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016: Uncle and Little Wife CP

Song Xianyu did not ask for leave, but asked the colleague who took over her class to help her replace her. She has a good relationship with her colleagues, and the colleague agreed without hesitation.

A day later, she got up early, packed her things and prepared to go out, Xiao Ai’s car came over immediately.

Song Ziming knew that she was going to Shanghai with her classmates to watch the game today. He ordered the servants to prepare breakfast in advance. When Song Xianyu finished eating, he was a little worried and asked, “Did you bring the cooling oil? The temperature in Shanghai has been ridiculously high these past two days. “

Song Xianyu smiled warmly: “Take it.”

“The first time you go to Shanghai, don’t walk alone, don’t get lost.”

“…” Song Xianyu patiently said: “Now there are navigations, you can’t get lost. Don’t worry.”

“I booked a hotel for you, and remember to plug in the anti-theft chain at night. The outside is no better than home…” Song Ziming said, the more worried he was, “Why don’t you let Xiao Li go with you.”

He said. Xiao Li is the little maid in the family.

Song Xian fish helpless, “I go with my classmates, she has booked a ticket hotel, we will take care of each other, and I was twenty, you can take care of myself, you put the heart to put it in the stomach.”

When parents Song Ziming said, “Isn’t it only half a month away to reach 20?”

Song Xianyu’s cell phone rang, she glanced at it and said: “It’s also half a month away. Twenty, let’s not say, Xiao Ai is here to pick me up, goodbye Dad.”

“Is the money enough?” Song Ziming shouted from behind.

Song Xianyu turned around and waved at him, “It’s enough, I’m leaving.”

A red car parked at the door of the villa.

As soon as Xiao Ai saw Song Xianyu, she helped her open the back seat door.

Song Xianyu sat in and realized that it was not a driver who was driving, but Xiao Ai’s aunt.

The co-pilot also sat down with a twenty-seven-eight young woman.

“My aunt, you’ve seen this. This is my aunt’s daughter. My cousin Cheng Yuci happens to be going to the airport. Aunt will send her off, and we will be picked up on the way.”

“Hello.” Cheng Yuci With a very friendly attitude, he looked at Song Xianyu’s eyes and said to Xiao Ai: “After listening to you talking for two days, I finally saw the real person. It is really beautiful.”

Xiao Ai took Song Xianyu’s arm, “Of course, Xiaoyu is We are the goddess of all the boys in University B.”

Song Xianyu greeted Xiao Rangmei and Cheng Yuci with a smile, and the corners of her mouth seemed shy.

Xiao let eyebrows see the girl’s demure appearance in the rearview mirror, and his eyes became gentle unconsciously.

Xiao Ai’s cell phone suddenly rang, she connected, said a few words, and then handed it to Song Xianyu, “My mom wants to talk to you.”

Song Xianyu took it, and Yu Youyun asked a few words, nothing more than optimistic. Xiao Ai, don’t let her play wild or something.

Song Xianyu responded one by one.

When she arrived at the airport, Xiao Ai took her and said goodbye to her aunt and cousin.

The plane took off at 7:15, and after a burst of overweight dizziness, the plane flew smoothly.

“My mom wanted her secretary to accompany me, so can I have a good time? Fortunately, I am smart and think of you…” Xiao Ai kept pressing on Song Xianyu’s thin shoulders, her mouth kept: ” At first, she was still worried. She called our class teacher to inquire about you. The class teacher has always liked you, and naturally said a lot of good things. Then my mother agreed to let me go with you…”

Song Xianyu lowered her thick and long eyelashes. The tone was envious, “Your mother cares about you too.”

“I know.” Xiao Ai pouted and said in distress: “It’s just that sometimes she cares too much, and I’m stressed out.”

Song Xianyu smiled: ” I am in blessing. I don’t know any good fortune.

More than an hour later, the plane landed at Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Xiao Ai just turned on the phone, a call came in, and when she saw the caller ID, she almost jumped up and cheered, “Brother Siyuan’s call!” After

answering, she picked up Song Xianyu and ran out, with a cheerful tone: “Brother Siyuan is here to pick me up. , Tonight we live next door to Brother Siyuan!” When

turning the corner, Xiao Ai accidentally ran into someone.

