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026: Can you send me?

Things turned so fast that everyone was a little confused, especially Yang Zhen and Song Chu seeing them, until they were asked to leave the jewelry store, and the scorching sun caused the two to come back to their senses.

Suddenly embarrassed and humiliated.

They were actually kicked out!

Yang Zhen was trembling with anger. She lived for decades and was thrown out in public for the first time. How could she stand it!

She rushed to reason with the jewelry store, and her reason was on the verge of collapse, “Why do you open the door for business and drive me away? Believe it or not, I will go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to sue you and let them seal up your store!” The

manager stood at the door In the middle, with his hands folded on his abdomen, he was enthusiastic about “serving you wholeheartedly”, but what he said was like a soft knife, and he struck Yang Zhen’s heart again, “Sorry, this is what our boss meant. If you want to sue, Please.”

“You…” Yang Zhen stubbornly stuck in her throat.

The jewelry store is located in a downtown area. Even if the sun is shining, there are still people coming and going at the entrance of the store. Many people look over here. At the beginning of Song Dynasty, they pulled Yangzhen and said, “There are so many jewelry stores in Beijing. Let’s go to other places to buy. They drive us out. They are the loser. Why are you angry.”

Yang Zhen bit through her gums, her neatly combed hair was messed up for some unknown time, and looked a little embarrassed, “Isn’t it just bullying us that we have no power and no power, worship? Step high and low!” Turning to see Qiaoshengsheng Song Xianyu standing in the sun, the artillery fire spread to her, “Are you gloating for misfortune?”

Song Xianyu smiled slightly: “Mom will really save others by herself.”

“You…” Yang Zhen also wanted to say, Song Chu saw her holding her, “Forget it, why bother to breathe with her, it’s so hot, let’s go.” Before

leaving, Yang Zhen severely gouged Song Xian. Take a look at the fish.

Back in the car, Yang Zhen was still upset, “It’s really unlucky. I broke a bracelet and didn’t even do business. I don’t think the store will last long. Sooner or later, it will close down!”

Song Chu saw the matter vaguely. Something is wrong, but I can’t think of what’s wrong.

Silently, she comforted Yang Zhen: “Today I just wanted to help you out. Now that I’m out of anger, I’ve also dropped a jade bracelet. It seems that we have earned it, so don’t be upset.”

Yang Zhen thought. After thinking about it, too, I felt better, the car slowly pulled out of the parking space, and she squinted at Song Xianyu who was still standing in place, “It’s just that the small wild species was cheaper, and I didn’t lose 180,000 yuan.”

“But… I am more deeply aware of the importance of power in this matter today. If it was Mrs. Xue who fell the bracelet just now, those people would dare to be so presumptuous? The Xue family must be married, and you will climb up in the future. Mom followed suit.”

Song Chu saw no retort this time, “What are you going to do?”

Yang Zhen shot a vicious shot in the bottom of her eyes, “I have a good way.”

Song Xianyu didn’t know anything about it, she Back to the jewelry store.

The store manager did not act like before, so he politely invited her to sit down in the sofa area and ordered the store clerk to serve her tea.

The dome of the jewellery shop is high, with spiral crystal chandeliers hanging overhead, and opaque glass walls on three sides.

As if under some kind of guidance, Song Xianyu raised her head and looked somewhere, where a mirror like a mirror reflected the scene of the store, but she couldn’t see anything else.

She has a feeling of being watched, and it has happened very early.

“I don’t know how to call you?” The shop manager sat down opposite Song Xianyu.

Song Xian fish look back, “My name is Song.” “Miss

Song” manager smiled good grace not to ask relationships Song Yang Xian fish and Jane, just ask:. “? You do not know what happened,”

the manager Song Xianyu noticed a change in her attitude towards her, so she was even more certain that things might not be as simple as it appeared on the surface.

Thinking, she went straight to the subject: “I want to know, why don’t we have to compensate for the jade bracelet?” The

store manager smiled, “This is what our boss meant.”

