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024: The Accident of the Jewelry Store (1)

“Second sister, are you back? Come and see what I brought you, Dangdangdang—the coconut I picked by myself!”

At 6:30 in the evening, when Song Xianyu entered the living room, he heard the end of Song chirping. Voice, a sixteen-year-old handsome boy with a sunny and joyful face, holding a green coconut in one hand, and handing it to Song Xianyu like a treasure.

In this family, apart from Song Ziming, there is also the end of Song Dynasty, which will make her feel that she is not alone.

The end of Song Dynasty came back from abroad today. Song Ziming and Song Chu saw that they got off work early. The two were sitting on the sofa talking about work. Yang Zhen was preparing dinner with the servant in the kitchen.

Song Xianyu’s eyes were warm, she took the coconut green handed over by the end of Song Dynasty, weighed it, and it was quite heavy, her eyes were full of green coconuts in the dirty travel bag next to the coffee table, she couldn’t help but smile: “You don’t think it is too heavy. . ” “

sister likes to drink coconut water, I did not think too much …… “Song Mo scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

The people in the company laughed at him often, but just a few coconuts. As for traveling home in Haiti? It’s so heavy that it’s not worth a lot of money.

His idea is simple, he just wants to bring some fresh coconuts to the second sister, or he picks it personally, the second sister will definitely like it.

How could Song Xianyu fail to see what the boy who was so simple could see through at a glance was thinking. He raised his hand to touch his short hair and said, “I like it very much, thank you.”

Song Mo smiled so much that his eyes disappeared.

Yang Zhen came out of the kitchen and saw that the end of Song Dynasty and Song Xianyu had such a good relationship, a hostile atmosphere flashed through her eyes, and she immediately smiled kindly, “It’s all here, just the meal is ready, let’s eat.” On the

dinner table, there was Song Song. At the end of the day, the atmosphere was obviously more active.

“Second sister, you like to eat this.”

“Second sister, you like to eat that.”

“Second Sister…”

Yang Zhen looked at her youngest son who surrounded Song Xianyu like a dogleg, her face really not pretty.

Seeing that Yang Zhen’s face was not good at the beginning of Song Dynasty,

she raised her hand and hit a chopstick on her head at the end of Song Dynasty, “Just listen to you chattering here, it’s so noisy, can you eat well?” She didn’t show mercy at that moment, Song Mo was painful. He had to shout, clutching his head and being wronged, “Why did my eldest sister hit me?”

Song Chu gave him a white look, “Seeing you are upset.” The

end of Song Dynasty soon forgot the pain, “Second sister, I have a few questions. Don’t know how to do it, you will teach me later.”

Song Xianyu smiled, “Okay.” After

dinner, Song Xianyu went to the room at the end of Song Dynasty to give him a lecture, and helped him to draw the key points by the way.

When she returned to the room, she saw Yang Zhen downstairs sitting on the sofa calling from the guardrail on the second floor. She paused and then went downstairs.

“Secretary Xue and Mrs. Xue will be there at that time, and the old lady must be very happy, then we will see you then.”

Yang Zhen hung up the phone with joy, even if he could not be a relative, befriended the Xue family, which would help Song Ziming consolidate his position in Huatai. The development of officialdom in the early Song Dynasty was very beneficial. Yang Zhen would never let go of any opportunity to get closer to the Xue family.

She thought about the matter but didn’t notice someone coming over behind her. She got up and wanted to go back to the room. She was shocked when she saw Song Xianyu standing behind her, and her face immediately fell cold.

“Stand here without a sound, are you sick?”

Song Xian’s eyes were cold, not with Yang Zhenxu and Wei Snake, and said coldly: “You shouldn’t use Xiaomo as a raft to lead me to Four Seasons Hotel.”

Yang Zhen sneered, “What qualifications do you have to teach me!”

Song Xianyu: “I’m just reminding you that you can treat me whatever you want, but don’t risk your son, what kind of person Xue Kang is. You know what you can do better than me. Don’t hit yourself in the foot when the time comes. It’s yourself that hurts.”

“Do you dare to curse Xiao Mo!” Yang Zhen was furious, and she slapped her hand.

Song Xianyu stopped the slap that was swayed and sarcastically said: “Now Dad is at home, do you want him to see you so viciously?”

“You…” Yang Zhen was angry and threw away Song Xianyu’s hand. For a moment, Yang Zhen laughed again, “Is there something I didn’t tell you? Know where your mother went after leaving you? I went to Xiamen to marry, and I married the son of the richest man in Xiamen, enjoying the glory and wealth. You said, would she still remember that she gave birth to a child 20 years ago?”

