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027: Drive slowly

Ji Linyuan was silent and fixedly looked down at the little girl with bright eyes and white teeth in front of him.

The long hair that has not been dyed is like ink, draped casually on her shoulders like a waterfall. It is slightly fluffy, slightly curled, and the palm-sized face is embedded in it. The eyes are long and narrow, slightly upwards, inadvertently showing a touch of charm. Amorous, clear eyes, like two clear springs.

The curled and long eyelashes fluttered, seemingly disturbed, adding a touch of lovely charm.

The nose is delicate and straight, and the two red lips are not put on lipstick, but they are tender and tender, as if they can drip out sweet juice with a light pinch.

Ji Linyuan took out his hand in his trouser pocket, pinched the car key between his fingers, and pressed it at random, and a black Tim Yue light flashed not far away.

Get in the car.” His tone was ordinary, as if he hadn’t noticed Song Xianyu’s presumptuous words.

While Song Xianyu quietly breathed a sigh of relief, the smile on her lips widened, “Thank you.” The

car drove out of the parking space smoothly.

Song Xianyu leaned on the back of his chair, looking at him non-stop with his head sideways.

His eyebrows are focused, his thin lips are pressed, the lip line is sharp, the bridge of the nose is straight like a peak, the eyebrows are sharp, the overall outline is three-dimensional and deep, and the temperament is restrained and restrained.

Song Xian fish down the line of sight, his angular jaw line, raised Adam’s apple, has a sexy man, and then down, chest of tight white shirt slightly, could see that he should always exercise ……

dth ——

Accompanied by a slight rubbing sound, the car windows on both sides suddenly fell slowly, and the hot summer wind blew on his face, and Song Xianyu returned to his senses.

She blinked her bushy long eyelashes, looked back, her cheeks slightly hot.

Taping is slowly clenched, Song Xian fish pressure of the pressure too fast heartbeat, sip Min Chun, said:. “Bracelet thing, thank you, in the future if given the opportunity, I will repay you”

finish Sentence, she grabbed Ji Linyuan’s eyes tightly.

She was not 100% sure that the jade bracelet was related to him, saying this was just a test.

When I came out of the jewelry store for the second time and passed through the parking lot, I accidentally saw this familiar Tim Yue. Everything seemed to have an answer.

Why did the owner of the jewelry store not let her and Song Chu see compensation for the jade bracelet?

In the store, is the feeling of being watched true or false?

Now, only Ji Linyuan himself acknowledged.

Ji Linyuan turned his eyes and glanced at her, and said faintly: “You don’t need to be polite.” At

this moment, Song Xianyu’s heart position banged, something seemed to explode, blood began to rush, every cell became excited, she was low. Holding his head, he couldn’t help laughing, his braided teeth gleaming with joy.

“I have already sent the suit for dry cleaning, and I will bring it out for you next time.”

Ji Linyuan said “Um”.

More than half an hour later, the black Tim Yue stopped at the gate of Time Allure.

Song Xianyu got off the car this time and said thank you, but also said: “Drive slowly.”

Ji Linyuan didn’t immediately start the car to leave, but lighted a cigarette, leaned on the back of the chair, and drew his eyes through the smoke. Staring at the direction in which that shadow disappeared, he seemed to be thinking about something, but he didn’t seem to think of anything.

“Mr. Ji.” The

flattering voice of flattery reminded him. The other party was a building material supplier of the VINCI Group. He was obviously tall, but now he became short because of his waist.

Ji Linyuan pushed the car door and got out of the car, stretched out his hand and shook the opponent, his attitude was neither lukewarm nor cold.

Seeing that he had no intention of being polite, the other party wisely left after two or three sentences.

Ji Linyuan stepped on the cigarette butt, glanced at the gate of Time Allure, got in the car and was about to leave, and the co-pilot had a glimpse of gold.

Looking squarely at the past, it was a pin badge.

Song Xianyu changed into his work clothes and fastened his square scarf, only to find that the pin badge was gone.

All the pockets were taken out, and the inside and outside of the bag were turned over, but there was nothing. She had to go to the finance side to get it again. She had already lost one before. If you lose this one, the deposit won’t get back.

As soon as I arrived at the entrance of the financial room, a voice from the front desk came from the intercom, “Song Xianyu, your pin badge is at the front desk, come and get it.”

“Why is it here?” Song Xianyu got the pin badge, it was indeed her. The one with an inconspicuous scratch on it.

“Sent from a handsome uncle, super handsome, who is it? Is your uncle at home?” A girl who just took office at the front desk was looking idiot at this time.

Song Xianyu glanced outside the gate, the sun was dazzling.

“Wearing a white shirt, tall?”

“Yes, yes, so masculine.” The girl at the front desk cheered, “Is there your uncle’s WeChat? Add it.”

Song Xian’s eyes flashed, and he replied, ” Yes. , But I have to ask my aunt. “The

front desk girl is a little dumbfounded, “Your uncle is married?”

“He is in his forties, of course he is married, and I have three children.” The

front desk girl is even more dumbfounded,” Your uncle is in his forties?” He seems to be in his thirties, he didn’t expect him to be so old.

“He is well maintained.” Song Xianyu smiled happily, “My phone is upstairs, I will tell you the result after asking?”

“Forget it, I’m kidding, you’re serious.” The front desk girl waved her hands again and again, “What? The call time is up, you go quickly.”

“Then I will go up.” Song Xianyu turned around and smiled Converge.

That man can really recruit peach blossoms.


box started to get busy after six o’clock.

In addition to the company boss, there are also a few politicians who often show up on the local station.

“Mr Ji is so gentle, every time I pour him wine, he has to say thank you…” Mr. Ji in his colleague’s mouth is not Ji Linyuan, but he is about the same age as Ji Linyuan, and looks gentle and elegant, like a literati in ancient times.

Song Xianyu heard the word Ji Zong, and an uncontrollable emotion rushed out of his heart. When he entered the box to serve the food, he glanced at the Ji Zong and saw that he was indeed a good-tempered person, and spoke warmly. swallow.

Maybe he noticed Song Xianyu’s eyeballs. The President Ji looked up and smiled at Song Xianyu. A very comfortable smile made the peeping person feel less embarrassed even if he was caught.

Song Xianyu smiled back and turned away from her eyes.

I went to the bathroom in the gap and came out to wash my hands at the communal sink. I found that my hair was messed up with a few strands of hair. I took it apart and combed it. I grabbed my hair to get the hairbrush, but it fell on the ground without holding it firmly.

Song Xianyu bent over to pick it up, a man’s hand picked up the flower before her.

It’s the season president.

“Be careful.” The other party gave her the flower head back, and also exhorted her by the way, with a gentle voice.

“Thank you.” Song Xianyu thanked her flatly, took her head flower, and went back to work. The small episode in the bathroom was quickly forgotten by her.

Guess, who is this gentle season always?

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