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019: The gap between her and him

Ji Linyuan straightened Song Xianyu, and quickly withdrew his hands from her waist. Song Xianyu turned his head and saw Ji Linyuan with low eyebrows and a cigarette biting in his mouth, sexy and charming.

The wind of summer night passed between the two, carrying the residual heat during the day. Song Xianyu’s heartbeat was a little fast, and

she took a step back, opened the distance between the two, and smiled: “Thank you.” The girl’s voice , As the wind disperses, clear and ethereal.

Ji Linyuan raised his hand to remove the smoke from his mouth, turned his head slightly to exhale the smoke, and said, “Pay attention to your feet.”

Song Xianyu gave a soft “um”.

Yu Guang noticed that Jing Xianxian came over. She didn’t stop or say anything. She turned around and walked to the other side to take pictures for Xiao Ai.

Jing Xianxian’s eyes fell on Song Xianyu’s slender back, and the scene of Ji Linyuan almost holding Song Xianyu in his arms kept coming up in his mind.

She had known Ji Linyuan for more than ten years, and for the first time knew that he would actually be nosy.

For a moment, she smiled, put her phone back in her bag, turned her head and said to Ji Linyuan: “I’m a little tired, let’s go back.”

Ji Linyuan looked at Song Xianyu and Xiao Ai.

The two girls stared at the phone head to head. After a while, Xiao Ai pointed to the guardrail and said something to Song Xianyu. Song Xianyu shook his head. Xiao Ai directly pushed the person to the guardrail, then stepped back and lifted it up. The phone was facing Song Xianyu.

Under the camera, Song Xianyu stood casually with a natural smile.

Ji Linyuan retracted his gaze, raised his hand and glanced at the business watch on his left wrist, and said lightly: “If you are tired, you should return to the car to rest.”

Jing Xianxian was stunned, staring at him for a long time, feeling like a block of cotton in his heart. It was just as uncomfortable, I wanted to say something, and a good education made her unable to speak too blatantly.

Raising her hand to pull the hair on her chest behind her, she smiled gently, “I’m afraid I’m getting lost, so let’s go with you.”

“Xiaoyu, you are too photogenic!” On the other side, Xiao Aiping Shouting with her mobile phone, she swears that she is really just taking photos casually, and the photos that can be taken make her suspect that she is a professional photographer, which is simply beautiful.

Xiao Ai excitedly showed Song Xianyu the phone, “Do you think it looks like a blockbuster filmed by a professional photographer for a professional model?”

Song Xianyu retracted his attention from Ji Linyuan and Jing Xianxian and looked down at the phone.

The photos she took are indeed very lens-like and artistic. She smiled slightly and said: “You can take them.”

“You are good-looking.” Xiao Ai seriously looked at Song Xianyu.

Song Xianyu’s figure is very well proportioned, with very long legs and a thin skeleton. It is a legendary clothes hanger. His face is also beautiful and looks like an international supermodel.

Xiao Ai couldn’t help but say: “To be honest, it’s a pity that you don’t want to be a model with your appearance conditions.”

Song Xianyu returned the phone to Xiao Ai and said, “Being a model is not so easy.”

“I think you can do it, you If you enter the model circle, Giselle, Miranda, and Candice will have to give way to you.” Xiao Ai said in a magnificent manner.

Song Xianyu smiled: “Listening to you, I don’t dare to be a model anymore. I’m going to be a bad guy. I’m sorry for your old favor.”

“Whatever you are old, you call me old.” Xiao Ai pouted. Yu Guang noticed a pair of men and women not far away. She supported her elbows on the guardrail, her chin resting on her palms, “Guess, what is Sister Xianxian talking to Brother Ji Si?”

Song Xianyu turned her head and looked. On the side of Ji Linyuan, the lady Jing Xianxian stood beside him and talked to him with a smile on her back. The voice there was not loud, and the surrounding environment was a bit noisy, and could not hear the conversation over there.

“If you are interested, just go over and listen.”

Xiao love shaking his head, “Come on, let me go talk to eavesdrop quarter Mahone, I can not.”

“How, he will not hit you?”