“You, you shouldn’t live in this world. Even your mother doesn’t want to see you. What do you mean by being alive? “Yang Zhen sighed, “If I were you, I would find a place to dig a pit and bury myself so that it would not be embarrassing.” The

last word fell and Yang Zhen had already climbed the first step.

Song Xianyu stood on the spot, her face pale, and for a long time, she curled her lips and revealed a cool smile.

It turns out that the woman who was so anxious to throw her away was just to marry someone.

The son of the richest man in Xiamen, a rich family, with a child, is really inconvenient.

Back in the room, Song Xianyu threw herself on the bed, and suddenly realized that she couldn’t remember the appearance of that woman.

Sleeping dimly, she heard the phone ring.

When she picked it up, Wang Jinyi asked her: “The game account sent to you last time is not on the king. Have you been too busy recently? Do you want me to play for you?”

“No.” Song Xianyu came to his senses and said, “You help me Fight, how am I embarrassed to collect money, these two days have been a bit busy, give me one day, and I must be the king before dark tomorrow.”

“Little fish, you don’t have to work so hard, I got a bonus, you can…”

Wang Jinyi meant Song Xianyu understood that she interrupted him, “We are good friends. If I am too poor to eat any day, I will definitely ask you for a meal, and I will not be polite.”

The three words’good friend’ caused Wang Jinyi’s throat to be blocked. After brewing for a long time, he could not say a word, and was silent for a while. He pretended to be relaxed and said: “Then I will team up with you and help Hurry up and be the king. You have to let me help if you are busy.”

Song Xianyu: “Okay, but wait for me for a while, I will take a shower first.”

Now college students can apply for student loans, but unfortunately, University B is responsible. The student who worked on student loans happened to be Song Ziming’s old classmates, and the relationship was very good. If Song Xianyu applied for a loan, Song Ziming would definitely know that she would not be able to explain where Song Ziming’s tuition went.

She doesn’t want this family to be disturbed because of her, this is the only thing she can give back to Song Ziming at the moment.

Therefore, she has to save her tuition on her own during the summer vacation.

Going to the bathroom and taking a shower, Song Xianyu leaned on the bedside to help her “gold master” qualify. She and Wang Jinyi played wild and pushed the tower, a bit of a combination of two swords and invincible posture.

“In fact, at your level, after training, you can play in the professional league. Do you want to come to the UK? We are recruiting new people.” Wang Jinyi’s voice came from the mobile phone.

Song Xianyu smiled, operating her fingers quickly, and said indifferently: “I am not here.”

She didn’t put down her phone until dawn, went to the bathroom and came back to sleep up, and she inadvertently scanned the bag of the dry cleaner on the sofa, Song Xian Yu was stunned, walked over and put the suit in the closet.

When I woke up, it was more than twelve o’clock.

Song Xianyu washed and went downstairs, only the servant was downstairs.

“The second lady is awake? What would you like to eat?” the servant asked her.

Just as Song Xianyu was about to speak, Yang Zhen and Song Chu saw appearing on the stairs. The Sommer followed them affectionately. Yang Zhen was condescending, “Go and make something for U.” The

servant looked at Song. Xianyu glanced, answered “Yes”, bowed his head and walked away.

Song Xianyu smiled, seeming not to hear the insult in Yang Zhen’s words, and greeted politely: “Mom, sister.” The

more irrelevant she appeared, the more itchy Yang Zhen hated her.

At the beginning of Song Dynasty, he patted Yang Zhen’s hand as if he was soothing, and said to Song Xianyu: “Last time your dad gave you the dress, you didn’t have matching jewelry, right? I happened to be going to the jewelry store with my mom.”

Yang Zhen Immediately he was about to refute, touching his daughter’s profound eyes, and swallowing the words.

Song Xianyu declined: “I will have to go to work in a while.”

“It won’t take you long.” Song Chu said: “Besides, my mother and I will wear jewellery at that time, but you don’t have one. Outsiders don’t know. My Song family

treats you harshly, even if you don’t care what other people think, dad sees it, I’m afraid he will say that my mom is not caring about you. Our family has always been harmonious. Is it possible to make others laugh because of your conflicts?” Song Xianyu pursed his lips. Although I don’t know what idea Song Chu saw, but this jewelry store must be visited today.

For a moment, she smiled and said: “I only have two hours.”

Song Chu didn’t smile when she saw the skin, “Don’t worry, don’t delay your work.”

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