Chapter 1195 Dragon Formation

Chapter 1195 The Dragon Formation

He was a little embarrassed before he stood still, and when he looked up, he saw Xiao Su’er looking at him sarcastically, his face was full of ridicule, “His Royal Highness, you don’t know what you just said and that beggar really is. Is it the same? I think I will beat me. What is the result? I said, don’t talk too much, be careful of getting slapped, now it’s all right.”

Su Xin’er actually kept comparing herself to a beggar. Zhugeli’s eyes burned with anger, and the whole person was furious to the extreme, “Su Xin’er, do you think you can beat me if you break through? I’ll tell you, none of the women my prince Zhugeli looked after was not taken away by me. Yes, today I said that I want to marry you. You have no right to say no.”

As soon as the voice fell, the flying sand and walking stones next to him instantly gathered together and turned into a huge dragon. The dragon roared to the sky, and the loud voice shocked everyone present to cover their ears. The dragon turned to look at the opposite. Xiao Su’er rushed towards her straight.

“The prince actually used Dragon Town.” The people in the audience recognized the magic used by Zhugeli and exclaimed. I only broke through to the five-star martial artist a month ago, and now I can already know such a powerful spell.”

These admiration voices heard Zhuge Li’s ears proudly raising his chin, looking at the person on the opposite side, “Su Xin’er, you Can you see it? Even if you break through, you can’t beat me. You won’t be able to use the spell I know, and you will definitely lose to me today.”

He thought in his heart that Xiao Su’er would be panicked when he saw such a powerful spell in the Dragon Array, but he did not expect that she would still stand in place with a calm face, even with a sneer on her face.

Xiao Su’er really felt funny at the moment, and she almost screamed from the sky. Originally, she was worried that he had just broken through, and he might not be able to win before he had time to practice the corresponding spells.

But I didn’t expect this prince to be an idiot, actually using all his spiritual power to deploy the dragon formation.

In this way, she can be said to have won.

Thinking of this, Xiao Suer didn’t use his spiritual power to fight with Zhugeli’s dragon, but with a little tiptoe, flew lightly into the air, avoiding waves of attacks from the dragon.

She doesn’t use spiritual power, just rotates in the air, accurately avoiding every frontal attack of the dragon.

That’s right, she intends to consume Zhugeli’s spiritual power. This dragon formation has been consuming Zhugeli’s spiritual power. It would be very costly to maintain the spiritual power of this giant dragon condensed by flying sand. At that time, her spiritual power After the power was exhausted, she would almost win without a fight without her taking a shot.

The people in the audience didn’t know that Xiao Su’er was so planning in her heart, but when she saw that she didn’t dare to fight and dodge around, they started talking in a low voice.

“What do you think about Miss Su Er? Why don’t you fight your Royal Highness head-on?

She always dodges, not like a cultivator’s behavior.” “Although she has made a breakthrough, the prince has been guided by a famous teacher since she was a child. Xiao Su’er, a powerful spell like Dragon Array, is inaccessible, and can’t be practiced. How could she have fought, of course she would have to escape.”

“I think, this Miss Su is hard-mouthed, and on the surface she doesn’t want to marry the prince. In fact, I was deliberately losing to the prince and wanted to enter the palace as the prince. She is really a shameless woman.”

Listening to the people in the audience, the expression on Zhuge Li’s face on the martial arts stage became more and more complacent. He raised his head and looked at Xiao Su’er in the air. He was still avoiding the dragon’s attack and was not positive. Against.

However, she could see her slender waist, swaying as she avoided it, her figure was extremely attractive, and the hot voice under his eyes became hoarse. , Everyone is watching, and soon follow this prince back to the palace.”

Xiao Su’er listened to him and ignored him at all, just feeling the dragon in front of her, she could feel that the power of the dragon was being reduced a little bit. , Sure enough, this Zhuge Li was as she thought, and the spiritual power was almost exhausted.

The idiot in front of her couldn’t hold it anymore, and until now she hadn’t discovered what she meant by dodge so much.

almost! Xiao Su’er smiled slowly at the corner of her mouth, and she stood back on the martial arts stage with her light toes, and looked at Zhuge Li in front of her, “Don’t you want me to fight head-on? I’m here, I hope you still have the strength to fight against me.” “

Only after the words fell a flame, the dragon soared into the air behind him, heading straight towards Zhuge Li.

“His Royal Highness, I’m sorry. I will do you the dragon formation.” Xiao Suer looked at Zhugeli and curled her mouth, her face was full of enchanting expressions, but her eyes were fierce, “Moreover, I can be more than you. Great!”

Xiao Su’er had already read all the spell books while waiting in the medicine spirit jade space. Although she hadn’t actually practiced the Dragon Formation, she had already seen how the Dragon Formation did it just before the two of them had played. .

In an instant, the dragon behind Xiao Su’er instantly doubled in size, much more powerful than Zhugeli’s dragon. In a blink of an eye, Zhugeli’s dragon was swallowed, and the flames surrounded Zhuge’s group.

“Ah!” Zhugeli had no idea that Xiao Su’er would also be in the Dragon Formation, and he was so much stronger than him. When he wanted to resist, he found that his spiritual power had been exhausted. He couldn’t resist, so he could only look at it. A giant dragon attacked itself.


Zhugeli’s robe was lit by the flame, and he was so scared that he screamed and stamped his feet in place, “Su Xin’er, are you crazy? Do you know what you are doing now? I am the prince! If your flame hurts me, you Do you know what the price you are going to pay?”

Xiao Su’er looked at him coldly with her arms folded, “His Royal Highness, the one who was going to compete just now to recruit relatives is that you have to assume the prince’s posture to tell me the price now? If he doesn’t comply with the rules, can the prince bully people casually?” As

soon as the voice fell, he continued to transmit spiritual power, and the flames surrounded Zhuge Li, and the dragon next to him threw a roar at him again, Zhuge Li also took care of him. Don’t be dangerous, and fled hastily on the competition stage.

He was already embarrassed into this look, but Xiao Suer did not intend to let him go, but continued to transmit spiritual power, the fire dragon roared and chased Zhuge Li on the martial arts stage.

The people onlookers could never imagine that they could see this scene. The high-ranking prince is now chased around the stage by Xiao Suer’s fire dragon like a clown. He was so embarrassed that he fell from left to right and his clothes were lit by flames. Burned holes one by one.

“Xin’er, stop! Don’t hurt His Royal Highness.” Su Changqing, who was next to him, was terrified when he saw this scene, and rushed to the stage to stop it.