Chapter 1194 Breakthrough

Chapter 1194 Breakthrough

Even though Zhuge Ligui is the crown prince, he has seen hundreds of people who have never seen such a charming woman. Why haven’t you discovered that Su Xin’er has such a charm before? I always felt that since the aptitude test conference started, she was like a different person, exuding endless charm that fascinated him.

Since she wants to try, let’s try, and she will marry him willingly if she loses. Thinking about this, Zhuge Li also gathered spiritual power in his hands, and looked at the person in front of him and said, “Xin’er, if you really can’t resist, you must speak, I don’t want me to hurt you.”

He just fell off the sound . The surrounding area was like a tornado, and flying sand and rocks gathered in all directions, all smashing towards Xiao Su’er.

Xiao Su’er also immediately gathered his spiritual power to resist with a fireball, but when the two people’s spiritual power met in the air, Xiao Suer felt unable to resist at the moment of confrontation.

She sensed it in an instant that Zhuge Li in front of this was actually a five-star martial artist. His talent was not bad. Coupled with the unique conditions, the palace invited countless experts to advise and gained a lot of improvement. The pill of spiritual power. Therefore, although he was already a top master in Wansheng Mainland at a young age, he was now one star higher than Xiao Su’er.

Just now Xiao Suer was able to defeat Zhang Beggar, who is also a four-star martial artist, not only because of pure spiritual power, but also because of the two spiritual roots. Zhang Beggar is only a simple wood spiritual root, but Xiao Suer has a firewood double spiritual root. There is a natural advantage to using fire to fight against wood.

But now Zhuge Li is a cultivator of the Wood Element Spirit Root, one star higher than herself, no matter what, she won’t have the advantage, and it can be said that it is completely impossible to win.

As soon as the two talents were recruited, Xiao Su’er was already at a disadvantage. Zhuge Li saw her strenuous appearance, and the smile on the corner of her mouth became more and more complacent.

“Xin’er, you really can’t beat me, so give up as soon as possible. I’m really worried about hurting you. Anyway, you are going to marry me. Why do you have to try again? How bad is it that you are injured?”

Zhuge Li single-handed Controlling the stones around him against Xiao Su’er, he spoke.

“Don’t be delusional.” Xiao Su’er resisted stubbornly, clenching his teeth hard, her eyes were full of unwillingness, and she had almost used all her spiritual power and Zhuge Li to stand in a stalemate.

Seeing Xiao Su’er being so stubborn and not wanting to marry herself so much, Zhugeli was a little angry, but still secretly said in her heart, “Even if you don’t want to, how can he not get the woman his prince wants?”

He sighed faintly and slowly said, “Xin’er, if you want to do this, don’t blame me. I will end this test as

soon as possible, otherwise you will only suffer more injuries.” As soon as the voice fell, he increased his hands. The spiritual power in her heart was almost instantly struck by such a mighty spiritual power, Xiao Su’er retreated a few steps.

Everyone could see that she was defeated by Zhuge Li, even cold sweat broke out on her forehead, and her lips gradually became pale.

Zhugeli felt a little distressed when she saw her like this, “The martial arts recruiting relatives is meant to stop. Everyone can see that you are not against me. If this is the case, don’t resist over there, just marry me.”

He thought to himself. When the matter reached this point, she also said it for this reason. The second Miss Su in front of her should also give up resistance, but she did not expect that she did not withdraw her spiritual power at all, but raised her head and looked into his eyes.

Zhugeli and Xiao Su’er faced each other, and instantly saw the unusual expression on her face. Xiao Su’er’s eyes were full of smiles, and she whispered, “Your Royal Highness, don’t be happy too early, I didn’t lose, on the contrary. This competition is now officially starting.”

Zhuge Li was stunned after hearing what she said. He didn’t understand what it meant, but when he was about to ask, he saw a colorful light shining from around Xiao Su’er.

The moment Zhuge Li saw this light, his whole body was dull, and he had not had time to react, but he could feel Xiao Su’er’s spiritual power skyrocketing.

In a short moment, she has broken through the four-star martial artist and reached the five-star martial artist.

“Damn!” Someone in the crowd of onlookers saw the meaning of the light, and exclaimed in surprise, “Look at it! Su Xin’er broke through, and she actually got four stars from the five on this martial arts stage. Breakthrough to the five-star martial artist.” As

soon as these words came out, all the onlookers were dumbfounded. Many of the people present were cultivators, and naturally knew how difficult it was to break through.

Especially the higher the level of cultivators, it is even more difficult to break through. Although there is only one star between the four-star martial artist and the five-star martial artist, some people will not be able to achieve it in their lifetime. I am afraid that it is now and Su Xin’er. It took five or six years for Zhuge Li to fight, before he could break through from four stars to five stars.

Even so, he didn’t rely solely on himself, he also relied on many pharmacists in the palace to prepare him with soup medicine to enhance spiritual power.

However, Su Xin’er was clearly a martial artist’s three-star cultivation base in the ability test conference a few days ago. It was enough to progress to four-star in just a few days, and now she can break through again on this martial arts stage. The same five-star warrior as Zhugeli.

This is no longer a rare occurrence than in a century, it is a rare talent in a thousand years! No one thought that the trash that was rejected by the entire Ten Thousand Saint Continent last month would turn into a rare talent in a thousand years.

Everyone was immersed in her breakthrough and shocked, but Xiao Su’er breathed a sigh of relief, okay, okay, still in time!

These days, when she was cultivating in the medicinal spirit jade space, she felt that her spiritual power had already increased, and she should have reached five stars, but she hadn’t broken through.

Xiaoyi told her that it was because of the ice poison in her body that she had to use the pill to suppress it to break through. Now it seems that Xiaoyi is right. She is now using the spirit grass on Xiaoyi to refine the pill. After the medicine suppressed the toxin, it really broke through.

This luck is really good. If it is later, she will really lose to Zhugeli. Then she will abide by the rules of martial arts and marry him, and now don’t worry, both of them are five-star martial artists. The level of cultivation is whether to win or lose depends on their own ability.

Thinking about this, Xiao Suer’s expression appeared fierce, and she squeezed her fist and looked at Zhuge Li, “His Royal Highness, did you just say that you regret retiring? Did you regret it because I became a cultivator now? So today? You have to see if you have the qualifications to regret.” The

voice just fell, she gathered spiritual power in her hands, and pushed straight towards Zhugeli. At that moment, countless fire snakes whizzed in the air all the way towards Zhugeli. Pounced and surrounded Zhuge’s force.

Zhuge Li was shocked by her sudden breakthrough. This fierce attack also made him unable to react for several steps. Seeing that the fire dragon was about to swallow his robes, he finally reacted to blow out the fire with flying sand. .