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020: Miss Song should have a boyfriend, right?

The next day, at one o’clock in the afternoon, Song Xianyu and Xiao Ai came to the PKL spring finals venue.

The steps at the gate were painted in red and blue, with’UK’ and’EternalHero’ written on them, respectively, with the words’Decisive Battle on the Beach’ written in the middle.

EternalHero is the champion of the Eastern Division and is about to compete for the championship with the Western Division champion UK e-sports.

Xiao Ai took Song Xianyu to select the support items for UK e-sports, and then went to the UK tent.

Many players who support the UK gathered in the tent. Ji Siyuan had no time to talk to Xiao Ai. Wang Jinyi was also surrounded by a crowd of fans, and he couldn’t get away even if he wanted to come over and talk to Song Xianyu.

Xiao Ai pouted, Song Xianyu went to sit down next to him, and saw Ji Siyuan chatting and laughing with a few female fans, Xiao Ai’s face was a bit stinky.

After sitting for a while, Song Xianyu got up and said, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Xiao Ai was staring at Ji Siyuan and another wave of female fans, chatting and laughing freely, she didn’t care about Song Xianyu at all.

Song Xianyu smiled and asked the staff about the location of the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom, there stood a row of girls in cosplay costumes on the sink, playing heroes in the glory of the king. Song Xianyu walked over to wash his hands. The girl playing Daji suddenly fell and hit The girl who plays Xiao Qiao.

The bathroom was about to drag the floor, slippery, and’Xiao Qiao’ fell heavily to the ground.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”‘Da Ji’ arms around her chest, although she apologized, her tone and gesture were very domineering, and she didn’t apologize at all.

Obviously, Song Xianyu had no intention of encountering a scene of deliberately bullying.

She didn’t intend to pay attention, but was stunned when’Xiao Qiao’ raised her head, and blurted out: “Su Su?”

The girl who played Xiao Qiao was another roommate of Song Xianyu, Su Yuzhuo.

Su Yuzhuo heard Song Xianyu’s voice and looked over unexpectedly.

Song Xianyu walked over to help Su Yuzhuo, and said coldly to Da Ji: “Since I have apologized, what are you doing here? Want to compensate for medical expenses and mental damage?”

“…” Da Ji sternly Glancing at the two of them, he turned around and walked away.


Song Xianyu helped Su Yuzhuo to sit down on the steps, “How about it? Does it still

hurt ?” Su Yuzhuo shook his head, “I’m not a delicate young lady, I

just fell.” ” That’Daji ‘ just deliberately Right? You offended her?”

“Perhaps, I heard that her sister wanted to cos with Xiao Qiao in the KPL finals. After all, it was a good opportunity to get ahead, but I was squeezed down. She was probably embracing her sister. “Su Yuzhuo’s tone was nonchalant.


Xianyu said: ” When there is her here in the future, you should pay attention .” Su Yuzhuo nodded, and then asked: “Why are you here? Watching the game?”

“I came with Xiao Ai. Her brother Siyuan wants to play. Can you

miss her?” Speaking of Xiao Ai’s dedication to Ji Siyuan, Su Yuzhuo smiled, “It’s indispensable—”

Before the voice came, Su Yuzhuo’s phone rang, and after answering the call, she said, “I’m looking for me over there, I

Go ahead first.” “Well, you’re busy.”

Song Xianyu returned to the UK tent. Xiao Ai was about to rush up to drive away all the female fans around Ji Siyuan. Song Xianyu stopped her quickly, “Don’t Impulsive, Ji Siyuan is busy doing business, you will annoy him if you don’t care about rushing up like this.”

Men don’t dislike women sticking to themselves, but they dislike women who can’t distinguish the occasion.

Xiao Ai’s eyes flushed, and she jumped and said, “But, I’m jealous!”

“What’s jealous about this? Those fans just saw Ji Siyuan this time. Maybe you won’t see it again, but you can often see it. Ji Siyuan, besides, they can only talk to Ji Siyuan, but you can take Ji Siyuan’s arm and act like a baby. You are much luckier than them…”

Xiao Ai blinked, her tears stopped.” Yes, they should have eaten my jealousy!”

After speaking, she sat down with joy, and the eyes of the female fans who were surrounding Ji Siyuan showed sympathy.


