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018: It’s all kids

Coming out of the elevator, Xiao Ai took Song Xianyu and walked behind, and said, “You see it? What a scene of Luohua deliberately flowing and ruthless.”

Song Xianyu did not answer, raising her eyes to look at Jing Xianxian who was walking ahead. Jing Xianxian was still elegant and calm, chatting with that wife Ouyang happily, as if what happened just now did not affect her in the slightest.

The two walked out of the restaurant. Ji Linyuan was shaking hands with the strange men and women to bid farewell. Although he was smiling, he was mostly polite.

The strange men and women quickly got in the car and left.

Seeing people leave, Jing Xian raised his wrist and looked at his watch, and actively proposed, “It’s really early. Mrs. Ouyang said that I always want to go to the Bund. How about you?”

She was asking everyone, but her eyes But looking at Ji Linyuan.

Ji Siyuan said: “I have something to do tomorrow, so I won’t go.”

Ji Linyuan lit a cigarette and didn’t reply immediately.

Xiao Ai has long been longing for the name of Shanghai that never sleeps. Although it is regrettable that Ji Siyuan cannot go out together, she still raised her hand very excitedly, “I’ll go, I will go!”

Jing Xianxian looked at the girl next to Xiao Ai, “You Is Xiao Ai’s friend? Let’s go out and play together.”

Song Xianyu did not speak, Xiao Ai circled her slender arm, “Xiao Yu must be with me.”

Jing Xianxian smiled: “Then we three I don’t have a car, but I don’t have a car.” She turned her head to look at Ji Linyuan, “Why don’t we ask Mr. Ji to be drivers for the three of us for one night? I wonder if there is such an honor?”

Xiao Ai felt, let Ji Linyuan Going with them, it is necessary to restrain the atmosphere, and said: “Brother Siyuan and his teammates go back in the car, I will drive brother Siyuan’s car to take you to the Bund.”

“We are all coming to Shanghai for the first time. We are not familiar with the place of our lives. It is not safe to find a way.” Jing Xianxian said: “Lin Yuan often comes to Shanghai, and he knows where it is fun and not fun. By the way, I can also serve as a tour guide for us, so that we don’t have to run the wrong road.”

Xiao Ai heard it, and it made sense, but she had always been stunned by Ji Linyuan, and she didn’t dare to ask Ji Linyuan to be their driver and tour guide like Jing Xianxian did, so she only looked at them with one pair of eyes. he.

Jing Xianxian smiled and said to Ji Linyuan: “We will go to the Bund, and it won’t take you too long.”

Song Xianyu turned his head and looked at the skyscrapers in the distance without participating in the topic.

For a moment, she heard Ji Linyuan’s voice: “Get in the car.”

Song Xianyu turned his head and looked over, just in time to see Ji Linyuan pressing the cigarette butt out in the ashtray at the top of the trash can. He copied his trouser pocket with his other hand and said no. Come out chic and steady.

“Unexpectedly, Brother Ji agreed. He had a big deal today? It’s so easy to talk.” Xiao Ai muttered as she pulled Song Xianyu into the car.

“Little fish.” Wang Jinyi called Song Xianyu. He was worried that Song Xianyu would just leave with Ji Linyuan. He didn’t forget that Ji Linyuan once drove in Song Xianyu’s way.

He wanted to say something to keep Song Xianyu. Song Xianyu smiled back at him and interrupted him gently, “rest early, and come on tomorrow.”

Watching Song Xianyu get into Ji Linyuan’s car, Wang Jinyi slowly Clenched fists.

“What are you doing in a daze? I’m gone.” his teammate called him.

Wang Jinyi’s eyes are deep.

Tomorrow is his first time to participate in the PKL finals. He must stand on the podium and let the whole country pay attention to him.

Then, he wants to tell the girl he has liked for a long time, how much he likes her.

The city was shrouded in darkness, and thousands of lights adorned it like daylight.

The car drove on the road for a long time.

