Chapter 2 Lord, this can’t be sold

The Palace of the King of Chu is located in an area near the Taiji Palace on Zhuque Street.

The reason why it is described as an area is because the Chu Palace covers a relatively large area, which is far from comparable to ordinary honors.

Although it may be a little exaggerated to describe it as “five steps on the first floor, ten steps and one pavilion; the corridor is back, the eaves and teeth are pecked”, but it is a royal palace and the buildings inside.Whether it’s the product, it’s definitely not what ordinary people can imagine.

“This, this, all sold!”

Li Kuan rolled up his sleeves and kept talking to Wang Fugui, a businessman from the West Market.

“Master, this screen is a gift given by the Queen of Chu on your tenth birthday, isn’t it suitable for sale?”

Laifu watched Li Kuan not feel distressed at all so that Wang Fugui kept recording the things he wanted to sell, and almost stopped breathing so distressed.

“Since it was given to this king, naturally it will beSet. “

Li Kuan is now wondering about all kinds of things in the mansionThere is no interest in the product.

These things are naturally good, and any thing that is put into later generations is also an antique, and it is of great value.

However, as long as you have the silver, you can sell it today, buy it all back next year, or buy a better one. It is not difficult at all.

“Kang Dang!”

Li Kuan kicked open the red sandalwood door and looked at the calligraphy and paintings on the wall inside, “These, you estimate the price, they are all sold to you!”

“My lord, I can’t help it. Datang’s national strength is booming, and these calligraphy and paintings are just when their value is rising.”

Although Laifu doesn’t know anythingThe world’s gold, the golden age, the truth of the antique, but the calligraphy and painting of Chang’an City have gradually become popular in the past two years, but he isArrived.

“Yes, Lord, there are a few paintings in it that are still your favorite before. What a shame to sell.” Qing’er couldn’t see it from the side.

Although as Li Kuan’sslave girlQinger has always followed Li Kuanyan’s tactics, but seeing her master’s unusual behavior today,Can’t sit still.


Although this is Li Kuan’s normal performance…

According to Li Kuan’s posture, it seemed that Chu Prince’s Mansion was about to be sold short.

Li Kuan didn’t sell anything before, but it’s like today.

“My lord, this… why don’t you just slow down these calligraphy and painting?”

Wang Fugui has significant strength as the Xishi city, and he isThe merchants who were not so deeply involved in the number and honors were also frightened by Li Kuan’s performance that he didn’t feel any pain in selling the land.

Looking back this time, if your Majesty keeps the account on himself, then…

“Wang Fugui, I’ll just ask you, has the king cut the price you set for you?” Li Kuan stared at Wang Fugui.

“The prince is kind, and the reward is as small as a bowl of rice. The price is really nothing to say!”

“Then you have money to make money?”

As soon as Li Kuan said this, Wang Fugui had nothing to say.

Although it’s a bit troublesome to deal with these things in Prince Chu’s Mansion, heWang Fugui really has no reason not to eat this kind of pie that fell from the sky.

Even if you know that there are some risks.

After all, Chu Wang Li Kuan’s reputation in Chang’an City is really not that good.

“Open this door.”

Standing in front of a new room, Li KuanI just kicked the door on the footboard and stayedIt hurts, the smart one didn’t do it again.

“My lord, the collections left here are the collections left by the ancestors. They can’t be sold.”

When Laifu saw that Li Kuan even wanted to sell the collection left by Li Zhiyun, he felt cold in his heart.

This is a nianda who pays attention to filial piety. If you just sell all the things left by your ancestors, you really won’t have any reputation.

“My lord, according to the discount of those things just now, it’s already more than one hundred thousand coins. It’s so small that I’ve heard of some things., This one hundred thousand sticks should be enough! “

Li Kuan’s debt, Chang’an City knows that too many people have gone.


Although Wang Fugui doesn’t know the exact number,There is still a bottom line.

“Yes! Yes!” LaifuGlancing at Wang Fugui, it seems that I didn’t find the wrong person when I came to him. “My lord, one hundred thousand Guans are enough to pay the debts of the family, and there are even a few thousand Guans left.”

Laifu accidentally took a largeTell meNS.

“Hiss!” Wang Fugui on the side also took a breath.

He previously estimated that the debt of the Chu Palace was 50,000 to 60,000, and the most was not more than 70,000. He didn’t expect that…

“Pay the debt? Who said I sold these things to pay the debt?” Li Kuan frowned.

“Ah? The prince…the prince…this…isn’t this used to pay off debts?”

Laifu felt even more panicked!

It seems that Prince Chu’s Mansion will be defeated without waiting for his deathNow, what face do I have to see the old master in the future?

“Master, it’s not used to pay off debts, so why do you want so much money?”

Qinger was in a daze when she saw the housekeeper Laifu, so she asked again.

“Used to buy mine!”

Li Kuan didn’t think there was anything goodConcealed.

In fact, alsoImpossibleFake it, at most everyone knows it a few days later.

After all, I’m just, The work still has to be done by the people below.

“Buy a mine? What kind of mine requires so much money. I haven’t heard that there are gold and silver mines near Chang’an City.” Qing’er looked at Li Kuan blankly with her big watery eyes.

“Gold mines and silver mines? Who said I want to buy those, I’m going to buy coal mines. If you have enough money, you can buy some lime mines or something.”

These things in the Royal Palace of Chu are valuable, but in the eyes of Li Kuan, there is no room for appreciation.There is no room for substantial appreciation.

Since I have come to Datang, of course I can’t stand up to itLive in debt.


So after observing for a month, there is a preliminary line.

“Lord, this trip to the Chang’an City MineIt’s too small to understand. There is a large coal mine in the south of the city, but the mine is of little value.People who value. “

Wang Fugui heard that Li Kuan was selling the property to buy mines, and he also understoodSituation rushSaid it.

Whether it’s buying coal mines, lime mines, or even iron ore, it’s clearly a loss-making business. Maybe Li Kuan will trouble him at that time.

In case Li Kuan suffered a loss by the time, he turned around and complained that he hadn’t reminded him at the time, the head of the four evils of Chang’an launched a surge, adding trouble to himself for no reason.

Wang Fugui suddenly felt that this business didn’t seem to be that easy to do.

“Wang Fugui, do nothing but do two things. This is the matter of buying coal mines and limestone mines., The king also directlyHere you are. Don’t worry, thingsAfter this kingNot good for you. “

Li Kuan continued to walk towards the next room under the stunned eyes of the people around him.