodged on both sides, and her heartbeat speeded up.

Seeing that she was uncomfortable, Ji Linyuan quickly retracted his gaze, and then handed over a business card.

Unknown Song Xianyu went inside, raising his eyes to look at Ji Linyuan.

Ji Linyuan’s tone was indifferent: “If you encounter problems in the future, call me.”

Song Xianyu’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and after a moment of silence, he reached out and took it.

The car quickly reached the gate of the villa area where Song’s family was located. Song Xianyu said, “Let me

get off right here.” After getting off the car, she stood by the side of the road and watched Tian Yue leave.

I always feel that Ji Linyuan’s attitude towards her is a bit strange.

When I got home, I was about to change my shoes in the hallway. The living room heard the sound of the whip hitting the flesh, accompanied by the dog’s screams.

Song Xianyu paused with the slippers in his hand.

Immediately afterwards, a burst of angry swearing came: “A beast is a beast, no matter how you are not familiar with it, other people’s dogs will wag their tails to please their masters, but you, a beast, will only fight against me!”

Song Xianyu changed his shoes and walked in. In the living room, I saw Yang Zhen beating his pet Satsuma angrily with a whip, and Satsuma hid in the corner with her tail and yelled.

Seeing Song Xianyu, Nasamo rushed to hide behind her like a savior, Yang Zhen was furious, and came over with a whip.


Song Xianyu couldn’t dodge, with a whip on her left cheek impartially.

“Is the wings hard? Don’t even dare to listen to me!”

Song Xianyu would have lived for twenty years if he couldn’t hear it so clearly.

Thinking about it, Xue Kang had called Yang Zhen.

Half of her face hurts fiercely, Song Xianyu’s eyes turned cold, and her lips curled: “Mom, you have said that U is a beast, so why not behave like a beast? Isn’t it lowering his identity?”

“You!” Disgusted with her indifferent appearance, raised his hand and threw the whip off again.

Song Xianyu was beaten unprepared just now. This time he avoided it with ease. “It’s so mad that it hurts the liver. You still have to watch your sister go up and down. It’s important to take care of your body.”

Xue Kang is the son of the secretary, and Yang Zhen took Song. Xianyu squeezed Xue Kang with Xue Kang, just to take advantage of the Xue family to pave a broad road for his daughter.

Yang Zhen stared at her bitterly, with a mean look in her eyes, “Don’t be proud, don’t think that Ji Linyuan will help you, you will really hook up with him, just like you, you will be a junior. Xue Shao is willing to marry you, it’s you. The blessing from the previous life!”

Song Xianyu smiled and sneered: “Since it is a blessing, it is better to give it to my sister. When my sister becomes the daughter-in-law of the Xue family, she will definitely be protected by the Xue family. Can climb into the sky in one step.”

Yang Zhen was furious, “Was Ziming picked you back from the rubbish dump back then, and you have a horrible life? That’s how you repayed you after raising you for more than ten years? Raising a dog is better than you! No wonder your mother wants it. Throw you away, if I give birth to a white-eyed wolf like you, I don’t want it either!”

Song Xianyu tightened his fingers suddenly.

“Fortunately, you are not my mother. Your temper is really disappointing.”

After she finished speaking, she didn’t go to see Yang Zhen’s face and didn’t turn upstairs.

Behind him came the sound of broken porcelain.

Song Xianyu returned to the room, stood in front of the washstand, and looked at herself in the mirror.

The fingerprints that Xue Kang pinched hadn’t completely disappeared yet, and there was another red and swollen weal mark.

However, her facial features are too outstanding, these not only did not damage her appearance, but showed a pitiful taste.

After a brief shower without blowing her hair, Song Xianyu wrapped a dry hair towel on her head, turned off the light and fell asleep.

As soon as I closed my eyes, a pair of bottomless eyes appeared in front of my eyes.

After a moment of silence, she suddenly remembered something, turned on the light and took out a watch box from the drawer under the bedside table, which contained a diamond-encrusted ladies watch.

This was given to her by Ji Linyuan on the day of her eighteen-year-old coming-of-age ceremony.

At the beginning, she thought that this watch was only a few thousand at most, because she liked it, and after wearing it for a period of time, she didn’t realize that this watch was actually a customized model worth tens of millions of dollars until she met Xiao Ai, who was born and famous.

She never wore it again.

Who would give such a valuable gift to someone who has no relatives and no reason? That man is really strange.


Uncle Ji strikes.

Why does Uncle Ji have nothing to do with our little fish? Of course, there are special reasons, not everyone is so protective.

As for the reason, Mouyao naturally wanted to sell Guanzi.

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