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022: Did Brother Ji fall in love with you?

Nearly nine o’clock, the finals ended, and the UK e-sports won the championship with a score of 4:2.

Fans supporting UK e-sports burst into cheers, Xiao Ai’s scream was about to pierce Song Xianyu’s eardrums, and Xiao Ai’s hands were sore by Xiao Ai.

Song Xianyu rubbed his ears, turned his head to look at Xiao Ai helplessly, and when he retracted his gaze, he saw Ji Linyuan’s cold and deep profile face seemingly inadvertently and unavoidably.

He has a calm face, leaning on the sofa with his legs folded casually, in the dim light, he looks like a king lurking in the dark night, overlooking his territory indifferently, calmly and calmly.

Song Xianyu noticed the sudden increase in his heartbeat, and quickly retracted his gaze to look at the podium.

Wang Jinyi was looking at her with the prize in her hand.

Song Xianyu smiled back.

At the end of the awards ceremony, the audience left one after another. Xiao Ai pulled Song Xianyu to his feet and said to Ji Linyuan and Jing Xianxian, “Should Brother Ji and Sister Xianxian go backstage and wait for Brother Siyuan to go together?”

Jing Xianxian said anxiously, somewhat lost. “No, we still have something to

leave , right? Linyuan?” Xiao Ai breathed a sigh of relief. No matter what the occasion, Ji Linyuan is present, just like an elder is present, even breathing is restricted.

“I have something to do with Uncle Wu.” After Ji Linyuan finished speaking, he raised his foot and walked down the auditorium, walking towards the backstage, his back standing tall and straight.

He directly refuted Jing Xianxian’s words, Jing Xianxian’s face turned pale, and he turned to look at Song Xianyu’s suit.

Ji Linyuan is very indifferent to everyone, but he has inexplicable care for his friend Xiao Ai.

Cool outside? Before Ji Linyuan went out to answer the phone, she followed, and it was clearly…sultry outside.

Jing Xianxian’s nose is a bit sore, how could he tell a lie that would be exposed so easily?

Xiao Ai, the silly white sweet, could see that Jing Xianxian’s face was ugly. She swallowed her saliva and asked weakly, “Sister Xianxian, would you like to go backstage with us to see Brother Siyuan? He should be leaving soon. It won’t delay you much time.”

Jing Xianxian returned to her senses, still smiling gracefully and gracefully, “I’m indeed a bit urgent, so I’ll leave first.” After

speaking, she turned sharply, and after walking not far, Xiao Ai saw her lift up. The hand wiped his face twice, the action seemed to be wiping tears.

Xiao Ai couldn’t help sighing, “Si brother Ji is too ruthless, and sister Xianxian is sad.”

Song Xianyu tightened the suit that was draped on her body, silent for a moment, and turned to the subject, “You are not going to the backstage to find Ji. Siyuan?”

“Right howl!” Xiao Ai immediately put away the sadness and misery of the spring and autumn, and took Song Xianyu to the backstage.

Before the two of them arrived backstage, Ji Linyuan and Ji Siyuan came out and saw the two girls. Ji Siyuan said, “I will take my teammates to a celebration party. I guess it will be overnight tonight. You two girls don’t want to go. Linyuan will go back to rest early.”

Xiao Ai’s face collapsed, “Brother Siyuan…”

Ji Siyuan’s eyes were full of his brother’s spoiling of his sister, “Good girl, staying up late is bad for your skin, and Aunt Xiao Xiao won’t agree with you. Still swaying outside so late.”

Xiao Ai pouted angrily, knowing that her mother would be used to crush her!

On the way back, Xiao Ai’s cheeks were bulging, like a little hamster.

Ji Linyuan drove the car, Song Xianyu was sitting behind him, his shoulders above the backrest could be vaguely seen in the darkness, and her heart was filled with strange emotions.

As the car passed by a dessert shop, Xiao Ai was so courageous, she shouted: “Stop, I’m hungry, I want to eat cake!”

