Chapter 1187 New Leaves of Spirit Grass

Chapter 1187 The New Leaves of Spirit Grass The

moment Zhugeli appeared, the crowd of onlookers immediately began to whisper and talk.

“Wow! What’s the situation? Is your Royal Highness a witness to Su Xin’er’s marriage? What does the Prime Minister’s Mansion think? Su Xin’er was retired by the Highness of the Prince before. Is this slap her in the face? His Royal Highness didn’t feel strange?

She came straight away.” “What’s weird is that His Royal Highness divorced her, and it wasn’t that she retired her. His Royal Highness came here to be sympathetic to the people and for the sake of the people. we should glorify. ” “

What’s praises, I think he is listening to the words of Su Yao child over to the prime minister said the government a scene fills him so great as to say it? ” “

say is ah, people Su Xin children again In other words, it is also an ultimate ability. I think His Royal Highness must have regretted it. Maybe we can see His Royal Highness snatching his

relatives later.” The people next to him were talking louder and louder, completely forgetting the issue of controlling the volume. These comments clearly reached Zhuge Li’s ears, and he snorted disdainfully from his nose.

Snatching relatives may be thinking too much, isn’t it an ultimate ability? What if she has intermediate ability? Not being able to cultivate in place is not a waste of this ability.

Besides, the dignified prince is not recruiting talents, but marrying a wife. Does it depend on ability? Of course, it still depends on appearance. This Su Yaoer looks much more beautiful than Su Xiner.

He has been emphasizing to himself that it’s more important to be beautiful. Now that I think about it, I feel more comfortable. Although Su Xin’er is not ugly, but Su Yao’er is not as beautiful as Su Yao’er. The first beauty of the Ten Thousand Saints Continent, marrying her is considered the blessing of beauty.

Zhugeli sat in a high position and waved his hand gently, announcing the official start of the martial arts contest. According to the rules of the Prime Minister’s Office this time, the contestants will organize the contest by themselves. Challenge, the person who wins the competition in this way can marry Su Xin’er and become the son-in-law of the prime minister’s residence.

In order to show her empathy, Su Changqing deliberately laid down another rule. If Su Xiner herself is not satisfied with the final winner, she can challenge herself on stage. As long as she wins the winner, the result will be invalidated. If she loses There is no room for remorse, only to marry him.

The sound of gongs and drums sounded on the stage, and the two former noble sons jumped up and started to compete. The two noble sons were once prominent in their families, but now they have fallen. Let your family return to the glorious moment of peak.

Xiao Su’er sat behind the curtain and glanced at the two people through the tulle. At a glance, she could tell that they weren’t very powerful. She didn’t have the nature of watching martial arts. She sat in a position a little bored, but suddenly remembered in her ears. An excited voice, “Master,

come on, come on, come on !” Xiao Su’er was in a daze , and then realized that it was Lingcao Xiaoyi in the medicine Lingyu space talking to herself.

Listening to its voice, it seemed that something particularly interesting had happened. Xiao Su’er thought so that she didn’t even bother to watch this boring martial arts contest recruiting relatives. She immediately closed her eyes and entered the medicine spirit jade space.

When she entered the space, she saw Caojing Xiaoyi swaying sideways excitedly on the grass. The original few slender branches and leaves were swaying with the wind, like a dancing child. Among them, a tender green leaf was particularly prominent. The first two There seems to be no such leaf in the sky.

Xiao Suer approached it and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong with you, Xiaoyi? Why did you let me in?”

“Master, look at my new leaves. The old leaves are my branches. You can’t pull them out and eat them. I will die, but the newly grown leaves can be eaten, and you can still use them for alchemy. Look!” Xiaoyi was so excited that he lifted the newly grown tender green leaf.

Xiao Su’er looked at the leaf and could feel that it contained abundant spiritual power. It seemed that this spiritual grass was different from ordinary herbs. It was just a leaf and could have such powerful spiritual power.

“Can I take it to suppress the ice poison in my body, so that the poison will not occur for a long time, and it will not affect my cultivation?”

“Of course, I said it, although I can’t completely detoxify it. , But I can still suppress toxins.” Xiaoyi spoke with a proud tone, and the whole Lingcao felt a lot more energetic.

“Then after I eat the pill made from your leaves, how long will it take to suppress the toxins?”

“It won’t take long, at most a stick of incense will do.”

Is it that fast? Xiao Su’er was a little bit surprised, so

she took the leaves off without any delay, “Well, I’ll go to refining medicine now.” She took the leaves and walked to the alchemy furnace in the medicine spirit jade space.

At the same time, the martial arts contest outside the medicine spirit jade space was still going on. Standing in the medicine spirit jade space, she could hear the sounds of fighting, talking, and drumming from the outside. It was so lively.

The first match seemed to have decided the winner, and soon there were new people on stage to challenge, but Xiao Suer didn’t bother to pay attention to it. At this moment, refining medicine to suppress toxins is the most important.

Xiao Su’er lit the alchemy furnace to start refining medicine, using the leaves of the spirit grass to refining medicine, you must carefully control the fire, the total process may take a few hours! However, the flow of time in the spirit jade space of this medicine was slower than outside, and she was completely in time to practice this medicine before the martial arts contest.

Thinking of this, Xiao Suer completely abandoned the noisy voice from the outside world and concentrated on starting to refine the pill.

At the same time, the contest was on the scene of recruiting relatives.

The first two elder brothers who came to the stage had already finished the competition, and there were new people who took the stage to challenge, but this newcomer was exactly the same as the original two elder brothers. It was all because of being lonely and wanting to rely on the Prime Minister’s House to regain its glory, so it was quite mediocre and there were no bright spots.

Sitting on the stage, Su Changqing watched these people on stage frowning and frowning. These were not the son-in-laws he wanted. This kind of stuff could not make any contribution to them even if he entered the prime minister’s mansion.

But just do whatever you don’t want, and all those who challenge are from this kind of poor family. There are even some people who are not cultivators at all, who are on stage wanting to compete.

Su Changqing looked depressed and almost wanted to cancel the martial arts contest, but he couldn’t regret what he said.

Su Changqing’s expression completely fell in the eyes of Xia Lanying who was not far behind the tulle. She sneered at Su Changqing’s lips and sneered in her heart. Why?

Still want to hire a powerful husband-in-law? This is not without it, as you wish!