Song Xianyu heard that the store manager did not want to answer truthfully, so she was tight. Staring into the eyes of the store manager, “Can I meet your boss, can I apologize in person?” A light smile overflowed her lips: “After all, I am also responsible for breaking your boss’s efforts.” The

store manager’s smile remained unchanged and declined. “I’m really sorry, our boss didn’t see guests.”

Song Xianyu: “…”


Ji Chujing rubbed his chin and joked: “Your girl is very alert. If it weren’t for my wall to see the outside but not the inside, you would have been discovered.” After a

pause, she said again: “I said, you want to help. Just clearly help, why are you sneaking in? It’s like a tunnel war.”

Ji Linyuan didn’t answer, lit a cigarette, took two puffs, and dropped the ash in the ashtray.

Ji Chujing was holding his nose affectionately, “Cigarette addiction is getting bigger and bigger, take care of your body.”

Ji Linyuan let out a mouthful of mist, and his eyes fell to the first floor. The store manager was sending Song Xianyu out, and he spoke steadily: “Put up Jade Guanyin, I have something else.”

Ji Chujing took out a sandalwood box from under the cabinet, carefully put the Jade Guanyin in it, and put it in a paper bag, and said in the eldest sister’s tone: “Xianxian” Did you look for you in the past two days? Last time she went to Shanghai, I heard that you are almost thirty-five, and it’s time for Zhang Luo to get married…”

Ji Linyuan took a cigarette and said casually: “I don’t have anything to do with her. “It’s suitable.”

“The family background, character, and appearance are good, and you still think she is not suitable, then who do you think is suitable?” Ji Chujing handed the paper bag over, “The long-haired girl downstairs is suitable? I will remind you first. The girl have not come out one hundred and eighty thousand, two other people also excluded, can be seen not only born bad, the situation is also difficult, grandfather first do not agree. “

joking aside, let genuinely season Pro deep downstairs with the girl, Ji Chujing is not optimistic. Ji Linyuan’s identity is placed there. The future mistress of the Ji family must have enough capital to gain a foothold in the Ji family.

“You think too much.” Ji Linyuan pinched out his cigarette butt and threw it into the ashtray, carrying Yu Guanyin to leave. “She is just a child.”

“Child? You guard so tightly that you really only treat people as children?” Ji Chujing Ask at the back.

Hearing this, Ji Linyuan, who was going downstairs, stopped, and when the red lips smiled, the shallow pear vortex that appeared at the corner of his mouth appeared.

He didn’t answer Ji Chujing, and left straight away.

Ji Chujing leaned on the edge of the table and watched Ji Linyuan disappear from the gate of the jewelry store.

Having known Ji Linyuan for more than ten years, she has never seen through this half-brother.

Everything was hidden by him in those seemingly calm and gentle eyes.

Ji Linyuan stood at the entrance of the jewelry store, with the wristwatch in his trouser pocket, and the other hand carrying the paper bag with the jewelry store’s LOGO, looking at the little girl four or five meters away calmly.

The white shirt on his body reflected light in the sun, and it was a bit dazzling. Song Xianyu narrowed his eyes and came to him slowly.

Ji Linyuan’s expression did not change at all, but Song Xianyu felt a trace of surprise from under his mask-like face.

She lifted her small face, a small white hand blocked her forehead to shade her forehead, her moist red lips pouted slightly, and she inadvertently revealed the girl’s coquettishness, her voice was coquettish, with a temptation, “I didn’t mean to see your car, just in Waiting for you, I’m going to be late for work, can you send me off?”

She didn’t use honorifics, and didn’t know why, so suddenly she didn’t want to use honorifics to him.

In the previous chapter (025), the place at the end has been modified.

Ji Linyuan asked Ji Chujing to pull Yang Zhen’s mother and daughter into the blacklist. The store manager’s performance was too obvious, and it was easy for Yang Zhen’s mother and daughter to hate me more. Our uncle Ji was thoughtful and should think of this. So, Yao did it. After some adjustments, Little Cutie will go back and have a look. I’m sorry, I’ve caused you trouble again.

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