“Fight is not going to play, he is a look, and I would think I carried a mountain on my back, and my legs trembled. It was more lethal than the look in my dad’s eyes.”

Song Xianyu casually said, “Is there such an exaggeration?”

“It’s not an exaggeration, it’s a fact, right? Brother Ji is now the executive of VINCIN Group. President, you should know this, but you don’t know, Ding Wang from Ji’s family, there are not a few people who have the ability, why did he sit in his current position and control the power of the entire group with one hand?” At

this point, Xiao Ai lowered his voice. And I heard that Grandpa Ji’s heir was not Ji Sicheng, but Ji Sichen’s eldest brother.”

Song Xianyu put away the carelessness on his face, “Why?”

“I am not specific. Clear.” Xiao Ai said: “I only heard that after Brother Ji and Cheng Ruwan had a car accident eleven years ago, I don’t know what handle Ji Sichen caught. It is said that this handle is also related to the reputation of the Ji family. Brother Ji used this to force Grandpa Ji and Uncle Ji to retreat to the second line, and control the entire group by himself.”

“After he took office, the first thing he did was to expel Ji Sichen and his party members from the group, a little brotherhood. Regardless of everything, the VINCIN Group that year was simply a bloody storm…”

Ji Linyuan did this thing, it can be said that the six relatives did not recognize it.

Song Xianyu’s fingers were a little tight, and it was even more unlikely for such a person to be kind to a stranger for no reason. When she recalled that she was sheltered by Ji Linyuan in secret during this period, her doubts in her heart became even greater.

For a long time, she uttered a faint voice, and her tone was not without protection, “The winner is the king and the loser. Ji Sichen ended up like this. It is only because of his inferior strategy.”

Xiao Ai nodded and shook his head again, “Aristocratic family. There are a lot of things in here to calculate each other for power, but I still feel that Ji Si brother is too ruthless. When I see him, I feel that my back is chilly. It is my brother Siyuan who is good, and his smile is warm and makes people feel like a spring breeze.”

Song Xianyu glanced at her and dismantled the stage: “Don’t forget, Ji Siyuan is your elder, you have to call him the fifth uncle.”

Xiao Ai felt the malice in Song Xianyu’s words, and suddenly became angry and bulged. The cheek glared at her.

“Xiao Ai.” At this moment, Jing Xianxian came over and said, “Let’s go to the Waibaidu Bridge to take a look, and then go back, okay?”

Xiao Ai was a little hungry after playing for so long, so he rubbed his stomach and said, “Listen. There are so many delicious foods here in Shanghai, why don’t you go back after eating something?”

Jing Xianxian said, “You have to ask Linyuan.”

Ji Linyuan was walking this way, Xiao Ai saw him, put down his hand touching his stomach, and stood. It’s quite satisfactory, “Then don’t eat, I’m not particularly hungry…”

Jing Xianxian looked at Song Xianyu, “Where is Miss Song?”

Song Xianyu smiled back, “I don’t care.”

Ji Linyuan hooked his index finger with his right hand . On the key ring, the car key shook as he walked. He glanced at the three girls and said, “Take you to the Waibaidu Bridge to eat something, and then go back after eating.”

Xiao Ai’s eyes lit up, but she restrained. Dare to show obvious joy.

Jing Xianxian smiled and lowered his eyelids, his eyelashes concealing the emotions in his eyes.

Today’s Ji Linyuan seems to be particularly leisurely.

After eating, a few people walked through the Baidu Bridge and headed home.

At the door of the hotel, Song Xianyu knew that Ji Linyuan and Ji Siyuan were staying in the same hotel.

“This is normal.” In the luxurious suite, Xiao Ai heard Song Xianyu mention the matter, rubbing his calf and replied casually: “This hotel brand is owned by the VINCIN Group. If they don’t live in their own hotel, it is impossible to go there. Staying in someone else’s hotel?”

Song Xianyu nodded, took a change of clothes, and said, “I’ll take a shower first.”

Looking at the bathroom with a larger area and more luxurious decoration than his own room, Song Xianyu suddenly realized that the gap between himself and Ji Linyuan was so big.

So big, she didn’t even know how big the gap between her and him was.

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