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012: The frequency of encountering Ji Linyuan is a bit high

“Oh! I lost…” Xiao Ai put down the phone in frustration, took a strong sip of the milkshake, turned his head and saw Song Xianyu looking downstairs, leaning over, and seeing Xiao Rang eyebrows along her sight.

“Does my aunt look very beautiful?” Xiao Ai bit her straw, waved her eyebrows at Xiao Rang, and said to Song Xianyu: “I heard that my aunt was a famous beauty in the upper-class circles of the capital. Cross the threshold of the Xiao family.” In the

garden, someone went to talk to Xiao Rangmei.

Song Xianyu retracted her gaze, “It’s beautiful.”

Xiao Ai tilted her chin, and said to You Rongyan: “It’s necessary.” After

a moment of silence, she looked at Song Xianyu’s face as if she had discovered a new world. “To be honest, you look a lot like my aunt, especially this Liwor…”

Song Xianyu’s cell phone rang before she finished her words .

Xiao Ai closed her mouth angrily and watched Song Xianyu take out her mobile phone to answer the call.

It was from Yang Zhen.

“At six o’clock in the evening, Capital Hotel, don’t be late.”

After speaking, he hung up over there.

Song Xianyu then remembered that Song Ziming planned to meet Ji Linyuan at the Capital Hotel tonight and thanked him for his investment in the Huatai project.

After looking at the time, it was half past five.

She got up and stuffed her phone into her bag, “I forgot to have dinner at night, so I will leave first.”

“Ah? Can you come after dinner?” Xiao Ai puffed when she heard Song Xianyu’s voice on the phone. He said, “I haven’t learned how to play King.”

Song Xianyu smiled, “You can’t be fat with one bite, take your time.”

“I’ll let the driver see you off.” Xiao Ai followed Song Xianyu downstairs and met Xiao Rangmei who was upstairs at the jogging platform.

Xiao let Mei wanted to see his niece, but his eyes fell on the classmate next to her niece, “I finished learning English?”

Xiao Ai smiled guilty, “No, but Xiaoyu has something to go back.”

Xiao let Mei nod slightly. “It’s not easy to ask the driver to give it away to help you make up classes.”

Xiao Ai circled Song Xianyu’s arm, “Of course.”

Song Xianyu met

Xiao Rangmei’s gaze, “Thank you, Mrs. Xiao .” Xiao Rangmei slightly With a smile, he stepped up the stairs and continued to go upstairs, every movement was very elegant and exquisite.

Going downstairs, Xiao Ai ordered the servant to prepare the car, and then took Song Xianyu out to wait for the car. Soon, a black SUV drove over, and Xiao Ai opened the rear door before he stepped forward.

The driver got out of the cab and said, “Miss, this car belongs to President Ji…”

“Eh?” Xiao Ai walked around to the front of the car and looked at it. As expected, it was not the brand of the Xiao family’s usual car, “Si Brother Ji is here? When will he come? Yes?” The

driver replied, “I came here with Mr. Xiao around one o’clock in the afternoon.” Mr.

Xiao in the driver’s mouth was Xiao Yan’s third cousin.

As he was talking, there was a sound of footsteps behind him, accompanied by the voice of a man.

Xiao Ai turned his head and saw the two men walking by, putting together their legs apart at will. The posture was as good as possible, and the tone was flattering: “Brother Ji, Brother Ji, are you going out?”

At this time, another. When a black SUV drove over, Xiao Yan glanced at the car, and his voice was cold, just as he felt, “You have to go out too?”

Xiao Ai shook his head, “Xiaoyu is going to the Capital Hotel, I will let the driver Send her off.”

Ji Linyuan put one hand in his pocket, with a cigarette in his other hand, and his deep gaze fell on Song Xianyu.

The girl was wearing a plain white cotton T-shirt, ripped denim shorts, and white sneakers. Standing next to a famous brand Xiao Ai looked too plain, but her straight, milky white legs made this plain and alluring.

