Chapter 1190 Competition

Chapter 1190 Competition But

Zhuge Li was not as he thought, instead, he looked at Su Changqing indifferently, mocking when he spoke.

“This prince doesn’t think that you can’t marry the second lady. After all, this martial arts contest is a rule set by your prime minister’s mansion. You never said that beggars cannot marry the second lady. You only said that you follow the rules of the contest. Now he has defeated nature. You want to marry the second young lady. Don’t your prime minister’s mansion want to speak but not count?”

Zhuge Li now feels very happy. Not only does he not feel that Su Xin’er wants to marry a beggar, he feels a bit pity, but he feels that the result is very good. I won’t feel sorry anymore.

Originally, he thought that if Su Xin’er, who has the ultimate ability, marries his opponent, the clan of the royal family, then he will get a strong opponent and pose a great threat to his crown prince.

But now that Su Xin’er marries a beggar, he doesn’t have to worry at all, and it doesn’t need to be a pity. Su Xin’er’s ultimate ability cannot be used by him, and it is destined to not be used by others.

Thinking of this, Zhugeli’s mouth showed a grim smile, squinted slightly, and announced loudly, “No one dares to continue to challenge? No, right? Well, this time the winner of the martial arts contest is Zhang… …”

“Hold on!” Before

he could finish his words, there was a clear voice behind the curtain, which interrupted him loudly. All the onlookers followed the sound and saw that they had taken up a slender business after the murder. Although they couldn’t see their faces through the green yarn, everyone could recognize the voice. The prime minister’s house was over there. Miss Su Xin!

Zhuge Yiyi was interrupted by Su Xin’er, a little irritation appeared in his eyes, and he asked impatiently, “Sales, what do you want to do?” Do you want to regret it? This is the rule set by your prime minister’s house. Can’t tolerate your repentance.

“His Royal Highness is worrying a lot, I don’t want to go back.” Xiao Su’er’s voice sounded not rushed, like a calm lake, “But this contest is not over yet, and His Royal Highness needn’t be so anxious to announce the final The result.”

“It’s not over yet, huh?” Zhugeli sneered, “Su Xin’er, you still accept your fate, you can see that no one dares to challenge the station anymore. This beggar is naturally the last winner. How could it be returned? It’s not over?”

“It’s true that no one else dares to challenge anymore, but according to the rules set by the Prime Minister’s Mansion, I can still challenge him myself? As long as I win, he can’t be my husband.”

Hearing At his words, Zhuge Li, the people in the Prime Minister’s Mansion, and the crowd onlookers were all stunned. Yup! They actually forgot that there is still this rule. If there is no challenger present, the two young ladies can take the initiative to challenge themselves. If she wins, she can decide the person for her husband.

So these two young ladies are going to challenge this beggar personally on stage?

“What? The second lady wants to challenge me?” The beggar Zhang on the stage heard her words and reacted, drooling at the figure behind the curtain and said obsessively, “How can this work? I never know how to do it. bully a woman, of course, exceptions would be in bed. Unfortunately, this is not in bed, I can not bear to touch you, if you wounded, but also how the bridal chamber tonight, ah? “

when he spoke face wretched, disgusting words, Xiao Su Erque Unaffected by him, he just said plainly, “I’ll talk nonsense when you really win.”

“Hahaha!” Zhang Beggar laughed up to the sky, “Yes, these two young ladies have a personality, then Come on! You and I have a good fight to let you know that your husband and me are great.”

Zhugeli heard that Zhang Beggar had already challenged, so he couldn’t say much. He just sat back in his position again, but his eyes were filled with disdain. He believed in his heart that these two young ladies would definitely not be able to beat Zhang beggar, after all, although he was a beggar, his abilities were well-known to the people of the Ten Thousand Saint Continent.

Although this Xiao Su’er is the ultimate ability, she will be much better than others in her future cultivation, but she has just started to practice. Zhuge Li had also seen her take action before, and it can be estimated that her current cultivation base is only a three-star martial artist. Although it is indeed good among people of the same age, it is definitely not the opponent of this beggar.

It’s not just Zhuge Li who knows this. Xia Lanying watched Xiao Su’er stand up and prepare to go to the stage to compete, and mocked coldly, “Xin’er! I advise you not to spend so much effort, and you can’t win the fight, and will be injured by the time. how can I do? still early to recognize the reality of it, and how good he was married, though a beggar, but can help you practice ah! “

Xia Lanying raging bamboo, Su Xin child this is definitely beat him, she knew now Su Xin’er is only a three-star warrior, so I found this beggar Zhang specially, knowing that he is already a four-star warrior now, how can a three-star and a four-star compare?

“Mother, don’t be too happy too early!” Xiao Su’er gathered her long hair and stood up calmly, “I’m not a match yet, how would you know?”

Putting down these words, Xiao Su’er stopped paying attention to her. Instead, she lifted the tulle directly out of the curtain and walked towards the martial arts stage. Xia Lanying was trembling with anger and pointed at his back and cursed, “Su Xin’er, a dead girl, now only has a hard mouth, Yao Ignore her, let’s just wait to see her being beaten.”

Su Yaoer did not answer her words, but stared at Xiao Suer’s back in a trance.

When Xia Lanying turned her head, she saw her sluggish expression, frowning strangely and asked, “Yao’er, what’s wrong with you?”

Su Yao’er came back to her senses and hesitated and said, “Mother, don’t you think Has this Su Xin’er changed? She has never spoken to you like this before. I think she has become so strange these days.”

“Doesn’t she just think that she is now a cultivator of ultimate ability, with her tail up to the sky? Have you gone? Let her know what a

shame today!” “Not only that, I always feel that she is in a much better figure now than before.” Su Yao’er looked at Xiao Su’er’s back with a bumpy figure, such a slender figure. It’s so much better than before.

“What’s the use of a good figure? Even if you marry a beggar, it’s a waste of the country, huh!” Xia Lanying still sneered.

On the other side, Xiao Su’er had already stepped onto the martial arts stage. In these short steps, she had already felt the changes that had taken place in her body. Her whole body was full of temperature. Without the cold feeling before, she walked much lighter.

The ice poison was completely suppressed, and her face was much rosy, a little more beautiful than usual. The two young ladies’ faces were actually considered to be an iconic beauty, but because of being harsh by Xia Lanying, her complexion was always bad, and she looked Looks miserable.