Chapter 1192 Cut off the tongue

Chapter 1192 Cut off your tongue

The people in the city watching from the audience were shocked to speak, but they had witnessed a great battle with their own eyes. The second lady of the Su family actually defeated Zhang beggar. Before, Zhang beggar was invincible. The elder brother in the city or the gangster who wanted to bully him, all were his opponents, but in front of Miss Su, he was out. He was severely injured in one move.

The strength of the two people can be said to be extremely different, and there is no need to compete at all. Miss Su Er just raised her hand at will and defeated him with two moves. It seems to be very easy, no effort at all.

“How is it? Do you still think I can’t beat you?” Xiao Suer looked at the fallen beggar Zhang and slowly said, “Now you should give up? Is there anyone else who wants to challenge you again?”

She said After this, there was still silence in the audience, no one dared to challenge, and no one dared to answer her words. Many people were still in shock and unable to return to their senses.

No one thought that the second young lady, who they believed would definitely lose, would have won the competition in such a short time.

Xia Lanying, who was sitting behind the curtain, saw this scene almost falling off the stool, her eyes rounded, her whole body trembling slightly, and she was trembling when she raised her hand and could not speak.

She didn’t believe it, she really didn’t believe it, she clearly remembered that Su Xin’er was a martial artist’s three-star cultivation base, how could he defeat the martial artist’s four-star Zhang beggar, she looked at Xiao Su’er intently, but immediately felt the spirit of her body force.

This spiritual power is so surging, it is no longer three-star spiritual power, and has reached the four-star martial artist.

Xia Lanying’s face turned pale in an instant, and she couldn’t react at all. She didn’t believe that anyone could be so powerful that it only took a few days to break through the three-star cultivation base and reach the four-star martial artist. She lived unheard of for decades. Unseen.

Xia Lanying, of course, could not have imagined the existence of Yao Lingyu space like this in the world. These few days have been too short for them to break through, but for Xiao Su’er, she stayed in Yao Lingyu space for more than a month. , She naturally has enough time and opportunity to break through from three-star martial artist to four-star.

Xiao Su’er waited for the flame to extinguish a little before stepping over the fire, walking to the beggar Zhang in the middle, looking at him condescendingly, “I don’t know a fool!” When

she opened her mouth, she had a cold mocking tone, and her whole face looked like The ecstasy messenger from hell makes people tremble, “Do you know now? Don’t look at yourself too high, think you are really invincible in the world? I don’t know what to say!”

“You…” Zhang Beggar was unwilling. I have been struggling to stand up, but the injuries all over my body are too serious. I struggled for a long time in vain, and I can only enjoy it with grievances.

“Su Xin’er, don’t be proud of you! I tell you, just now the little master let you, when the little master got up, he immediately dragged you back to the bottom of the bridge hole, let you taste my prestige. You haven’t tasted the taste of a man. Huh? Today I’ll let you…Woo!” The

crude language in his mouth was wave after wave, as if these words were inexhaustible in his mouth. He was about to continue to insult Xiao Su’er, but didn’t. Thinking that there was no such opportunity at all, Xiao Su’er just raised her hand gently, the spiritual power in her hand turned into a flying knife and flew directly into Zhang beggar’s mouth, his voice stopped abruptly.

In the next moment, everyone onlookers saw a red object with blood flying out of Zhang beggar’s mouth, and it fell to the ground covered with dust, but it could still be recognized at a glance that it was a beggar’s tongue.

Everyone took a breath, and the second young lady of the Su family had cut off the tongue of Zhang beggar, and she didn’t take much effort, she just raised her hand gently.

A beggar without a tongue can no longer speak those filthy words. Xiao Su’er looked at the corners of his mouth with a painful look. This kind of person should have his tongue cut, otherwise it would be too noisy and only annoying all day long. .

Everything is fine now, the whole world is clean, and there is no need to listen to him speaking these vulgar and nasty language.

Seeing the painful look of the beggar who could not speak anymore, she clapped her hands lightly, kicked him hard, and kicked him directly off the competition stage.

After doing all this, Xiao Suer stood calmly on the stage, watching everyone in the audience softly speak, “Is there anyone who wants to challenge me now?”

Jing, the audience was deadly silent!

The boys and girls who were talking casually in the audience just now held their mouths tightly and did not dare to speak. They were worried that when Miss Su Er waved their hands gently, their tongues would also be separated from their bodies.

They dared to say that just now, just thinking that this man has many influences and the law does not blame the others. Besides, they all thought that this beggar would definitely win the second lady of the Su family, but they did not expect that this beggar would be her defeat. How can they dare to speak anymore?

It was a thorny rose. No one dared to provoke her with words at will, otherwise the consequences would only be worse than Zhang Beggar.

Seeing that no one dared to come up again, Xiao Su’er nodded in satisfaction, “It doesn’t take much effort, it’s good!”

Thinking like this, she gently raised her chin with her arms around her chest, “No one has come up yet, right? That’s fine. I declare today’s duel to get married in this void. “

then she turned and prepared to leave, to go back to good practice, she turned around and did not want to hear a voice from far and near,” Wait! there are people who want to challenge. “

with What came to her with this voice was a slender figure. Xiao Su’er turned her head in a daze, frowned when she saw the person coming, and asked, “His Royal Highness, what are you doing here?” There

was something in her voice. Polite but full of alienation.

She clearly remembered that Zhugeli had retired the second young lady, and it was precisely because of his resignation that the second young lady was even more ridiculed by others: a trash, not even a married husband, what is the meaning of living?

What is he doing here now?

When Zhuge Li looked at Xiao Su’er, his eyes were complicated and affectionate. He slowly spoke, no longer the usual impatience, but full of gentle tone, “Xin’er, don’t be so anxious, this prince will also challenge him. “

What, you have to challenge?” Xiao Suer’s brows frowned and tightened, looking strangely at the person in front of him. Your Royal Highness, you are the witness of this martial arts contest. You should be the clearest to challenge me. What? Don’t come up on a whim, thinking that you want to find someone to test the force. “

Of course I know what it stands for.” “Zhu Geli is still gentle, “It is because he knows me that he wants to come up even more. Because I want to marry you too, so I want to have a try with you. “