Chapter 1193 Change of Identity

Chapter 1193 Identity Change

“You…” Xiao Su’er frowned. She was really entangled at this time, and she couldn’t figure out what the prince was pretending to be.

And they just keep Zhuge Li began soulful confession, “Kinji, I was wrong before, do not know you well, actually dropped out of our marriage, you give me a chance? Let me make up for you.”

No Wrong, Zhugeli regretted it, very regretful. He only regretted it a little when he knew that Su Xin’er was the ultimate ability at the ability test site before, and he should continue to persuade himself to marry a beautiful woman.

But today, seeing Su Xin’er’s radiant face, and seeing her really so powerful, he could see himself from the bottom of his heart. He really regretted it.

How can he let go of such a stunning beauty with ultimate ability, never let it go! Su Yaoer can’t compare to her at all now.

He couldn’t sit in that position anymore, watching this opportunity that was finally salvageable was lost, and if he wanted to take advantage of this chance to win Su Xin’er, then he could justify his mistake and marry her home.

Just now when Zhang Beggar and Xiao Su’er tried to fight, he wanted to fly on his body to solve it, but he didn’t expect that this beggar was not worth mentioning at all, so he fell down with two tricks.

Zhugeli’s words also successfully aroused the exclamation of the onlookers present, and suddenly people forgot to be afraid, and opened their mouths to continue the discussion.

“Today is really a good show. His Royal Highness said in front of Miss Su that the second lady should also give him a chance.”

“Didn’t the lady have already entered into a marriage contract with him? What is this going to do? Huh?”

“Hurt! Where else can you make trouble? Just think about it. People with a discerning eye will know at a glance. Now the second lady is better than the eldest, and she is not bad in appearance. She is still a cultivator with the ultimate ability. Beggar Zhang was also easily defeated. If I were the prince, I would also choose the second lady.” The

crowd onlookers discussed and compared Miss Su and the eldest. The final conclusion is obviously that the second lady is bigger than the older one. The young lady is powerful, better than the eldest, all these comments flew into Su Yao’er’s ears as if they had grown wings.

Her face was flushed with anger, her bright red fingernails almost smashed the flesh, she screamed, “Mother, have you heard? Everyone is saying that I can’t beat Su Xin’er, even the Prince’s She asked her to give him a chance. What is this for? Is this hitting me in the face?”

She didn’t even dream about it. In just a few days, she and Su Xin’er had changed drastically. Su Xin’er can say that she stepped on her feet severely.

All the people around, even these flat-headed people, and His Royal Highness who once clamored to marry her, felt that she was inferior to Su Xin’er, she couldn’t swallow this breath at all, and she was so angry that she was going to faint on the spot.

Of course Xia Lanying wanted to comfort her daughter, but she didn’t know how to comfort her at all, and even she herself felt that what the people said made sense.

No matter how she didn’t want to admit it, Su Xin’er was the ultimate talent, and she was indeed better-looking than him. Especially today, I don’t know why her face suddenly exudes an unprecedented light, which is so much more beautiful than usual.

Xia Lanying also stomped her feet with anger and didn’t know what to do. Su Xin’er, a bitch, was so restless that she had known that she shouldn’t have kept her life. She should have been strangled to death as early as she was born.

When the second room gave birth to her, Xia Lanying had no idea that this girl movie would affect her child, but completely ignored her, just solved her mother, and didn’t want her to regenerate a son to threaten her status. , But now I didn’t expect this girl to be threatened.

In the past, she was just a soulless waste, but now she is a cultivator with the ability to terminate. What should we do? Will there be a foothold for her and her daughter in the future?

Just when the two were furious and didn’t know what to do, Zhuge Li on the clothes stage was already impatient, looking at Xiao Su’er with a piercing gaze.

“Xin’er, are you willing to give me a chance? I promise that I will be very good to you in the future. If you don’t want me to take a concubine, I can give up three wives and four concubines for you. We don’t have to try, you promise me to let me How about I marry you home?”

Zhugeli has said all the good things, after all, he is just thinking about marrying Su Xin’er home as soon as possible. As for his promise to give up his three wives and four concubines, it was just a quick talk. At that time, even if he repents, Su Xin’er can’t take him anything, he is the prince.

And it is precisely because he is a prince, which woman in the entire Ten Thousand Saints Continent does not want to marry him, he believes that Su Xinran also likes him in his heart, he has this confidence, after all, he is handsome and not bad, so he is really looking for him. There is no reason to be rejected.

Thinking of this, Zhuge Li didn’t plan to do it, but walked gently to hold the hand of the person in front of him, and directly took her off the stage to go back to the wedding and get married.

But when he walked to Xiao Su’er, Xiao Su’er took two steps back in succession, and gathered spiritual power in his hands as he backed away. The fireball burned more and more fiercely in his hands, and it was thrown fiercely, only towards Zhuge Li’s face. Fly away.

Zhugeli didn’t expect it for a while, but he also reacted extremely quickly and quickly dodged sideways. The fireball flew along the corner of his clothes. If he slowed down, he would be disfigured.

He looked at the flying fireball and raised his head a little angrily, “Xin’er, what are you doing?”

“His Royal Highness has said too much, and has forgotten the rules of the martial arts competition ? Didn’t you come up to fight with each other ? Did I take the written test? Stop talking nonsense, and just do it quickly. I don’t have so much time to spend here.”

Xiao Su’er had a cold expression when she spoke. Fortunately, the second lady did not marry him, since he Once retired, the second lady lost face, so now that I use her identity, I definitely want to get this face back.

Zhuge Li was a little angry when she heard what she said. The second Miss Su really didn’t know what was good or bad, and actually wanted to compete with him. Does she think she is invincible in the world?

Moreover, she was a dignified prince, so many people were begging to marry him without a chance. He had already spoken actively. She didn’t even use the donkey to rush towards herself, but she still had to compete with herself.

He looked up, but when he saw Xiao Su’er’s cold eyes, his anger disappeared for a moment.

It’s really beautiful, especially these eyes are breathtakingly beautiful. They are beauty that he has never noticed before. If such a beauty does not marry back, it is simply a trip in the world for nothing.