Chapter 1196 Pee pants

Chapter 1196 Urinating Pants

Helplessly, his spiritual power was too weak, and he was too weak to open his eyes when he approached the martial arts stage. Yelled, “Stop! If you hurt His Royal Highness, the Prime Minister’s Mansion will be buried with you.”

His anxious voice rang to the sky, but Xiao Su’er didn’t seem to hear it, just sitting on the martial arts stage in a relaxed and comfortable manner. down, completely disregard their own image, she is now not considered in the contest, clear sky and said: “! to me stop can also”

“though, he has not announced that I had won, it shows that he He also thought he could resist it himself. If I took it back, he suddenly shot me a carbine. What should I do if it hurts me? As long as His Royal Highness announces that I have won, then I will stop.”

“I’m not declaring!” Zhuge Li was still stubborn. Although he was evasive and embarrassed, it would be impossible for him to admit that he had lost in front of so many people.

“Su Xin’er, this prince said, I must marry you today. I will never give up if I can’t.”

Xiao Su’er heard him and turned to look at Su Changqing with an anxious look, “Daddy, did you see that? This is not to blame my daughter. It’s the prince who doesn’t admit defeat, so how can I stop? You just watch it by the side.”

After that, no matter how anxious Su Changqing jumped, he turned his head and dodged embarrassedly on the stage. Zhugeli said again, “His Royal Highness, if you don’t admit defeat, then I won’t stop. Just wait for the fire dragon to burn you to death. When will it burn you to death, when will I stop.”

“You!” Zhuge Li I felt that I couldn’t breathe and almost fell. I was so angry that I still had to dodge, or I would be burned to death after a while.

A heat wave pressed hard behind him. He turned his head and saw the dragon roaring towards him. He knew in his heart that he could not beat Su Xin’er today, but let him admit that he had lost. It’s really hard to make it through.

Su Xin’er was really daring. She originally thought that she was just stern and didn’t dare to do anything to herself, but now it seems that she just wants to kill herself.

Zhugeli flickered to the left and right after running a few laps around the competition stage. After running out of energy, he saw that the fire dragon had no intention to stop. He could only shout, “Su Xin’er, I lost, I Give up! You let the fire dragon stop.”

At this moment when life is threatened, it doesn’t matter what face or winning or losing, life is the most important thing.

After saying this, he had exhausted all his strength, and he sat down on the ground watching the fire dragon opened its mouth to swallow him into his abdomen, gritted his teeth, and finally, at the last moment, the dragon was in front of him. Stopped the action.

“His Royal Highness, why do you need to toss for so long? If you conceded earlier, there would be nothing to do.” Xiao Su’er stood up and held up a lazy waist, gently raised his hand, the fire dragon disappeared instantly, even on the stage. The flames disappeared along with it.

Her deserted appearance did not seem to be stained with a trace of dust, and she spoke faintly like a dusty fairy, “Wasting so much time, the result is not the same.” The

turbulent flames faded, and the crowd onlookers could clearly see the appearance on the stage. In the chaotic scorching black, Prince Zhugeli sat on the ground, his robe was burned with several large holes in the flames, exposing his skin, his face was stained with black dust, and his hair was scorched a lot, it looked real. It was as embarrassed as the beggar just now.

This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that he fell on the ground, but Xiao Su’er saw a light yellow water stain under his legs, and he could smell a pungent fishy smell.

Xiao Suer raised her eyes and curled up her lips mockingly, “The prince is really not a big scene, isn’t it just a fire dragon? Or the dragon formation that the prince is familiar with, why did the prince pee his pants in fright?”

she said. Speaking loudly, it immediately caught everyone’s attention. Everyone looked at Zhuge Li’s body. After seeing the water stain, the scene exploded like water in a pan.

“Hahaha! It’s so funny to see His Royal Highness peeing his pants in fright.”

“You have a lower voice, don’t you want to live anymore? If you let the prince hear and execute you later, let me see what you do! “

The people around him desperately held back their laughter, but the ridiculous sound still overflowed from his mouth and drifted into Zhugeli’s ears.

Zhugeli felt ashamed and embarrassed. He was only too frightened. He didn’t even react to peeing on his pants. It was only when Xiao Su’er said just now that he suddenly woke up. After hearing these comments, he felt ashamed to the extreme, and he wanted to go straight into the ground to hide. stand up.

He is the dignified prince, where did he suffer such humiliation? Everyone must hold him, but today he lost such a big face in a row. It was enough to lose the game, and he was still peeing his pants under the public.

He raised his head and looked at Miss Su in front of her angrily, but saw that her pretty face was full of mockery.

Su Xin’er Su Xin’er, this prince remembers you, today’s grudges must be reported in the future! Zhuge Li couldn’t wait to order people to drag Xiao Su’er down and beat him to the 80s, but if he did this, he would be laughed at by the whole city. The dignified prince did not have any demeanor, and he would hurt the second lady of the Su family if he didn’t admit it. Such a reputation is no better than just peeing on his pants.

Thinking about it in his mind, he could only stand up slowly, pretend that nothing had happened before, and ignored the people talking about him peeing his pants. He just tightened his robe and said plainly, “Su Xin My son, since you don’t want to marry this prince so much, this prince is not too difficult for others to do. In this contest, I will treat you as if I let you marry.

Even at this point, he was still trying to speak such words in a desperate manner. Xiao Su’er looked at him and shook his head somewhat ridiculously. Is this prince tired?

Just now, all the people in the city saw him peeing on his pants, and they were so embarrassed to say that he was letting them go. Why are they so shameless?

But now that the result has been settled, she doesn’t want to entangle too much, and can only pretend to nod without hearing, “Then please witness the Prince’s Royal Highness announce the end of the martial arts contest and no one can be my husband-in-law.”

Ruo It was not Zhuge Li, but the witness invited by Su Changqing. Only when he announced the result could it be officially ended, Xiao Suer didn’t care about him.

Zhugeli will no longer hold the shelf to say that he can’t end it now, and now he has to go back to the palace to wash away the dirt of this life, and it is best to erase all the memories of this day.

So he immediately spoke. Although his tone was pretending to be calm, he was still a little flustered, “Okay! This prince is here to announce that the second lady of the book is going to compete with each other…”