Ji Linyuan turned around in the front turning lane and parked the car in front of the dessert shop. On the parking space.

Xiao Ai took Song Xianyu’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Song Xianyu looked down at her strange costume and smiled: “I’d better not show up in the public eye like this.”

Xiao Ai came in by taking photos from the outside . The ray of light glanced at Song Xianyu and nodded with approval, “Well, you are waiting for me in the car, and I will bring you the Black Forest you like.” After

getting out of the car and walking for a few steps, Xiao Ai seemed to think about it. What happened, he stepped back, bent over and put his head into the co-pilot window, smiling cleverly: “Brother Ji, would you like something to eat?”

Ji Linyuan was protecting the flames and lighting up his cigarette. He looked up and shook his head indifferently. , When the sparks were extinguished, the blue mist was lingering, blurring his angular outline.

Without Xiao Ai in the car, it became extremely quiet.

The smell of tobacco in the front permeated, driving away the smell of car perfume on the end of Song Xian’s nose.

Song Xianyu saw Ji Linyuan’s left hand resting on the car window, wearing a business watch, and the simple and atmospheric style, which demonstrated the taste and temperament of a man.

She remembered the watch Ji Linyuan gave her, and her doubts came to her mind again. After considering her words, she asked: “Does Mr. Ji remember the adult gift that Ji Linyuan gave me two years ago?” After a pause, she added , “It’s just a watch.”

Ji Linyuan turned his head and looked over, his dark eyes were like the calm sea under the dark night, deep without a trace.

The hand on the car window flicked the soot, and he said, “What?”

“You…why…” Under his calm gaze, Song Xianyu lost his mind for no apparent reason. The words in his mouth It’s not so smooth, and I even forgot what I wanted to ask.

The sudden vibration of the mobile phone broke the stagnant atmosphere between the two.

“Something?” Ji Linyuan put the Bluetooth headset into his ear and answered the phone.

Song Xianyu stretched his face out of the car, breathing in the fresh air. Apart from Ji Linyuan’s magnetic voice, there was only a thumping heartbeat in his chest.

“On the way back…” Ji Linyuan replied on the phone.

Song Xianyu couldn’t help but guess who was calling, Jing Xianxian?

Ji Linyuan quickly hung up the phone, but Song Xianyu didn’t have the thought of asking him questions, and Ji Linyuan didn’t take the initiative to mention it, smoking a cigarette silently.

I don’t know how long it has been, Xiao Ai came back with a cake, and handed the bag in her hand to Song Xianyu, “I have been in line for a long time, here, this is for you.”

Song Xianyu took it, “Thank you.”

Back to the hotel. In the room, Xiao Ai lost his anger after eating the cake, only then remembered to ask Song Xianyu to go to the game, how did she dress up as Daji?

Song Xianyu said the matter again, and finally said: “I sent you a text message, but didn’t you see it?”

Xiao Ai really didn’t see it. He took out his phone and looked at it, and there really was a text message from Song Xianyu.

After taking a shower, Xiao Ai bumped into Song Xianyu putting the folded suit into the bag. She was suddenly a little surprised, “Little fish, I found that Brother Ji seemed very good to you. That time in Time Allure, you were sick. He took the initiative to take care of you. You took a photo for me last night and almost fell. He hugged you and borrowed your suit tonight…” The

more I said, Xiao Ai felt unbelievable. Ji Linyuan has always been cool in the afterlife. When did he ever care about one? people?

“I should have discovered it a long time ago, Brother Ji is so unusual to you, I actually found out!”

Song Xianyu pursed his lips and did not answer.

Xiao Ai’s eyes were bright, “Did Brother Ji fall in love with you?”

Song Xianyu remembered that Wang Jinyi had asked her similar things. She raised her head to deny it, but this time she still shook her head to deny it.

“No? Then why does he treat you so well?”

Song Xianyu was dumb, and she didn’t understand.

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