Chapter 1188 beggar

Chapter 1188 Beggar

Xia Lanying quietly turned to the maid who had eaten aside and made a color, and nodded gently. Instantly understood what he meant.

At this time, there have been several rounds of competition on the stage for martial arts and relatives. In the end, he was also a noble son who was already down. He won several rounds in a row. After defeating everyone else, he still stood on the stage and asked loudly, “May I ask who else wants to be on stage? Give it a try?”

This son is also a cultivator, and he has reached the three-star martial artist’s cultivation base. Although his family is down, his cultivation base can be considered unique among the younger generation. The people in the audience saw his family beat him Falling flowers and flowing water, also knowing that they can’t compete, no one dared to take the stage again.

The son saw that no one dared to take the stage anymore, his eyes were all proud of his figure, and he raised his head high and said, “Since no one dared to challenge me anymore, my son-in-law is not talented, to see his father-in-law… …”

“Wait, this father-in-law ca

n’t speak out at will, and I want to challenge you!” His father-in-law did not speak yet, a hoarse but powerful voice sounded from the crowd, interrupting him.

The son followed the sound, and saw a dark figure rushing to the stage, standing still on the stage watching him laugh provocatively, and after laughing, he spit on the ground and said disdainfully, “Don’t you, this son. Too anxious, I won’t say it.” The

audience was originally silent, thinking that the choice of the son-in-law of the Prime Minister’s Mansion was decided, but seeing the people suddenly appearing on the stage, it instantly caused a commotion in the audience.

“Here, isn’t this man a beggar? Can you also participate in the martial arts contest?”

“That’s right! This Prime Minister’s Mansion should have requirements for recruiting sons-in-law. No matter what, it is also a noble! The down-and-out noble was once a noble, this Can beggars be compared?”

Everyone looked at the people on the stage and they were shocked. The challenger on the stage wore a coarse cloth covered with patches. The whole body was dirty and covered with mud and dust, even the exposed skin. Dirty. This man looked like he had not taken a shower for many years, and his body was stinking. The people watching the lively in the audience could smell the smell of his body.

Not only that, but his face is also ugly that people can’t bear to look straight at. The brain, cross-eyed eyes, collapsed nose, and many spots on his face. When he opens his mouth, he has a mess of yellow teeth, and his nose and saliva are also on his face. Flowing wantonly.

There were also a lot of aristocratic princes and young ladies in the surrounding stands. They had never seen such a disgusting person in their lives. They covered their mouths and retched. Then the people in the city next to them recognized the beggar and began to discuss. Up his identity.

“I recognized it. This is the beggar Zhang who sits under the bridge all day long.”

“Ah? Is that the lunatic who lays under the bridge every day? I heard that his cultivation is quite good, and those who want to bully him The ruffians have never beaten him.”

“That’s right, it’s him, how could he come to participate in the martial arts contest? God, if he wins, how can it be good? The happiness of the second lady will be ruined in this life.”

In the voices of everyone in the audience, the down-and-out young man on the stage who had won several games in a row also slowly reacted.

He covered his mouth and nose and retreated a few steps. He was so stinky that he couldn’t help it. He was nauseous and angrily asked, “Have you figured out what’s going on? This is a martial arts contest in the Prime Minister’s Mansion. Do you think you have Are you eligible to participate? An identity like you is destined to beg for a lifetime. Go ahead.”

“There is no stipulation that I can’t come to participate!” Zhang Beggar showed a yellow tooth and continued to flow downwards, “I didn’t say anything. Can you marry the second lady as long as you win? The young master could only play with the female beggar on the side of the road. I don’t know what the lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion is like. The delicate skin and tender meat must be better than the female beggar. “

“You…” Young Master Luo Po did not expect that this beggar could say such shameless words in broad daylight, and for a while he didn’t know how to answer him, but the beggar had already reached out his hand impatiently and made a challenge. “Stop talking nonsense, let’s get started!”

The head of Aunt Luo directly beat him with the wind, and people around him couldn’t see how it moved. In an instant, he had already reached two steps in front of Young Master Luo Po. When he was just born, he was entangled with his hands by the cane that suddenly appeared next to him.

“Ah!” He couldn’t bear to let out a violent scream, and in an instant, blood fell on the snow event competition stage.

The people watching the excitement in the audience were originally full of enthusiasm. At this time, they were all air-conditioned. Although it was a contest to recruit relatives, everyone knew that they just tried the tricks and clicked until they were clicked. It didn’t hurt people’s lives, but he did. Ruthless.

“What’s the matter with this beggar? It’s enough to win, why do you want to harm others?”

“That’s right, no one can beat him like this, so sorry for these two young ladies to marry such a disgusting person. “

What’s so pitiful, didn’t she still want to marry the Sixth Prince? I think this is God’s retribution to her, let her know that some people can’t afford to climb, or be better with this beggar.

” Yes, yes, how can a person like the

Sixth Prince be able to think of?” Six princes’ admirers saw this scene with vicious curses, and these voices reached the ears of Xia Lanying and Su Yaoer behind the curtain. Here, the smug expressions on the two faces can’t be hidden.

The appearance of this beggar here is of course not an accident, nor is it that he heard the name of the martial arts contest, but the arrangement of the faces of their mother and daughter.

Xia Lanying was so worried about Su Xin’er insulting her daughter at the aptitude test conference that day. How could she help her find her husband in good faith? The real purpose is to humiliate Su Xin’er and let her marry a beggar. Ashamed.

This woman was married from her father to her husband at home. If she could not marry a man, she would not be able to raise her head for the rest of her life. Even if she was the ultimate ability, she would not be ashamed.

After thinking about it this way, Xia Lanying’s mood was particularly refreshing. The unhappy mood caused by Su Xin’er suddenly becoming a cultivator two days ago was suddenly wiped out. She looked at the stage triumphantly and wanted to see how Su Xiner would react when she knew that her future husband-in-law was him?

She thought in her heart that Su Xin’er would panic when she saw a beggar win, and even begged Su Changqing not to agree to the marriage, but she looked to the other side and saw Su Xin’er sitting on a stool with her eyes closed. It seems to have fallen asleep.

Her triumphant expression instantly stiffened on her face, is Su Xin’er careless? Can you fall asleep in this situation? Really heartless.