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Chapter 1 Such a superb male

The weather near the beginning of spring is still a bit cold, maybe it is approaching the New Year, the whole city of Z is immersed in a lively, even if the cold wind keeps hitting this A prosperous city, but it did not cool down people’s passion.

There was a hazy drizzle in the evening sky, and there seemed to be a hint of imperceptible silence in this lively city.

A black Volkswagen Passat slowly drove out of the underground parking lot of a high-rise building in the North District of City Z, crossed the wide and long road, and headed straight for the city center.

The streets at night were very bleak, and such a misty drizzle made the street lights on both sides seem a little dim.

In the driver’s seat of the car, Xi Xiaye was steadily controlling the steering wheel with one hand and resting the other hand on the fully open window. The cold wind was constantly flowing in from the window, blowing her shawlful hair down. It’s messy.

She is wearing a black shirt, black trousers, a water-red windbreaker, and black high-heeled shoes. This is what Xi Xiaye often wears. She doesn’t have many clothes, except for the boring black all year round. Professional suits, there are not many sets of clothes outside.


Qingfeng Restaurant in the center of Z City is also full of guests at this time.

Xi Xiaye walked in lightly and lightly, looking at the whole restaurant with a cool gaze, and finally the sharp gaze stopped at the position of the table in a certain corner.

Xi Xiaye walked over with his steps. The man who had been sitting at the table and waiting for a while put away the phone in his hand, raised his head and looked over at Xi Xiaye, and he was seeing clearly what Xi Xiaye looked like. At that time, some fierce streamers quickly appeared in the eyes.

“Mr. Wang Hong?”

Qing Leng came with a hoarse voice, and Xi Xiaye’s Gu Jing Bubo eyes glanced at the man in front of him lightly.

The man was in his thirties. He was dressed in a suit and looked average. He was not very handsome. When he looked at Xi Xiaye, there was a smile on his face, but Xi Xiaye always felt a little dazzling when he looked at him.

The man nodded and quickly stood up, “Yes, I am Wang Hong, are you Miss Xi Xiaye?”

Xi Xiaye responded , and then pulled the chair opposite him and sat down, “I’m sorry. , Let you

waiting for a long time. “

Wang Hong also sat down, and there seemed to be some arrogance in his voice, “Where, it is right for a man to wait for a woman, but it will be fine before the next time. Ms. Xi must know all about my situation, and I will know about your situation. I don’t understand yet, so let’s introduce yourself first. “

Xi Xiaye nodded lightly, “Let’s order food first.” “As he

said, he beckoned to the waiter to come and order.

“I’m Xi Xiaye, working in Shengshi Group, twenty-six. “

Xi Xiaye took off the black glove on her hand, threw it to the side, and spoke indifferently.

“Well, I remember that Aunt Liu introduced you to me. I heard that you studied at a military school before. , Is from the Military Business School. “

Wang Hong suddenly seemed to remember some information. When he said that, he paused, then looked at Xi Xiaye deeply, and then continued for a while, “To be honest, I am a soldier myself, but I don’t want to find it. You have the same status as yourself, but I’m fairly satisfied with your current career. I think women should be diligent and thrifty in keeping the family, husband and wife, shouldn’t they? “After

hearing this, Xi Xiaye’s beautiful star eyes suddenly overflowed with a bit of cold light, but she looked at the man with arrogance on the opposite side without changing her face, and did not answer.

“You have talked a few times before . in love? Is it still a virgin or a girl? “

The man asked again, not feeling any embarrassment at all. When

Xi Xiaye heard this, she frowned and she couldn’t help feeling a little disgusted.

“Looking at you like this, it should be the case. I don’t want to be innocent. Of girls who fall in love, have low life experience, often don’t know what they want, and can easily not withstand the temptation, and it is difficult to get rid of it. Instead of getting cuckold after getting married, it is better to find a woman with experience. “

Then Wang Hong spoke without hesitation, as if he had experienced a lot.

“I am a practical man and I have experienced too much. It can be said that I have done everything a man can do, and I have experienced everything that can be experienced. I want to find a woman with experience to spend the rest of my life with me. . I will not come into contact with a simple woman like you in-depth. It is not that I dare not, but it is inappropriate. The reason is that a simple woman is unstable.” When

Xi Xiaye didn’t speak, Wang Hong continued.


, women who are not perfect must have rich experience? Where do you come from that a purely theoretical woman has no experience and cannot withstand the temptation? “For

a long time, Xi Xiaye smiled coldly, and said coldly, “Your opinion is too extreme. “

Then let me tell you, I played a one-night stand, and now I still have a lover. Can you accept such a man as your husband?” “

Wang proudly looking at the summer seat, as if such a thing still proud like.

” What are you in marriage? “

Xi Xiaye asked back.

“Responsibility, loyalty and trust.” “

Then, what do you mean now?” Show off to me again that your market is very high? What you call loyalty and trust is to play a one-night stand, come over to have a blind date with another woman when you have a lover? Mr. Wang, I can only say that you are simply the best in the military. When I look back, I should ask your chief to give you a medal for the record. “

Xi Xiaye said lukewarm, and her cold tone was like smashed ice on the lake in early spring. It was icy cold.

“I don’t want a pure woman. This is the prerequisite for my marriage. On the surface it is pure, but in fact it is not at all. Stability is difficult to achieve. “

Wang Hong seemed to be very persistent. The eyes that looked at Xi Xiaye seemed to be filled with determination. However, Xia Ye caught the glimmer of light passing by in his eyes.

“Then you will continue to look for your society slowly . ” Experienced woman. “

Xi Xia Yeyun sneered lightly. At this time, the waiter had already brought the food, and Xi Xiaye unbridled the chopsticks, as if the man on the opposite side didn’t exist.

“Miss Xi . ” Could it be angry? I don’t deny that there is some truth to what you said just now, but this is a general rule. My life experience tells me that a simple woman doesn’t have many good things. “

“Mr. Wang, I don’t think you need to explain this to me now. From the very beginning, I’ve found that you are not the person I want to find.

The husband I’m looking for must be at least 1.8 meters tall, a soldier. If this is the case, the military position must be at the regimental level or above, the rank of at least lieutenant colonel, a typical high, rich and handsome, unfortunately, you do not meet any of the criteria. In other words, you, Mr. Wang Hong, your qualifications are not worthy of my Xi Xia Night, okay, eating with someone like you can always save a lot of food. I use it up, and you can use it slowly.”

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