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017: Falling Flowers deliberately flowing water ruthlessly

After listening to Xiao Ai’s words, Song Xianyu smiled and said, “It’s a pity that you don’t become a matchmaker.”

Xiao Ai adjusted her sitting posture, pinched a grape into her mouth, chewing and said, “I’m telling the truth. , Ji Si Ge’s ex-fiancee is not good, Ji Si Ge looks good, in terms of appearance, I think at least you have to look like you to be worthy…”

Song Xianyu was taken aback, “Ex-fiancee?”

“Yeah.” Xiao Ai peeled a banana, took a bite, and said in a vague voice: “Eleven years ago, the Ji family and the Cheng family were married. Brother Ji’s fiancee was the eldest lady of the Cheng family, Cheng Ruwan, but it was a pity. The day before their engagement, Cheng Ruwan and Ji Sige had a car accident together. Ji Sige was okay, but Cheng Ruwan bumped his head and became demented.”

Song Xianyu: “Dementia?”

“It means loss of intelligence .” , Became a fool, and lived in a nursing home for so many years.” Xiao Ai said as she knows her every family: “Si brother Ji has not married for so many years, and refuses to nod and marry the Jing family. I guess it is for her.”

A thirty good It’s normal for a few-year-old man with a bit of emotional experience, but Song Xianyu is a little unacceptable. She doesn’t want to continue this topic. She lowers her head and takes out her mobile phone, dialing and saying: “I have a friend who also came to Shanghai to participate in the PKL finals. , Give him a call.”

“Your friend also participates in the competition? Is it also from UK?” Xiao Ai asked. The e-sports club founded by Ji Siyuan is called UK.

Song Xianyu nodded.

Wang Jinyi is a member of the Glory Division of UK E-sports.

The phone rang for a while and was not connected. Song Xianyu knew that he might be training, so he didn’t call again.

Xiao Ai woke up early in the morning and fell asleep on the sofa. Song Xianyu took out a thin blanket from the cabinet in the bedroom to cover her, and then opened the English version of “Pride and Prejudice” that she had brought, sitting on the balcony. Looks from the chair.

Song Xianyu read this book three times and liked the love between Elizabeth and Darcy very much.

The arrogant man walked in the misty morning light, begging her to love him in the most humble manner.

Song Xianyu thought this scene was very beautiful.

Xiao Ai fell asleep until more than five o’clock before waking up.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the girl on the balcony covered with sunset. The fine golden sunlight blurred her graceful outline, and her skin reflected the crystal-clear luster.

Xiao Ai was dumbfounded for a while.

I have always known that Song Xianyu is beautiful, but at this time, she is as beautiful as a mortal spirit.

“The phone rang.” Song Xianyu reminded Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai returned to his senses, glanced at the phone, and immediately turned away from Song Xianyu, “Brother Siyuan, have you finished your training? Can I have dinner with you?” I

don’t know what he said over there, Xiao Ai jumped up happily, “I’ll clean up and go downstairs now, and wait for me!”

Song Xianyu closed the book, “What’s the matter?”

“Brother Siyuan invites teammates and coaches to dinner tonight, let us go too.” , Xiao Ai took out a one-piece skirt from the suitcase and gestured to her body, “Is this one good-looking?”

Before Song Xianyu took a closer look, Xiao Ai frowned and put the dress back and took out another one. I think this one is more sexy, what do you think? Or, this one?”

Song Xianyu: “…”

Twenty minutes later, Xiao Ai finished cleaning and took Song Xianyu out.

Entering the elevator, Xiao Ai saw the collagen on Song Xianyu’s face in the mirror, and her skin was so good that she could pinch water out. She couldn’t help but envy: “Compared with your bare face, I put on makeup and I was instantly dumped ten streets by you.”

“You are very delicate with your makeup.” Song Xianyu comforted.

The whiplash on her left cheek healed, she didn’t have to go to work, and she didn’t have makeup.

After leaving the hotel, Xiao Ai saw Ji Siyuan standing at the door smoking and waiting for others. Butterflies flew over. “Brother Siyuan!”

