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021: The temperature outside has cooled down, don’t catch a cold when you go out later

All the stage lights were on, and Song Xianyu was more intuitively exposed to the audience’s vision.

It was the first time to be on stage, and she felt a little nervous when she felt the scorching eyes.

She looked towards Xiao Ai, and the first thing she saw was Ji Linyuan sitting firmly in her seat.

The man overlapped his legs, his suit buttons were not fastened, and he showed a bit of leisure. The auditorium was dimly lit. Song Xianyu couldn’t see his expression clearly, but he could feel the deep gaze he cast.

Song Xianyu was startled.

How could he… come?

There was only a moment of loss, and Song Xianyu quickly recovered. She learned the posture of Daji in the game, and trot around the stage. When she finished running, the song just entered the interlude, and the screen of the big screen switched to hers. close up.

“Daji has always loved her master because she was set like this.” The

sexy and sultry game line came out from her red lips, like a storm, which instantly swept the entire audience.

“Daji, where did I find this little fairy? I have seen so many Daji cosplays. This one is the most similar, and the sound is more similar. It sounds like my soul is flying!”

“Daji Daji, my little Daji!

” I have decided that Daji will be my goddess in the future!” The

audience was completely commotion, and the atmosphere was ignited by a close-up and a line of Song Xianyu.

The moment Jing Xianxian saw Song Xianyu appear on the stage, his head buzzed and he went to see Ji Linyuan subconsciously, but saw that his expression was calm and did not show the obvious surprise of the other people around, she was a little relieved.

After the opening performance, there is a star game, the so-called star game, is to invite a few popular actors to play a few games to liven up the atmosphere and increase the highlight of the game.

Song Xianyu returned to the background, her mood still unstable, and Su Yuzhuo spoke to her, but she did not hear clearly.

Su Yuzhuo stretched out her hand and shook in front of her eyes, “What are you thinking about?”

Song Xianyu raised her wrist and stroked her throbbing chest, smiled and asked, “What did you just say?”

“I said, why were you stunned when you came on stage? Lived? But I squeezed my sweat for you. Fortunately, you reacted in time, and the performance behind was also very good. The director praised you.”

Song Xianyu thought about the unexpected appearance of Ji Linyuan again . What am I?”

Su Yuzhuo smiled: “I praise you for your camera sense and plasticity…” ” The’Xiao

Qiao’ and’Da Ji’ over there, it’s time for you to play, come and get ready.” Su Yuzhuo didn’t finish, the staff Shout this way.

Song Xianyu closed her eyes, took a deep breath, got up and went on stage again with Su Yuzhuo.

This time it was a collective appearance, one by one, a bit like walking on the runway.

Many media were invited to this competition, and the flashes kept flashing.

The tickets Ji Siyuan gave to Xiao Ai were all seats with good vision, so Ji Linyuan’s seat vision was also very good. As soon as Song Xianyu came on stage, he saw her.

Song Xianyu met his gaze, and the heartbeat that had just calmed down became fierce again.

She returned to the backstage after a game, her palms were sweaty.

After the star game, there was singing performance again, and when the finals really started, it was already five o’clock in the evening.

“Go to the bathroom?” Su Yuzhuo asked Song Xianyu.

Song Xianyu just wanted to go out to get some breath.

Unfortunately, they met the former’Daji’ who sprained his foot in the bathroom.

“You pushed me downstairs on purpose, didn’t you? If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t sprain my foot. It would be me who was on the stage just now, Su Yuzhuo, you bitch!”

Song Xianyu looked at Su Yuzhuo, she understood Su Yuzhuo, she was not a person who would take the initiative to make trouble.

“And you!” The former’Da Ji’ pointed the finger at Song Xianyu again, “I won’t let you go!”

Song Xianyu: “…” Does she count as a spear?

When the former’Da Ji’ finished speaking, he glared at Song Xianyu and Su Yuzhuo with resentment and jealousy, and walked out with a limping foot.

