Chapter 1 “The Great Tang Niezi”

“What are you talking about, are you sure this poem was written by that evil man?”

In the Taiji Palace, Li Shimin couldn’t believe Baiqi’s report.

“Your Majesty, your subordinates have verified that this poem was indeed written by His Royal Highness King Chu. No one has ever heard of it before.”

Li Zhong was also very depressed,As the leader of Baiqisi, in order to confirm the accuracy of this news, But did it takeKung Fu, and even asked some great Confucian scholars cheekily, but the result was still questioned.

“Could it be for someone to ghostwrite?”

Li Shimin still didn’t believe that his infamous second son could write this kind of poetry that has been passed down through the ages.

once having seen the best, the rest is not worthwhile looking.

Take a look back at Hua Cong Lazy

Li Shimin thinks he can’t write this kind of poem, and even in the entire Chang’an City, no one has this kind of writing.

“Your Majesty, His Royal Highness the King of ChuPeople on the edge…”

Without Li Zhong going on, Li Shimin understood, and then took a sip of the teacup a little embarrassingly.

“Kuan’er since childhoodWeak and sickly, it doesn’t make people worry at all, if he can really wake up, I can be considered relieved. “

“The King of Chu doesn’t make people worry about it.” Li Zhong said silently, “That is simply the No. 1 Overlord of Chang’an City, the head of Chang’an’s four evils.”

As the second son of Li Shimin, King Chu was not a direct descendant, and he adopted Li Shimin’s fifth brother Li Zhiyun as heir when he was very young. However, because Li Shimin and Li Zhiyun grew upVery good, and this second son looks the most like himself, so he has always been a favoriteThere is a plus.

However, due to Li Zhiyun’s early death, after Li Kuan took over, he was the largest in the entire Chu Palace.

It was okay at the beginning, after all, it was just a child over a year old. What tricks can he toss?


However, Li Kuan quickly refreshed the understanding of the daddy in Chang’an City.

When he was three years old, he actually brought a bookWent to the brothel…

Three years old, what can you do in the brothel?

When he was six years old, he took a guard and snatched a criminal from Kim Goe.Of, As yourselfMaid.

When he was nine years old, he even set fire to the most famous restaurant in Chang’an City. The reason was that the other party refused to take credit again.

It can be said that Li Kuan is the one with the worst reputation among the clan’s children.

At the same time, Li Kuan woke up early in the morning in the palace of the King of Chu, and went around the house and outside, thinking about what to do in the future.

At this time, Li Kuan is no longer the Li Kuan of the past, to be exact, this Li Kuan is no longer the other Li Kuan a month ago.

Li Kuan watched “Li Kuan” every move like a bystander, And have a more accurate understanding of the world.

I stayed up all night and came here inexplicably.For the King of Chu of the Tang Dynasty.

This king of Chu, as the second son of Li Shimin, had a very low profile because he died shortly after being adopted to Li Zhiyun in history.

I just don’t know why he is still alive now. Through this month’s observation, Li Kuan has confirmed that heThis world is the Tang Dynasty in the history books, except for a few peopleThe age of birth seems to be different from the history books, and the others are almost exactly the same.

This can be considered a traversal by myself!

[Awakening of the all-rounder system,Work binding host]

“I’ll go! Sure enough, everyone who travels through has benefits. I haven’t thought of any cheats. The system willcoming! “Li Kuan was taken aback when he heard the voice in his mind.

However, he quickly reflected what was going on.

Anyway, it’s someone who has read countless online novels.


“All-rounder system? What functions does it have?”

[Function needs youI didn’t know until after the meeting, but friends of this systemGive a service as a gift, you can check the panel at any time]

As soon as he finished speaking, a virtual panel appeared in front of Li Kuan’s eyes.

Points: 5

Award chance: 1

“What do you mean, why the points are only 5? What’s the use?” Li Kuan was a little confused.

[It’s useless, you need a minimum of 10 points to start redeemingTaste】

The system came out like a face slap.

“Then why do it againWhat about award opportunities? “

【The chance for the prize is from your poem yesterday]

Li Kuan was speechless after hearing this.It was a gift of cheating on a poem by myself.

Forget it, don’t worry about it.

“thatAward canWhat? “

[No comment]

After the system said this, it fell intoAfter the silence, no matter what Li Kuan said, there was no answer.

“What a broken system, not even what it does, makes me look forward to it.” Li KuanyiThe palm hit the wooden door.

“I’m going, it hurts!”

Li Kuan forgot that all wooden doors these days were made of solid wood.When the palm hits, the wooden door hurts or not, I don’t know if it hurts in my palm.

“Sister Qing’er, is the prince being scolded by your majesty again?”

Not far, A few maids are following Li KuanRear.

“I do not know,I felt that the prince was a little weird after coming back from outside yesterday. “

“do you want to goUncle Laifu, the mansion is also uncle Fu’s words, the prince can still hear it. “

“No need to goNow, Uncle Laifu has come. “

“Master, Pan Jialou’s shopkeeper has handed over a greeting note to see you.” The butler Laifu walked to Li Kuan with a sad face, “and Li Fuji’s shopkeeper is also here…”


“No, no, no, you tell them, three months, All the arrears are paid off by the king. “

Li Kuan didn’t want to ask more, he knew what these people were here for.

After all, the previous Li Kuan hadn’tBe wicked.

It stands to reason that the rewards and salaries given by Li Shimin are not at allIn addition to the tens of thousands of mu of fertile land outside the city, the life of the King of Chu’s Mansion should be the top of the nobles of Chang’an City, but…

“Master, let’s see.” Laifu’s wrinkles deepened after hearing Li Kuan’s words.

How many foreign debts did the Prince of Chu’s mansion have?It is estimated that no one knows better than him.

It was clear in three months that if the Chu Prince’s Mansion had this strength, there would be no such situation as it is today.

You must know that the status of merchants has always been low. Even if these merchants have noble voices behind them, they will not dare to come to the Chu Palace to collect debts in their leisure time. It is not about the Chu Palace…

“If you say no, you won’t see you, you go to the West Market and ask to see which merchant is stronger, and this king wants to sell things!”

“Sell things?” Laifu seemed to think of something.

“Yes, so many useless bottles, knives, guns, calligraphy and paintings in the mansion are all sold to this king!”