Chapter 1185 Martial arts

Chapter 1185 Fighting to recruit relatives

“How impossible! Today, the Sixth Prince said in front of everyone that Xin’er is his person. This is a promise made. Is there any regret? He is a member of the royal family. The words are like spilled water, hard to harvest!”

Su Changqing still stubbornly believed that he could be relatives to the royal family, but Xia Lanying shook his arm.

“Master, think about the situation carefully. Didn’t someone bully Xin’er at the time? He did it just to protect her. And if the sixth prince really has love for her, why didn’t Xin’er be retired by the prince before?

How about coming directly to propose marriage ? I think he just saw Xin’er ‘s ability with the heart of cherishing talents .” Xia Lanying said while observing Su Changqing’s expression, saw the doubts on his face, and continued to add oil and jealousy when he was a little shaken.” classic can not because a six princes to delay marriage Kinji, we have been thinking about the six princes of Kinji intentional, unintentional if it! ” “

wasted the years, Kinji big age to marry, to that What is the time? The Sixth Prince is a member of the court, but I never have to worry about it.”

Su Changqing heard what she said and thought it made sense, too! What a noble status is the Sixth Prince, and what kind of woman he doesn’t want. Surrounded by beauties, all of them were official ladies, and their appearance and body were not worse than Su Xin’er. If they thought that the Sixth Prince was intentional, but the result was just falling flowers deliberately and ruthlessly, then I’m afraid it will really delay Su Xin’er.

So thinking, Su Changqing asked hesitantly, “Mrs. Yi, what do you think should be done?”

“Master. You always think I’m not good to Xin’er, but it’s not that I really hurt Xin’er, but that The child always feels that I’m not her biological mother and I’m separated by a floor. I don’t like to be a little alienated from her when I always warm my face to his cold ass. I can always think of that child in my heart, so let’s do it. Leave it to me.”

“What do you want to do? Now Xin’er is a cultivator of ultimate ability, we can’t neglect her.” Su Changqing is non-committal about Xia Lanying’s words. He, the person who gets along with them day by day, can see clearly. It’s very.

“Master, don’t worry, I will definitely arrange this matter properly, you listen to the Nujia to give you a detailed explanation.” Xia Lanying whispered softly in his ear.

“This…” Su Changqing’s face hesitated after hearing her words, Xia Lanying immediately hugged her arm while hitting the iron while it was hot, “Master, you can try my method! If it doesn’t work, we have other ways to stop Xin. What do you say?” The

two people are very close, Xia Lanying is close to him, Su Changqing’s blood spurts for a moment, and subconsciously agrees, “Okay, then do as the lady said.”

As soon as the voice fell, he immediately turned over and pressed it down, and began to notice the anger in his body, Xia Lan Yingle was happy, and while catering to her, she said softly, “I knew Grandpa is the best.”

After saying this, her face immediately He collapsed, leaning his head against Su Changqing’s ear, and a gloomy curve slowly emerged from the corner of his mouth. Su Xin’er, Su Xin’er, you’re still a little tender when you fight with me!

Xiao Su’er had no idea what Xiao Jiujiu was playing in her heart. For the past few days, she locked herself in her boudoir and closed her eyes to practice. In the medicine spirit jade space, her progress is still fast, and within a few days, she has once again reached from the martial artist three stars. With the dancer’s four-star cultivation base, no matter what, no matter how she cultivates, she can’t break through the five-star martial artist, and she seems to be stuck here in a deadlock.

Xiao Su’er continued to practice cross-legged, but she found that every time she was too anxious, she felt a tingling pain in her chest and chills all over her body when spiritual power surged from her dantian. Could it be because of the poison of ice?

Xiao Su’er breathed out a cold breath and hugged her shoulders, and the grass Jing Xiaoyi next to her saw her a little distressed opening, “Master, are you the poison of the cold ice? Then it really blocked your cultivation, you have to Detoxification first! It’s a pity, the ice poison is too fierce, I can’t help you detoxify it. Only ice cold grass can help you detoxify it, but that kind of grass is very rare and rare.”

Xiao Yi’s words caught Xiao Su’er’s attention. She walked to the grass and squatted down to look at the spirit grass, “Are you so powerful? Actually I know that ice cold grass can detoxify my body. I only found out after studying it for a long time.”

“I am spirit grass. Ah, as long as it is related to medicinal herbs in the world, I know, and I also know that you have a total of seven fruits on the medicinal spirit tree, and now you have five.”

When Xiaoyi replied, the whole grass was swaying from left to right, as if very proud, Xiao Su’er lightly touched its leaves, “Okay, don’t be shy. If I knew you were so good, it would have been a long time ago. I dug you up

ten years ago .” “Ten years ago? Ten years ago I hadn’t grown up yet, how could you dig me! And it’s a rare occurrence in a hundred years for a grass spirit like us. Master, The two of us are fate, don’t worry, I will be able to grow more leaves soon. At that time, you can use my leaves to relieve your toxins. Although I can’t detoxify, it is still possible to suppress the toxins.

” Okay, I see, it seems that it is really my luck to meet you!” Xiao Suer touched its leaves and laughed. There was an exchange of people one by one, but suddenly she heard a sharp yell from outside the space— —

“Su Xin’er, come out for me.”

Upon hearing this shout, Xiao Su’er immediately opened his eyes and looked out of the room of Medicine Lingyu. What did Xia Lanying, a crazy woman do? If I don’t provoke her, why don’t I want to provoke me on my own initiative?

She was sitting on the side of the bed and was full of doubts, but Xia Lanying could not wait to push the door open, stepped into the room a few steps and walked towards her, arrogantly arrogant.

Xiao Su’er looked a little bored at her appearance, but still maintained the proper politeness, “I don’t know what you are here for today?”

Xia Lanying seemed to be unable to hear her, but when she approached her, a smile suddenly appeared on her face, full of smiles. The bright face almost bloomed, “Xin’er! Hurry up and freshen up and change into bright dresses and go out with me.”

“I don’t know where the aunt will take me?” Xiao Su’er looked at her bright smile. , There was a bad feeling in her heart, she laughed so happy, there must be something bad for herself happened.

Sure enough, this thought came out in my heart, and I immediately saw Xia Lanying approaching her intimately, and said with a loving expression, “This is a great day, I specially invited my husband to see the lucky days, yes Choose a husband and son for you, and martial arts to recruit relatives! This is your father’s consent!”