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014: He is used to flattery to please

Mrs. Xue laughed: “What’s the trouble, it’s all a family.”

Yang Zhen and her come and go as if they are planning to get married.

Song Xianyu put down the tea cup without looking at anyone. He reached out and turned a plate of soy pig ears on the turntable in front of him. Without chopsticks, he squeezed a piece with two fingers. The three fingers at the back were raised high, and slightly lifted his chin and the tip of his tongue. Stretch out and eat the pig ears into your mouth.

The taste is delicate and elegant, which is pleasing to the eyes of Xue Kang.

But in Mrs. Xue’s eyes, it was uncultivated.

She frowned and the smile on her lips faded.

“I’m a little hungry.” Before Yang Zhen had an attack, Song Xianyu smiled innocently and said innocently: “I like pig ears the most. It’s good for skin, beauty, and chicken wings. I also like it…”

As she said, she turned the chicken wings in front of her, stretched out her hand to take it, but was scalded, shrinking her hands and shouting pain, without tutoring.

The smile in Mrs. Xue’s eyes disappeared completely, and only a formulaic arc remained at the corner of her mouth.

The smile on Yang Zhen’s face was almost unbearable, and she turned around and graciously ordered the waiter to help Song Xianyu’s chopsticks to be replaced with knives and forks, and explained to Mrs. Xue, “Xiaoyu had been abroad for a period of time and was used to eating with foreigners. Tools, I was negligent today. I taught Mrs.

Xue to laugh .” Mrs. Xue smiled, picked up the teacup and drank tea, and said nothing.

When Song Ziming saw this scene, he had a scrupulous heart. Just when the waiter had finished serving the food, he raised his glass and changed the subject: “It is my honour that Mrs. Xue is willing to show her face today. I will trouble Mrs. Xue later with Mr. Ji. I will do it first. Regards, you are free.”

Madam Xue took a sip from the wine glass, “You don’t have to be so polite, I am very fond of Madam Song.”

She did not say anything about the family.

Yang Zhen quickly tore the tablecloth in front of him, and chatted with Mrs. Xue with a smile, and Song Chu saw him by the side, and the atmosphere gradually warmed up.

Song Xianyu ate for a while, wiped his mouth, and took out his mobile phone to play King of Glory. The sound of the game was not loud, but it was enough for everyone in the box to hear.

“Do you still like to play games?” Xue Kang didn’t know when to sit next to her.

Song Xianyu gave in, avoiding Xue Kang’s breath, “Of course, I like playing games the most. I can play all kinds of games, can you?”

Xue Kang can’t play at night, where can I play? game.

Song Xianyu sneered, “I can’t even play games.”

In the eyes of the elders, games have always been associated with playthings.

Moreover, Song Xianyu’s volume was not low, and her tone was disdainful. Madam Xue was very upset when she heard it.

What else did Xue Kang want to say? Song Xianyu got a call from her cell phone. She got up and walked out of the box without saying hello.

The call was from Wang Jinyi, “Xiaoyu, I told you before that my aunt works as a nanny at Jing’s house, remember? I just heard her say that the second lady in the third room of Jing’s house is going to be engaged to Ji Linyuan, he Now I’m a married man…”

Song Xianyu stood in the corridor window, and the hot wind blew on the cold skin, very comfortable.

She circled her nails on the window sill, seeming to be bored, and she seemed to use small gestures to resolve her emotions, “When they get engaged, they get engaged, tell me what to do? I am not qualified to attend their engagement banquet.”

Wang Jinyi was silent for a moment, and said “You stay away from him. He is the boss of the group. He is rich and powerful. He is in his 30s. He must have countless women. You are very simple. I am worried about you…”

Song Xianyu chuckled, “Xiaoyi, I will pay. It’s not good enough to be like a man.”

Wang Jinyi: “…”

“However, I still have to thank you for the call, or I will be suffocated.”

Song Xianyu turned her back against the wall, chatting briskly with Wang Jinyi.

When the time was almost up, she took the initiative to hang up and return to the box.

Although well prepared, you can see more out of the box in the Pro-yuan season, she stood there stunned for a moment, veins, pouring a

share of strange emotions, rampage, her heartbeat frequency becomes very strange.

There was a serious discussion in the box, and her arrival did not arouse much attention.

Ji Linyuan glanced at her faintly while holding the cigarette.

Song Xianyu is very sensitive to the smell of smoke, and feels that it chokes people badly, but at this time he can’t smell the smoke at all. All the senses are only the mellow voice that Ji Linyuan occasionally sounds.

His sentences are very concise and often hit the nail on the head.

Song Xianyu remembered a sentence he had read: People who can tell the truth in one word often have high sentiment and intelligence, broad knowledge, and deep thinking.

Dabbling in Guang…

Song Xianyu also thinks of Wang Jinyi’s “Countless Women”.

Lifting his eyes to look at Ji Linyuan, he happened to see Xue Yang lighting a cigarette for him. Ji Linyuan’s expression was calm, as if he was used to such flattery.

Ji Linyuan’s phone vibrated suddenly.

He said’Sorry, answer the phone’, and walked out of the box.

Song Xianyu’s cell phone happened to ring a bell. She walked out of the box holding her cell phone. It was Xiao Ai’s call, asking her if she had finished eating, and wanted her to play games with her.

“I haven’t gone back yet, wait to go back to WeChat to find you.” Song Xianyu leaned against the wall, returning carelessly.

Not far away, Ji Linyuan answered the phone while smoking. He didn’t know what was said on the phone. His thin lips let out a puff of smoke and said, “I don’t have time tomorrow. I have to go to Shenzhen.”

“The return time is to be determined… You go with them… …that is it.”

When Ji Linyuan looked over, Song Xianyu hung up the phone and turned back to the box.

At half past nine, everything that should be discussed was finished, and Song Ziming politely sent Ji Linyuan and Xue Yang’s family into the car.

As soon as the person left, Yang Zhen’s face changed.

On the way back, Yang Zhen was sitting in the co-pilot. After all, she couldn’t hold back her words and said: “What’s going on today? Doing such an uncultivated thing, Mrs. Xue doesn’t know what she thinks of our Song family in her heart.”

Song Xianyuzheng After sending a message to Xiao Ai, he didn’t explain anything.

“Okay, it’s so late, and the child is tired.” Song Ziming said as he drove: “Blind date is to show the truest side to each other. So are you. The children just met for the first time, and you were with Xue. The wife’s family is commensurate, and the child will inevitably have rebellious emotions.”

Yang Zhen couldn’t hear Song Ziming speaking to Song Xianyu the most . She felt angry and wanted to speak, but Song Xianyu spoke first, “Dad, don’t blame mom, mom is also for me. Well, the Xue family is powerful and powerful. It is a high climb for me to have a blind date with Xue Kang. I am just a little afraid of that Mrs. Xue. She looks kind, but actually has a strong sense of distance. Such people are not

easy to get along with.” This explanation is very difficult. Reluctantly, but it is not impossible to make sense.

Because I was afraid, I didn’t want to get along with Madam Xue for a long time. In this way, Madam Xue didn’t like her and Madam Xue didn’t like her. This blind date was definitely a failure.

Song Ziming smiled, “You, you’ve been clever since you were a child. That’s good, I think Xue Kang’s eyes are not quite right.”

Song Xianyu said happily, “Thank you dad for your understanding. It’s good if you don’t get angry.” Father

and daughter You said and I said, Yang Zhen was so angry that it was not easy to attack in front of Song Ziming, and it was really hard to endure it.

La la la.

Chapter 013, Yao finally couldn’t bear it and made some changes. Little cute remembers to look back…

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