Chapter 1186 Witness

Chapter 1186 Witness

She specifically emphasized that Su Changqing agreed. This sentence shows that this matter is not her opinion. Xiao Su’er went to Su Changqing directly even if she wanted to make trouble, and what the Prime Minister said could not be taken back.

Xiao Su’er squinted at her and found that the corners of her mouth couldn’t hide the smile, and she was gloating at first sight. Try to calm down and ask her, “Mother, are you sure? It’s for me to compete for martial arts?”

“It must be for you, Xin’er! Don’t forget that Yaoer in our family is already a princess, and who will pay? If you dare to marry her by martial arts, isn’t this slap the prince in the face? Who dares to provoke the court?”

Xia Lanying covered her mouth with a handkerchief, but she didn’t laugh up to the sky, “Xin’er! This is a good way that my dad and I have thought about for several days! We are also doing good for you, so you can find one for you. A truly capable person will be a son-in-law, and when the time comes, we will directly marry into our prime minister’s mansion to be the door-to-door son-in-law. Your ultimate ability can still continue to contribute to the prime minister’s mansion. You don’t have to be too far away from your

father .” Xia Lanying’s eyes flashed fiercely when she spoke. She didn’t know what was going on with Su Xin’er, and suddenly she became the ultimate ability. But even if she is so powerful, she still has to be played with by her applause.

At that time, even though Su Changqing was a little unwilling to this way of martial arts and recruiting relatives, he felt that it was not good for the lady in the prime minister’s house to go out and show her face. But she just said something to recruit the door-to-door son-in-law so that Su Xin’er’s ultimate ability could still do things for the prime minister’s mansion, and he agreed almost immediately.

Xiao Suer’s face instantly became cold as she listened to her words. The people in the Prime Minister’s Mansion really made people feel disgusting. Before, she dismissed these two young ladies as being not a cultivator and had no spiritual roots and said she was a waste. Now that she has proved that she is a cultivator, she immediately thought about her ability. Letting her compete with each other ruined her lifelong happiness.

And looking at Xia Lanying’s schadenfreude, she might not only want to ruin her life’s happiness, but also have other calculations.

Thinking like this, Xiao Suer’s lips twitched, do you want to play? it is good! She stayed with her to the end, fearing that this woman could not afford it. She smiled and nodded, “Thank you aunty for worrying about me, then let’s go right away.”

Xiao Suer walked neatly, without sloppy, or even dressing up. Xia Lanying didn’t bother to persuade him. It was just right for her to go out with a sullen face. Let everyone see what the second young lady in the Prime Minister’s Mansion looks like!

It’s just that she is a little strange. This Su Xin’er is not ugly and slim, and is still a practitioner of ultimate ability. Why can’t he wait to participate in the martial arts contest?

It seems that everyone used to be called trash, and I can’t see a man feel itchy, right now, seeing an opportunity to contact a man, I want to send myself out immediately, which is really ridiculous.

such a pity! She might not be able to finish her only thought. A vicious flash flashed in Xia Lanying’s eyes, which made you harm my Yaoer. You let her lie in bed for several days and become weak. I must make you pay the price!

“Don’t you want to marry a good husband? Then I will let you see what is good.”

Under Xia Lanying’s guidance, Xiao Suer walked to the scene of martial arts competition. The massive report on the forum attracted a lot of people to watch. At this moment, the martial arts competition has not officially started, and the three floors inside and outside three floors are already crowded with people.

After all, the fact that Su Xin’er, the second lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, had ultimate power had already spread throughout the city, and everyone was wondering what kind of powerful people this prime minister’s mansion would recruit as the son-in-law.

Many people watching the excitement gathered in the square, and there was a lot of voice.

“Hey, Li Sanlang, you are here too. Why do you want to marry the second lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion?”

“Haha, Zhang Family boy, don’t make fun of me.

Ca n’t bear it, how much hardship does it take to be a door-to-door son-in-law?” “What do you say? People are cultivating with the ultimate ability. How many people have cultivated abilities that they can’t reach for a few lifetimes? Or the second lady of the prime minister’s house? What’s wrong with a door-to-door son-in-law? You can reach the sky in one step.”

When Xia Lanying and Xiao Su’er walked to the square, they happened to hear a few people talking, and the corners of their mouths could not help but evoke the arc of sarcasm. She quietly squinted her eyes to observe Xiao Su’er’s expression. She thought Xiao Su’er would get angry when she heard these words, but I don’t want her to look calm, and don’t care about these people’s words at all.

So careless? Xia Lanying clenched her fists, okay! I want to see how long you can pretend to be reserved.

On the other side, Su Changqing had also arrived at the martial arts contest and was sitting on a high seat to preside over the martial arts contest. Su Yaoer also came to the martial arts contest with Xia Lanying, sitting behind the curtain.

“Sister, today is your big day, you have to keep your eyes open and take a look. Don’t miss your good husband! I really look forward to what kind of person can marry a genius like you, with the ultimate ability. Cultivator! What a rare genius in a century.”

Xiao Su’er just took her seat and heard Su Yao’er’s voice coming from the curtain next to her, turned her head and looked, she could also see Su Yao’er through the thin veil. Uncontrollable excitement in his eyes. I was even more sure that my previous guess was correct.

Whether the two mother and daughter pairs really don’t enter the same family, there must be a problem with today’s martial arts contest.

Xiao Su’er glanced faintly across the square, and saw the eyes of many people falling naked on her in the noisy crowd. There were curious eyes watching the excitement, and excited eyes eager to try.

Just as she was about to withdraw her eyes, a sharp voice rang from the noisy crowd.

“His Royal Highness is here.”

Xiao Su’er was a little surprised. This was something she hadn’t expected. When she turned around, she saw a gorgeous sedan chair stopped by the square. There were many maids waiting by the side. The sedan curtain opened and she saw Prince Zhuge. Li walked down proudly, and he seemed to be the most powerful in the world.

What is he doing here? Xiao Su’er was surprised. She remembered hearing from others before that the prince had withdrawn from the second lady’s marriage.

Su Yao’er was watching Xiao Su’er’s expression all the time, and seeing her face change, she immediately raised her head and mocked, “Sister, why do you think His Royal Highness will also participate in your martial arts contest? You think too much, Your Royal Highness It was my parents who invited

me to be the witness.” Witness? Xiao Su’er didn’t react for a while, but after thinking carefully, she slowly remembered, yes! In the Continent of Ten Thousand Saints, as long as it is a marriage of a noble woman in the court, it needs the witness of the court.