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025: The Accident of the Jewelry Store (2)

At the beginning of Song Dynasty, I saw and Yang Zhen went to the high-end jewelry store that I often visited. This jewelry store is different from others. Each piece of jewelry is designed and made by the owner himself. The seeds are high-quality and unique, and they are deeply loved by the upper class and the non-upper class. like.

The clerk enthusiastically gathered around the two of them to serve tea and hand over water. On the other hand, they were wearing ordinary Song Xianyu, but no one cared about it.

Yang Zhen finally understood the intention of Song Chuan. Such a differential treatment can easily make people feel inferior and jealous.

Those are the two most tormenting doses of chronic poison.

However, what disappointed her was that after a while, Song Xianyu sat on the bar chair to play the glory of the king, not to ease the embarrassment, but simply, feeling bored, to pass the time.

Yang Zhen was not going well again.

At the beginning of Song Dynasty, following Yang Zhen’s sight, he saw Song Xianyu’s smile with her head down, her skin was clean and white, her eyebrows were exquisite style, and a strand of hair fell on her cheeks, adding a chic and clean girly charm.

She suddenly understood why Yang Zhen always targeted Song Xianyu, and her husband’s old lover, such a beautiful daughter, would be mad if it were her.

“Little fish.” Song Chu said, “How about giving this jade bracelet to grandma?”

“Miss Song is really eye-catching. This suet jade bracelet is the latest design of our boss. The color is gentle and restrained…” The clerk praised for a while.

Song Chu nodded, “It’s really good.” She invited Song Xianyu again, “Little fish, take a look.”

Song Xianyu put away the phone and looked over, “I don’t understand jade.”

“I don’t understand.” Song Chu saw the bracelet looking at the light overhead, and then walked towards Song Xianyu, “I just want you to see if it’s suitable for grandma, don’t look at grandma’s eccentric second uncle, but dad still treats grandma. Very filial, most of the money for this birthday banquet came from my dad. If he can give a gift that pleases grandma, dad will be happy too, don’t you think?”

Song Xianyu’s eyes fell on the jade bracelet. Very beautiful.”

Early Song saw that Song Xianyu’s hand was raised straight, and before she could respond, the jade bracelet was put on her wrist. The slender wrist was matched with a good suet jade bracelet . The beauty was so beautiful. Early Song said joyfully. “This bracelet is more suitable for you, what do you think?”

Song Xianyu hooked her lips, took off the jade bracelet and gave it to Song Chu. “Such a good bracelet is better for my sister.”

“I can talk.” At the beginning of Song Dynasty, seeing a smile with a faint mockery, he reached out to take the jade bracelet.

The next moment.

‘Ding! ‘With a crisp sound, the air seemed to freeze at this moment.


“Oh! You are too careless!” Song Chu saw that he was heartbroken, “It’s a pity that such a good jade bracelet, and I blame it, I didn’t connect it firmly.” The

clerk was stunned by the sudden scene, and immediately picked it up and broke it into three pieces after returning to his senses. At the same time, someone went to inform the store manager, who soon heard the news.

The store manager met Yang Zhen and Song Chu, and said with a smile: “This bracelet is in Miss Song and…” The store manager didn’t know Song Xianyu’s name, he got stuck, and then said: “…this beautiful hand It’s broken, Mrs. Song, look…”

Yang Zhen endured a smile. If it wasn’t for the occasion, she really wanted to stroke her palms and applaud, as she deserves to be her daughter. This move is a killer move.

The jade bracelet is not the most expensive jewelry in the store, but it is enough for Song Xianyu to drink a pot.

The bad breath that had been holding back for so long finally came out. Yang Zhen elegantly put a pair of sapphire earrings on her ears, and looked left and right in the mirror, feeling beautiful.

How could the store manager fail to see Yang Zhen’s attitude, and his eyes turned to see Song Chu.

At the beginning of Song Dynasty, he smiled and said empathetically: “Don’t worry, the jade bracelet was broken by me and Xiaoyu, and we will pay for it.”

Song Xianyu looked at the price tag of the jade bracelet, 360,000 yuan. , Every zero behind, is like a needle stabbing her eye.

She was silent and did not speak.

At the beginning of Song Dynasty, I saw and said: “This jade bracelet is 360,000, and we are one of 180,000.” She took out the bank card and handed it to the clerk, and asked Song Xianyu: “I swiped the card, how about you?”

Song Xianyu shook the phone. Slowly tighten his hands.

At the beginning of Song Dynasty, seeing the play performed well, if it weren’t for the moment before she was sure that the bracelet fell, Song Chu saw that she had already held the bracelet, she would almost think that the jade bracelet was broken by her and Song Chu.

Song Xianyu didn’t try to argue, because that would only make herself fall into a more embarrassing situation.