Jing Xianxian sat in the co-pilot and chatted with Ji Linyuan decently. Although Ji Linyuan only answered once or two occasionally, Jing Xianxian never let the atmosphere cool down.

Xiao Ai held her mobile phone to hit the King of Glory, and from time to time there were complaints like “Oh, it’s dead, it’s too much to chase after me to fight.”

Song Xianyu was sitting behind the driver’s seat, leaning against the car door, and in the flash of light, she could see the man’s fortitude silhouette, the shirt collar was crisp, and the joints of the hand holding the steering wheel were clear.

There was a dark cover, and she looked blatantly.

“I still don’t know what Xiao Ai’s friend is called.” Jing Xianxian seemed to have just remembered this, and said back.

Xiao Ai was completely immersed in the game. Without hearing her words, Song Xianyu smiled back: “Song Xianyu.”

Jing Xianxian was slightly stunned, “How to write the characters?”

“Song of the Song Dynasty, Xianyu of Linyuan Xianyu. “Song Xianyu finished, her heartbeat was unstable.

Jing Xianxian was startled, and subconsciously went to see Ji Linyuan.

At the red light ahead, Ji Linyuan stepped on the brakes and was lighting a cigarette. The blue-red flames from the lighter illuminated his mature and deep profile.

He looked as usual, he didn’t seem to hear Song Xianyu’s words, and he didn’t seem to care.

The heart that Jing Xianxian mentioned for a moment fell back to the original place, and he smiled faintly at Song Xianyu, and did not speak again.

The Bund is a scenic spot in Shanghai, a must-visit place for tourists. The high-rise buildings of various shapes are lit up with neon lights, like the queen’s crown, showing a charming style.

Xiao Ai took Song Xianyu and walked in front, tut tut, praise, the Oriental Pearl across the river is like the biggest and most dazzling diamond in the queen’s crown.

“Xiaoyu, take a picture of me.” Xiao Ai stuffed her mobile phone to Song Xianyu, and then ran forward a few steps, leaning against the riverside guardrail to place the POSS.

Song Xianyu held her mobile phone with a serious expression. She pierced the ball head, revealing her full forehead and graceful neck, a simple sleeveless shirt, A-line skirt, straight and slender legs glowing under the fluorescent light from a distance. White light.

Ji Linyuan stopped and stood on the side of the road, watching Xiao Ai and Song Xianyu quietly.

Jing Xianxian followed his gaze and saw Song Xianyu. For some reason, a faint uneasy surged from the bottom of his heart.

Not strong, but very clear.

“Xiao Ai’s friend is so beautiful.” Jing Xianxian put his hands on the guardrail lightly, “Looks young too, about twenty, a few years younger than me, really enviable.”

She said, There are temptations and reminders.

The twenty-year-old girl is fifteen years younger than Ji Linyuan, and Jing Xianxian is only eleven years younger than him.

Ji Linyuan glanced at Jing Xianxian indifferently, stretched out his hand to twist the cigarette butt on the guardrail, and said casually, “It’s all kids.”

Jing Xianxian felt lost for a while, but also let his heart down. He saw him throw the extinguished cigarette butt into the trash can. At the same time, he smoked another one and tucked it between his thin lips, and couldn’t help but persuade: “Smoking is bad for your health, so smoke less.”

Ji Linyuan didn’t hear it, and lit the cigarette.

Jing Xianxian: “…”

The mobile phone in his bag rang suddenly, Jing Xianxian took out a look, smiled and said, “I’ll answer the phone.” Then he walked a few steps aside.

“Xiaoyu, help me take a few pictures of my whole body from another angle. I’ll send it to Brother Siyuan in a while.” Xiao Ai shouted, “Photograph the Pearl Tower for me.”

Song Xianyu adjusted the angle and stepped back. , I didn’t know what tripped on the heel, and he fell back uncontrollably-

but didn’t fall.

A pair of powerful arms caught her.

The strong masculine scent mixed with the smell of tobacco rushed into her nose. She almost immediately knew who the hands were holding on her waist, and her face became slightly warm.

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