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Chapter 0 Fanatic BOSS

The weather after the year was pretty good, and it was sunny for several days.

  After Xi Xiaye finalized the details of the opening ceremony of the entertainment city with the public relations department on the third day of the junior high school, the next day, he started to go out early and return late and rushed to the Huangtian Entertainment City to get busy.

  Since the fifth day of the fifth year, the trial operation of the entertainment city has ended. The entertainment city has begun to clean up and rectify, and the employees of Shengshi have also begun to come back one after another to help.

  On the other hand, Xi Xiaye personally supervised the arrangement and rectification, supervising the operation of the backstage, and had no spare time.

  At this time, Xi Xiaye was standing on the edge of the entertainment city’s main square, watching the opposing activists take down the billboard and replaced it with a new advertising giant. The manager of the public relations department on the side suddenly asked, “Xi Director, you just said that Mu Dong can come back tomorrow?”

  Only then did Xi Xiaye retract his gaze, turned his head to look at Manager Fang, and nodded, “That’s what he said, don’t worry. Some important guests still need to call and invite them in person, and this job will be left to you.”

  Manager Fang nodded, “Don’t worry, it will be done.”

  ”Well, I guess you will need to work harder tonight. First set up the stage. There will be a lot of busy things tomorrow. First, finish the big head work. I won’t be so busy tomorrow. I will accompany you to finish the action tonight. Please have dinner, um, look at the time, I’m afraid it’s supper.”

  Xi Xiaye looked up at the warm sun that was gradually sinking in the sky, knowing that it was not early.

  When Xi Xiaye’s words fell, Manager Fang and several employees beside him immediately jumped for joy, “Okay, Director Xi is so generous, and everyone is sure to have a lot of energy in their work. Go and talk to everyone quickly, so that everyone can act swiftly. One point, I finished the task beautifully earlier. When the next director invites everyone to have supper.”

  ”Okay, let’s go!”

  Several people responded, and then smiled and walked towards the busy crowd in front of them.


  When Xi Xiaye was busy, Mu Yuchen was not idle either. After the signing of the contract, he stopped staying and went straight to the airport.

  VIP room in city B airport.

  ”Master, there are more than twenty minutes before the plane takes off. Let’s take a break.”

  Amo put the heavy briefcase on the sofa next to him, while pouring tea for Mu Yuchen.

  Mu Yuchen raised his hand slightly to stop A Mo’s movement, and sat down by the window. However, as soon as he sat down, the mobile phone in A Mo’s hand suddenly rang.

  A Mo hurriedly answered the phone, only to hear a few words from the people over there, A Mo suddenly frowned, turned to look at Mu Yuchen, who closed his eyes slightly, and whispered, “Master, your call, It’s Director Chen of the Civil Affairs Bureau…”

  When the voice fell, Mu Yuchen slowly opened his eyes and reached out to receive the mobile phone in Amo’s hand.

  ”it’s me.”

  His voice passed in a low voice.

  ”Hello? Mu Shao good! This is Chen Jingzhi, I need to ask you about something.”

  A respectful voice soon came from the other end.

  Mu Yuchen raised his hand to support a somewhat dizzy head, and said lightly, “Say.”

  ”Yes, Shao Mu! I received a call from my assistant Xiao Zheng, saying that someone had just come to our bureau to investigate the marriage history of Mrs. Shao. Xiao Zheng temporarily suppressed it and wanted to ask what you mean.”

  Chen Jingzhihui reports.

  Hearing this, Mu Yuchen frowned suddenly, the gloomy light in his eyes sank, and then asked, “Who did it?”

  ”I just checked, it seems to be the Han’s President Han, Han Yifeng…”

  When these words fell, Mu Yuchen’s noble Qingjun’s face suddenly flashed a faint smile, and the cloud responded lightly, “Then tell him the truth, Xi Xiaye is married, and it is written on the column of her spouse. is my name.”

  After dropping this sentence, he hung up the phone and handed it to Amo.

  ”Master, why did Han Yifeng investigate the young lady?”

  Amo couldn’t help asking.

  Mu Yuchen’s eyes were a little gloomy and uncertain, and his expression was as cold as usual, but he did not answer Amo’s question. After a moment of silence, he got up and went to the boarding gate.

  Amo didn’t dare to ask more, he hesitated, and then glanced at the two black bodyguards beside him, and several people followed.

  And Director Chen on this end, after getting Mu Yuchen’s permission, also dialed a number for Xiao Zheng to go out.


  When Han Yifeng received the news, it was already past nine o’clock in the evening. When the phone rang, he was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV.

  ”Mr. Han, what you explained has been checked.”

  Secretary Wang’s voice came over the phone.


  Han Yifeng asked in a low voice.

  ”It was found that Miss Xi Xiaye was indeed married, and it was registered at the end of last year.”

  Secretary Wang reported that when Han Yifeng heard this, he was also subconsciously startled. There seemed to be a brief blank in his head. After a while, he stabilized his emotions and was silent for a while before continuing to ask. “Can you find the person who married her?”

  ”I also asked in passing. It is Mu Yuchen, the chairman of Shengshi Group, who is the boss of Miss Xi Xiaye.”

  Mu Yuchen…

  It’s really him!

  Han Yifeng’s hand holding the phone dropped, and Jun’s face was full of consternation.

  Mu Yuchen and Xia Ye?

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