Chapter 1191 Trick

Chapter 1191

The crowd on the stage has been waiting for the second lady to come on stage, and finally saw a light pink dress approaching, and the crowd suddenly boiled.

“Come, come to see you, Miss came to power, Oh, to be a big play, good play a rare case of a hundred years, ah!”

“Oh yeah, the prime minister and the second lady beggar test of the government, but also to the time lost Marrying him, it’s really pitiful to think about it.”

“Let’s just take a bet. How many tricks do you think this second lady can play with Beggar Zhang before losing?”

“I think it’s not a trick. This beggar basically didn’t touch it. women had to see this maybe the second lady came directly tackled her, that time What is done can not be undone, but also a test of what kind of strength ah! ” “

ha ha ha, that when the time would not have written, we live to see Erotica.”

The men present saw such a scene that had exposed their inferiority, and they began to laugh unscrupulously. Anyway, if they can’t get it, then they will slander it. It is not important that it is not their own.

But Su Changqing, who was sitting on the stage, had already returned to his intestines and regretted it. He had previously promised Xia Lanying’s martial arts contest because he wanted to recruit a powerful person as his son-in-law. By then, the Prime Minister’s House would have two powerful ones. No one dares to bully anymore.

But now he has caught a powerful person, but this person is a beggar, if he were to be the son-in-law, wouldn’t the prime minister’s mansion be laughed out of his teeth! Where do you put your own face?

Now he was about to pay for his momentary stupidity and watched his beautiful daughter marry this disgusting beggar.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that I had lost too much, and I began to regret it. Taking advantage of the gap between the two of them, I began to plead with Zhuge Li next to him, “His Royal Highness, I beg you, don’t let my daughter marry this beggar. You want me to do anything for you, and I can do whatever it takes.”

He almost knelt on the ground when he was worried, but he didn’t want to answer him at all, but he looked at the second lady on the stage sluggishly. The hat is full of experience, and for a while, I feel a little lost.

This Miss Su Er has always looked good, he knows, but today she seems to be particularly beautiful, her face is ruddy, her cheeks are sunken than usual, and she doesn’t know how beautiful she is.

And these days, he has long discovered that these two young ladies seem to have improved a lot. They used to be thin and skinny, walking on the street like a bamboo pole, but today they are so stunning, bumpy and beautiful!

The one who was as amazing as him was Beggar Zhang, his happy eyes were straight.

He originally came here after receiving money from Xia Lanying. He knew that the second lady of the Su family was bullied all day long. She was skinny and skinny. But he had never played this lady, thinking that he could have fun by marrying back.

Unexpectedly, seeing the second young lady of the Su family is just a little bit charming, she is clearly a beauty who is all over the country.

This is really profitable.

Thinking like this, Zhang Beggar’s eyes flashed blue, watching Xiao Su’er stare up and down naked, his saliva flowed all over the floor, “Beauty, what else do we despise? You must not be able to beat me, come with me. Don’t worry! I will be gentle when I was in the bridal chamber, and I won’t make you hurt.”

His saliva flowed even more when he was speaking, and the whole person was extremely trivial. Xiao Su’er felt his disgusting gaze, and couldn’t help turning over. Roll your eyes.

“Oh, are you so sure that I can’t beat you?” Xiao Su’er was talking while gathering spiritual power in the palm of her hand, and as soon as her voice fell, she threw a fireball. Pack and pack you.”

Zhang Beggar was still admiring Xiao Su’er’s figure, but suddenly she didn’t expect that she would shoot so quickly, and was a little embarrassed to avoid the fireball fired by Xiao Su’er. He looked at her with a little less in his eyes. Obsessed, a bit more fierce.

“Although she is a beauty, she is also a disobedient beauty. Then I will teach you a good job today.” He stretched out his tongue and licked his lips, his disgusting look was like seeing the food on the plate. .

While talking, he also condensed spiritual power in his hand, and in an instant, countless canes flew out of his hand, and he rushed towards Xiao Su’er, but Xiao Su’er had been prepared to prevent him from this, and gently avoided those. Rattan.

After going back and forth, the two of them mobilized on the stage, and seeing the two of them doing something, Su Yaoer in the stands slowly recovered from shock.

“Mother, look! What’s the matter with Su Xin’er? How come she suddenly became so beautiful, skinny like a dry wood, and now she has become so good, she almost compares me to me. , I’m not as good as her in the ability test. Now if my figure is not as good as her, won’t she be suppressed everywhere in the future?”

Su Yaoer is so angry that she is so suffocated and her heart hurts. She has never looked down on it since she was young Su Xin’er felt that she was inferior to herself, that she was more beautiful than her and better than her figure, and she was still a waste without spiritual roots, but she was a genius, and she was inferior to herself everywhere.

Now the two of them have adjusted. Su Xin’er has become a cultivator, and she is also a cultivator of ultimate ability. Now she has a better appearance and body shape. She can’t compare to Su Xin’er everywhere. How can this make her? not angry?

Hearing her daughter’s angry voice, Xia Lanying had a complete reaction with hindsight. Although it was strange, she still remembered to comfort her daughter first.

“Yao’er, don’t worry, although I don’t know why she suddenly became so good-looking and in such a good figure, but even if she looks better, she still wants to marry this beggar and can’t hold her head up forever! You don’t need to…”

Halfway through what she said, she heard an earth-shattering sound erupting from the martial arts stage, which made people’s ears hurt!

Xia Lanying’s words were stopped by fright, and she followed the sound. After seeing the scene on the competition stage, she was shocked to dislocate her jaw, and her whole face became completely bloodless, and she said inconceivably, “Here, what’s going on? “The

competition stage has turned into a sea of ​​fire at this time, and in the center of the sea of ​​fire is the beggar Zhang who was still arrogant at the moment. At this moment, he was covered in blood, and he was sorely wailing that he couldn’t get up at all. .

And Xiao Su’er next to him was able to stand beside the sea of ​​flames. The pink dress on her body swayed with the wind, like a beautiful butterfly without any interference, her expression was cold, she didn’t seem to have just finished comparing herself with others. , The contrast between the two is sharp, and the blind can tell at a glance who is winning.