“Xiao Ai?” The other party knew Xiao Ai in an unexpected voice.

Xiao Ai was about to apologize. When she heard the voice raising her head, she was a little surprised, “Sister Xianxian, what a coincidence, are you also in Shanghai?” The

other party was dressed elegantly in a lady, with long black straight hair hanging down on her shoulders, and wearing a simple headband on top of her head. , Exuding a fresh and beautiful temperament.

It’s just… Twenty-three or four-year-old, holding a pale blue suitcase with his right hand.

Hearing Xiao Ai’s words, the other’s eyes flashed uncomfortable, and he quickly covered it, smiling and replied: “My friend is on a business trip here, I’ll come to play with him.”

Xiao Ai smiled narrowly, “It’s Brother Ji. “These

words succeeded in making the opponent blush, but the opponent changed the subject pretendingly, “Are you coming to Shanghai to watch Siyuan’s game? I’ll go to the hotel first, should I go together?”

Speaking of Ji Siyuan, Xiao love suddenly did not ridicule mind, quickly said:. “Siyuan brother on the outside waiting for me, it does not tell you the offer offer sister, I live in a hotel tonight with the source brother go first, bye,”

said Xiao Love has already dragged Song Xianyu to continue running out.

Song Xianyu finally looked back at that temperamental beauty, she already had some guesses about the identity of the other party.

Seeing Ji Siyuan, Xiao Ai couldn’t help being excited. On the way to the hotel, Ji Siyuan was always talking. Song Xianyu looked at the strange street scene flying past the car window, and his mind was full of the temperamental beauties that he had just met.

You can tell at a glance that it is a pampered daughter.

The daughter of Jingcheng Jing’s family is the opposite of Ji Linyuanmen.

Ji Siyuan took the two girls to eat first, and then sent them to the hotel. Without stopping for a moment, he hurried back to train.

Hotel luxury suites.

Xiao Ai was leaning on the sofa, her tone very excited, “Xiaoyu, do you think Brother Siyuan has become handsome again? Every time I see him, I can’t help but bump into the deer. It’s a pity that he always says I am young. I don’t understand love, as if he knows it well, isn’t it eight years older than me.”

When it came to the end , Xiao Ai’s tone was dissatisfied.

Song Xianyu supported the armrests of the sofa with her elbows, her palms resting her cheeks, her posture was inattentive and lazy, “Who is the girl you bumped into at the airport? You seem to be very familiar.”

Her topic is not consistent with Xiao Ai, Xiao love stunned for a moment, just to keep up with her idea, “she ah? called King Xian Xian, two three-bedroom home, Miss King, like me, like a little too own men, catch up with Shanghai have come.”

really is Wang Jin Yi said to be and season Pro deep engagement of the King family daughter, sip Min Chun, Song Xian fish asked: “? she likes much larger man than her”

. “Yes

Song Xianyu’s heart beat suddenly, “I seem to have heard that they are getting engaged…”

“Who did you hear ?” Xiao Ai said, “It must be a rumor. Once I kissed. I heard Brother Ji told Brother Jing that Sister Xianxian is still young and they are not appropriate. Let Brother Jing persuade Sister Xianxian not to put his mind on him.” These

words made Song Xianyu sink and float in the air. After a few days, the heart just fell back into the chest, and the whole person became refreshed.

A smile broke out at the corner of her mouth, and the pear was deep, “They are of similar origin, and they match each other, but they match well.”

“The birth is similar, and there is still a little difference in appearance.” Xiao Ai’s tone was light, and she turned to see Song Xianyu’s face, her eyes were slightly brighter, and her tone was also excited, “The beauty is still you and Ji Si Brother is more worthy, you go to one station and another, live out of the uncle’s little wife CP, the cute and sweet heart of the old man …”

Our uncle Ji is physically and mentally clean…

Little cuties, raise your little hands and let me know You are all here.

Love you guys

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