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015: He is in Shanghai, you know?

When he got home, Song Xianyu played a few games with Xiao Ai, and then washed and fell asleep.

When she woke up in the middle of the night, her throat was so dry and itchy, she went downstairs to drink water and went downstairs to find Yang Zhen was there.

Song Xianyu saw the water glass in her hand and smiled, “Mom, are you coming down to drink too?”

Yang Zhen put the glass on the table again, and said coldly, “Don’t you just ignore what I said? “

Song Xianyu poured herself a glass of water, took two sips, and pursed the water stains on her lips. “I don’t understand what mom said.”

“Don’t understand?” Yang Zhen sneered, “How capable you are,” She’s so clever, she’s completely offended Mrs. Xue by being silent after a meal!”

“Blind date, naturally, I want to show the truest side of myself to the other party.” Song Xianyu moved out of Song Ziming’s words, and she finished drinking while she was talking. A glass of water, put down the glass slowly, and said: “And mom, I didn’t take your words to my ears. You said it. I can’t let my dad know that you forced me to be with Xue Kang. Now dad doesn’t know. “”

Blocked by his own words, Yang Zhen suffocated her throat, staring at Song Xianyu bitterly for a long time, and tweeted: “It’s really an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf.”

Song Xianyu was not annoyed. , The smile on the corner of her mouth is always beautiful, “Mom, change your true heart.”

After speaking, she ignored Yang Zhen’s changed face and turned around to go upstairs and go back to the room.

Seeing Song Chujian who was standing on the jogging platform and looking down, Song Xianyu was stunned, and then returned to normal. He climbed up the steps, said hello to Song Chujian, and went back to the room without stopping.


Song Chu said disapprovingly to Yang Zhen: “She lives here is just an extra pair of dishes, so why bother to mess with her? In the end, you are not her mother. Why are you worried about her marriage? “

The tone that Song Chu saw was not Yang Zhen’s meanness, but a kind of carelessness. In her eyes, Song Xianyu was no different from the Sommer, and it was not worth the effort to deal with.

“You don’t understand.” Yang Zhen looked at Song Chu, her expression lightened a lot, “It is difficult to climb up without a strong backer in your current job. I am not…”

“Mom, I don’t need a backer, myself. It works, you don’t do this anymore. Looking back will make your relationship with your dad not worth the gain. From now on, you will treat her as a U. Don’t always be angry with her. Turning around will hurt yourself. I will feel bad. “

Yang Zhen laughed and scraped the tip of her daughter’s nose, “You, you just can talk.” In the

next few days, Yang Zhen really changed her attitude towards Song Xianyu. The fish is happy to see this.

That afternoon, when I got off work, the sky suddenly darkened, followed by a heavy rain.

Song Xianyu worked quietly, her colleagues complaining all over her ears.

Seeing her in no rush, Pei Yuanyuan couldn’t help asking, “It’s raining so hard that you won’t be able to return home for a while. Why are you not in a hurry?”

Song Xianyu neatly folded the red napkin into a flower and inserted it in. In the glass, the corners of the mouth are shallow, “If you are anxious about the rain, then I will be anxious.”

Pei Yuanyuan: “…” Suddenly thought of something, she laughed, “You have a car to pick you up, so don’t worry about it. ? “

Song Xian fish laughed,” Yes ah, still good value hundreds of millions of luxury cars. “

Pei Yuanyuan eyes shine,” What kind of car is so expensive “?!

Song Xian fish:.” subway “

Pei Yuanyuan:” …… “

The heavy rains in summer came and went quickly, and when I got off work, the rain had stopped.

When Wang Jinyi’s call came in, Song Xianyu was walking towards the subway station on the stagnant water.

“Are you off work? I have a few tickets for the game here. I will give you one.”

Song Xianyu grabbed a leaf and put it on his fingertips to play with. Hearing that, he said in a joke: “I am so poor and have to go to work to make money, but I will watch the live broadcast to cheer you on.”

Wang Jinyi’s voice could not hide his disappointment.” If you are here, I’m not sure to perform supernormally.”

Song Xianyu was silent for a moment, “I’m sorry.” After a pause, she said again: “Shanghai is hotter than here, pay attention to heatstroke.”

She hung up the phone, and she walked slowly. Slowed down.

Speaking of making money, it will be a junior when school starts again. The four-digit number in the card is not enough for her tuition…

“Xiaoyu.” As she was thinking, a car stopped beside her, Lin Yujing in the back seat Poke out the car window, “Where are you going? Take you for a ride.”

Song Xianyu wanted to refuse, Lin Yujing got off the car and stood by the car door waiting for her, “Come and get on the car.”

“…” Song Xian Yu refused to say it after all.

The driver was a strange man.

“This is Wang Nuo, Linyuan’s full-time driver. Now Linyuan is not here, he will be used by me for the time being.” Lin Yujing explained jokingly, with the message that she has a good relationship with Ji Linyuan between the lines, and then she asked: “Yes. Now, where are you going? Go home?”

Song Xianyu replied, “Well, go home.”

“Go to Mingxi Road first.” Lin Yujing said to Wang Nuo.

Song Xianyu: “Thank you.”

Lin Yujing: “You’re welcome.” After a while, she seemed to say casually: “The few days when Lin Yuan is away, I’ve been so busy with me. He is in Shanghai now, you know. Right?”

Song Xianyu didn’t understand why Lin Yujing thought she knew about Ji Linyuan’s whereabouts. Moreover, at the Capital Hotel that night, she heard Ji Linyuan tell the person on the phone that she was going to Shenzhen…

“Secretary Lin joked. I do not know.”

Lin Yujing’s eyes flashed, and she smiled and said, “I thought he would tell you.” After finishing speaking, she changed the subject lightly, “It’s fine to call me Sister Lin. You don’t have to be so unfamiliar. You should go to college. “

Song Xianyu frowned slightly, always feeling that Secretary Lin’s attitude was a little strange, and there seemed to be temptations in his sentence.

“The third year of school.”

“Which school?” Lin Yujing asked.

“B big.”

“This school is good. I wanted to take the exam back then. It was a pity that it was a little worse. But Linyuan was admitted and was admitted free of tuition. The principal of University B called him personally. He chose whatever major he wanted. Isn’t that great?”

Lin Yujing’s tone was full of pride, and her eyes were also full of admiration. It seemed that the person in her mouth who was admitted for free of tuition from B University was her closest person.

Song Xianyu pursed her lips and smiled without speaking.

The phone’s ringtone rang at the right time, and she took out her phone and looked at it. It was Xiao Ai’s call.

Lin Yujing turned to look outside the car, and Song Xianyu answered the phone.

“Xiaoyu, brother Siyuan is going to compete the day after tomorrow, are you free? Let me go to Shanghai, I want to cheer brother Siyuan!” What did

Song Xianyu think of, “PKL Spring Finals?”

“Yes. Yes, I asked Siyuan for two tickets. My mother will let me go out if you are with me.”

Song Xianyu smiled: “Your mother is so relieved to give you to me?”

“Of course. Who told you to study well and be a good girl, my mother would wish you were her own.”

“…” Song Xianyu clicked on the edge of the bag with her nails, and looked thoughtful. After a while, he said: ” I will go back to ask for leave and try. If I can ask for leave, I will accompany you.”

Xiao Ai jumped up and said, “Then you agree, I know you are the best, thank you Xiaoyu.”

Tonight is late. ,very sorry……

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