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023: Do you think she is good now?

Xiao Ai wanted to spend two days in Shanghai, but Song Xianyu had to go to work. The next day Song Xianyu returned Daji’s clothes, and the two boarded the flight back to Beijing.

Song Xianyu’s family didn’t have time to return, so he hurried to work in Time Allure.

After getting off work more than ten o’clock in the evening, passing by the dry cleaner, she sent the suit that Ji Linyuan lent her to for dry cleaning.

The clerk who received her saw the valuable handmade suit and saw Song Xianyu’s eyes inquiring.

The girl in front of her looks very beautiful, dressed in mass, and carrying an expensive man’s suit for dry cleaning, it is really imaginative.

When does a man put his suit on a girl?

The answer is self-evident, it must be very close.

Song Xianyu didn’t seem to understand the complex eyes of the clerk, put the receipt away, said “thank you”, and turned to leave.

The clerk looked at the beautiful shadow and shook his head, which is a pity.

These days, rich men love to play with such young and beautiful girls.

In the next two days, Song Xianyu went to work at 8 a.m. and left work at 10 p.m. every day in order to return to his colleague’s get off work.

Finally it was her turn to rest, she went to the dry cleaner to pick up the suit.

Coming out of the shop, preparing to cross the road to the subway station opposite, an orange Spyker stopped in front of her and raised a cloud of dust.

The person in the driver’s seat looked at her with bright eyes, “It’s you!”

Song Xianyu frowned and took a step back, with a distant voice, “Cheng Shao.”

The roof of the sports car was open, and Cheng Yunong did not open the door. Jumped out directly from the co-pilot’s door, smiling enthusiastically, “I have an appointment with a friend for a car, go play with me?”

Song Xianyu furrowed his brows deeper, and his eyes looked at Cheng Yunong with alertness, “I have something to do, I don’t have time to play with Cheng Shao.”

“That’s it…” Cheng Yunong’s face collapsed, and immediately he seemed to think of some good idea. , Smiled sincerely and brightly again, “Then where are you going? I’ll take you there.”

Song Xianyu looked at the harmless smile of others, and it seemed that there was no evil in her eyes. The vigilance in her eyes faded, but still Rejecting his kindness, “I only go to the opposite supermarket to buy something, thank Shao Cheng for your kindness.”

She lied casually and stopped struggling with Cheng Yunong, and raised her foot to cross the road.

Looking at her thin back, Cheng Yunong didn’t know why, and seemed to be lost in heart. He lost the interest in racing and drove the car to the Xiao family compound.

Xiao let the eyebrows come out of the studio, and saw the son who raised his neck to drink water, especially when he saw the face that looked exactly like her husband, her expression was deep, “Why are you here?” In

a lukewarm tone.

Cheng Yunong got used to her mother’s indifference, put down the cup, and said: “Grandma’s 80th birthday will be in two days. Dad asked me to remind you that you should not forget to attend when the time comes.”

Xiao gave him a cool eyebrow.” You really listen to your dad.”

Feeling the thorn in his mother’s words, Cheng Yunong couldn’t help but argue for his father. “That incident was clearly designed by that woman. My sister died. It’s not just you who are sad. Dad and I. You are all sad, you shouldn’t…”

“Get out!” Xiao let his eyebrows seem to have been poked with some taboo, his eyes flushed suddenly, and his eyes were full of hatred, with a hint of madness, “I don’t want to see you. Face, get out!”

Cheng Yuci went downstairs and saw that the battle was on the verge of breaking out. He ran over to block between the two of them. He gestured to Cheng Yunong to leave quickly, and handed the information in his hand to Xiao Rangmei, saying: “Mom, I’m looking for you to help me see. See how I translated this paragraph in French.”

Cheng Yunong pulled at the neckline, abruptly tore off the two buttons, got up and waved away.

Xiao Rangmei didn’t go to pick up the information that Cheng Yuci handed over, and slumped down on the sofa, softly covering his face.