Song Xianyu lowered his head and stroked the raw edges of his shorts with his hands hanging on the side of his legs.

Suddenly discovered that the frequency of encountering Ji Linyuan in the past few days is a bit high.

Just had breakfast together in the morning and met again in the afternoon.

“Lin Yuan won’t be going to the Capital Hotel for a while, so I’ll pick Xiao Ai on the way.” Xiao Yan took a mouthful of cigarettes and proposed.

Xiao Ai agreed with this proposal, “Can you? Brother Ji?”

Ji Linyuan calmly turned away, “Yes.” When the

words fell, he stepped on the cigarette butt by his feet, walked down the steps, and opened the passenger car door.

Get in the car.” Song Xianyu glanced at his hand holding the door handle, with distinct bone joints and slender fingers.

“Get in the car, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Xiao Ai urged.

Song Xianyu smiled slightly, “Okay.” The

car quickly drove away from the Xiao family compound.

Ji Linyuan drove very steadily, no matter whether it was starting or braking, it would not make people feel dizzy.

Song Xianyu Yu Guangli is a steady way of focusing on driving.

Suddenly, the phone vibrated.

Song Xianyu retracted his gaze and turned to look out of the car window.

In the ear, Ji Linyuan’s deep and magnetic voice sounded, which was very sultry in the enclosed space. “What’s the matter?” After

a moment, he said: “You should ask someone from the T tour out to talk, how should you say, Do your own calculations, and I’ll be there tomorrow.” In a few

words, Song Xianyu heard the determination and courage of strategizing.

When he closed the line, Song Xianyu said: “I remember the glory of the king is a mobile game launched by T Games. Do you have a cooperation with their company?”

This is a bit of a suspicion that there is nothing to say.

Ji Linyuan turned his head and glanced at her, and gave a faint “um”, his tone was not perfunctory, but he could hear that he was not interested in Song Xianyu’s question.

Song Xianyu looked down. She and Ji Linyuan weren’t from the same world, and it’s normal if they couldn’t talk together.

After a moment of silence, Ji Linyuan took the initiative to speak: “Is the injury on his face better?”

Song Xianyu turned to look at him, her beautiful eyes gleaming, and she raised her hand and touched her cheek, showing the little girl’s heart, “Okay.” A lot, thank you for your anti-swelling cream.”

“Be careful when you walk in the future.” Ji Linyuan said.

Song Xianyu was stunned for a moment. She didn’t understand what he meant, and was about to ask when her cell phone rang.

It was from Yang Zhen.

Song Xianyu glanced at Ji Linyuan and turned down the phone’s voice when he got on the phone.

“Are you here?” Yang Zhen said indifferently, “I invited Mrs. Xue and Shao Xue to come over. You will speak carefully for a while and don’t shame Ziming.”

“Okay, I’ll be there soon.”

I heard the phone call from the phone. With the busy tone of’toot toot’, Song Xianyu pursed her lips.

Yang Zhen hasn’t given up on the idea of climbing the Xue family.

When the time came, and the car had just stopped, Shao Yun walked over and opened the door of the cab, “General Ding and Secretary Xue, they have arrived, and they are all waiting for you…”

Seeing Song Xianyu coming from the co-pilot, Shao Yun said in his mouth The words obviously stagnated.

Song Xianyu smiled decently, knowing that they had important things to be busy, and said wittily: “Thank you Mr. Ji for bringing me here, I won’t bother you.”

Ji Linyuan nodded and walked into the door with Shao Yun first.

Song Xianyu deliberately lags a few steps behind, staring at Ji Linyuan’s back unscrupulously.

The man has long legs and broad shoulders. The shirt and trousers fit perfectly, making him tall and tall. He took the information handed over by Shao Yun. The moment he opened the elevator door opened, he stepped in, turned around, and looked down at the document. , A focused look, has a different kind of charm.

He seemed to notice Song Xianyu’s gaze, and the moment the elevator door closed tightly, he looked up.

Being caught off guard, Song Xianyu’s heart jumped.

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