Xianyu : “…” At two o’clock, the audience began to enter the venue. Song Xianyu and Xiao Aigang found their seats and sat down. Her mobile phone rang. It was a call from Su Yuzhuo.

The venue was noisy. Song Xianyu couldn’t hear Su Yuzhuo’s voice, so he told Xiao Ai, and went out to find a clean place to answer the phone, “What’s the matter?”

“Da’s sprained her foot and can’t get on stage. Here is an urgent need for one. There is a good looking coser, the rescue price is two thousand, come?”

Song Xianyu hesitated, “I haven’t played cosplay.”

“It’s okay, there is still some time now, I will teach you a few classic Daji moves, let’s talk about it. Your appearance is more like Daji than the one who sprained her ankle.”

Song Xianyu: “…” Is this a compliment?

“I’m waiting for you in the previous stairwell. Take the time to come over. I will tell the person in charge now to save him from looking for someone else.” Su Yuzhuo hung up after speaking.

Song Xianyu returned to her seat and wanted to talk to Xiao Ai, but Xiao Ai was not in her seat, and no one answered the phone.

She had to send a text message to Xiao Ai to give a brief overview of the matter.

Xiao Ai went backstage to look for Ji Siyuan. The pre-match performance was about to begin, and she only returned to the audience. Song Xianyu hadn’t returned yet, and there were two more unexpected guests beside her seat.

“Siyuan Ji, Sister Xianxian, you… why are you here?” Xiao Ai said flatteringly, but couldn’t help but slander. In the past, brother Siyuan often participated in the professional league finals and never saw Brother Ji. Over the game scene.

Jing Xianxian smiled elegantly, “I wanted to come to the Siyuan competition and begged Lin Yuan to come with me.” Then, her eyes turned around behind Xiao Ai, “Where is Miss Song? Didn’t you go with you?”

Xiao Ai Sit down beside Jing Xianxian, “She went out to answer the phone, and I will be back in a while.”

Jing Xianxian nodded, “Miss Song is pretty, should there be a boyfriend?”

“No,” Xiao Ai replied truthfully. .

Jing Xianxian smiled, did not say anything, put his eyes on the stage, his lips pressed a little tight.

Until the pre-match performance began, the lights in the audience dimmed and Song Xianyu did not come back. Xiao Ai was anxious. He called Song Xianyu. Just after the phone was connected, the famous male singer rose slowly from the middle of the stage. There was a burst of cheers and screams in the stadium, making Xiao Ai’s eardrums buzzing and hearing Song Xianyu’s words at all.

“You come back soon, it’s starting here.” Xiao Ai almost roared.

After hanging up the phone, the venue was quiet again, and the husky, magnetic voice of the male singer spread along with the music.

“What’s wrong with Miss Song?” Jing Xianxian asked softly in Xiao Ai’s ear.

Xiao Ai turned his head and looked at Jing Xianxian strangely, feeling that Jing Xianxian seemed to be particularly concerned about Song Xianyu.

“It’s okay, she will be back in a while.” Xiao Ai replied casually.

Jing Xianxian heard her perfunctory and did not speak again.

After a song was over and the host gave a speech, the stage went dark again. After a while, a beam of chasing lights came on. In the middle of the aperture, a popular female singer walked onto the stage and brought everyone a song “Da Ji”.

Xiao Ai doesn’t chase singers. Compared with the exciting atmosphere around her, she lacks interest.

At this time, the stage lights up the second chasing light, and there is a girl standing in the aperture. The girl lowers her head. The audience can’t see her face, but anyone who has played the glory of the king can recognize it. The girl is Daji. Classic dress up.

Under the orange cheongsam slashed to the waist, there are tight-fitting black shorts. Behind you are the fluffy fox tails, two fluffy fox ears, slender waist and plump hips, and two slender, straight white legs under the light. Exuding a seductive luster, there was a stunning sound from the auditorium.

For a moment, the coser slowly raised his head.

“Wow–” the audience exclaimed.

That’s how to reverse the faces of all beings, charming and charming, yet clean and pure.

Xiao Ai saw the girl’s face clearly, her eyes suddenly widened, isn’t that, that, isn’t that a little fish?

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