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013: The season of VINCI is not good

Ji Linyuan’s eyes were like an abyss, as if he could perceive all mundane things in the world. Obviously, he was separated by more than ten meters, but Song Xianyu had the illusion of being stared closely at him, and couldn’t help being flustered.

The elevator door finally closed tightly, blocking Ji Linyuan’s deep sight behind the door.

Song Xianyu held his heartbeat too fast.

Song Ziming’s box is on the second floor.

As soon as Song Xianyu got out of the elevator, she saw Yang Zhen waiting outside, “Mom.”

Yang Zhen gave her a cold look, “I have something to tell you.”

Song Xianyu followed Yang Zhen to a quiet place.

“Over the past ten years, Ziming has treated you like your own daughter. You don’t want to see his family’s disharmony, right?” Yang Zhen folded his arms and was domineering.

Song Xianyu looked at her and knew what she was going to say, but he still asked: “So?”

“I asked Mrs. Xue and Shao Xue to come over. One, because Shao Xue likes you, and I am very optimistic about this. Marriage, second, Ji Linyuan’s party tonight is Secretary Xue and Mrs. Xue is there. The chance of catching up with Ji Linyuan is a little bit higher. If you don’t cooperate, let Ziming know that I force you to stay with Shao Xue, he will definitely I’m mad at me, I will inevitably have to fight.”

Yang Zhen said this, her expression a little distorted, “The old lady has always wanted to find an excuse for Ziming to hand over the company. If we fight, she will definitely catch it and use this as an excuse. Ziming has devoted half of his life to Huatai. Are you going to make him lose all of this?”

“What to do, you should think carefully about it.” After

Yang Zhen said the last sentence, she turned around and left, unwilling to wait for a moment.

Song Xianyu stood where she saw Song Ziming more than ten years ago. The clean, well-dressed uncle took off her coat and gently wrapped her dirty, holding her in tears and said, “Don’t be afraid. Child, I will be your father from now on.”

She still remembers the hug, which is unspeakable warmth.

Yang Zhen was waiting for her at the door of the box, and when she saw her coming here obediently, a sneer flashed across her indifferent and mean eyes.

In the next instant, the box door opened, and Yang Zhen changed her face like a Peking Opera. Her face changed, and the corners of her eyes and eyebrows were filled with a gentle smile that made people feel like spring breeze.

“Mrs. Xue has arrived. I’m really sorry, but something has been delayed for a while.” Yang Zhen said politely.

“It’s okay, we just sat down.” Mrs. Xue was dressed dignified and elegant, smiled kindly, and the superiority between her brows and eyes, invisibly distanced her from others.

Yang Zhen took Song Xianyu’s hand affectionately, “This is my daughter Song

Xianyu, Xiaoyu, come and show Mrs. Xue.” In the box, Song Ziming, Song Chujian, Mrs. Xue and Xue Kang scattered around. Sitting at the round table.

Song Xianyu was by Yang Zhen, like a good daughter who was obedient and sensible, “Mrs. Xue.”

Madam Xue’s eyes were suspicious and critical when she saw Song Xianyu.

Is this the sweetheart of her son’s heart? She looks pretty good, but her background is lower, and the daughter of a small businessman can’t get on the stage.

However, as long as her son likes it, it doesn’t matter what the others are, it’s fine to spend more time on teaching after marrying home.

Madam Xue was disdainful, but she couldn’t tell

at all on her face. She smiled and exclaimed: “What a beauty.” Xue Kang’s gaze stuck to her as soon as Song Xianyu appeared.

That night Ji Linyuan clearly defended Song Xianyu, and the Xue family, the power of the Ji family, couldn’t provoke him. Although he was confused, he was not too overwhelmed.

It’s just that the more unobtainable things, the more itchy and unbearable.

With Yang Zhen as the guarantor, Ji Linyuan has nothing to do with Song Xianyu, and promised that Song Xianyu would marry him willingly.

As long as Song Xianyu is willing, no matter how powerful Ji Linyuan is, he can’t control this relationship between men and women.

Xue Kang’s eyes became more explicit when he thought of this.

Yang Zhen noticed Xue Kang’s eyes on Song Xianyu’s desire to eat Song Xianyu immediately, and her lips became more smiling. After ordering the waiter to serve the food, she picked up the red wine box placed on the cabinet and sent it to Mrs. Xue to open it, “This is A friend of mine said it was a collector’s edition, but I didn’t understand it. I heard that Mrs. Xue has a lot of research on red wine, so it is better to borrow flowers to present Buddha and let people who understand it have it.”

Mrs. Xue saw the bottle of red wine, her eyes lit up slightly.

She saw it at the Poly auction last year. The 1985 Richburg dry red wine had a reserve price of 100,000 US dollars, and was finally auctioned off by a private collector for 150,000 US dollars.

The Xue family has the right, so there is no shortage of money, but the wind was tight at the time, she did not dare to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a bottle of wine, and regretted it for a long time after missing it.

Mrs. Xue picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea, her eyelids drooping, she seemed to be unconcerned with this bottle of red wine, “This is not suitable, for no reason, how can I receive such a valuable gift from you.”

Yang Zhen is a personal spirit. How could I not know what she meant, and laughed: “How can we be a family in the future, and we will send something to each other, and others will not be able to tell if they know it.”

Song Ziming frowned, Yang Zhen’s. The performance was a little different from what she told him.

He turned his head to look at Song Xianyu, who was holding the teacup in both hands, bowed his head and drank a mouthful, his expression was faint, as if he hadn’t heard Yang Zhen’s words.

Mrs. Xue pretended to resign, and finally accepted it’helplessly’, with a lot of smiles on her face. Yang Zhen chatted with her for a while and turned the topic to Secretary Xue, “There is a new policy above. Secretary Xue has been busy recently, right?”

“No.” Mrs. Xue is in a good mood and talks a lot. “Every day I get up early and greedy, and I have to personally ask about everything. I’m afraid of going out of business. No, I said a week ago that I would go to my mother’s house for dinner tonight. As a result, I

am now upstairs talking with a few corporate bosses.” Yang Zhen laughed: “Businessmen are afraid of becoming officials, and Secretary

Xue is very easy to talk about things.” Mrs. Xue shook her head, “Otherwise, others are easy to handle. , That’s the President Ji of the VINCI Group. It’s not easy. If you’re not afraid of your jokes, Xue Yang suffers from insomnia every time he talks with Ji Linyuan the night before, and I often laugh at me.”

“Ji Linyuan is here too? “Yang Zhen pretended to be surprised.” Last time Ziming was in charge of a project that had some flaws and the capital chain was in short supply. Fortunately, he invested a sum of money to make Ziming go away. Ziming always wanted to thank him face-to-face, but suffered from no chance. He is a busy person, not anyone who wants to see him.”

Mrs. Xue has been an official wife for decades. She has never seen a fox. She immediately heard Yang Zhen’s voice and glanced at the bottle of expensive red wine. He smiled and said: “What’s so difficult about this? After they finish talking, I will call Xue Yang and ask him to connect you to Ji Linyuan.”

Yang Zhen was surprised, “How embarrassing is this? Will you give it to me? Secretary

Xue troubles?” Mrs. Xue laughed: “What is the trouble, it’s all a family.”

This chapter has been revised, and Yao is not satisfied with what she writes every day…

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