Chapter 1 She is his gift

The setting sun is sinking, and darkness is about to swallow the earth.

The most expensive villa area in the imperial capital, the Red Sandalwood Palace.

The three-story French Fontainebleau-style building in the center is particularly eye-catching, like a bright moon surrounded by stars.

On the third floor, there is a bedroom with only three colors of black, white and gray.

Tong Qianmeng was lying on a big pure black bed, her whole body covered under the quilt, only a small white face was left, and even her lips were pale.

The body under the quilt was firmly wrapped in a wide white bath towel, from the snow-white neck to the delicate ankles.

Layers upon layers made her immobile.

She is a gift.

A gift from her biological father to Zhai Zhenyu, the leader of the Zhai Group.

The room was filled with the masculine scent of a strange man, which was not unpleasant, but it made her scared, shuddering from the bottom of her heart.

Everyone in the imperial capital knew that Zhai Zhenyu was cruel and ruthless, and he was so powerful that he could not provoke him.

It is said that he returned from abroad a year ago and seized the power of the Zhai group by means of thunder.

It is said that a few of the Zhai family who were dissatisfied at the time were all abolished by him and threw them abroad to fend for themselves. The remaining Zhai family did not dare to be angry and bowed their heads.

He is like a tyrant king in ancient times.

Everyone says: I would rather provoke a hungry tiger than Zhai Zhenyu.

Tong Qianmeng is about to face such a man, and is a man who has never met, how can she not be afraid?

The room was quiet, and her father’s flattering voice was clearly heard outside the door, and she seemed to be able to see his ugly and servile posture.

“President Zhai, my daughter has already sent it to you. I didn’t blow it. Mr. Zhai, my daughter looks more tender than the scallion tip. There is no second one in this huge emperor, and she is so well-behaved on weekdays. Very, now at the age of nineteen, he still has no buds, absolutely *…” A voice that was even more annoying than a fly passed into Tong Qianmeng’s ears, and she opened her eyes wide, but Still failed to force the tears back.

Is this her biological father?

Is the person who said such abusive language really her biological father? Is there any father in the world who would* betray his daughter’s body like this?

“Ha ha ha…” She chuckled, tears silently falling into the black silk spread on the black sheets.

The voice outside the door continued.

But only Tong Jianye’s voice, the person he called Mr. Zhai never said.

After a while.

“Then Mr. Zhai, enjoy it slowly, and I’ll go back first…” Tong Jianye’s voice was unwilling, and after a while, his voice sounded again. It sounded a bit far away, as if he had walked a distance and turned back to talk.

“Mr. Zhai, Tianshuiwan’s land development rights…”

Before he was finished, a cold voice interrupted him, “Mr. Tong, please come back. Mr. Zhai needs a good rest after a day of tiredness. I will talk about it tomorrow if you have any questions. Send you out!”

Then, outside the door quieted down, and then, the two sounds of “tatata” going downstairs gradually faded away.

… There was

a long-length Lincoln parked at the gate of the villa, and Tong Jianye bent slightly to follow behind Tang Yisu, and walked all the way towards Lincoln.

“…Mr. Tang must bother to remind Zhai Zhai about the transfer of land development rights in Tianshui Bay…” Tong Jianye’s posture was very low.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Tong, Mr. Zhai has his own consideration, please go back!” Without the slightest temperature, Tang Yisu’s face did not have any expression, and he spoke ambiguously.

After speaking, he turned and entered the villa door, and the door bodyguard immediately closed the door tightly.

Tong Jianye was stunned, a shadow flashed under his eyes, turned and stepped into Lincoln.

He hadn’t sat down yet, a coquettish woman who was crying rushed into his arms, “Uuuuuuu…my dream, my poor daughter…”

Tong Jianye was still annoyed by what he had just eaten, and gave him a push. The woman in her arms said, “I know crying and crying all day! Am I dead? You just cry!” She

slapped her seat and said angrily at the driver: “Drive!”

The three tall and sturdy men sitting at the back of the car The woman shrank her neck involuntarily, lowering her sense of existence.


Tong Qianmeng again.

After the door was quiet, she only felt that the whole world was a little weirdly quiet.

She knew that Zhai Zhenyu was outside the door, so her heart throbbed very violently, staring at the dark brown wooden door vigilantly like a frightened deer.

For a while.

Gu squeaking-the doorknob

made a slight turning sound, and the gap in the door opened wider and wider, revealing a black figure.

It was dark, the bedroom was not lighted up, it was very dark, but the door was white. As the door was opened, dazzling lights poured in from behind, his face hidden in the shadows, blurred, just the pair. Shen Ru’s eye pupils in the deep well at midnight instantly grabbed Tong Qianmeng’s sight, making her inexplicably shocked.


The light is on, and the soft light instantly spreads down, illuminating everything in front of you.

Tong Qianmeng stared at the person at the door blankly, his black pupils slowly enlarged, and a touch of surprise passed by.

The man at the door is tall, with sharp edges and corners, and every part is just right. He is dressed in a black suit that fits perfectly with a dazzling white shirt. All the buttons are fastened, and the blue twill tie wears a standard Windsor. Knot, short hair, exuding masculine and mature masculine charm.

The man who thought everyone feared should look fierce, but he didn’t expect to be so charming, like a god descending from the sky.

Tong Qianmeng is not a person who sees people in Israel, and can’t help but feel excited.