Several pairs of eyes stared at Song Xianyu closely, waiting for her to express her attitude.

“Hello, do you use cash or credit card?” For a long time, seeing Song Xianyu had no response, the store manager reminded him, sounding very polite, but in fact a bit aggressive.

Song Xianyu looked down at the toe of the shoe, not to mention 180,000, it was 10,000, and she didn’t have it either.

She doesn’t have the golden fingers of the heroine in the novel, nor does she have the ability to make money. She just wants to save up her tuition during the summer vacation and graduate and work step by step. Why is it so difficult?

At the same time, upstairs.

Ji Chujing presented the Jade Guanyin who had completed the last process to Ji Linyuan, “Finally finished, in order to be happy with Grandma Cheng, you have also paid for it, and you actually got such a large piece of rough with such a good appearance.”

Ji Linyuan Standing in front of the glass wall with his hands in his pockets, staring straight at the first floor, Ji Chujing followed his gaze. There was nothing special, it was an ordinary scene of customers buying things.

“What are you looking at?”

Ji Linyuan said, “I want the jade bracelet they broke.”

Ji Chujing was surprised. Customers accidentally broke the jewelry occasionally. What Ji Chujing was surprised was… “What are you going to do with the broken jade bracelet?” She put down Jade Guanyin and picked up the telephone receiver, “Let me ask first. Situation.”

After listening to the clerk’s account, Ji Chujing said casually: “The bracelet was broken by the two young girls. The short-haired girl lost 180,000 yuan by swiping the card. The long-haired girl seemed to have no money to accompany and was in a stalemate. “

Speaking of this, Ji Chujing’s mind flashed, “Do you know the girl with long hair?”

This guess is very reliable. Ji Linyuan kept watching downstairs, knowing what happened just now. He must know that the girl with long hair has no money to pay, so Ask for the broken jade bracelet.

“Fourth, tell the truth to the eldest sister, are you…”

Ji Linyuan interrupted her faintly, with a low voice: “You shouldn’t mind that there are two customers in the store.”

Ji Chujing was startled and looked at the first floor. At this time, in addition to the clerk, Song Xianyu was the only three in the store. Yang Zhen and Song Chu were all smiles when they met to pick jewelry; Song Xianyu was surrounded by the store manager and two clerks, looking alone.

Ji Chujing is a wise man. He can see the nuances at a glance, and he also understands that the “two customers” in Ji Linyuan’s mouth refer to the two proud of the spring breeze.

“The first time I saw you taking the initiative to protect someone, I should do it, it’s just…” She teased her eyes, and then changed her conversation. “Opening a store for business and driving customers out is not the way to make money. You have been in a shopping mall for so many years. This reason is better than I understand.”

Ji Linyuan glanced at her lightly, “I still have a rough stone, I will send it to you tomorrow.”

“Deal!” Ji Chujing decisively agreed, and called the front desk to find the store manager.

“Handle it properly.”

Ji Linyuan didn’t say clearly, but Ji Chujing heard his extraneous meaning.

Obviously protect one, step on the other two, and the other two are afraid that the account will be calculated on the head of the person being protected.

Ji Chujing laughed: “It’s quite considerate, don’t worry, I will let the people below deal with it, and will not give your girl hatred.”


After a long silence, Song Xianyu moved his sore eyeballs, raised his head to meet the clerk’s pressing eyes, and calmly said: “I’ll make a call.”

Yang Zhen squinted at Song Xianyu, disdainfully snorted, pretending to be calm. She wanted to see who Song Xianyu could find to pay the 180,000 yuan.

She is not afraid that Song Xianyu will call Song Ziming to file a complaint. Song Ziming is now on a plane to Canada.

Sure enough, Song Xianyu didn’t get through Song Ziming’s phone. Her eyes swept through the address book and finally dialed Wang Jinyi’s number.

No one answered.

Her heart gradually sank to the bottom, except for these two people, she didn’t know who could borrow her 180,000 yuan.

But at this

moment– “Sorry, this bracelet is not for sale.” The store manager’s amiable voice came, “Xiao Wang, return Miss Song’s 180,000 yuan.”

Song Xianyu was slightly stunned and turned her eyes to look over.

At the beginning of Song Dynasty

, she frowned: “Why?” The manager smiled more kindly. “Everyone knows that the jewelry in our shop is designed and made by the owner himself. It can be said that every piece is the owner’s painstaking effort, and she knows that someone has broken it. Her hard work is uncomfortable. She said that the jewelry in the store should be reserved for people who know how to cherish. Please choose another high place to buy.” After

saying that, the store manager winked at some of the shop assistants, “Hurry up and send Mrs. Song and Song. Miss.”

Yang Zhen and Song Chu both changed their expressions.

Is this to chase them away?

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