Ji Siyuan took the cigarette from his mouth, frowning: “How many times have you said it, called Uncle Wu.”

Xiao Ai whispered: “I’m not afraid to call you old…”

Ji Siyuan patted Xiao Ai’s head, “What did you say?”

Xiao Ai rubbed his head and smirked while holding Ji Siyuan’s arm, “Nothing. , Isn’t it going to dinner? Let’s go, I’m hungry.”

Song Xianyu quietly followed the two of them.

The place for dinner is a well-known old-fashioned restaurant in Shanghai.

The magnificent lintel and classical and luxurious decoration style all indicate that eating here will not be cheap.

Wang Jinyi saw Song Xianyu and the big boss of UK e-sports enter the box together, startled, Song Xianyu gave him a light smile, Wang Jinyi also smiled, but the smile was a bit far-fetched.

At the end of the dinner, Ji Siyuan and Xiao Ai left the box one after another. Wang Jinyi sat next to Song Xianyu, “How do you know our boss?”

Song Xianyu truthfully replied, “Xiao Ai knows, not me. “

Wang Jinyi listened to her saying this, relieved, he did notice that Ji Siyuan and Song Xianyu hardly spoke before.

The dinner is over, because tomorrow is going to be a game, we must recharge tonight, and the group is ready to go back.

At the elevator door, I met Ji Linyuan, Jing Xianxian, and a few men and women whom Song Xianyu had never seen.

Ji Linyuan’s slender fingers held a cigarette, and slightly tilted his head to talk to the middle-aged man standing on his left. Jing Xianxian stood by his right hand, watching him quietly, his eyes warm and admired.

Yu Guang swept over to Song Xianyu’s group, Ji Linyuan turned his head and looked over.

“Lin Yuan.” Ji Siyuan greeted him first, with some respect in his voice.

Ji Linyuan nodded, “Uncle Wu.”

His voice was ordinary, but Ji Siyuan was uncomfortable.

Ji Siyuan is the old son of Master Ji, seven years younger than Ji Linyuan, and every time he hears Ji Linyuan shouting “Uncle Wu”, he trembles.

Ji Siyuan smiled, did not say anything, Ji Linyuan was entertaining as soon as he saw it, and he definitely didn’t have time to talk to him.

The elevator door opened, and Ji Siyuan waited for Ji Linyuan and his party to enter before taking his own people into the elevator.

Song Xianyu was squeezed to Ji Linyuan’s side by the crowd. She lowered her head, and in the periphery was a man’s clean and white shirt sleeves. The tip of her nose had a faint smell of tobacco from him.

“The Bund is good at night, it’s still early, Ji Zong and Mrs. Ji can go and play.” A lady in her forties said.

Jing Xianxian blushed, smiled shyly, and softly explained: “You misunderstood, we are not…” She seemed to have no idea how to explain, the words paused, and her cheeks turned red.

The woman who talked only thought she was shy, and then said: “Wait for your wedding, don’t forget to tell me, I’m going to have a wedding drink.”

Song Xianyu looked up at the smooth elevator wall, a group of fuzzy silhouettes. In the middle, she easily recognized Ji Linyuan, and the Liying with long straight hair hanging down his shoulders beside him was shy and graceful. The two actually looked very right.

Xiao Ai leaned over to wink at Song Xianyu, bit her ears and said: “There is a good show to watch.” As

soon as the voice fell, Ji Linyuan’s magnetic voice rang, “Mrs. Ouyang misunderstood. Xianxian is my sister. Wait for my sister. Find a good brother-in-law, and I must invite you to come to the capital to have a glass of wedding wine.”

Jing Xianxian’s shy curve stiffened, and his flushed cheeks became a little white.

Mrs. Ouyang obviously didn’t expect Ji Linyuan to deny it. After a while, she apologized and quickly changed the subject.

Coming out of the elevator, Xiao Ai took Song

Xianyu and walked behind, and said: “See? It’s a scene of Luohua deliberately flowing and ruthless.” Thank you Qmi6666 and Zhu Qiqi for the flowers.

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