Zhai Zhenyu stood at the door and looked back, her eyes sharp, the two eyes colliding in the air, Tong Qianmeng suddenly woke up, her dilated pupils suddenly tightened, she almost forgot that she was a gift sent to his bed .

What is nice is a gift, and what is bad is just a tool to vent your desires.

The mind that was rippling just now was as quiet as stagnant water, and a faint haze appeared on his face.

Zhai Zhenyu saw her changes completely, her eyes dimmed, and then stepped into the door, closed the door, raised her hand lightly, and unbuttoned her suit while walking towards the big bed.

Tong Qianmeng’s body immediately tightened, squirming and hiding in the thin quilt.

It’s not that she has never resisted. Before coming, she fought hard, but Tong Jianye didn’t know where to find three tall and sturdy women, he just stripped her out, bathed her and put on pajamas. .

Tong Jianye was afraid that she would resist again. Not only did they let them wrap her into a zongzi with a big bath towel, but also tied a rope outside the bath towel. She knew that she couldn’t break free, but luckily she didn’t make it.

The three tall and sturdy women who left in Tong Jianye’s Lincoln were the three who bathed Tong Qianmeng, changed her pajamas, wrapped bath towels, tied ropes, and carried her from Lincoln to Zhai Yuyu’s bedroom.

Look, you deserve to be a businessman, one-stop service to the end.

Looking at the man who calmly approached, Tong Qianmeng struggled twice subconsciously, but his body was sealed by cement and his wings could not escape.

Seeing her panicked look, Zhai Yanyu’s tightly pursed lips curled upward without a trace, and a smile flashed across her cold eyes.

It’s just that he hides it well, making it difficult for others to detect.

Tong Qianmeng’s heart thumped fast, watching him get closer and closer… Then, he walked over the big bed to the bathroom, his back was cool and graceful.

“Huh…” She sighed quietly, her hanging heart slightly returned.

There was a splash of water in the bathroom. After a while, the sound of water stopped and the bathroom door opened. Zhai Zhenyu walked out while wiping his hair with a white towel.

The whole body only has a pure white bath towel on the hips around the knees. The well-structured body is exposed to the light. The dense water drops on the honey-colored skin shine with seductive luster under the soft light. A stream of water slides from the sexy chest to The sexy belly finally hides in the white bath towel.

Tong Qianmeng opened his mouth slightly, his mind was blank, and even forgot the crisis he was about to face, only two words remained in his mind.


Zhai Zhenyu threw down the towel in his hand, walked to the bed, looked down at her from a high position, with a compelling breath, and his lips were straight and unrecognizable. After a moment of silence, he leaned slightly and stretched out his hand to gently lift the black quilt. He saw Tong After Qianmeng was wrapped in a zongzi’s body, the corners of her lips were slanted, and a sneer overflowed from her thin lips.

“Mr. Tong said that you are very well-behaved. Since you are well-behaved, you still need to tie it up like this?” The voice was unexpectedly sultry, and it sounded so good that the ears were pregnant.

After that, he walked to the door, opened the door a gap, and gave a command to the door. After a while, a pair of large scissors was passed in through the gap in the door.

Tong Qianmeng was shocked, what is he going to do?

The shears are half a meter long, and the whole body glows with a dangerous cold light.

She struggled, her voice trembled, “What are you going to do?”

Zhai Zhenyu did n’t say a word, walked over to hold her restless body, raised the big scissors, and opened it’Well’, “I won’t hurt you, don’t Move!”

Tong Qianmeng was so scared that he closed his eyes, his body was stiff and paralyzed, and the blood in his meridians suddenly solidified.

Feeling a touch of cold metal texture carefully stretched into the middle of her calf, she shuddered slightly, and then…


The sound of cutting the cloth crisply.


Click! Click! Click!

Tong Qianmeng only felt loose on her body, and the rope of the bath towel that had bound her tightly was cut from bottom to top.

She opened her eyes and saw that Zhai Zhenyu had straightened her body, her arms were hanging on both sides, and the big scissors in her right hand dropped to the ground with a jingle.

His eyes were looking straight ahead, and fierce flames jumped in his dark eyes.

Tong Qianmeng followed his gaze and looked over.


Her head was congested, why did she forget? The three tall and sturdy women wore her seductive transparent pajamas with black suspenders. The place that should be covered was covered, but she couldn’t cover anything, and she didn’t wear a piece of underwear, and the scenery under her pajamas was unobstructed, and she wanted to cover it up.

Realizing that Zhai Zhenyu’s vision was getting hotter and his breathing gradually becoming disordered, Tong Qianmeng was secretly startled, and quickly rolled to the other side of the big bed. She would definitely not be able to get out if she dressed like this. She ran into the bathroom and locked the door for a while It’s a while.

It’s just that she is fast, Zhai Yuyu is faster, he grabbed her waist and pushed back on the bed, raised his leg and straddled her thigh, the heavy body almost crushed her leg!

As Tong Qianmeng grinned, a thick and sultry voice rang from above, “Your father gave you to me, then you are mine…”

“So, I deserve to be yours?” She took Tears, my heart is sad.

How can she save herself?

People who know her situation will not come to the rescue, and those who will come to the rescue don’t know her situation. Even if they know, they don’t have the ability to rescue her from the man’s hands.

Zhai Zhenyu looked at her unwilling and angry face, and gradually overlapped with the laughing and angry face in the memory. The feelings that were suppressed in the bottom of his heart burst into thin air, leaning over and biting the small pink mouth with a strong expression. Affection…