Seeing her like this, Cheng Yuci felt very uncomfortable. He sat down and took her into his arms, “Mom, it’s been so many years, you should let it go.” After a

while, Xiao raised his eyebrows, tears in his eyes. His eyes were sad and lost, like a lost child, no longer the grace and luxury of normal days, “You said…” Her voice trembled, “How is she now?”

Xiao Rangmei did not clearly say who’she’ is, Cheng Yuci But I understood, the bridge of her nose was sour, and she gently patted her mother’s back to comfort, “Okay, she must be born in a wealthy family, her father and mother love her, and live a very happy life.”

Song Xianyu received Yang on the subway. Jane’s phone.

“Evergreen Building Four Seasons Hotel, come here.”

Before Song Xianyu could answer, Yang Zhen said again: “Xiao Mo’s summer camp is back. I will pick him up at the Four Seasons Hotel tonight.”

Yang Zhen said Xiao Mo, it was her. Her youngest son Song Mo, half a month ago, she reported to Song Mo for the International Summer Camp. Calculating the time, it is indeed time to come back today.

Song Xianyu thought of the innocent boy with warm eyes, got off the subway at the next stop, changed to Line 3, and then transferred to the bus to Changqing Building.

When he arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel and entered the box, Song Xianyu saw Xue Kang sitting on the sofa, his face changed slightly, and he wanted to turn around and leave, but the box door behind him was closed.

“Little fish.” Xue Kang called to Song Xianyu, who was holding the doorknob in his right hand. He sat where he was. His eyes were full of malice when he looked at her. “I just knew today that you still have a good brother. I heard that he is still The school grass of Beijing No. 12 Middle School, why don’t you call him out to play? My friends will definitely like him.”

Song Xianyu’s hand holding the doorknob tightened suddenly, and the metal doorknob hurt her palm. .

Xue Kang asshole, the so-called friends in his mouth are not good things.

For a long time, Song Xianyu slowly let go of her hand, turned around, and looked at Xue Kang steadily, “Are you afraid that Yang Zhen knows what you say? She is the most precious son.”

Xue Kang sneered, “Yang Zhenbao does not treasure me. It doesn’t matter, your baby is fine.”

Then, he leaned lazily on the sofa, waved to Song Xianyu, then patted his thigh, “Come and sit down.”

Song Xianyu stood still.

“Heh.” Xue Kang smiled, his tone changed, “It really is a disobedient little wild cat, I like you more and more.”

He seemed to be very patient, got up and walked over, reaching out to pinch Song Xianyu’s chin. Song Xian Yutou let go of his hand, he didn’t feel annoyed, on the contrary, he smiled very brightly, as if he had something to discuss.

“If you don’t like me touching you, I don’t want to touch you. I have time, one day…” He leaned over, slid his eyes from Song Xianyu’s slightly open neckline into the seductive peaks. , “…You will lie under me willingly and beg me to pamper you.”

“Really?” Song Xianyu lowered his eyelashes, concealed his anger, and then opened his eyes, with a charming smile inside, “Xue Shao really can make me willing to talk to you, that’s the real skill.”

There was a faint questioning and provocation in her tone, which easily aroused Xue Kang’s eagerness, her charming eyes, and made him even more timid, “As long as you don’t reject me, give me a chance, I will let you– “The

sudden ringing of the cell phone interrupted Xue Kang.

Seeing the caller ID, Xue Kang’s face changed slightly. After answering the call, he put his arms around Song Xianyu’s waist and sprayed an ambiguous breath on her cheeks, “I have something to do today, so I will let you go first. Keep the phone open and wait obediently. I’m looking for you, as long as you are obedient, I won’t find your brother out to play.”

Song Xianyu avoided his touch without a trace, smiled: “Remember what you said willingly.” After

Xue Kang left, Song Xianyu The smile on her face disappeared suddenly, her eyebrows were filled with indifference and dignity, and her heart was crushed by a heavy stone, making her breathless.

She knew what she was willing to do, but it was Xue Kang’s whim. He would not have the patience to play peekaboo games with her. She had to think of a way to make Xue Kang completely cut off her thoughts of her.

After I wrote this paragraph several times, I was not satisfied, and then I slept, and then wrote that I was satisfied… Heart- stuck …

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