Su Yuzhuo said sarcastically, “You look so lame.” The ex’Da Ji’ stiffened

, his fists were tightly squeezed, and he relaxed again, and continued to walk outside the bathroom.


Xianyu : “You made her very angry.” Su Yuzhuo shrugged, “People don’t offend me, and I don’t offend people. If she didn’t want to push me downstairs from behind when I was not prepared, I wouldn’t count her up. “

Song Xianyu smiled and said nothing.

… During

the intermission of the finals, the cosplayers were on stage again.

This time, Song Xianyu calmed down a lot.

However, unexpectedly, Ji Linyuan and Jing Xianxian were not in their seats.

Two people are not at the same time, are you going back? Or… dating?

Song Xianyu couldn’t help but brainstorm the scenes of Ji Linyuan and Jing Xianxian before the moon. When he stepped off the stage, he looked there again, Xiao Ai held the light stick and waved hard at her, Song Xianyu smiled.

After the cosplayers came down, another heavyweight male singer came to the stage to sing.

“Wow, it’s Chenchen, this time the finals T Tour Company has made a big deal. This star is like a basket of money, please come on stage.”

“You don’t know this? King of Glory is a mobile game jointly launched by T Games and VINCI Group. One has the technology and the other is rich. All the expenses of all games are funded by the VINCI Group. My cousin is in VINCI. Group Investment Department, she said that she spent nearly 100 million just to hire a star…”

“So rich…”

“Is it true? I also heard from my cousin that the VINCI boss is not married yet, who will be in the future? Become the boss of VINCI, she must have saved the galaxy in her last life.”

Song Xianyu sat in front of the makeup mirror, quietly listening to the discussion of the two girls next to him,

“Little fish, let’s change clothes and finally go back to rest.” Su Yuzhuo Take off the wig and rub the neck.

The game is coming to an end, and there are no performances from them below.

Song Xianyu nodded, took out the wig and fox ears, and went to the dressing room with Su Yuzhuo.

The moment they opened the card cabinet, the two of them were a little dumbfounded.

Their clothes, I don’t know who cut them to pieces.

Song Xianyu and Su Yuzhuo looked at each other, and they had guesses at the same time.

Except for the former Daji who sprained her foot, they couldn’t think of anyone else who would do such a naive and boring thing.

Su Yuzhuo had to discuss with the person in charge of the costumes and ask them to wear the costumes back and send them over tomorrow.

“I have something to do in a while , so I’ll leave first. Help me say hello to Xiao Ai, and I won’t go to the auditorium to say hello to her. “Su Yuzhuo left this sentence and left the competition venue.

Song Xianyu quietly returned to the audience, the competition was going on at a critical moment of intense and intense, but it did not attract much attention.

Not long after she sat down, Ji Linyuan and Jing Xianxian returned.

Song Xianyu was a little confused, didn’t the two of them leave?

She lifted the bag up, blocking the deep groove of her chest.

When Jing Xianxian saw Song Xianyu, he was visibly taken aback, and then returned to an elegant smile. “Are you back?” After a pause, she looked at Song Xianyu’s exposed sexy shoulders and asked, “I will be on stage later?”

Song Xian Yu lowered her eyelashes and explained in a slightly stiff voice: “No need to go to the stage, my clothes… have some accident, I can’t wear them.” After

she finished speaking, a warm suit was placed on her body.

She was startled suddenly, her beautiful

eyes lifted slightly- Ji Linyuan looked at her calmly, “The temperature outside has cooled down, so don’t catch cold when you go out.”

Song Xianyu grasped the suit fabric, the position of her heart throbbed, and there was a touch of tobacco from the suit. The taste was so reassuring, she showed him a faint smile, the arc seemed shy, “Thank you.”

The elegant smile on Jing Xianxian’s face could no longer be maintained, her face cooled down, and Xiao Ai was nervously watching Ji Siyuan playing the game. I don’t know anything about everything around me.

Coser, the meaning of the actor, knows the cuteness when I didn’t say it.

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