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Chapter 2 You will have no worries in your life

Strong joy overnight.

The next day, the sky was bright.

A figure leaned in front of the large French window, facing the direction of the big bed, with a cigarette between the two fingers of his right hand, curling up with smoke.

The curtains are half open, and the room light is still sufficient.

Zhai Zhenyu stared at the pure black bed. The bed was messy and the quilt was messy. There was a woman’s slender arm exposed outside the thin quilt. It looked very white in the black, and there was a bruise mark on the wrist, so dazzling.

His pupils shrank slightly, regretting in his heart.

His gaze fell to a certain part of the black bed sheet, where a piece of dried blood made his pupils tighten again. The blood stain on the black bed sheet was very inconspicuous, and he couldn’t find it even if he didn’t pay attention.

At this moment, the arm moved, and then a head came out from between the bedding.

Tong Qianmeng lay his body flat, with hollow eyes, staring at the ceiling.

His madness was vivid last night, from rebelling to begging for mercy, his throat hurt when he shouted, but he still demanded endlessly.

There was no pain anywhere on her body, and without looking, she could imagine what a miserable situation on her body.

“Wake up?” Zhai Zhenyu walked over and put out the remaining smoke in the ashtray.

Tong Qianmeng’s pupils focused, turned his head lightly, and a faint wind swept over him. He still had his body wrapped around him with a bath towel around his buttocks.

“Thank you, Mr. Zhai, to avoid it. I want to put on clothes.” She sat up with a hoarse voice in her arms, but she couldn’t hide her indifference.

She hates it! Once* became a tool for him to vent his desires, how could she not feel resentment? !

But, what about hate? It was her own biological father who betrayed her, and the man in front of her, in the imperial capital, or even in the country of Z, was a figure covering the sky with one hand. She was just a drop of dust, where could she go to seek justice?

Hearing her indifferent voice and looking at her alienated face, Zhai Zhenyu’s whole body suddenly became cold and compelling. He leaned down, pinched her chin, and forced her to look at herself, breathing with a faint tobacco smell. It sprayed on her face, “Evasion? You are my woman now, I still use evasion?”

Tong Qianmeng suffered from pain, and smashed his hands, but his big hands were like iron tongs. The pain in her jaw made her eyes tears.

During the struggle, the thin bezel slipped from her body, revealing skin all over her with purple marks.

Zhai Zhenyu’s light touched her body, and suddenly withdrew his hand, Tong Qianmeng was liberated, and he picked up the quilt to protect him indiscriminately.

The atmosphere was frozen.

a long time.

“I’m sorry.” Zhai Zhenyu sat down by the bed and stretched out her hand to lift away her tears that was sticking to her face. She was very compassionate and affectionate. “I’m sorry.”

Tong Qianmeng was taken aback, he was apologizing? This man who is rumored to be more cruel than a hungry tiger is apologizing to her?

Avoiding his hand, she moved to the other side while holding Bo-bei. The pain in her lower body made her frown, “Please avoid, I want to…” I

wanted to say again , “I want to wear clothes.” ‘, I suddenly remembered that I had no clothes here at all. The only transparent pajamas I wore yesterday had become strips, scattered on the smooth wooden floor.

Gritting her teeth in annoyance, how can she leave without clothes?

Just at this moment, a knock on the door sounded.

“Come in.” Zhai Zhenyu said softly.

A middle-aged woman walked in. She dressed very vigorously, and at first glance she knew that she was a capable and neat person.

She carried a shopping bag printed with’CHANEL’ in her hand and walked to the bed, took out a white long-sleeved long dress and bra underwear from it and put them next to Tong Qianmeng, saying, “Miss Tong, these are Mr. Zhai. I told me to buy it last night. I have washed and dried it. You can wear it with confidence. There is also a pair of shoes. I will put them in the hallway for you.”

After speaking, she nodded slightly to Tong Qianmeng, then closed the door and left. .

Tong Qianmeng was dumb, took the bra and looked at it, it was her size, and the bra and panties were actually a certain underwear brand that she often wore. Unconsciously, two blushes appeared on her face.

When I

looked at Zhai Zhenyu again, there was a trace of unnaturalness in his eyes, “How do you…how do you know…” Zhai Zhenyu looked at her changes in the bottom of his eyes, looked down at her palm, made a grasping motion, and said: ” You’ll know after the measurement.”

Tong Qianmeng: “…” Is this person playing a hooligan?

She became furious, “Please avoid! I’m going to get dressed!”

Zhai Zhenyu turned around and closed the curtains with a smile in her eyes.

After a ten-second pause, Tong Qianmeng was sure that he would not turn around again, enduring the pain of his body, jumped out of the bed and quickly got dressed, and walked to the door. She wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

The dress is as long as the ankle, just covering the purple marks.

Went to the door, just to open the door, a big hand grabbed her hand, head sounded unhappy voice, “Where are you going?”

“Home.” She broke away his hand, pressing each other and let the breath She couldn’t help taking two steps back.

“Go home?” Zhai Zhenyu’s lips sneered, “You seem to have forgotten that your father gave you to me, you belong to me, did I let you go home?”

His words were like needles, and they struck Tong Qianmeng. The breathing tube is hurting, “What do you mean? Let me stay?”

“Yes, I want you to stay with me.” Zhai Zhenyu looked at her eyes and said seriously.

“Stay by your side?” Tong Qianmeng repeated his words, as if chewing the words carefully, and then the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were stained with sarcasm, “Why, Mr. Zhai was obsessed with my body overnight? Want to sleep me. Live as a long-term venting tool?”

“I didn’t treat you as a venting tool!” Zhai Zhenyu seemed to be stimulated by her words, and suddenly pinched her thin shoulders, “I…I…”

paused for a moment. , “I will marry you, so you can have a worry-free life, okay?”

Zhai Zhenyu lay down on the bedroom balcony, watching the brocade red BMW whizzing away, her deep eyes narrowed slightly.

Tang Yisu respectfully stood at his left rear, expressionless, and said, “Mr. Zhai, if you want to keep Miss Tong, why do you let her leave?”

He has been waiting outside the door, and the conversation in the bedroom can be heard. It’s clear that he didn’t understand Zhai Zhenyu’s actions. As long as Zhai Zhenyu didn’t let Tong Qianmeng leave, she would not be able to fly with her wings.

Zhai Zhenyu glanced at him sideways, then looked away again, and followed the direction the car had left, with a firm voice, “No hurry, she will be back, she can’t run.” After

a moment of silence, he said, “Call Tong Jianye. , I have something to talk to him.”

Tong Qianmeng was dizzy along the way, and didn’t know how he got in the car.

It is undeniable that Zhai Zhenyu’s words to marry her shocked her, because he wanted to marry her just because of a night of love?

She didn’t think he said he wanted to marry her because he fell in love with him, she knew she still had it.

And, no matter what his reason, she couldn’t agree with him alone* who was more ferocious than a hungry tiger.

Otherwise one day he will be tossed to death, and talk about the carefree life of shit!

Besides, I don’t love him either.

BMW drove smoothly on the highway, and soon went to Moshangju Villa Garden.

When the car drove to the gate of the children’s house, Tong Qianmeng got out of the car, staring at her feet for a long time, and didn’t even notice the car behind him rumbling away.

Only then did she discover that the shoes prepared by Zhai Zhenyu were unexpectedly fit and comfortable. New shoes often took a while before they were comfortable. However, this pair did not, as if they were worn by her for a period of time. .

Thinking of the bra with the right cup, the underwear of the right size, and the dress of the right size, a strange feeling arose spontaneously. He seemed to…know him well…

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