Chapter 1189 Husband-in-law candidate

Chapter 1189 Husband-in-law Candidate

Xiao Su’er is making alchemy in the medicine spirit jade space at this time, but Xia Lanying doesn’t know it. She looks like Xiao Su’er is sitting in the position, her head is still a little bit, obviously she is sleeping.

Seeing her nonchalant appearance, Xia Lanying became even more angry. She prepared so much carefully, just to watch Su Xin’er make a fool of herself. She had reported her revenge at the ability test meeting, and wanted her to kneel and beg not to marry. This beggar, but she didn’t expect that she was so heartless, she was still sleeping?

Thinking about this, she pushed Xiao Su’er hard and said in a bad tone, “Su Xin’er! Don’t sleep, your husband has already come out. You have to see the future. Relative person?”

At this moment, Xiao Su’er was in the medicine domain space and had already practiced the pill. She collected the spiritual power that was continuously poured into the alchemy furnace, extinguished the flame of the furnace, and opened the lid to see a mellow pill. The pill lies in the medicine furnace, the color is as clear as a Wang Qingquan.

“Master, Master! You are done, I have already felt that this pill is perfect, you should eat it! You will not have to suffer the pain of ice poison for some time in the future.”

Grass Jing Xiaoyi yelled happily beside her, Xiao Su’er turned her head and nodded gently, picked up the pill in the medicine furnace and swallowed it.

The pill melted in her abdomen, and soon a warm feeling rose from the pubic area and traveled all over her body. Xiao Su’er nodded her head satisfied with the effect of the medicine, but was suddenly pushed hard. She was also pushed two steps forward in the medicine field space.

what happened? It seems that something went wrong at the martial arts contest! It’s so annoying, this auntie really doesn’t let people stop! If you have nothing to do all day, teach Su Yaoer that Su Yaoer is better than anything else, don’t let her be so arrogant, be quiet! Otherwise, everyone doesn’t have the grace of a lady, and they don’t know what they think after tossing others all day.

Xiao Su children to open their eyes a little bored back to reality, only opened his eyes we heard screams coming from the audience, mixed with concern the stage to remind people, “son be careful ah!”

Xiao Su looked up toward the children of GongFu Looking at the stage, he saw a patch of scarlet, a young man fell to the ground badly, vomiting blood, and wounds all over his body.

And standing next to him was Zhang Beggar with a smug smile. He spit out sputum on the ground, condescendingly watching the crowd watching the crowd with a grimace, “Obviously I won, there are still people Do you want to continue to challenge?”

Xia Lanying almost burst into tears when she saw Xiao Su’er awake, and pointed at the beggar Zhang on the stage cheerfully, “Su Xin’er, have you seen it? This is you. The future husband, he is very powerful! Many people can’t beat him. You see,

the young man is the one who has won many games in a row, and he is still his defeat .” Xia Lanying had already tried to control herself when she spoke. The tone, it sounds not to be so gloating, but the smile on the corner of his mouth can’t hide anything.

The Su Xin’er she remembered was a timid little girl who often hid and cried. She thought that she would cry when she saw that she was going to marry someone like this in the future, but she didn’t expect that the person in front of her would have long been her. The Su Xin’er in the impression.

Not only did Xiao Suer see Zhang Beggar not panicking, but not crying, she just rubbed her temples in annoyance, and turned her head to look at her, “Mother, if you have the power to ruin me, you might as well teach your daughter. .”

“You…” Xia Lanying’s smile was stiff on her face, a little surprised, and even more angry. What did she mean by this? Did she see that this was her own strategy? Let yourself teach her daughter, is Yao’er bad? Does Su Xin’er have a little bit of self-knowledge? Compared with her, Yao’er is a pretty lady, so she needs to be taught more. I am afraid it is her who needs to teach!

She pointed at Xiao Su’er angrily and yelled, “Su Xin’er, what do you mean? This contest is your father’s idea. He wants to choose a good husband and wife for you. Not only are you not grateful, you’re still criticizing Sanghuai. What do you mean?”

“What do you mean? Auntie, you will know soon, this little trick can’t trouble me, do you really think I will marry the beggar on the stage? Don’t be too wishful, this is impossible The matter.”

Xiao Suer knew this was Xia Lanying’s plan when she saw this beggar just now, and she was really vicious enough to ruin the life of these two young ladies. To find such a person, it is conceivable that if these two young ladies really marry him, I still don’t know what kind of life they will live in the future, living in dire straits!

“Su Xin’er, what do you mean? What is wishful thinking? I tell you! Beggar Zhang is very powerful, and ordinary cultivators are not his opponents. I will help you find such a powerful husband-in-law. You are not only not grateful. I’m still talking about this, do you have any education?”

Xiao Su’er looked at her vicious look, and said casually, “Auntie is sure that I must marry this beggar today?”

“Of course I’m sure, otherwise you can ask. Who dares to challenge him on stage?”

Xia Lanying was very sure when she spoke. After all, the silence among the crowd on the square was so quiet that no one would dare to challenge this beggar Zhang. Everyone knew that although he was a beggar, It is also because of the cultivating madman that he becomes a beggar. His cultivation level has reached the four-star martial artist, and very few people in Wansheng Continent can surpass him.

And just now, they could see that the desolate noble son was beaten to that appearance by him, and who else would dare to go up to the stage to challenge him, isn’t this looking for death?

“No one is coming up anymore, are they?” The beggar Zhang on the stage smiled wantonly, turned his head to look at the seat where the prince Zhugeli and Su Changqing were sitting, and opened his jagged yellow teeth, “Since this is the case, Prime Minister. His Royal Highness and His Royal Highness will immediately announce the results of the martial arts competition, and tonight I will be in the bridal chamber with the second lady of the Su family, right under my bridge, so happy!”

His words were extremely vulgar. As if being insulted. Su Xin’er is the ultimate ability. She should be the prime minister’s mansion. How can she marry such a beggar? It was a shame.

Thinking about this, he looked at Zhuge Li a little nervously next to him, “His Royal Highness, this is absolutely not the case, he is just a beggar, how can

he marry a little girl?” He still holds the last hope, as long as the witness, His Royal Highness If you don’t agree, this marriage won’t happen.